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Hendon Labour – which nominated Starmer for leader – ignores ban to condemn his political interference and ‘affront to justice’

Damning verdict from originally-supportive CLP

Labour members in Hendon nominated Keir Starmer in the Labour leadership contest – yet last night they endorsed a damning statement condemning Starmer’s political interference in disciplinary processes – and the ‘affront to justice’ of his treatment of his predecessor Jeremy Corbyn.

Corbyn’s suspension – for a statement the EHRC’s recent report said he had an enhanced and legally-protected right to make – was lifted by a right-dominated panel of NEC members after they received legal advice that there were no grounds for it. Starmer responded by withdrawing the Labour ‘whip’, in breach of every rule governing parliamentary Labour party (PLP) procedures, forcing Corbyn to sit as an independent MP, as well as of the EHRC’s ban on ‘political interference‘ in disciplinary processes and outcomes.

Hendon’s response was withering:

Labour has responded to the huge groundswell of support for Corbyn among members by labelling it racist and threatening members with suspension – a further breach of members’ human right to freedom of speech and of the EHRC report.

Hendon members, who just months ago were backing Keir Starmer, responded last night by standing ‘shoulder to shoulder’ with the wronged former leader. Starmer’s supporters had responded to the nationwide flood of support for Corbyn by claiming it came only from CLPs that had supported Rebecca Long-Bailey in the leadership contest. That feeble tactic is now exposed for what it always was.

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    1. and the guardian is bewildered as to why it’s readership has decreased and being reduced to begging for subscriptions to be taken out

      1. By censoring Steve Bell, the Gardian is attempting to prevent knowledge of Zionist motives and atrocities getting out into the wider community.

      2. When I went to libraries I would grab the rag read Steve’s cartoons then hide it so no poor sod might unwittingly read one of their pages. Censorship, not guilty. Humanitarianism, that’s my defence. Nothing will stop The Great Bell from ringing. Oh, he’s a good bloke and built like a brick… building. And he’s on our side. All good really. ☮️

      3. alexanderscottish, get the Steve Bell depiction of Max Headroom as Salome and Jeremy as John the Baptist. Bell was accused as being anti-Semitic for that. WISH i had thought of it. A master stroke!!! Pure genius Steven Bell.

        Plus more evidence that the cartoon business with which the liars tried to slander Jeremy, was all PURELY politically motivated OR Headroom would be frantically trying to stamp out anti-Semitism from the guardian. No❓ But then again methinks the guardian has firm anti-Semitic roots as the Fabian Society .

        AND Tony Blair the war criminal singled out one of the anti-Semitic “luminaries” as THE beginning of “NEW LABOUR”. I kid you not.
        It was in the slimy faecal parasitic worm’s filthy vomiting of its innards to mark the 50th Anniversary of the said Fabian Society or of the Labour Party. Need to double check… i’m triple tasking as usual, so excuse any typos. But the essence of above is correct. The warmonger’s award of a pedestal to an anti-Semite is recorded in a pamphlet of its vomit at the British Library.

        Just a small bit of overwhelming evidence that should have been deployed at the get go to rebut the vile lies.🔴🔴🔴

      4. Cheers. How low can these people get? Wait, don’t answer, I don’t think that I could bear one.

    2. The good people of Hendon as in so many other constituencies were not fooled by the liars. For that is what they are, the allegers of anti-Semitism, LIARS. Liars for ONE vile POLITICAL reason. SINGULAR.
      REASON ? = To keep the gravy train of the ONE PERCENT. Preserve the exploitation of the many, no matter what, to benefit a few.

      That is all. No matter what the vile are called, our focus should be to stop their rape of the planet and its people EVERYWHERE.

      Preserve the greedy interest of 1% of the world’s population of all faiths and none. Of all races. THAT is all. The sooner we focus on this truth, the better🌹🌹🌹

    3. The Guardian letting their best asset go. What arseholes! Opportunity knocks for the Morning Star?

      1. SteveH, I ask a perfectly sensible question and get a snotty reply – true colours for the person who feigns but fails to be reasonable.

