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“Removing the whip from well-regarded MPs… [is] destroying the party” – Keir Starmer

You couldn’t make it up – and don’t need to

The withdrawal of the ‘whip’ from popular MP by a party’s leader is an act of self-sabotage that tears a party apart and is bound to end badly.

Not the words of a die-hard Corbynite, but of Labour leader Keir Starmer hardly more than a year ago, on national radio:

Image provenance unknown, but taken from a tweet by Campaign for Labour Party Democracy

One senior Labour source told the SKWAWKBOX:

That is Keir in a nutshell. He changes with the wind and says whatever suits him best at the time.

You couldn’t make it up – and don’t need to. After five years of a leader with principle, Labour now has Keir Starmer.

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  1. I see momentum are organising the glitterati of the Labour mps,thanks to the hard work of Scatergood of Momentum.Momentum are showing the lead not the socialist group of mps,and that says everything about the Labour party and the type of people that have made a good living out of being pretend left wing mps …disgusted from the rice fields of Cambodia!

    1. Joseph Okeefe, you could be right, but it could be that the SCG is actually playing a long game. It is clear as light that Starmer want them gone, so why facilitate him? Let’s no provoke him, get him more desperate when he sees that members of the SCG aren’t crossing the floor voluntarily but ready to stand up to him by keeping their socialist principles and voting with their consciences.
      Let’s Starmer withdraw the whip from them, the next time they vote with their consciences against a Tory Bill. Let’s Starmer suspend them from the Party whip from defending the interest of the 99%.
      Then, the narrative wouldn’t be they have leaved the Labour Party, but rather the Labour of the Party has withdrawn the whip from them for keeping to Labour’s values.
      Joseph, you maybe don’t appreciated, I must admit it took me awhile to understand, but I honestly believe that we are fighting a smart fight, one that Starmers isn’t winning.

  2. Skwawkbox returns! Don’t know what I may have done to wipe you out from my inbox.

    Riverside CLP last night was railroaded into ‘obeying the central party rules’ when the poor deputy chair came under the control of the local region gauleiter/apparatchik, rushed in by the general secretary. I think it would be safe to say that a majority of the eighty plus members ‘attending’ were not at all happy with the decision to rule the motions supporting Jeremy Corbyn and having no confidence in Starmer and Evans ‘not competent’ (which I think was the term they’d dreamt up for the occasion).
    The problem with zoom meetings is that the floor cannot make its mood clear other than through one speaker at a time, at the discretion of the chair.

    1. Can you imagine the awful ex MP Louise Ellman’s former constituency supporting Corbyn and not Starmer and his sidekick Evans.

  3. ‘Removing the whip from well regarded TORY MPs…’ (Didn’t know there were any?)

    Says EVERYTHING you need know about easter island head.

  4. Its a game ffs
    Any CLP blocking debate and vote
    Members should contact party separately and ask the simple question ‘can we declare no confidence in you and Temporary Embarrassment, also what is your instruction to the Jewish members who want to support Jeremy Corbyn’
    Skwawky ask the Guardian and other notable Cockwombles the same question
    I notice JLM have been called on EHRC report

  5. ” The withdrawal of the ‘whip’ from a popular MP by a party’s leader is an act of self-sabotage that tears a party apart and is bound to end badly. ” – Sir Weathercock Starmer.

    All for “unity” in any “broad church” with Sir Weathercock, say aye🔴

    1. Singpost, I believe Starmer was defending the decision not to withdraw the Whip from Margaret Hodge when he bestowed on us this pearl of wisdom.
      The woman used foul language against Jeremy in public but Starmer defends the decision not to withdraw the whip from her. But now here he is withdrawing the Whip from Corbyn.
      Starmer isn’t stupid what more proof do we need that Starmer is a cuckoo in Labour’s nest? Evidence:
      1- He was promoted to the position of Public Prosecutor by the Tories
      2-He is a member of the trilateral commision.
      3-He was the main instigator of the People’s Vote that was the main contributor to lose us the GE in 2019
      4- He doesn’t follow his own advice and suspends Corbyn, probably the most popular MP in the country,
      Starmer wishes to destroy the Labour Party and ensure another 20 years at least of Tory rule.

      1. Maria, i believe Starmer was referring to the Kenneth Clarke over Brexit… when Cummings was de facto PM🍂🍂🍂

  6. Keir Starmer is a member of the Trilateral Commission. This was known before he was elected. His election was obviously engineered by this very, very powerful group because he is useful to them. Look to where the power lies.

