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As SKWAWKBOX told you, Starmer’s office knew what Corbyn’s statement was before he made it – and didn’t raise objections

Events today confirm Starmer knew content of Corbyn’s public statement before NEC panel reinstated him – clear ‘political interference’ – before then reneging on agreement after it was made

The SKWAWKBOX’s revelation two weeks ago has been confirmed by events today – that Keir Starmer’s office was fully aware of what Jeremy Corbyn was going to say on the morning before an NEC panel met to end Corbyn’s suspension for making comments about antisemitism in the Labour party that the EHRC report said he had a legally-protected right to make.

Corbyn’s advisers had been in frequent communication with Starmer’s team, which had seen and approved the words Corbyn would use that morning – and had agreed his full reinstatement. But Starmer u-turned under pressure from right-wingers disgruntled at the fact that the right-dominated NEC panel had received legal advice that there were no grounds for Corbyn’s suspension – and withdrew the Labour ‘whip‘.

Both the ‘deal’ and the subsequent withdrawal of the whip are clear examples of the kind of ‘political interference‘ in Labour’s disciplinary process that the EHRC report – which Starmer had promised to implement in full – forbids.

‘Maintream’ reporters have today pressed Starmer’s spokesperson to confirm or deny that the Labour leader’s office had full sight in advance of Corbyn’s statement – and refused to deny it, even swerving on the original version of the non-denial in the course of the day, as Sky’s Tom Rayner noted:

If Starmer and his team had not seen what Corbyn was going to say, they could and would have said so. Hiding behind ‘not going to comment on private conversations’ is an admission that they did.

And a statement seen, without objection, is a statement approved – and Keir Starmer then weaseled on a deal that had been agreed, compounding his political interference in the disciplinary process by then bypassing Corbyn’s legally-sound reinstatement.

Political interference and bad faith in the same moment. Starmer is unfit to be leader of anything. Watch out for a scapegoat or two to be thrown to the wolves to distance him from blame, as SKWAWKBOX predicted last month.

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  1. Jeremy was stitched & sewn up by Starmer. Those closest to him failed miserably. Some unwitting others deliberately. He was badgered to appease even more than his non confrontational nature🔴

    1. from start to finish, Starmer made up rules and broke them as suited him & his Right Wing controllers🔴

  2. Starmer is the worst leader the Labour Party has ever had, by a country mile. More and more people are now realising this simple fact.

    1. he was dreadful again today at PMQs against the lazy Johnson🔴

      1. they knew every dot and comma of Jeremy’s statement. Yet after the disgraceful treatment by any standard, suspension and Whip withdrawal to a member of decades, loved MP who before leadership had NO enemies, certain forces pressured him with poor “advice”🔴

    2. For gawds sakes, Joe ! Why do , apparently historically ignorant, posters here on Skwawkbox keep coming out with the nonsense that, “Starmer is the worst Labour Leader , EVER”. Wake up Lefties, Starmer is indeed a lying, status-quo-supporting , creature of the Trilateral Commission, and Labour’s (returning) billionaire backers, sure – but is he actually WORSE than, for instance , that huge fan of nuclear weapons, Hugh Galtskill, or another mass purger of the Left and originator of the seismic ‘shift to neoliberalism’, which Blair continued, Neil Kinnock, or of course ‘ Thatcher’s neoliberal disciple’, and junior partner to US imperialism’s Iraq war, the corrupt multi-millionaire, Tony Blair ? Never mind the entirely imagined ‘Leftism’ of that actually vicious Right Winger, Cold War warrior, breaker of numerous post war strikes using troops, creator of the UK atomic bomb, smasher of the post war Greek resistance Left, Clement Attlee !

