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Starmer and Evans score own-goal as CLPs switch to no-confidence votes in response to ban on pro-Corbyn motions

Yet another CLP votes no confidence. Will the pair stoop to naked self-protection by banning no-confidence motions?

Artist’s impression – take your pick of which senior Labour figure

Keir Starmer and Labour general secretary David Evans appear to have scored a spectacular own goal as Labour members respond to the party’s ban on motions of solidarity with Jeremy Corbyn or calling for Corbyn to be reinstated as a Labour MP.

While many local parties are simply defying the ban, an increasing number are reacting by switching instead to votes of no confidence in Starmer, Evans, or both. Morley and Outwood ‘CLP’ last night passed the following:

This CLP notes with concern the communication issued this week from the General Secretary which places further restrictions on what CLP’s can discuss. Due to these actions causing a breakdown in trust between members and leadership this CLP proposes a vote of no confidence in the party Leader and General Secretary.

The motion passed by a ratio of around two to one. One local member told the SKWAWKBOX:

We originally had a solidarity motion with Jeremy Corbyn but was ruled out of order due to Evans ‘guidance’ on Thursday. A VONC wasnt on the agenda and only was accepted at the meeting as a motion until after the email was sent – more fool him.

They’re fully incompetent, deaf to the membership and doing themselves no favours.

It seems the answer for officers and members worried about Evans’s threat to suspend members for allowing pro-Corbyn motions is a simple one: vote no confidence in him and Starmer. If the pair try to ban votes of no confidence in themselves, then their motivations will be obvious.

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  1. This is quite a manoeuvre Starmer is attempting here. His plan is to force the resignation of CLP chairs and secretaries that are supportive of Corbyn. It will take time but that is what is happening. Gradually those CLP office bearers will give up fighting against Starmer’s move to the right and step down, or, at the next CLP AGM they will be challenged by Starmer supporters for their positions. This is going to take a couple of years but that is his intention here, to move the Party from the top, the CLP, to the bottom, active mambers.

      1. Sir Weathercock Starmer, won’t try to stamp out dodgy doings by his Tory chums.
        If your partner has nearly half a billion GBP, should they be allowed to furlough staff? Scrounge from public funds? If you also have secreted away a few hundred million making you the richest MP, would you not feel ashamed? Would you approve of your partner greedily grabbing from public funds when you set the rules?

        If your boss had to be dragged to agree to provide hungry children with one hot meal, would you not have some shame?
        If your parent-in-law had over thirty-three billion GBP, would you not feel a tinge of shame when denying help to small businesses and workers barely getting by?

        And, if Tory ministers’ opaque financial masks were given the OK by another Tory minster who time and time again shows no respect for integrity, then why does Starmer continually fail to hold corrupt Tories to account? Moreover, how odd that Pritti Patel is allowed to OK anything to do with integrity? Why is Starmer failing to pursue these matters?

        Because the deceiving self-serving saboteur Starmer is desperate for his full turn to gobble up what’s left in the trough by his Tory chums. He dare not upset his masters. The one percent must be assured that he will serve them with blind eyes to their pillaging the public and the planet.
        Max Headroom is desperate to get stuck in at the feeding frenzy, the revolving-door directorships for favours done and more favours to come

    1. You are probably right about Starmer’s intention Richard Mackinnon but it won’t happen He’ll be challenged and sent packing by the membership once the Covid crisis passes and we are able to have a leadership election.

      1. Smartboy,
        We will see who is right. There will be members that will see an opportunity here, Activists that realise the Corbyn Project is dead. Corbyn supporters that hold CLP positions are quickly going to feel a lot less confident in their positions.
        Take the group of MPs that were vocal in their support for Corbyn, I think they had a name, The Socialist Group, or something. They were were 30+. Yet only 18 of them signed a letter to reinsate the whip to the old man. His support is disappearing.
        Surely you see that?

      2. For a project that is supposedly ‘dead’ it appears to be kicking a lot of Red Tory arses and that’s before Forde report and any legal cases getting to court
        You are officially SteveH’s Pervy Uncle

      3. Loss of support for Jeremy and support for Starmer among the activists is a fiction which the haters in the party would like us to believe. Starmer has demonstrated that he is a fool and a vindictive one at that . He is on his way out and the sooner he goes the better

      4. What Mackinnon calls “the Corbyn Project” will outlive Corbyn and everyone else.
        That’s because the “project” is not Corbynism, it’s socialism and if we have to we’ll kill every last neoliberal to win it.
        We’ll put off the cull as long as we can because we have what we call “principles.”
        Google it.
        In effect it means we’ll put up with a lot but we won’t wait forever.

      5. How much longer is the “wait”? 57 years, 67, 77, 87 … How long ?
        Was 2016 to now not enough “wait” ?
        Nearly five years feels like “forever” to me. Considering that many of you have been “waiting” for longer than i’ve been alive, please tell, when and where the line will be drawn.
        If a newbie could easily see what was happening, why not the older people?
        I joined the party as soon as it became obvious Jeremy was in danger, i.e. open hostilities from the Right during the leadership contest! The urgency was clear.
        The hope and trust of over half a million members was clear. The electorate was clear in 2017 DESPITE the sabotage and non-stop MSM attacks.

