After bleating about political interference and praising report that bans it, right-wing Labour MPs demand it or they’ll quit…

Self-awareness failure as so-called ‘moderates’ blow gasket over Corbyn reinstatement

The reinstatement of Jeremy Corbyn by an NEC panel that found no grounds to keep him suspended has, all too predictably, caused a meltdown among right-wing ‘Labour’ MPs, who have responded with a tantrum and a warning that they will quit the party if Keir Starmer doesn’t overturn the NEC decision.

According to right-wing commentator, the laughably-termed ‘moderates’ are ‘furious and gutted’ and threatening to resign the Labour ‘whip’, effectively expelling themselves from the party in a scene reminiscent of Monty Python’s Life of Brian.

In other words, after weeks of bleating about political interference by party leader Jeremy Corbyn (even though his office only intervened to tell heel-dragging right-wing staff to get on with it), they are now demanding political interference by party leader Keir Starmer – and threatening to flounce out unless he does interfere – even though the reinstatement was decided by a right-dominated NEC panel.

These are the same people who have been loudly demanding that the party implement the full conclusions of the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) report – which bans political interference. Yet as soon as a disciplinary process ends in a result they don’t like, they come over all ‘To hell with that!’, which makes you wonder what kind of ‘independent’ process they’d accept. Of course, the ‘mainstream’ media is pointing out precisely none of this shameless hypocrisy.

You’d almost think the ‘moderates’ weren’t serious about wanting impartial and just outcomes to disciplinary complaints and had just been cynically exploiting an opportunity in a way that can only be described as, well… political.

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  1. As I understand it Keir Starmer doesn’t have the authority to overturn this decision so any demanding that he does are pissing in the wind.

      1. Iain – He can sack shadow ministers and PPS but I think strictly speaking the removal of the whip is the responsibility of the whips office.

      2. @Ian Crawford, the only way that Starmer can remove the whip without reference to the NEC is if Corbyn defy the Labour Whip in Parliament.
        But them Starmer would have to remove the whip for every single Labour MP that defied the Whip too on that particular vote. It is possible of course if Starmer gets desperate and comes to wish to remove the whip from a good number of MPs members of the one swift move.

      3. Realistically though, the Whips may be less likely to challenge a leader on the rulebook when he’s also a QC.

      4. what does removing the whip actually mean ? Talk to me like I am 5 please.

      5. M – It is quite simple really if ‘the whip’ is removed they remain an MP, just not a Labour MP. That’s about it really.

    1. SteveH, since when certain members of the PLP care about making impossible demands? I bet some are looking desperately for some reason or another to put a fresh complaint against Corbyn.
      What some withing the PLP don’t understand is their isn’t aTrade Union rep in the NEC that is going to agree with them and suspend Corbyn.
      Starmer maybe leader but nobody in the Trade Union movement wants the return to Blair’s times in which the Trade Unions were sidelined. The Trade Unions regained relevance and power under Corbyn’s leadership and every single Trade Union General Secretary remembers Blair times with dread.

    2. SH it is clear then that the vexatious allegers expected Jeremy to “have the authority to overturn” decisions.
      Which is it SH?
      Failure to deal with the slanders or failure to intervene?
      As ever SH it is clear that neither you nor your SIR Saboteur Starmer are so busy twisting and turning and spinning, u have no idea of what is up nor down, left nor right. All you no is Right Right Right Right Right hence your SIR’s gobble de gook statement just released. Total TWADDLE🛑

      1. windchimes – Labour took steps during JC’s tenure to specifically separate the leadership and the PLP from the disciplinary process.

      2. SH, u well know that the VEXATIOUS accusers including Twatson claimed Jeremy was interfering yet not doing enough.
        Which reminds me, I heard Twatson repeat many times on LBC that he wanted the accusers to send all complaints of anti-Semitism to him.
        SH it seems Twatson was interfering. No❓❓❓

      3. Windchimes – I also remember that the GenSec put Watson firmly back in his box when he attempted to do this which I contend supports what I’ve said about separation of powers.

