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Tony Blair’s former CLP votes no confidence in general secretary Evans

Labour members have had enough of Starmlinism

Members of Sedgefield constituency Labour party (CLP) – the former constituency of Tony Blair – have ‘easily’ passed a vote of no confidence in the party’s general secretary David Evans.

The motion was tabled after four other motions were ruled out of order under Labour’s attack, led by Evans under Keir Starmer, on the free speech and democracy of members on the issue of former party leader Jeremy Corbyn and his suspension, followed by Starmer’s withdrawal of the party ‘whip’ when the suspension was lifted because the party’s lawyers said there were no grounds for it.

The CLP’s chair confirmed the vote on Twitter:

In spite of an increased number of motions being blocked by regional officials and intimidated CLP officials – and attempts at public intimidation by right-wing figures – motions against the party’s hierarchy and its conduct continue to snowball.

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  1. Exiled, Tony is probably delighted that Starmer is going to prove more unpopular within LP members that him. At least Tony won three General Elections for the Labour Party. The way this is going Starmer isn’t going to be leading the Party at the next one in 2024.
    Either the Labour Party performs and electoral miracle next May on he is gone before Conference is due in September.

  2. When the Chicken Coup was in full swing, Corbyn might not have had the backing of many in the PLP, and their friends in the MSM, but he had the overwhelming backing of the party members.

    Starmer has the backing of the MSM who refuse the news of what is happening to be put in the public sphere. And of course Starmer also has the backing of the Blairite MPs cuckoos-in-the-nest of the PLP. But he doesn’t have the backing of the members of the party. Nor of the unions.

    So he and his nates at Labour HQ try the heavy-handed dictatorial method, which fails to impress the membership.

    Time to go Keith. And to take Evans with you.

    1. A lot of people were duped by Blair David. And billions of people around the world are duped by ‘politicians’ over and over again.

      1. Yeah, I know – just me being grumpy.
        Nobody believes when you’re 18 you’ll get bored with partying every weekend when you’re old and grey.

  3. Dear Sir Keir and Mr Evans


    …”the Parliamentary whip, and/or the power of the General Secretary or the NEC to issue guidance in relation to discussion of this issue) are providing a flashpoint for the expression of views that undermine the Labour Party’s ability to provide a safe and welcoming space for all members, in particular our Jewish members. Therefore all motions which touch on these issues must be ruled out of order.”

    Please can you confirm that the ”safe and welcoming space for all members in particular our Jewish members”…. actually means ”safe and welcoming” only for Jewish members who are Israel-supporting Zionists and who not only support the plunder of Palestinian lives, homes, and rights, but also expect that all Labour members should do so too without comment or criticism?

    And to reiterate, it means that Labour is now no longer to be considered a safe space for Jews who completely and utterly reject this stance? If so, isn’t this anti-semitic and actionable? Is it now also to be assumed that Labour is no longer also to be a safe space for non-Jewish members who also support Palestine and would like to have free speech on this matter and who supported Labour under Corbyn because of his offer of a different take on the status quo domestically and in terms of foreign policy?

    I am waiting clarification. The fact that pro-Palestine Jewish members and other pro-Corbyn (especially BAME members) who have been bullied and felt unsafe in right wing dominated CLPs have seen their complaints go nowhere compared to others, suggests the above is true but it would be good to have it straight from the horses’ mouths so to speak. Please tell us clearly that ”we’re proud to acknowledge there is a hierarchy of anti-racism and that only pro-Palestine left antisemitism” is of importance and concern”.

    1. I certainly think that on every occasion this issue is raised, the question should be “What is the view of the Jewish Voice for Labour on this matter?”
      The JVL makes excellent points that should be heard, respected, and acted upon.

      1. Agreed, Ludus57 when it comes to Jewish’s opinion within Labour, JVL should be the default organisation to consult on Jewish matters. All of its voting members are both Jewish and members of the Labour Party too. Its associated supporters have to be members of the Labour Party but cannot vote. All the officers of JVL are Jews.
        In contrast the JLM admit to full membership no Jewish members and no members of the Labour Party too. A little non well fact perhaps, but the Israeli sister Party that JLM represents within Labour was expelled from the 2nd International Socialist some years back..
        The Labour Party although a funding member of the 2nd International Socialist isn’t a full member any longer but still retain the status of an observer within the organisation. I wonder for how long this status will last in view of the attacks from the leadership on freedom of speech that is targeting socialist (including Jewish socialist) in the defense of members of a Socialist Society representing an Israeli Political Party already expelled from such an international
        well reputed international socialist organisation.
        Skwawkbox, could you please investigate the circumstances of the Labour Party leaving the 2nd International Socialist as a full member? I am told it happened during Ed Milliband’s leadership and presently the LP is only retaining the status of observer.
        I hope Starmer sees sense and draws a line, apologieses to Corbyn and its supporters because the rumours that I am hearing from members of Socialist Parties across Europe and Latin America is that they aren’t happy with Starmer’s antics at all.

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