        One coup is more than enough for anyone who believes that transformation IS possible. Two coups, even more than enough. But, to endanger the wellbeing of ALL of us, with the unforgivable lies alleging anti-Semitism should be a redline for anyone. No? Why would anyone make back room deals with obscenely dangerous liars? This culture cannot continue. It must not continue. The waiting MUST stop🔴

      6. David – That’s because the “project” is not Corbynism, it’s socialism and if we have to we’ll kill every last neoliberal to win it.
        We’ll put off the cull as long as we can because we have what we call “principles.”

        I’ll bet that goes down well on the doorstep

        <b<What principle do you imagine there is in resorting to violence when you can't win the argument.

      7. So you want to start the reaping now do you, snw?
        OK, it’s my view that people aren’t ready yet, but if you say so, off you go, kid.
        Thing is, it has to happen all at once to succeed.
        Success means no false starts, only ONE revolution and no backsliding EVER.
        No offence, but I don’t think you’ve thought this through.

        I started working through the possibilities for revolution in 1962 and almost every option ends in failure sooner or later.
        As sections of post-war German youth at that time began to hanker after a rebirth of Nazism, capitalism would soon begin to look attractive to disaffected youth after the revolution.
        Disaffection appears to be a natural function of youth.
        That would tend to produce a series of inter-generational revolutions and counter-revolutions and that should be unacceptable to us all.
        Most of you will find the alternatives, the least of which is constant, deep monitoring of childrens’ attitudes and upbringing – and the most intrusive of which is for the children of three generations to be completely removed from parental influence – to be even less acceptable.
        None of the foregoing means I won’t still drive the steamroller though.

      8. All the “centrists” – the “reasonable people” – still alive will change their tune when the transfer of wealth to increasingly fewer people reaches its inevitable culmination point.
        That’s where the 0.0001%, having used their wealth to push 100% of governmental decisions to benefit themselves, wash their hands of the consequences and build polar bubbles for themselves – leaving behind the wrecked nations whose financial, structural, human and societal failures their “productivity gains” have caused.
        Jobless and uneducated, healthcare-lite populations unable to afford travel or do anything beyond game-playing to raise their living standards – living in techno-hovels, eating techno-gruel, watching crap ad-heavy aspirational TV, yearning for the latest games console – the GovCredit price of which is set to be just out of reach without making sacrifices – because demand must always exceed supply.
        Because it’s the law.
        Capitalists will say they’ve created true socialism for us – for centuries after the last socialist died.

    2. richard mackinnon, I agree this is Starmer’s plan, but you know what they say, the best lay plans…….I hope that you agree with me that this is a high risk strategy and that if Starmer fails electorally speaking the Labour Party as we know it would be finished.
      What happened if in May’s elections all this infighting persuaded many Labour voters and the majority left members to stay at home and simply no attend the ballot box?
      You have to admit Richard isn’t going to be the socialist Cllrs that are going to suffer since comparatively we have at most, 1 in 4 and we can still vote for the few socialist Cllrs and concentrate in supporting their campaigns, abandoning the Red Tories to their fates.
      Care to elucidate what do you think would happen in former LAs under Labour control suddenly become no overall control or worse under Tory control. Would under those circumstances Starmer survive as leader? Were are going to be the 2 years needed for Starmer to clean the Party?
      You see Richard, Starmer’s U turn on the EU and willingness to vote for any Brexit deal the Tories are putting on the table is going to piss EU citizens that have still a vote on Local Elections.
      What would happen if the EU vote in London switches to vote Green or LIbDem transferring votes between this two parties? I am sure Sadiq will still win but with by far reduced majority.
      However, it could sent shivers of panic to local Labour leaders facing local elections in London in 2022. What happens if the EU votes turns away from Labour? Would the Labour Party be able to make gains in Wandsworth or Barnet? How many Labour Cllrs in London boroughs are willing to lose their seats and the allowances that go with them?
      Richard, I know you are going to disagree with me, but Starmer doesn’t have two years, he is already on a countdown, unless he manages to perform an electoral miracle next May and the way he is rubbing lots of members the wrong way, I don’t believe he is going to do it. But let’s us agree to wait and see.

      1. Maria – It’s rather an odd form of socialism that fantasises about helping the Conservatives?

    3. Richard Mackinnon, 28 of members of SCG of MPs signed the letter. One of them is already suspended for the Party, that leaves 4/5 of them that still in Cabinet and it was decided that the left need to maintain a presence there.
      Hence, they aren’t panicking or backtracking they are being smart.
      They aren’t going to behave like Chuka and friends jumping the boat, they have put the ball on Starmer’s corner. Starmer would have to expelled them for the Party thus creating a “causa belli”. They would carry on voting with their consciences when necessary and defying the Labour whip.
      Starmer is in a road to hell, only that he hasn’t realised yet. Instead of battling the left he better concentrate in delivering a good electoral result next May. He would have been leader for a year already and the left does remember how even with less that a year as leader any bi-election lost was blamed on Corbyn.