      This ignorant drivel about the ghastly Starmer’s supposed ‘worst ever Leader’ status, is simply evidence of the total ignorance of too many on the Left about the reality of MOST past Labour Leaders – ie, apart from that honorable trio of George Lansbury, Michael Foot and Jeremy Corbyn, they were ALL vicious Right Wing supporters of the capitalist status quo and NATO and US imperialism – as has the Labour Party itself ALWAYS been – as the slavishly loyal, monarchist, Reserve Party of UK capitalism’.

      1. Attlee as PM spent a lot of money on developing a British nuclear weapon, perhaps not entirely wishing to rely on America? The full scale UK attack on Greece was the result of an Agreement between Churchill and Stalin that the UK could ‘have’ Greece in return for not causing too much fuss over Poland and the rest of Eastern Europe. As Deputy PM Attlee was confined to domestic matters. (In 1968 I was hitchhiking across Europe and got a lift with a van driver into Athens where he began to tell me about British bombs that rained down. As a British History graduate I had a vague idea that Stalin had ‘given’ Greece to Churchill but had no idea there was fighting! It was quite a surprise to read what really happened – including large scale bombing of various districts of Athens just as had been described. The Greek Communists were on the verge of being voted into power. There is a lot unsaid I think about exactly how the once powerful Greek communists were destroyed. I was unable to communicate with the driver because we didn’t share a language but that can often enhances understanding I think. When he showed his clenched fist under the dashboard (Greece was then ruled by right wing Generals) and described the bombs falling you understood how his rage was still uppermost).

      2. Paul, are you trying to whitewash Attlee’s complicity with Churchill in British imperial skullduggery as theend of war approached ? Attlee had huge potential power , as the Leader of the Labour Party in the Wartime coalition FFS ! Then there is his entirely secret decision when Prime Minister – (not taken by Parliament, or the full Cabinet, to develop a totally useless , unnecessary, British atomic bomb ) Even the small, secret, sub committee considering it was about to decide against , on cost grounds alone (Britain was on its knees – with food rationing getting WORSE immediately after the War ended) , – when the bombastic imperialist, Ernest Bevin, rushed in, shouting about the ‘lack of respect shown him by the US Sec of State ‘, and demanding the British Empire had an A Bomb ‘with a Union Jack on it’s nose’, too ! The sub committee caved in – the rest is shameful , very expensive, history .

        As for the Greek Civil War – Churchill indeed started the long British involvement(with the world carve-up Yalta deal with Stalin to back him up) , in 1944, to crush the Greek resistance Left – by using newly released re-armed Greek fascist collaborators as troops – but Attlee was a joint partner in the coalition wartime government. Attlee continued the war on the Greek Left under his 1945 Labour government – it taking till 1949 to totally crush the Left. Attlee also supported using (surrendered but re-armed), JAPANESE troops in (French) Indochina (Vietnam) to suppress nationalist resistance – until the French colonialists could get there in force to retake control !

        Try to whitewash it if you want, but Attlee was a right Wing imperialist , and the , obviously to be welcomed , creation of the NHS etc by the first Labour government was FORCED on Attlee by the demands of a mobilised and militarily trained working class , and to counter the mass propaganda appeal of the Soviet Union’s version of Communism. And Labour’s massive nationalisation programme was aimed at SAVING UK CAPITALISM, not abolishing it ! To quote an academic comment on Attlee’s role alongside Churchill :

        “Shameful British history

        The British intervention in Greece was a shameful episode in British history – one that deserves to be better known and which counters a number of cherished national shibboleths. For example, Seamus Milne’s assertion in 2014 that the Second World War was a “just war” sits uneasily alongside the fact that RAF Spitfires strafed Athens, and that the British violently suppressed the Greek resistance who had sacrificed so much fighting the Germans by working with those Greeks who collaborated with the Germans. And this wasn’t a one-off. In a September 2016 Guardian article Ian Cobain highlighted how, in 1945, the British government used captured Japanese troops to quell a nationalist uprising in Vietnam (which had been occupied by the Japanese), so France could recover control of her pre-war colony. The British followed a similar strategy in Indonesia – working with the defeated Japanese forces to crush a nationalist uprising to re-establish Dutch rule.