      4. I do remember Formby doing that! A thrilling gratifying high point!!! It was one of the few days i said Y eeeees‼️

        THEN all through the bastards accusing Jeremy of interfering and not interfering at the same time TO THIS VERY DAY … silence. Until i just mentioned the particular Twatson nasty hypocrisy, have you heard anyone use that fact rebutting the inconsistencies❓
        After Formby’s written response to Twatson plot, i heard no one reiterate her arguments. She did that superb response while undergoing treatment. Who stood up to amplify her efforts❓ Full marks to her for that under the circumstances. Where was the follow through by Jeremy’s allies❓

        I feel our task is doable. Not easy but doable IF we deal with basics as above. A collective effort. We can’t all do the same things. We need different voices, that must be heard, different styles, different talents, expertise in implementation and sustaining what we want.

        Vision✅ Policies✅ Manifesto could could last three terms✅✅✅ The electorate IS on our side.

        Listening to Justin speak on Talkradio this evening, and other callers like Stephan on LBC a few minutes afterwards, confirms that talent is available in spades. But i’v never heard Justin before. It suggest an under appreciation of the need to make our views heard by a wide audience.

        Expressing different views should not be seen as “confrontation”. I certainly feel enriched by hearing radically different views to mine. And, am fascinated by different perspectives. After all we can all be wrong and right at the same time. We should ENJOY the discovery, the scrutiny the listening to “challenging” views. Tomorrow is always another day. Enjoy listening then pour out your “confrontational” views

  2. I would so very happy if the right wingers quit Labour. Please leave now! Take the walk a Ross the floor and join your Conservative Fascist friends.

    1. Bareiereid, please don’t make the mistake of equating right wingers with fascists, two very different things. Although I don’t like the Conservative Party, I don’t consider them fascists.
      However, when people otherwise democrats start behaving in ways that would make a fascist proud.for example by supporting the Covert Human Inteligence Source Bill, or the Overseas Operations Bill, or by suspending Jeremy Corbyn abusing the Party’s Rules in the process, they are paving the road for the true fascists to gain power.
      They normalise the perception that when you are in power rules don’t apply to you, you can spy on others, commit criminal acts with impunity, censor the freedom of speech of others, impose censorship of what others can talk and cannot talk..
      Hence, when the true fascists rise to power, the ones that drag you from your bed in the early hours in the morning, that beat you up, or even take you on a plain and make you jump without a parachute in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean so your body would never be recovered. The great majority of us the little people are so use to take orders that have infringed on our freedoms one bit at the time, that we not longer are able to raise our collective voices to ask uncomfortable questions, because most people have normalised that when you are in power the Law, the Rules of engagement in a democratic society no longer apply to those in power.

      1. You might at least have written my name properly. Fascists would not drop you from a C130 ( I was a reservist medic with the Paras) as it is very expensive! I will use whatever language I choose to describe a political party that is siphoning of hundreds of £m’s from the public purse for themselves and their business friends. Take for example, Owen Patterson MP (Con) who was awarded a £133m testing contract. SERCO given another fortune even when they pissed up the wall the last multi million £ contract they were awarded. The appalling ppe fiasco my colleagues (former ITU nurse) have had to stomach and over 500 dead from being abandoned. The Conservative Fascist Party have abandoned UK citizens in an orgy of moronic and criminal behaviour. Plague Island is a world wide embarrassment with over 60 000 dead.

      2. Everything has a beginning. Look around you. Listen to other conversations. They don’t always wear black uniforms. I don’t know who is a real cop anymore, do you?

  3. Hey, wait, you guys can’t go now, it’s the best part … I called the pizza dude.

  4. Yeah leave now you gurney gubbed clampits. JC did nowt wrong and neither did any of the folk suspended for speaking out. As for the party whip can it be used to chase them right wing clampits over to the other side of the house where they really belong? Hope so.

  5. How predictable. The rw labour, come out guns blazing along with the media BOD and CAA spouting vitriol . What a horrible, bullying bunch of hypocrites.

    1. It’s like Dawn of the Dead climbing over the hills to get Corby.

    1. Diogenes, we could wish, but don’t hold your breath. They won’t do a CHUKKA CUK. They admitted at the leadership election and the coups that their only vision was Jeremy’s.