    4. You may be right MacKinnon but as jpenny be said, all you’ll be left with is a hollowed out party of 100/150,000 members and some right wing affiliates dependant on donors and the LibDem vote; ok if you only intend being the eternal opposition and just want your nose in the trough

    5. When will Sik Starmer condemn Patel for approving Sunak’s blind trust❓ How could an integrity free zone assess integrity.
      Who gave permission for the sub standard example of “standards in public-life” to OK opaque financial doings❓
      Patel should disclose the minutes IN FULL of her extracurricular D.I.Y. foreign policy operations.
      Fitting in 14 unauthorised meetings in a short “holiday” takes considerable organisation.
      With whom did Ms Patel have meetings?
      What were their roles?
      For whom did they operate?
      How much was she paid or promised in cash or kind?
      Were payments declared in ministers’ interests?
      Has Ms Patel had other unauthorised meetings?
      Why is Ms Patel still in office and not banned from public life❓❓❓

      1. windchimes – Didn’t all the Israel stuff occur during Corbyn’s tenure. As far as I am aware Rishi Sunak hasn’t broken any of the rules so what would be the point in Starmer challenging Patel, there is plenty to attack Patel for without going after her for stuff that’s been made up. If the Parliamentary Standards Authority find fault then by all means have a go at her but until then it is far more constructive to stick with reality like Keir Starmer did just a few days ago.

        PMQ 25/11/2020
        “Keir Starmer contrast[ed] Tory cronyism and wasted taxpayer cash against the struggle of key workers facing the prospect of a pay freeze. Taking MPs point-by-point through the ministerial code this afternoon – which prohibits bullying, harassment, leaking, misuse of taxpayers money and actual or perceived conflicts of interest – Starmer painted a stark picture, from bullying and harassment by Priti Patel to Matt Hancock hiring his mates for top jobs. The Labour leader concluded: “It’s the same old story, one rule for the British public and another for the Prime Minister and his friends.”

        Starmer built upon lines of attack the Labour Party has been developing over recent weeks as the scale of Tory cronyism and incompetence has become increasingly apparent. Indeed, last week saw the Labour leader point out a number of the dodgy procurement deals made by the government. He reiterated and expanded on those today.

      2. SH, no‼️ I’m pausing prepping my 2nd dbl espresso to say NO to ALL your wishes and ALL your assertions‼️
        We must not wait for “the Parliamentary Standards Authority to find fault”. We KNOW that Patel should have been prosecuted long ago for gross insubordination and extraordinarily brazen … CRASS wrongdoing in public office.

        Patel conducted her own DIY foreign relations policy with Israeli operatives. Treasonous‼️ No❓ PLUS you SH must know that even if authorised, ministers meet with their opposite number. It is my understanding that one or more of Patel’s at least fourteen “meetings” included the head of a foreign state. That is not done. You must know that. You ate always citing rules. No❓ The PSA also know that.
        The fact that the integrity free Individual remains in office is proof that the integrity free Parliamentary Standards Authority is unfit for purpose.

        You should “stick with reality” that Jeremy was trying to “work around’ Starmer’s plotting with the war criminal Blair, Mandelson and your Campbellend to “UNDERMINE him”. So Jeremy can be excused. Starmer can’t. Free of MSM lies and vexatious allegations, the object of your worship, the potato headed mound of deceit Starmer, should be taking Johnson, Sunak and Patel to task. Everyday your Headroom should be stamping out cronyism and racism in the Tory party. Strange you should try to shield Sunak and Patel. Whom will you be shielding next…Dido Harding?SERCO? Kate Bingham? G4S? Deloitte? The now £20 million richer jewellery designer? All if the above and more❓

        Your PMQs extract is the result of Starmer & co reading the straight forward CONDEMNATION of him, on the above issues here on You well know that every word and comma is noted. Check your records and you will see what you know. Your Max is hoping the past success of easily silencing the “Left” with a crumb will continue to work. No SH.

        By now you should realise, i am not the rolling over type. I am not easily duped. I don’t runaway from bullies like your AH. I have no curious longing to “calm things down” and “sort out things” to carry on being stitched and sewn up. You should know by now that i try to “learn from history so i’m not condemned to relive it’.

        The illogical yearning to sacrifice EVERYTHING and ANYONE on the loop sided altar of the Broad Church is anathema to me. You know full well that ALL precious sacrificial offerings of the refusing to learn “Left”, ALWAYS slide into the claws and sharp toothed orifices of the Right Wing. They hope the next sacrifice will “convert them” as said to me several times in my CLP left groups. And no WFM toss pot. I won’t tell you which one. You confounded fraud. But keep asking though. The busier you are on fruitless missions the better for the “Left”🤣🤣🤣

        Back to you now. SH it is obvious deceit by your Starmer to pretend as in your extract. THAT is “reality”.
        I listened to PMQs as i’ve done for years … before i’d even heard of Jeremy. Starmer attempted to deceive as is his natureYes he can dupe some. Not me. But u and your lot can keep trying SH, it keeps u busy 😂😂😂

        ps will you continue working from your Caribbean paradise❓ Phillip Green is looking for a new hideaway and friends. He and Tina have been shunned by their 1% brigade since the BHS pension scandal.

        Now they are selling up. Dorchester suite … given up a while back…now the Belgrave mansion… They may even have to sell the four yachts … EVERYTHING MUST GO SH! Be a love to them. Be their friend. Telecommunications already set up so why not consolidate… rationalises resources.?