        The Greek drama also punctures the myth of Churchill as a great leader and a ‘Great Briton’, and highlights the pro-imperial tendencies of Labour Party heroes Clement Attlee and Ernest Bevan, who were intimately involved in the destruction of popular leftist forces in Greece, first under Churchill’s leadership and then during Attlee’s 1945 government, which oversaw the repression in Vietnam and Indonesia.”

    3. So basically jpenny, no-one is allowed an opinion that conflicts with yours. With respect, you sound just like Starmer!

      The folks you have a go at primarily lived in a totally different world, without the hindsight we have now. But they did immense good at home. The feeling at the time, and I was living and breathing through those times, was that Russia could drop a bomb on us at any time, and the Russians weren’t exactly being the greatest victors in the world in eastern Europe.

      Blair did not blast the Labour Party to pieces like Starmer, and especially not in 8 short months. He won because he actually stood on left of centre principles (which Starmer does not), and it was only after he gained power that he let rip with the right-wing stuff. Starmer hasn’t reached power yet and look what he’s already done!

      Kinnock was a right winger, and never looked like attaining power no matter what the Sheffield nonsense suggested.

      So live in the real world mate. One where you at least try to understand the world as it was, not transpose the 2020s onto the 1940s.

      And give other posters a bit of respect – the sort of respect we have a right for Starmer to also give, and argue for.

      1. Don’t be so pathetic, JoeRobson. Your excuses for past Labour Leaders is just sad. What a snowflake. You’ve got to be able to take alternative facts and views without starting to whinge. But that is the current , historically ignorant, merely Left Liberal, ‘Left’ for you.

        Anyone who believes that the propaganda fake ‘Labour histor’ claiming that the 1945 Labour Attlee government was ‘socialist’ and hence behaved any differently in supporting British imperialism than the Tories needs to have a read of this detailed old Race & Class article . on the Attlee record, when both in wartime coalition with Churchill, and when in government after the 1945 Election.

      2. To JPenney

        I’ll respond when you have the maturity to desist from childish insults to fellow posters.

      3. Joe and Paul, jpenney is a dogmatic, bombastic history teacher with apparently no expertise in present day socialism – otherwise he’d have responded to repeated requests for his opinions on who should have replaced Corbyn, who should now replace Starmer etc. – dooming we poor fools on the left to repeat our stupid mistakes until the end of time without his guidance.
        Why he refuses to divulge his informed-by-history plan to save socialism I can only guess – if he has no plan he’s just another historian passing off history – hindsight – as intellect.
        One could find an example from history predicting disastrous results from every action proposed from now until the end of time.
        History as ‘predictor of the possible’ has always been overrated by historians and abused to maintain the status quo – and is now further devalued by technological advance.
        Fuck history, Keith.

  3. Corbyn should never have apologised.
    Anyone else notice the EHRC “lead investigator” was a candidate for the “Whig Party” in Bow & Poplar 2015? “Founded in 1678” Yeah? How did the Popish Plot thing turn out for ya then?

  4. This is all besides the point. Corbyn should not be negotiating quiet deals with Starmer’s office. He should be fighting to defend free speech in the Labour Party. Instead of staying quiet he should be going on the attack against this lying two faced duplicitous misleader we have.

    No more deals. Take leadership of the campaign to oust Starmer. It’s bad enough that Corbyn didn’t challenge the fake antisemitism nonsense. Don’t back off anymore

    1. Tony Greenstein, i’v been saying same here on, in out “Left” groups and elsewhere. An odd half a handful try to bully CHANGE into silence🔴

    2. So spot on true Tony , I did say during Starmers electioneering for leader that he was being deceitful in hiding who was sponsoring him , he is a deceitful untrustworthy individual imo and a Zionist to boot .