    1. Was it the Trilateral Commission who “engineered” Starmer into the shadow cabinet and kept him there? Was it a “very, very powerful

      1. … group” which sat on the internal report until Starmer deceived enough members to grab the leadership? What has been the result of choices like those? We cannot choose to do “whatever they ask” then blame the “they”. We do have choices. They may be difficult choices but choices all the same. Our party is in urgent need of people who are willing to stand up and speak up until we achieve what’s right. People who know that integrity is not integrity if it is compromised. It is a nonsense to believe without evidence, that allowing evildoers to prosper, will stop evil or curb an evil status-quo. Where is the evidence? How have the choices made, served the many? 🌹🌹🌹

    2. p.s. May, my point is, i agree with you that we ALREADY know Starmer’s record. We need not be distracted by names eg Illuminati, Bilderberg, Zionist, Trilateral Commision etc etc etc
      We had already known Starmer by the overwhelming evidence. Headroom is bad bad bad news. He was given a “Sir” bauble for his several evil doings. It is not a secret.
      So no one has any excuse for ignoring his record.

      For me actions – treachery, plotting, undermining, associations eg č a war criminal, a Campbellend, a Hodge is more than enough warning that he should have been kept OUT of the shadow cabinet, had the whip withdrawn, suspended and then expelled like Campbellend with the other parasites. That is ACTIVE justice.

      Justice “being done and seen to be done”. That is LIVING justice. Have you seen living active justice from 2016 to date? What we see now was ACTIVELY enabled by the past. From reading, that past preceded Jeremy by many generations. Past “great and the good” have successfully groomed a compliant culture, a defeated defeatist “can’t do”, “no choice” mentality in those they exploit. Great at at exploitation, profiteering, gorging on the labour of the many. Good at easily infiltrating any group to scream “no alternative”, “can’t do”, inteligent adults were “duped”, inteligent people who are passionate to change things abroad were “duped” at home… over and over again. Take note not once a suggestion of must be done to change our lot. Is that not curious??? And inteligent people are “duped” by those bashed out warnings of don’t, can’t, they won’t allow etc etc. Take note, the great parasites never wait for us to win. As soon as the great parasites realised we were selecting Jeremy to lead, they started their “Stop Corbyn” plot. No waiting. No hiding. No mumbling. No inexplicable compromises and begging for “big church” when they have been gifted control. Why moan about them when we took our opportunity for granted?

      That mentality has been passed down generation after generation – “Don’t make a fuss”, “Keep your head down” “keep things calm” = “do what ever they ask” to “sort things out” = maintain the status quo of atrocities at home while indulging in rampant displacement activity of useless impotent outrage about atrocities abroad… as if those who have seen the impotence close up at home will take any notice of pathetic self-soothing and self-preening calls for justice abroad.

      The likes of Starmer have seen the lingering impotence. They have seen the embarrassing crawling and unforced errors. The 1% guard dogs roll about laughing with SH, its assistants and deputy tools. They pay middle men jewellery designers twenty million GBP not just to source useless PPE but white flags and bleach to take out the AH stains. WFM’s party trick to entertain 1% guard dogs might be: they shove them up him, he runs around screaming he’s a can’t. When he’s full, he crawls back to his kennel, extracts the now filthy flags and bleaches them white again, waves them frantically, rushes back to his masters to get a pat on the head and another bone.

      BUT WFM’s masters have never taken notice of symbolic statements from those who never see causes through. Never have. Don’t. They won’t. They act. We hope🔴

  7. The Trilateral Commission, a global network founded by David Rockerfeller. Look up the names of the members a long list. Then maybe research The Great Reset. Begin to join up the dots. Follow the power.

      1. Joseph – Obviously not, could you provide a link to support your assertions 😉

    1. Are you saying as WFM shrieks repeatedly, “we have no choice”? That Jeremy, his close team, old friends like John McDonald and Len McCluskey etc “had no choice”?

      If we have no choices, then what exactly is the use of our effort and commitment? What use, the outstanding courage and dedication of , Craig Murray, George Galloway, Chris Williamson, Ken Livingstone, Mark Wordsworth, you, me, us… Maria Vazquez, Doug, qwertboi, Jack T, timfrom, johntatcher, alexanderscottish, lundiel, Joseph? ? ? … too many to name.