      2. Jack – Your desperate scrabbling for the moral high ground has been noted.

      3. SteveH, as has your failure to come anywhere close to it.

      4. Jack – Is there a reason I should care one way or t’other about what you think.

      5. Not at all SteveH, you’re a Starmer supporter who is blinded by your admiration for the racist.

  1. The BoD and other right wing Jewish groups are determined to have Corbyn expelled and are insisting it is either him or them, Hodge has already said so, Professor Norman Finkelstein has said it is obscene for Hodge to liken a letter of investigation from Labour HQ into her abuse of Corbyn, to Jews in occupied Europe with their bags packed ready to be deported. He has one request to make of Hodge….get your bags packed and get out the Labour party. Even if Corbyn did as Emily Thornberry suggested i.e. “we need to get down on our hands and knees to the Jewish community and ask them for forgiveness and a fresh start” would not be enough, they think he is worse than the Yorkshire ripper and will not let up until he is destroyed.

    1. I agree with you Harry Law that no matter what Jeremy does it will not be enough to satisfy the extreme right wing elements in Jewish society. I think by now most reasonable fair minded people now see this. This started, in my opinion, when the Chief Rabbi boasted and gloated in the right wing press about influencing the outcome of the 2019 election.
      Regarding Margaret Hodge comparing her situation to the plight of Jews under the Nazis this trivialised the Holocaust and amounted in my opinion to Holocaust denial. She ought to have been suspended from the party and made apologise for what she said. She wasn’t but she showed herself to be an unprincipled drama queen who used the terrible suffering of Jews during the Holocaust to save herself from a well deserved disciplinary penalty.
      Furthermore if Jeremy Corbyn has made this outrageous comparison the BoD and the Chief Rabbi would have been calling for him to be disciplined / expelled at the very least but their silence in respect of Margaret’s vile comments was deafening exposing their disgraceful hypocrisy.

    2. My memory may not be serving me well over the following incident.
      Not long after Starmer won the leadership election didn’t the CAA call on him to suspend/expel Corbyn from the party.
      There’s also the 72 page list of MPs and supporters that the very same ‘charity’ sent to Starmer giving him up to six months, demanding action against them.
      He really has got himself into a tricky situation, especially with Rayner and Reed being included.
      Perhaps his solution will be to try and negotiate with them, sacrificing everyone else except the aforementioned two

      1. R+R are on the list. Ho Ho, this could be good. Time to get the popcorn and see how Max deals with his list. That charity really does some honourable work for humanitarian causes. They Never sleep because they are watching over all of us just like Santa and 77 Brigade. Jolly good then. Rest easy everyone.

      2. On this whole issue he has demonstrated the political touch if a 15ft bargepole with a 6in. nail in the end. His “trusty”acolytes likewise.
        He and Ms Rayner have probably enjoyed the most precipitous fall from political grace since Mark Anthony was caught round the back of the Forum, eating all the pies.
        In these circumstances, all I can say is “Carry On!” Because that will certainly be the title of the film of all this that is just waiting to be made.

    3. Did kind auntie Emily really say that? Gosh, you know that might bring the whole A/S attacks to a halt. Don’t people agree.

  2. Hendon CLP like most CLPs is made up of people who espouse traditional Labour values of decency and fairness and they can see that Jeremy Corbyn is not being treated decently or fairly. They don’t like it and are not afraid to say so.
    I am starting to believe that his appalling treatment of Jeremy Corbyn will mark the beginning of the end of Starmers leadership. I hope so. He doesn’t deserve to lead our party or any democratic party for that matter.

    1. He’ll hang on backed by the Centre and Right busily changing the rules as they go. The Left will go – by force or choice. It means he must have written off 2024 and probably 2028 as possible wins. 20 years of Tories, thanks Starmer!

      1. Posts after the 2019 election which was handed to Cummings’ Johnson, highlight that many minions of monstrous Thatcher’s effluent Blair, were out promptly in force on radio stations; BBC London and 5Live, LBC and Talkradio. Each of the usual dishonest suspects released stink wind of defeats at the next two or three elections claiming that Jeremy had destroyed the party too much.

        The usual brazenly dishonest sacks don’t care about Labour winning. The sacks of lies’ mission is to prevent another party leader who may upset the same old same old. The vaguest potential to transform the world sickens the saboteurs of the elections.

        We are many and the saboteurs are few, but, the plotters focus on achieving their aim – keeping the world as it is. They are not forever reactive. They are active and focused. Plunder the whole world, all its peoples, all its animals, every tree every plant, just for the material enrichment of the one percent. That is their focus. That is all 🟥🟥🟥

  3. Meanwhile, I’d like to know where all MPs are spending Christmas and how many will be abroad or in Cornwall.

    1. lundiel, quite a few of them will be jostling for position as close as possible to Starmer’s rear end.