        Imagine being shunned by other parasites SH. Says lots. No? Fancy that. What a year 2020 has been! As exiled posted a few days ago “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”🎶

        So re Sir Keith’s PMQ deceitful scam, to you and him i wish you both pull another one😂 Oh, and try WFMannery the hypocritical bully. If WFM’s not one of yours, then he is over ripe for being duped😂

        Is it anti-Semitic to sing – 🎵🎵🎵
        It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas
        Everywhere you go 🎶🎶🎶

        Sadly not for the thousands of victims of SIR Phillip Green, and other parasites for who you and your SIR Starmer are on guard dog duties. ALL assets directly and indirectly connected to SIR Phillip & LADY Tina should be used to care for his victims = now jobless employees. The SIR & LADY should be stripped of titles. They should have NO recourse to public funds as long as they swan about on their yachts. Get your SIR to pursue that in a MEANINGFUL and SUSTAINED way ‼️‼️‼️ That’s what any TRUE Labour leader would do. Go on! Get a move on!! Tell your Sir!!!
        Lots love 🌹🌹🌹

      3. windchime – “I listened to PMQs as i’ve done for years … before i’d even heard of Jeremy. “
        If that’s the case then it really is remarkable how ill-informed you are.

      4. Yes SH. it is only u who are well informed. Yet u prove my point. Those in the political bubble like u, are so myopic and blinkered. You are convinced that the world starts and ends with you.
        Patients are being operated on by magic. Roads swept by magic. Children taught by magic. Trains driven by magic… Offices cleaned by magic. Shelves restocked by magic… BUT the whole world of busy people with lives and other interests hang on your every word. If you were as informed as you pretend, you would know that every single election, your MSM chums do a walkabout showing passers by, photos of politicians. Many do not even recognise PMs. Many MPs are not even a household name in their own homes. Some like BloJob clearly doesn’t even know which home or wife is his. BUT, you are SH iterating the great political disease. SHs like you believe in your own niche self importance. That’s only one of your despicable traits. You bubble in your own bubble. BS Bubblers like you worship your own bubbles🔵🔵🔵

      5. windchime – Well you obviously managed to impress somebody, so job well done.

  2. Constituency MPs are clearly reliant on local members getting out and canvassing and doing all the other work that gets them re-elected.

    Letting your MPs know that nobody in the CLP is willing to canvass or do anything else for them unless they lobby Starmer/Evans in the strongest possible terms for Corbyn to have the whip returned immediately together with an apology – AND AN ACKNOWLEDGEMENT THAT WITHDRAWING THE WHIP WAS WRONG IN PRINCIPLE,
    Let the dumb fucks try to find a rule banning members from withdrawing their labour.

    1. David McNiven, that is exactly the email that over 30 members in my CLP (no all of us Corbynistas) have written to our MP.
      So far silence on the subject of supporting the restoration of the Whip to Corbyn, Probably he believes that by 2024 all this will be sorted and things would be back us per usual. Beside he is old enough to take his parliamentary pension and retire to the sunset.
      However, I have a personal email thanking me for my contribution towards his electoral campaigns over the years and hoping that I will still helping whoever is the Labour candidate at the next General Election (hint that he is thinking of retiring)
      Others that wrote to him have similar emails. I can tell you, it rattled my MP enough to send personal emails to each of us, and hinting at a possible retirement. My reply to him is that if the present circumstances persisted, retirement from Parliamentary politics was indeed his best option.
      Others have replied in a similar fashion encouraging him to retire and thanking him for his services. As far as I know no a single one of us, have offered to help either him or another Labour candidate at the next GE.

      1. Superb Maria💐💐💐 I agree totally with you on this. We must not help a single one of the Right Wing and the “silent friends”. We must do everything to drive them out. The past only persist because we have been infected with the can’t do attitude, it’s all inevitable, no alternative, etc.
        The defeatist victim virus causes supine compliance. That victim virus is the most effective tool of the establishment.
        The vector of the victim virus saps positive energy and replaces it with “nothing can be done”… over and over. The aim is to to kill the spirit of EFFECTIVE opposition from the get go. Maintain compliance. When you hear the “nothing else would be ALLOWED” aggressive mantra loop, ask yourself, why? Why would people use so much time and energy to say keep your head down, hide, run away, you will be pelted with an egg, people will say things about you? Why get so worked up to tell us don’t try change, keep running away? When the going gets tough, run away. There’s nothing we can do. Think about it. Well we can do lots as the CLPs are doing, and you and others. We must not lift a single envelope, make a single phone call, nor Superb Maria💐💐💐 I agree totally with you on this. We must not help a single one of the Right Wing and the “silent friends”. We must do everything to drive them out. The past only persist because we have been infected with the can’t do attitude, it’s all inevitable, no alternative, etc. That infection of supine compliance is the most effective tool of the establishment.
        Repeat that nothing can be done over and over to kill the spirit of opposition. When you hear the can’t do aggressive mantra loop, ask yourself, why? Why would anyone use so much time and energy to say keep your head down, hide, run away, you will be pelted with an egg, people will say things about you? Why get so worked up to tell us don’t try change, keep running away? Think about it🌹🌹🌹 on a single door for any of the saboteurs and their allies. NO MORE BACK ROOM DEALS. That is NOT democracy. With determination and inteligent strategy we can take our party back. We will not wait for crumbs🌹🌹🌹

  3. Thanks Richard .. that’s precisely the sort of warning that the Left need to hear from such a good source as yourself, a long term Blair supporter. Many of us had already assumed that this was a ‘game’ of cat and mouse.