      Why don’t we all just do some craft, gardening, swimming, walking, singing, dancing, eat chocolate … anything, and leave the great powers to network, organise and make choices that serve their interest? Why should we use our precious time researching “The Great Reset” or any other plan of others, go on about it yet make no plans of our own? Make no choices in our own interest?

      Will we not be better off using all OUR resources of time and intelligence, developing our own “Great Resets”? And, being on the offensive rather than always reactive? On the front foot, rather than back? Kicking the ball rather than being it … and forever complaining about being kicked?

      What exactly is our purpose?

      I’m for dealing with basics here and now. I recommend – Prioritising. Sequencing. Anticipating problems, preparing strategies to deal with plots from the get go.
      I’m for acting, rather than hiding and waiting, hoping problems will disappear, then when AS USUAL they don’t, but instead grow worse, STILL crawl to truth destroying maggots to get backroom deals with the cesspit dwelling liars and saboteurs.

      I’m not for BACK ROOM DEALS🔴 And in any case, why have ALL the deals favoured only truth destroying maggots while making our situation worse? How does that work? Where is the benefit of this incessant pleading and desperation to unify with liars. Liars so evil that they exploit the memory of hundreds of thousands. Liars who deliberately promote anti-Semitism by stirring up anger and scapegoats.

      What is the reason of REPEATEDLY submitting, complying, appeasing then complaining ?

      I’m for transformation by action🌹🌹🌹

      1. ‘Ere little fella, wanna tell us why stammer ISN’T tory for backing the toerag brexit plans for a deal, but shithoused his way into the leadership by opposing a Corbyn-led brexit?

        You know? The brexit you insisted wasn’t gonna happen?

      2. Toffee – As you acknowledge we have left so that is war that we lost. There is no point in constantly looking back.
        I’ve been quite clear elsewhere on these pages that Labour should abstain. I don’t think Starmer should make the same strategic mistake that Corbyn did over A50. Brexit is a Tory + f’wits idiocy, they should be made to own it.

      3. You were asked to tell us why stammer ISN’T a toerag for supporting toerag brexit and shitting on his own party’s brexit strategy (With your blessing). You were NOT asked for how you think> stammer should be telling the PLP to vote.

        So, do us all the courtesy of answering the question I asked – not one I never.

      4. Toffee – Corbyn, as he has admitted himself, was the one who was out of step with the vast majority of the membership. Was he having a sofa meeting when he came up with ‘Constructive Ambiguity’,

      5. This isn’t about Corbyn, so don’t even attmept to make it so.

        Less of the evasiveness and obfuscation, and answer the question I asked. We’re not interested in anything else.

      6. No – We HAVEN’T had YOUR answer.

        YOU HAVEN’T answered anything. Stop pretending you’re some sort of tenth rate politician (You couldn’t even dream of resching that paltry status) and answer the question; which I’ll ask AGAIN….

        Tell us why stammer ISN’T tory for backing the toerag brexit plans for a deal, but shithoused his way into the leadership by opposing a Corbyn-led brexit?

        We don’t want your view on what way stammer ought to be directing the PLP to vote, we want to hear why YOU think stammer ISN’T a tory when he’s insisting (for the cunteenth time) they back yet another toerag policy.

        Ot, to make it simpler for a simpleton like yourself…

        Why is stammer calling himself a labour politician when he has alreaty shat on his own party manifesto pledges AND now demands his own party back the very policy he didn’t want, and indeed actually conspired against, losing his own party the last general election; handing the toerags an EIGHTY SEAT MAJORITY in the process?

        How is that NOT tory?

      7. Toffee – You’ve had my answer if you don’t like it then that is your problem, not mine.

      8. Toffee – It is self evident that the ones who are responsible for Johnson’s 80 seat majority are the idiots who voted Tory.

  8. Interesting.

    Whilst CLPs are banned from discussion of anything to do with Jeremy Corbyn, both Starmer and Rayner talking about little else!

    I thought that they had banned it. I thought that they had personally intervened in disciplinary cases to have people suspended from the party (according to their own reported words) for discussing, or supporting Corbyn?

    Have these people no shame? Have they no concept of what hypocrites they look – and are if their reported words are accurate?

    Their reactions MUST be to try to utterly destroy the Labour Party!

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