      His actions so far are appalling and I have never seen the party and local CLPs so at war with itself , pitting good comrades at each others throats , and its ALL , ALL of it down to Starmer and his divisive destructive leadership.

      I have never known even way back to the 70’s of so many CLPs and their officers rebelling to this extent and no bullshit from his supporters can take that devastating fact away , it may be 80 and rising but that is 80 more than EVER BEFORE under ANY LEADER EVER .

      There are those who by now realise that they have been duped and lied to and hopefully will accept that and learn ,then there are others who actively wanted this and want either a Zionist supporting Labour party or want any threat to Israel apartheid state , crushed by making it so weak in opposition as to be irrelevant .

      Resist and fight the bastard in any way and any form , in or out of the party, if you value our democracy !

    3. Oh right Tony, and what happened when Jeremy DID speak out? Got suspended I believe! Why don’t you go forth – along with signpost and a few other shills on this site – and form yur own party. You’ve repeated your garbage smears about Jeremy literally hundreds of times – probably THOUSANDS of times – on your own blog and elsewhere, so given that you’ve been doing so for at least three years that I know of, how come you act as if you’re a supporter of his? Doesn’t add up Tony, does it!

      Yep, Tony supports someone that he (allegedly) believes has no backbone and is weak and cowardly and appeases his enemies and throws fellow socialists under the proverbial bus! Yeah, sure you do Tony, and that’s why you spend so much of your time attacking him and vilifying him.

      What a pile of horse manure!

  5. Tony Greenstein….you are entirley correct if Corbyn had shared the pain and consulted the membership maybe we would have stood a fighting chance.We had forgotten just how leathel the right wing can be.Corbyns strength was the membership and he increasingly relied on old friends in the PLP and look were that got him and us…..Out of the establishment Labour party.

  6. PS..I should have said Corbyn out of the PLP and me out of the establishment Labour party…Old age and a weakened mind apologies comrades..!

  7. I don’t know – Corbyn’s been through the wringer.
    I know you and others have too but I wouldn’t ask you or them to repeat the last 4 years of abuse either – can we ask it of Corbyn?
    If you’re saying he’s the only person with the requisite qualities I fully agree.
    I don’t see anyone else with a sniff of a chance of screwing Starmer’s pooch at this point except Starmer himself – he’s deluded enough about his personal qualities he might just fuck it all up without any help at all from anyone else.
    I still say we should promise the fakers jail for their crimes but there seems to be no-one, even here, willing to prick the devil ’til it exposes its flank.
    Some bullshit about freedom of the press to commit whatever treasonous acts it likes, apparently.

    1. The Left always has to be aware that censorship is a double edged sword that can and will be swung back the other way. When that ultra right wing commentator Jones was banned from all the major internet platforms, many on the Left cheered, more thoughtful voices warned then that the real target was the Left and that once they let the Genie out of the bottle there would be no putting it back. We have seen the truth of that warning being played out every day recently.

      1. totally agree john thatcher snd Joseph above. PLUS, only those without an argument, try to silence others🔴

      2. john thatcher, you misunderstand what I’m proposing.
        Allowing the MSM to publish anything TRUE that it pleases – is NOT CENSORSHIP.
        Only if and when the High (or Supreme) Court finds an accusation of publishing partisan untruths to subvert democracy proven – does the publisher/journalist/other responsible party risk jail.
        The point is that the moment we announce our intent to enact ex post facto legislation to that effect next time we’re in government – the MSM immediately has to begin weighing the risk of lying to the people to keep the Tories in power.
        Future jail for yesterday’s crimes is not inappropriate when democracy is being constantly subverted – stolen by the Tories and Israel.

        I’ve suggested this many times.

      3. And apparently purposefully misunderstood by fools even more times.

  8. Corbyn has been too passive throughout. He’s a great ideologue, but not a leader. It is all too easy to attack him as he just turns the other cheek. Where are the Labour left voices at the moment?

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