    1. Thanks syzygysue.
      Im not a Blair supporter. In fact I dont support any polical party or politician. I just read it and give my opinion.
      I used to hold political beliefs. I was politically active back in the 80/90s. But I packed in my membership (SNP) in 2015 and I recommend it. When you dont hold an opinion you can see through the cynicism. They are all at it.

      1. Methinks you be telling porkies MacKinnon. You don’t read as being neutral at all. You delight in baiting people and are quite obviously a ‘centrist’.

      2. Methinks you protest too much. I was very familiar with your comments on Labour Uncut .. and I can see that even the SNP might be too leftward thinking for you.

      3. Dickie Mac busted for what he really is , I see similar comments of his over on the Labour Futures web site back in 2018 , so long history and all of a similar nature , such a bitch this trolling lark ain’t tricky dickie

  4. Why is this happening? Because Starmer is determined to defend Israel at all costs. The Zionist lobby had to destroy Corbyn because he supported Palestinian rights and refused to support arms sales to Israel. The campaign was launched in earnest on Sky News when Corbyn won against Smith. They were hoping he’d lose and that would be the end of the matter. Starmer has capitulated to the BoD, LFI and the whole band of Israeli apologists for whom Israel is virtue. He has spoken of “an insecure Israel”. The IDF is far and away the most powerful military in the Middle East, because it’s a US proxy. Israel has nukes. Insecure? Has he ever uttered a syllable about the insecurity of the Palestinians? That is what this is about. Corbyn has been suspended because he supports equal rights for the Palestinians. No other reason. Now we see Israel murdering an Iranian scientist, again. What does Starmer have to say? Starmer is the enemy of the democratic, anti-racist, anti-violence Corbyn and the friend of the State of Israel which wipes out its perceived enemies by terrorist means. Such is the leadership of the Labour Party. Every CLP and Branch in the land should revolt. The Party needs to be restructured so that power resides at branch level. The hierarchies must be flattened. The bureaucracy done away with. A federal structure which keeps power at the grassroots needs to be established. Labour’s structure belongs to the late 19th century when it was conceived. It is backward, patronising, and concentrates power in a few hands. Changing the leadership is not enough. Change the way the Party works. Power to the members.

    1. FD
      Yes and no, happy to spread the joys of democracy to members, but it always comes back to Pantomime Dame question
      I dont see what is special about politicians, they are employees no more no less than the rest of us, so should be able to sack them on the spot
      By all means make it easier to get rid of leaders, mp’s, councillors, unions, co-ops JLM LFI and and on, but let leader lead and manage the party as they see fit
      Then judge them

    2. Frank Dallas28/11/2020 AT 11:58 AM
      You ask “Why is this happening? ” It is a good question. Your subsequent analysis of why it should not be happening is reasonable and coherent and the questions you pose, I ask myself the same questions
      This is my thoughts;

      Strarmer Israeli and the Palestinians – Keir Starmer supports Benjamin Netanyahu’s Israel. Facts and morality are not a consideration in this for Starmer. He is taking the Labour Party back to the Tony Blair position on middle east politics. Call it global realpolitik alignment.

      Corbyn and the Labour Party- He will not be readmitted unless he makes a groveling apology which I dont think will happen.. He likes playing The Martyr.
      I think Corbyn has to accept a lot of the blame for the mess he finds himself in. He should never have stood for leader. He must have known what would come down on him in the unlikely event that he won. His enemies are powerful, they have influential friends, they posses long memories.
      But his vanity over rode any common sense the man might have. All politicians are vane. Some more thnt others. Corbyn is and funnily enough so too is his successor.
      The Party has to take some blame for letting him stand in the first place. He was never a leader. And that takes me onto my next point. He never stood up for himself or his Party when the anti semitism accusations started. I accept, that was going to be a big expectation but that is what leaders have to do. He never said, ‘this is not about anti semitism this is about Benjamin Netanyahu’s Israel and his treatment of the Palestinians ‘. I never heard him defend himself. like that once. All I heard was ‘there is no place for anti semitism in the Labour Party. It was pathetic.

      The future?
      Who knows? with Brexit and the plague. I have said for a while that if things get really bad Johnson will be The Person to Blame and get sacked. And then, it would not surprise me if the Tory government under a new leader did not reach out to Starmer and ask him to join a ‘government of national unity’..That would solve a big problem for the Tory government, bring him him onside and stop the criticism.
      The Tory Party dont fear the Labour Party but they do admire Sir Keir Rodney Starmer KCB QC MP.
      I know Im going to get rubbished from the usual suspects for that guess, maybe justifiably.
      Can Starmer resuscitate the Labour Party before the next general election? I dont think so. I cant see how. Not so long ago, Scotland used to send 50 Labour MPs to Westminster, now it sends 1. That is never going to come back.

  5. Why does Temporary Embarrassment refuse to engage with JVL
    Should be the opening line to any engagement with MSM and toilet papers

    1. Because the BOD made not talking to ‘fringe’ groups part of their commandments the lovely JVL keep fighting even with most of them suspended

  6. So Keith Stalin is imposing his dictatorship onto Labour members by setting his pack of wolves headed by David Evans onto the membership. He really doesn’t like free speech! This coming from a human rights barrister, so called. My CLP Executive hasn’t met in months, our last branch meeting on Tuesday I brought a motion on CHIS bill but we couldn’t vote because our branch has a policy of secret ballots for any business at branch meetings. I did put forward why I wanted a motion on CHIS and we are hoping to vote on it in the new year as we only have branch meetings every two months.

