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Breaking: full London CLP votes ‘no confidence’ in Starmer AND Evans

Is Hackney South and Shoreditch the first full constituency party to defy free-speech ban and formally vote down leader and general secretary?

Hackney South and Shoreditch constituency Labour party (CLP) has just voted through the following motion:

This CLP affirms it has no confidence in Keir Starmer and David Evans, who have demonstrated they are unfit to lead and manage our party at this time when the working class desperately needs a Labour Party offering a united fight against the Tories with bold socialist policies.

Smaller branch units have already passed similar motions and one CLP has voted no-confidence in Evans, but HS&S appears to be the first full CLP to have passed a no-confidence motion in Starmer in the short time since he broke parliamentary rules to withdraw the whip from Jeremy Corbyn after Corbyn was reinstated by a right-dominated panel of National Executive Committee (NEC) members because legal advisers confirmed there were no valid grounds for his initial suspension.

However, other CLPs are busy preparing motions despite the flagrant abuse of party rules and Jewish left-wingers by the hierarchy to suppress free speech.

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    1. I never had confidence in Starmer on seeing his grossly shameful record as DPP and over the last four and a half years. The saboteur coup plotter is bad news.
      Everyone can change, but we need to want to change or a miracle is needed. Neither is in the power of the “Left”. We must abandon the unrealistic senseless inexplicable yearning to be in unity with war criminals, deceivers and traitors who “WORKED NIGHT AND DAY to Stop Corbyn”. How does one have a “Big Church” with those who sacrifice nothing, try to destroy all that is good and “woke up every day thinking of ways to undermine Jeremy” and make us lose the election. Who can stand Campbell and Bliar who endorsed the defeated Limp Dims and endorsed Cummings’ Johnson❓❓❓

    2. Some real action taking place, this is where the fight back must be seen to begin…others should do the same!

  1. Supportive motions for democracy a must. It’ll be interesting to see how many rt wing officers also break the rules to support Starmer. ‘Fraid the old ‘just following orders’ not good enough. Officers refusing to follow the rule book should also be charged.
    Our last zoom meeting was funny. After refusing numerous attempts to allow discussion I thought she was going to ‘sqweem and sqweem and sqweem’. They broke the rules and whoever does that should charged.
    Your region will also ignore these charges but follow procedure, make sure the individuals who despise democracy know that they’ve been logged for the future.

  2. How come we never get to hear the actual results of these votes. How many voted for and against.

      1. Joseph, maybe it would be best if we didn’t respond to SteveH’s”traps.” He’d have no one to argue with and might go away, lol.

    1. SteveH, my branch and whole CLP, Right Wing control everything. When they lose ballots, they keep details secret. Their excuse is ALWAYS – “Region does not allow it”.
      Surprised, you don’t know your lot’s strategies. “Secret” is your lot lost lamentably. Your lot’s next step is ALWAYS to try by ANY foul means to delegitimise the DEMOCRATIC condemnation of your deceitful, racist, self-serving, tool of the 1% , potato headed, despicable, disgraceful SIR saboteur Keith Starmer cager of Julian Assange, LIAR and OPEN “UNDERMINER” of Jeremy, as organised and plotted by Peter Mandelson, Alistair Campbell, W.M.D Tony Blair, Margatet Hodge and other assorted repugnant filthy protectors of the Status Quo. You know it SH. Its yours to suck up. Suck it up SH its yours ‼️‼️‼️

  3. ur – Westminster North – totally blocked any discussion on the orders of Evans

  4. Good to see this active resistance by a modicum of CLPs. But unfortunately , no such signs of genuine resistance from that ‘very comfortable in the well-paid PLP Westminster Club’ bunch of Left-Fakers in the Socialist Campaign Group of MPs ! And there wont be any , sadly. John McDonnell, Diane Abbott , and most of that faker grouping showed their true opportunistic colours when they backed Mandelson/Blair/Campbell’s 2nd Referendum and Remain folly in 2019 – and forced Jeremy to adopt that treacherous policy too – guaranteeing a Labour electoral wipeout – and the final end of the old Left dream of making Labour a vehicle for Left advance.

    Let’s not fool ourselves that even a hefty chunk of CLP motions denouncing Starmer and his cronies will win back Labour for the Left . It wont – the overwhelming numbers of the corrupt , careerist, neo-Blairite Right and ‘Centre’ at both PLP and local council, levels, have shown over the four years of ‘Corbynism’ that they will ruthlessly sabotage ANY shift of Labour to Left wing policies – and this overwhelming pro-capitalist, corrupt, grouping will be quite happy for most of the Corbyn-era membership to fuck off – and leave them with a thoroughly status-quo-supporting neoliberal party – funded mainly by billionaires and a few Right wing Trades unions, and a membership of only about 150,000 or so, to do some periodic canvassing work for ‘the professionals’.

    Eventually the Left membership will have to grasp that they are simply wasting their time passing radical resolutions (for Starmer’s waste basket) and battling with an entrenched Right in a now electorally defunct Party – and look to a new Left Party – beyond the ‘broad church’ swamp route to nowhere of Labourism. And anyway, in the real world, the now fast approaching Big Bang global economic crash that pre-existing weaknesses in global capitalism, plus the shock of covid19, will definitely produce, will soon sweep away the superficial appearance of relevance for socialists to struggle forever in the Labour Party’s endless Sisyphus snakes and ladders game for Lefties . Only the odd deluded Leftie , plus the career opportunist fake Lefties of Lansman’s selected crony Momentum elite will soon bother to soldier on in a dead but still staggering on, zombie NuLabour Party.

  5. The ONLY thing on Sir Keith’s agenda is the complete Zionisation of the Labour Party. NO discussion, NO debate, NO compromise. If you support Corbyn/Palestine there is NO place for you in the Labour Party.


  6. This must be fake news – I just turned BBC News on and they showed the front pages of tomorrow’s papers.
    Nothing about it at all in the MSM so it can’t be true – either that or it’s just not important enough for any of their viewers and readers to care …

  7. “nothing about it in the msm”, that’s probably proof that it’s true.

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