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Birmingham Hall Green CLP GC notes Evans’s ban on Corbyn motions – then ignores him and votes overwhelmingly to demand ‘immediate and unconditional’ reinstatement

‘General committee’ delegates defy ban on free speech – with no votes against

The SKWAWKBOX has chronicled the increasingly Stalinist conduct of the Labour party’s hierarchy as it threatens members in an attempt to prevent free speech and votes on its treatment of former party leader Jeremy Corbyn. The party has even sunk as far as to classify motions of solidarity as racist, chillingly telling members that it ‘will not hesitate’ to take action against anyone who dares to defy the ban.

‘General Committee’ delegates of Hall Green Constituency Labour Party (CLP), who represent the members of different Labour and union branches within the constituency, met tonight and discussed the threat from the party’s general secretary.

The sinister ‘guidance’ was noted – and then the meeting went ahead uncowed.

The delegates supported the following resolution, with no votes against and only two abstentions:

This CLP demands the immediate and unconditional restoration of the Labour parliamentary whip to Jeremy Corbyn MP.

The delegates also agreed to put the same motion to Hall Green’s next ‘all-member meeting’ for debate and vote, regardless of the party’s threats.

The recent Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) report was careful to underline members’ right to free speech protected under Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights. In spite of their promise to implement the report in full, Starmer and Evans are engaged in an escalating war on that right.

Hall Green CLP has stood up against the assault on members’ rights and in solidarity with Jeremy Corbyn. On the same evening, Hackney South and Shoreditch members became the first to vote no confidence in Keir Starmer and general secretary David Evans.

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  1. Keep this train moving moving moving on๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน

  2. The question is will the membership agree with the select few who took this decision on their behalf.

    1. SH, it never ceases to amaze how shameless you are. Why so shameless??? Why not ask if the membership agree with the vile few who “worked night and day to stop corbyn” and “woke up everyday thinking of ways to undermine corbyn” and felt so proud of their nasty plot, they hissed their sinister sabotage openly on the MSMโ“โ“โ“

      1. As I said above
        The question is will the membership agree with the select few who took this decision on their behalf.
        It’s called democracy.

      2. You’re having a laugh SH to speak of democracy. U r to provoke people here. I won’t take your bait. U and YOUR “select few” won’t recognise democracy if it pissed in your face.

      3. … U r trying to provoke people …
        Apologies ๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน

      4. Keir Starmer, David Evans and SteveH – trusty guardians of democratatorship.
        When politicians, media and ‘other actors’ conspire to propagandise the electorate into voting for their exploiters, the result can no longer be called democracy.
        Charming charlatans conning populations that the strip-mining of every natural resource and the despoliation of the planet by the 1% benefits us all – is more appropriately called demagoguery.

      5. “The select few” we’re elected. The select one who initiated this chaos, the General Secretary, was appointed and his appointment has to be ratified by conference.

    2. It’s democracy. They’re elected to represent their branches – just as centrist MPs say they don’t have to vote how the members want

      1. SB – That may well be the case and I’m presuming that that those RW CLPs that still have a delegate structure will be claiming the same. We’ll have a clearer picture when they have an all member vote.

    3. SteveH, within the Labour Party, I believe we are the many and you are the few. Nobody in those CLP is preventing members to come to meetings to elect either their delegates to GCs or to attend AMM.Hence, if members don’t attend is because they don’t care enough.
      In my CLP at our last GC last week I noticed that delegates that are considered decent but leaning towards the right, didn’t turn out at the meeting because it was a motion praising Starmer.
      A few contacted me on the quiet stating that they cannot stomach what Starmer is doing and they aren’t going to help the local Labour group during the local elections next May, they don’t wish to be associated. They would still vote Labour of course, but they aren’t going to help with the electoral effort These are people that didn’t support Corbyn in the first place, but are disgusted by Starmer’s behaviour.

  3. Let’s see how long before the cult of new Labour 2.0 suspends them for daring to talk back to the great leader Starmer. I am sorry I will say this again, motions and letters of support will be ignored. Votes of no confidence the same, The only thing they will care about is if you stop giving these scumbags your hard-earned money!!!

    So they can abuse you and treat our beliefs like there toxic. Enough is enough we need a socialist Labour party set up and away from this right-wing cancer that has killed Labour.

    1. Yes to some extent this is very true , but , what with Starmers rich and powerful contacts ( see his donors some of which were hidden until after his Leadership election ) then he can ignore us with impunity . Much more concerning maybe imo the organising and establishing of a parallel Structure enabling easy transfer and access for members who no longer are in Labour supported financially by some of those Unions who now can see their irrelevance in the Starmer party , it is simply a matter of time.

      1. Rob, rich donors see donating to Political Parties as an investment. They practice I scratch your back you scratch my back. Look at who are getting the contracts to supply PPE administering Test and Trace etc. Companies connected with the Tory Party. Their “donations” to the Conservative Party are rewarded with a variety of contracts, the passing of the right legislation so they profit handsomely from their “donations”
        They donated to Starmer campaign to prevent RLB for becoming the next Party leader. But now that Keir is the leader and they know their isn’t a chance in hell that Labour will win the next GE, why would they throw their money to a lost cause? Starmer is in not position to help them the Tories are.

      2. Rob you are partly correct,but rich donners expect results quickly and they come and go a little bit like the rain โ˜” in the UK,but for now the forcast for the right wing destroyers is looking dull ๐Ÿ˜‘and gloomy.Pack your bags SH its time to go!

      3. true , but , what with Starmers rich and powerful contacts ( see his donors some of which were hidden until after his Leadership election ) then he can ignore us with impunity

        And you can withdraw all support for Nunew labour.

        Just like the electorate did when the oleaginous, muculent shithouse rigged his way to shit on democracy.

        See how he gets on with only his lackeys the odd clueless whopper who’d vote for a marrow if it had a red rosette, and a few monied parasites voting for him.

    2. Correct, pops.

      The grassroots are nowt but a milch cowctovthe rodents. Withdraw your funding, and if they persist with their pogrom, withdraw all forms of support.

      1. Just wait till the Labour party order the smartmatic election software from Lord brown of Dominion co….ITs been approved and used in the Philippines and USA..IT’S comes complete with the ability to move decimal points and a pridictabilty device thats user friendly and turn predictions into solid votes….You can always rely on our broad church brigade to produce a world wide winner in Lord mark malloch brown.and the Dominion machine….Invented in the UK and produced by minimum wage workers the the Philippines.(imelda marcos approved)..?

  4. First the right fabricates racism smears against the left, then censors discussion of their smears, conveniently classifying any discussion of their crimes as racism..


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