      Certain EXTREMELY monied forces funded the Limp Dims, TINGS and CUCKs with MILLIONS. I kid you not. Similarly People’s Vote. Amber Rudd’s millionaire brother was comparatively small fry funder of PV b4 the bust up with allegedly Arsestair Campbellend. Despite the existence of many a varied proclivity, possible so many bellends together was a tad uncomfortable even for Rudd n Arsestair or is it …

      Anyway Diogenes, the 1% are prepared to spend TONS and TIME to get their way. We will never have the money. All we have are our collective brains and brawn. Many hands make light work. The Right have no vision. NB anything they eventually do that’s worthwhile comes from the “Left”.

  6. The antisemitism lies won’t smell any better with time and the longer it’s dragged out the more people are going to notice.
    “The more it shifteth the more it stinketh” as Lizzie the First said.

  7. All pretty irrelevant now. The left have been marginalised and neutered. Only tokens remain 🙁

  8. Marie Van der Zyl just accused Jeremy Corbyn of “bringing antisemitism from the fringes to the heart of the Labour Party.” (from memory)
    Sounded actionable to me. Come on, Jeremy, defend yourself.

    1. I am still waiting to hear what Starmer has done over and above what Corbyn did to eradicate antisemitism in the Labour Party. Starmer’s office is taking an awful long time to reply. Perhaps someone here can tell me?

    2. She’s vile that Marie. Mind boggling disregard for facts, truths, honesty… monstrous. She and her other gang do not speak for Jewish people. If they cared they would have been all over the Tory Party like a Japanese Knotweed.

      1. First time that I have heard of her in this context. Though it was an Ajax forward. I presume that she has a record for this bowel, growling, gibberish.

      2. alexanderscottish – Van der Zyl❓ Yes she does have a record for bowel growling, gibberish. She’s is one of the type like WMD Bliar who is TOTALLY untroubled by truth. Incredible…

  9. £21,000,000 paid in “consulting fees” to a newly-formed US company in connection with PPE for coronavirus says the BBC.
    That’s some fucking bribe, even if it is nowhere near a record for the Tories.
    They’re not even Saudis ffs.

    1. Not a record McNiv, as shocking the amount is. The proposed deluge of our money for un scrutinised contracts awarded to Tory cronies is well over £20 billion. By mid 2021 Tories are hoping to stuff their chums gobs with approx £150 billion. ie about 1/3 of NHS budget i think. Do put me right.

      Many of the “companies” were formed in the last few months and weeks THIS YEAR. Some have ZERO assets and ZERO staff. Just register as a company and Tory hands over billions of our money, if you are chums.

      You will never hear SIR Starmer pursue that. He’s desperate for his turn at the FULL TROUGH. That’s why he has to be so concerned about people saying they are concerned about words. WORDS.

      Yet the same Starmer and the same monstrous cabal are unmoved by a movement that responds to an officer of the law of our ally, kneeling on the neck of a man openly in broad daylight until he was dead. Thats a “moment”. No reason to be afraid. Move on.

      Which concern demands urgent attention❓ The same group of accusers slandered Bernie too. Who should be more “scared” and “getting ready to flee”❓ Is it not people who have know those who look like them are MURDERED by BRITISH police in custody herein the UK❓…

      Or a family whose son is murdered by racist, spied on by undercover police❓ They then see across the pond, a man take his last breath under the knee of a UNIFORMED US POLICEMAN. Who’s concerns should get the attention of SIR Starmer or any honest person❓❓❓

    2. I say it’s nowhere near a record and you come back and tell me it’s not a record – as if I’d said it was.
      Why do you keep doing that?

  10. I’d call their bluff and say ok I want your resignations by noon tomorrow. You don’t give these people an inch, you make them understand who is in charge. But Starmer hasn’t got the bottle to do it and Evans is Starmer’s puppet.

    1. Just imagine, well it’s nearly Xmas, just suppose that Max called them into his office one by one and told them that, “your letter is here. Sign it!”. I haven’t had a drop for years and years so even I can’t picture it. Be too though. Regards ☮️

    1. They are not REALLY furious Smartboy, but just pretending to be furious. As with the BoD, and no doubt the JLM and CAA et al will be spewing forth copious amounts of faux outrage, if they haven’t done so already, that is!