    2. lundiel, we need people like you. AHEAD of the game. AHEAD of the curve. The Cornwall ian’s should BAN THEM NOW‼️ Don’t wait. Every MP should be made to spend Christmas in their constituencies. Their salaries should also be reduced immediately to a maximum of £37,000. That way we might get people interested in the 99%.

      Any moonlighting should be banned. Any wrongdoing should be met with a minimum fine of £500,000 or 70% of all assets, which ever is greater. Plus one year of community service.🌹🌹🌹

      1. Oh dear, is this what passes for political discussion on ‘the left’.

      2. A minimum fine of £1/2 m for corruption is quite commensurate with a £10000 FPN dished out to students and the poor; they have less chance of paying it than the squirrelling MP.

      3. Paul, if the MPs don’t pay it, then their assets must be used to pay be it on shore or off shore, directly or indirectly. 🛑🛑🛑

      4. Yes but they’ve got it whereas others just don’t and face years of Courts and sanctions if not imprisonment because they can’t pay. 70% of total assets would scare the shit out of the MP’s of course, they’d borrow rather than face that. How much leads to where did it come from.

      5. SH it is quite odd that your type are happy for the 99% to face unjustly harsh penalties for petty crime, yet feel the 1% must escape via “Inquiries” at public expense. Funny that. But thanks for your intervention. It allows me to recalibrate the fine for MPs and 1%ers breaking rules. It shout be £1,000,000 or 75% of all assets directly or indirectly held lest they try to hide assets or pass them on . Any attempt to evade penalties should be another crime. They should be banned from ALL public office and directorships ANYWHERE in the world.

        SH it is understandable that you will disagree. BUT SH it is a way to transform the status quo quickly and efficiently. We need no more costly inquiries etc. We need clear crisp action.
        ps i’m glad you disapprove. Your disapproval means these are the measures we need NOW.
        Lots love 🌹🌹🌹

      6. windchime – I think that those who put the lives and wellbeing of others at risk by breaking the Covid-19 regulations deserve to be punished. It didn’t take many large fines to make the f’wits realise the error of their ways.

      7. ps and i disagree TOTALLY with Covid-18 fines imposed on the 99%.
        ONLY those who were involved in making the Covid-19 SINISTER rushed laws should be fined. Eg Dominic Cummings AND his wife for her part in encouraging him to endanger the lives of others including their young child, by driving to “test his eyesight”.

        They should be prosecuted on multiple charges. Johnson too for encouraging and condoning grossly irresponsible behaviour and Starmer for failing to insist Cummings, SERCO, Dido Harding, Kate Bingham, G4S, Deloitte etc are all prosecuted. 🌹🌹🌹

      8. … Covid-19 fines…
        apologies again🌹🌹🌹

      9. windchimes – “i disagree TOTALLY with Covid-18 fines imposed on the 99%.”
        It is not my fault that you are a Trumpian idiot who has no concern for the welfare of his fellow citizens. Where’s the socialism in that.

      10. SH it is better to be called a “Trumpian idiot ” by your type, than to BE your type.
        Your outburst is a litmus test.
        You love nothing better than imposing fines on the 99% based on a hodgepodge of the incoherent mirage of permissions spaffed by Johnson and FULLY swallowed by your Starmer.

        The rest of us know we are on the correct path when SH iterates SH ataxias.

      11. Where are you, then SteveH? On the right?

        And there was me thinking that the Labour Party was a democratic socialist party. At least that’s what is says on the membership card and as far as I was aware socialism was very much on the left.

        It certainly explains your unconditional support for Starmer who, as a Trilateral member and pro-Zionist, could hardly be called a socialist, whether democratic or not.

      12. PW – You should learn to be a little more observant, ‘the left’ was in quotation marks.

    3. “I think that those who put the lives and wellbeing of others at risk by breaking the Covid-19 regulations deserve to be punished. ”
      Out pops your not so hidden fascist.

      1. lundiel – Says the self appointed guardian of ‘the left’ who thinks Trump has the answers. You’re a joke.

      1. For who? I’m not a member so I don’t have a say. I left when Lansman went mad as did many others so one wouldn’t expect a huge number of votes. However, if it pisses off people like you I’m all for it.

  4. Interesting factoids. Ed Miliband was leader of the party for 5 years and lost the election with 3000000 votes less than Corbyn and failed to challenge austerity. Yet he faces no criticism in or out of the party.
    Factoid 2: Stalin busy deleting tweets that call for another referendum and pledging his undying support for one. 💩

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