  7. Just an oversight I expect that the Deir Leader has a prior engagement tomorrow with Labour Friends of Israel – he prob’ly just forgot it would clash with the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.
    And the letter got lost in the post.
    And the dog ate the email.
    Nothing he can do about it now, sadly.
    If only people didn’t constantly let him down – I guess that’ll be another assistant having to take one for the team.

  8. Starmer and Evans are what they are. A lot of people (well, my family and I for starters) knew what Starmer was, and what Evans must be being a Starmer appointment. But the biggest disappointment to me? Angela Rayner. I honestly thought she was one of the decent ones. Well, I might have been right about Starmer, but by God I was wrong about Rayner.

    1. Rob, now that some see, i am still afraid the supine will revert to type. Sadly, too many don’t want to accept that our mission is not to convert those who are well served by the status quo and have hissed openly that they are undermining us “waking up everyday thinking of new ways to undermine us.”

      The obvious reason for some being stitched and sewn up over and over for sixty, seventy, eighty years, must be admitted and faced. Why not ask. If the reason for over a hundred years of being stitched and sewn up by the Right and the MSM, is because there is no alternative, then what exactly is our purpose?

      Many saw through both Starmer & Rayner years ago. I was certainly horrified at Starmer being invited into Jeremy’s shadow cabinet, re invited, kept in despite open sabotage including at conference.

      What would make anyone subjugate themselves and to be duped by ANYONE involved in the “Peoples’ Vote” outfit. Who pumped that outfit with tons of dosh?
      Answer: the 1% trough ers and their agents.

      We only needed to peep at the people and creature involved to realise the obvious stinking nastiness… eg until a bust up, Amber Rudd’s brother (amassed a few million quid)… Arsetair Campbellend, Ukkamunna the CUK pot who has vanished along with the ridiculous Limp Dim “Prime Minister” – Josephine Swinson, and other maggots like Weapons of Mass Destruction Liar Tony Blair – maggot crawling in dead truths.

      How could we move forward ? How, while STILL prioritising the disastrous never-ending appeasement of the OBVIOUS truth destroying maggots? It is not as if they hide their plots and aims. So what is the explanation when a chance for change is at stake? How could we speak of Open Democracy yet go cap in hand to make back room deals? Back room deals which have each made the chance for transformation more difficult? How? That is odd in the extreme🚨🚨🚨

    2. Angela Rayner showed her true colours when she stood beside a tearful Joanne Baxter on TV just after an NEC meeting where Joanne had been “threatened”. It was the NEC meeting in 2016 to decide whether Jeremy as incumbent leader should be on the ballot paper and one of his supporters “threatened” legal action if he was left off. This was the “threat” to which the Baxter was referring and aided and abetted by Rayner she went on national TV to push the narrative that Jeremy’s supporters had “threatened” her – remember this was at a time before we were all anti-Semites . In 2016 we were just Dogs Trots Scum Bullies Thugs etc and these two help spread the poison.

      1. Smartboy – “remember this was at a time before we were all anti-Semites . In 2016 we were just Dogs Trots Scum Bullies Thugs etc and these two help spread the poison.”

        Yes in 2016 we were IRA sympathisers. Funny, when you read the history, Tony Benn, John Smith, Gordon Brown, The war criminal Blair, Ed Miliband, and Ed’s mom were all happy to have Jeremy as a party member and MP. Funny too how thousands of allegations of anti-Semitism received almost exclusively by a handful of wicked LIARS are no longer being publicised on the MSM every hour every day.

        The lies and liars were allowed to take root. It is not unreasonable for a general public to believe what was left uncontested till the last minute. Standing up and speaking is shouted down so aggressively by WFM that sinister operators need not bother sabotaging us. We have our own in-house weirdos willing to use all their time and energy shrieking DON’T defend yourselves! Run away and hide or liars will lie! They might even throw an egg at you😱😱😱 Oh the horror of an egg!

        Palestinians and Orthodox Jews must be so relieved to only be beaten with metal and shot dead. The grieving parents, and Julian Assange must admire the “courage” of WFM, NOT‼️‼️‼️ Is that the “courage”, “solidarity”, or “camaraderie” that brings change❓ Is that Socialism in action❓ Who needs an army of enemies, if there is one curious “friend” like that ❓❓❓

  9. Yet another CLP makes a token gesture. All talk and no walk! Nope, where is your real solidarity we are being ignored and will carry on being as long as you play by their rules that they promptly ignore.

    Now on mass hand back your memberships shows you won’t be pushed around and ignored. But they won’t as the solidarity seams to be all talk and no actions in these CLP’s these days…

      1. Good luck with that, ‘the left’ couldn’t even organise themselves to get rid of Hodges when they were gifted the opportunity.

    1. I understand how you feel disabledgrandad and have been sorely tempted to resign from the party but then I think – why the hell should I. As someone who is working class and who espouses Labour values I have more right to be a member than Starmer Hodge Phillips Harman etc who wouldn’t know a Labour Value if it bit them. We need to organise and fight for change from within but in any case Starmer has gone too far this time and I can’t see him lasting as leader once the Covid crisis is over and we can have a leadership election.