      1. They all have prewritten posts of this a/s trash.

  11. Of course, no consistency as they are defending a political position which is morally abject ie that Israel has the right to occupy the West Bank, control the Gaza Strip, continue to bulldoze Palestinian homes and build new settlements and ultimately seize the whole of Palestine, and perhaps even parts of Jordan; and who knows what else given that Golda Meir asserted that Israel has no borders, wherever there is a Jew, that it Israel. The enormity of this is unconscionable: on the basis of the interpretation of few verses in a dubious religious text, it is asserted that a deity who may not exist granted Palestine to a patriarch who definitely didn’t and because of that those who claim to be descendants of those to whom the land was putatively granted have the right to clean everyone else from that land, murder at will and traduce anyone, anywhere in the world who criticises them. And, of course, the excuse for all this madness is the Nazi genocide. Truly, the misuse and abuse of history and an insult to all those slaughtered by the fascists, including, by the way, 500,000 Romanies, 2.5 million Polish Catholics, and thousands of homosexuals, socialists, communists, trade unionists, artists and the disabled the gas chambers were built for.

    1. Frank – How much influence do you envisage that Labour will be able to exert on any of the above whilst they remain in opposition rather than in power.

      1. SteveH and even if Labour do get into power, being controlled by a bunch of Zionists, the last thing they will do is offer any meaningful support to the Palestinians.

      2. Jack – That may be your opinion but it is undeniable that without power we can achieve very little if anything.
        A Labour government will serve the needs of the vulnerable and disadvantaged of this country far better than the current Tory incumbents. Are you advocating that we sacrifice their life chances on the alter of your own dogma.

      3. SteveH Their life chances were limited by having their chances of a Socialist government destroyed by LP Zionists.

        By the way, to what dogma are you referring?

      4. Jack – I’m not very impressed by your reply, it shows a callous disregard for the welfare of others.

      5. Steve H, Starmer hasn’t a gram of interest in opposition unless it leads to his own self-aggrandisement. He’s not going to criticise Israel, anyone who saw last seek the Israelis’s bulldoze thousands of palestinian homes would have watched it in horror, despair, abject distress and anger that nobody is doing anything to stop the torture, degredation, dehumanisation, murder and imprisonment of Palestinians. Starmer doesn’t give a damn about them. His sole interest, as he said in his victory acceptance speech is to appease the BoD and the Jewish Community. He also said he wouldn’t be providing an opposition as such but rather, he would invite the Government to correct their mistakes. LOTO? No. Wannabe Dictator Comrade Keir Stalin? Yes

      6. SteveH no surprise. When you have no answer, you are never very impressed with my replies.

        So what’s the dogma?

      7. Jack – Sorry, I thought it was a rhetorical question as I presumed you would already be quite familiar with your own obsession with Zionism

      8. SteveH my ‘obsession’ with Zionism is an attempt to draw attention to those in the LP whose mission is to hide their racist actions and ambitions.

        Your obsession is to protect Starmer their poodle.

      9. Jack – Whilst I supported Jeremy throughout his tenure as leader it is undeniable that he screwed it up. Why has he chosen to end his remarkable career with this sad epitaph.
        “Many Labour MPs on the party’s left were privately exasperated with Corbyn’s unnecessary intervention on the day of the EHRC report,…..

  12. “moderates” often used by the MSM with the description “common sense”. The rest are commies & Trots, or whatever other low-life terms they can get away with.

  13. What a disgraceful way, I mean disgraceful way to treat a former Leader of the Party, a decent, honest MP who h as served his country for over 40yrs as an MP, who has integrity, political conviction and a keen focus on the well-being of the nation and of the poor and vulnerable. He presided over the most brilliant Manifesto, was a brilliant LOTO wiping the floor with May and Johnson every time by being well informed about facts, figures and issues and dialogue with the pubic. Despite the most malicious, virtiolic, vicioius MSM and Jewish Lobby campaign against him he still went out and fought that election with vigour and energy. Stalin Starmer might just as well move Labour Party HQ into the HQ of the Board of Deputies and allow them to run the Party and its Disciplinary process. Shame on the right wing of the Party. Stalin Starmer is without question the worst Leader of the Opposition in Parliamentary history as he err, doesn’t seem to oppose anything and when he does, he gets it totally wrong. What a slimeball and a worm.

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