  10. Sometimes it right to walk away and sometimes it’s better to wait and see what happens first. It’s amost amusing that people described Starmer as bland whereas now we see that he is a risk taker, duplicitous and totally ruthless in his ambition.

  11. Off message,but exremly Important.Monday is deadline day for the court mandated deadline for the British government to reply to the request for a full public inquiry into British collusion with the RUC,special branch and crown forces into the murder of Pat finucane human rights lawyer at his home in Feb 1989.The son of pat was a witness to the murder of his father whilst the family sat down to Sunday lunch after attending Mass.Two UDA death squad members burst into the kitchen and pumped 14bullets into pat finucane and one bullet into his wife geraldine who survived.John finucane now a Mp for Belfast has written to Angela Rayner and our ex human rights lawyer Sir keir Starmer and have received neither support for a enquiry or even the curtesy of a reply.David Cameron when PM apologised for British collusion with protestant terror gangs in the murder of Pat finucane and other human rights lawyers.This knight should also be aware that 25US congress members have backed a inquiry,including President elect joe Biden’,The IRISH government will also have a public inquiry. John now awaits the decision of Brandon Lewes by the Monday at the latest.John finucane and his family have said on record “That we are not interested in who pulled the trigger,but more in who pulled the strings” ?.Even little Napoleon across the Manch Mr Macron has shown support for a Independent inquiry into British collusion with protestant death squads.Now back in Britain the knight has more pressing problems to him “A civil war in his nu Labour party.Times running out for the British government and the corrupted opposition.Labour leader.

  12. Brilliant tip from David Osland, LOL:

    “There’s a easy way round the ban on motions of no confidence in Keir Starmer. Just table a motion of full support for the Labour leadership and then vote against it”

  13. SteveH 11:33 pm

    “I’ll bet that goes down well on the doorstep
    What principle do you imagine there is in resorting to violence when you can’t win the argument.”
    The same principle that informed the French, American, Cuban and Vietnamese revolutions, dickhead.
    Or is it perhaps your contention that, since only governments may award themselves the full authority of the law to commit their acts of violence, it follows that theirs must also be the only violence permissible in principle?
    Whether or not such government is properly constituted, having been elected by a fully-informed electorate?
    As “fully-informed” as you would demand to be by a surgeon before a life-changing operation?
    Because “fully-informed” is the standard that should apply in democratic choices – correct?
    Or do you value INFORMED democracy as a lesser good than an individual life, or than the continuation of your own cosy, privileged position?

    1. David – Did any of these places have a functioning democracy at the time of their respective revolutions.
      I guess you must have missed the bit about Labour being a Democratic Socialist Party on your membership card (when you had one).

      1. We don’t have a functioning democracy, we have a chumocracy of privilege that owns the media.
        But then you knew that, having the same paymasters yourself.

  14. Judas H…..yes I am sure that we all miss what you describe as “the bit” of what we valued and upheld “We are a democratic socialist party” its a travesty that you misfits were ever allowed inside of the Labour party to like all cancers infect and destroy the host( the Labour party)Parasites all of you.

      1. Lapsed membership,judas h…And they still sending begging letters and correspondence and are no doubt counting me as a member.You must have missed me off your snitchers list judas?..naughty,naughty!

  15. Tell us, wee fella, what’s democratic about insisting your party back toerag brexit when he’s already shat on democracy by bulldozing through a policy to renege on a manifesto pledge to respect the outcome of another democratically arrived-at decision?

    (And you didn’t get YOUR vote on it, despite you persistently shouting loudest for OMOV…But you happily accepted the result, didn’t you?)

    What’s ‘democratic about sacking a MP that votes against the allowing of torture rape and murder on a single-line whip to abstain?

    (And didn’t even have the guts to personally inform her she was sacked, the slimy invertebrate)

    1. Toffee – It may have escaped your notice but shadow ministers, PPSs etc are all expected to vote as instructed on a one-line-whip. Her sacking was nothing exceptional.

    2. PPSs etc are all expected to vote as instructed on a one-line-whip.

      Yeah…Well guess what, plums? ‘Expected’ is NOT mandatory

      A single-line whip is a guide to what the party’s policy would indicate, and notification of when the vote is expected to take place; this is non-binding for attendance or voting.


      Now that the whipping system and it’s implementation in that instance by stammer has been established as fact, let’s see your answers to the questions I asked – And nothing else…

  16. And once again, numbnuts…Single line whips are NOT mandatory.

    The shithouse can’t even get the whipping system right, useless, gutless rat bastard.

    1. Toffee – They were told before they voted that they would be resigning if they didn’t follow the whip. It was their choice. You can rant and rave all you want about the Wikipedia definition but it won’t alter the facts.

      1. And stammer should’ve got the whips to do their fucking job; but being the serial incompetent and utter shitbag that he is, he didn’t, and to add insult to injury the reptile couldn’t even front the MPs to tell them they were sacked, instead allowing a TV programme to do it for him, the yellow bastard..

        The greasy prick’s a dab-habd at letting toerags, nonces, and murdering coppers to walk without even trying them, but if you’re one of his own party’s MPs who happens to disagree with him eve though he impelments a whip which says you’re not obliged to vote the way he wants you to, then you’re fucked.

        ..And you’re still and always will be a completely gormless imbecile for defending the indefensible – and even managing to get that wrong.

      2. Toffee – I’m not the one getting all hot and bothered

      3. Wrong again, little fella. I’m not the one looking like a right snivelling little shitehawk and evading simple questions; therefore I’ve nothing to get ‘hot and bothered’ about.

      4. You DO realise you’ve been vigorously putting up a case for someone who point-blank refused to prosecute toerags and pederasts despite overwheliming evidence of their crimes, don’t you?

        You DO appreciate what that makes you, don’t you?

        …Or probably not, seeing as you have a pitiful lack of social skills and basic comprehension.

      5. Toffee – I guess that’s an indication that you’ve run out of arguments again.

      6. Well, you can convince yourself of what you like, little fella.

        I’m quite content that I’m NOT viewed by the vast majority here as a diehard fanatic of a nonce-protecting, tory-protecting, self-confessed (And actually openly BRAGS about it) tory supporter – who refuses to oppose them…Y’know? Like he’s meant to?

        So go on….call me ‘tory boy’ for the cunteenth time, why dontcha?

        But at least qualify it by growing a set of bollocks and telling everyone what you think is the difference between the object of your unhealthy obsession and boris de piffle johnson’s toerag party.

        But you won’t – so you can’t.

        you WILL however, make up some more completely irrelevant shite and tell us all you’ve already told what you think the difference is, becasue you’re a complete fucking weirdo wjo admires nonce protectors…Couldn’t possibly think why.🤔

        (Oh look – I can do emojis, too!)

      7. I’m far from running out of arguments.

        You on the other hand cannot/will not provide answers to even the simplest questions.

        Why do you support paedophile protecting, murder, rape and torture permitting, tory policy supporters if you claim you don’t like or agree with those things?

        You’re a liar, really, aren’t you?

      8. Toffee – I simply give your comments the respect they deserve.

      9. And that’s exactly why you’re roundly despised, and not just by meself.

        You’re an advocate for a pederast protector. If I was your neighbour I’d be VERY concerned

      10. Toffee – I’m sure your whole family are proud of you.

      11. Indeed.

        They can rest easy on my zero tolerance approach to nonces, murderers, rapists and Tories.

        If only you could say the same You haven’t even denied it.

        Wrong ‘un. 🤢

      12. Descend to my level? You? Hahahaha. You’re funny, you. Wasted on here, for sure.

        Lad, you’re lower than whale shite.. .And that sinks to the bottom of the deepest ocean.

      13. Toffee – Thanks for the natural history lesson, I wonder if they ever get a ‘floater’

      14. Even the ‘floaters’ turned their noses up to your labour once stammer’s sabotage mission was accomplished and your precious 2nd ref shithoused through.

        But when you’re a nonce protecting Tory policy supporting rape murder and torture advocate I don’t suppose a trivial matter like ensuring a socialist government is elected, matters, does it, wrong ‘un?


    Oh, DO fuck RIGHT off, rayner.

    To think I used to have time for rayner. Thought she was from a ‘real’ background, in touch with ‘real’ people. Well I was wrong. The mask’s well & truly slipped.

    It’s evident she’s a politically and morally promiscuous careerist, doing right by nobody but herself, willing to hurl her colleagues under the bus in order to keep her 1st class seat on the westminster gravy train.

    But hey! At least she’s kept her accent…👍

      1. And you can fucking well shut it too, moron.

        …A zionist, tory supporting moron at that.

      2. Toffee – Oh dearie, dearie me, careful you don’t 🤯!

      3. Imagine being a fan of someone who thibks it was right not to prosecute not one- but TWO toerags – despite in one case, the met police stating publicly that shapps had committed acts that: ‘may have constituted fraud’ ?

        Imagine openly shouting the odds in favour of a nonce protector who refused to prosecute jimmy savile?

        Imagine carrying the bat for someone who has openly BRAGGED about their support for toerag policies and who has SACKED his own MP’s for defying them?

        And imagine championing someone who now wants to vote throggh a TOERAG brexit even though he didn’t even want his own party to negotiate a brexit, and sabotaging the election just so he had a better chance of becoming party ‘leader’

        But most out of all of them, imagine openly shouting the odds in favour of a nonce protector who refused to prosecute jimmy savile?

        What sort of person would that be?

        … little steve h, is what. Supporter AND staunch defender of the ‘man’ guilty of all of the above.

    1. Quite right Toffee, I got her wrong too.

      But a question to anyone and everyone here. I THOUGHT it was banned for the party hierarchy to be involved with disciplinary decisions? I THOUGHT that is what they accused Corbyn of? I THOUGHT that was the entire hang-him-out-to-dry accusations were all about? Yet now we read ….

      ……………. Rayner says she will ‘suspend thousands and thousands’……………

  18. Very sad to see the level that this group of enablers have come to.I would suggest that they want the Socialist wing forcibly removed from the Labour party with the stain of AS racists and religious bigots hung round their necks.Serios charges to label anyone with and as we all know “A Hate crime” carrying a prison sentence.This is what the Labour party as come to !

      1. So she makes a nice living out of the Labour party and the membership,and clearly wants to hang on to it.Whats your point judas H?

      2. Joseph – I simply thought you and others might find it an interesting read.

  19. I think we need to be very careful about making accusations, that can not be substantiated. The main focus should be respect for democracy
    Clause IV.
    Aims and values
    1. The Labour Party is a democratic socialist Party.
    It believes that by the strength of our common
    endeavour we achieve more than we achieve

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