Within hours of EHRC report, CAA sends Starmer 72-page complaint targeting Rayner, Abbott, Osamor, RLB and others

Report, which accuses Rayner of antisemitism for sharing Jewish author’s article, was leaked to hard right site – and lists ‘new complaints’ against black peer, a string of MPs, members

In the firing line: Baroness Osamor, Angela Rayner and Diane Abbott

This afternoon, within a few hours of the publication of the EHRC report that decided Labour had not been institutionally antisemitic – and Keir Starmer’s decision to act as if it had – the CAA (‘Campaign Against Antisemitism’) had sent a 72-page ‘complaint letter’ to Keir Starmer and party general secretary David Evans demanding action against at least thirty-two MPs and others over ‘new complaints’. The letter was leaked by the hard-right Guido Fawkes website.

Among those targeted by the letter are 11 Labour MPs, including deputy leader Angela Rayner and Labour’s first black woman MP Diane Abbott, as well as black woman peer Martha Osamor. Former front-benchers Rebecca Long-Bailey and Barry Gardiner are also listed, as are current front-benchers Mike Amesbury and Steve Reed.

The complaint against Abbott includes an objection to her saying she was proud of Labour’s record fighting racism and antisemitism and one for retweeting an article by a left-wing pro-Corbyn Twitter account.

The start of Angela Rayner’s section in the letter,accusing her of sharing an article by well-known Jewish academic Norman Finkelstein

Osamor’s alleged offences include sharing a letter published by the Guardian titled ‘A Palestinian view on the antisemitism row’ and signing a letter to former Labour general secretary Iain McNicol saying that the suspension of members “undermines serious thinking and discussion”.

As well as two leading black Labour representatives, the letter also draws a bead on at least three Muslims, for offences ranging from describing a Jewish person as white, to describing Muslim deaths in Iraq, Palestine, Chechnya and Afghanistan as a ‘holocaust’, to pointing out that the media does not treat antisemitism in the Tory or LibDem parties in the same way as allegations about the Labour Party.

Despite the EHRC report making no finding that Labour is institutionally antisemitic, the CAA letter states that “Institutional antisemitism is at the heart of the Commission’s findings and conclusions” – and demands an end to the confidentiality (which it calls ‘secrecy’ applied to disciplinary processes as a result of the Chakrabarti report, even though the EHRC report criticises Labour for not fully implementing Chakrabarti’s recommendations – which included a 2-year ‘statute of limitations on complaints.

The letter also resubmits its complaints against Jeremy Corbyn – many of which are a decade or more old – even though these had already been dismissed by the party and mentions Starmer’s power to withdraw the Labour whip from all the MPs it has listed.

Jewish Voice for Labour has previously called for the CAA’s charitable status to be revoked for a “highly politically partisan” stance and “inaccurate and insulting attacks” on a Palestinian academic. The CAA dismissed the call as ‘antisemitic’ in a statement on its website.

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  1. This just gets worse and worse. It’s time for someone to URGENTLY mount a Leadership challenge before this madman wrecks the Labour Party forever.

    1. No, this just gets ever BETTER ! Left to themselves the PLP Lefties will NEVER break from the putrid swamp of now electorally and politically dead Labourism. Carrying on banging their collective Socialist Campaign Group heads against the now firmly re-established neo Blairite hegemony is a fools errand. Let the neoliberal, Trilateral Commission directed Starmerites expel EVERY Left PLPer and thousands of Left members too , in an accelerating witchhunt – and then maybe a new Left Party around those supposedly ‘socialist’ MPs can be founded , at last !

      1. Sad to say but I think the PLP lefties valued their salarries morer than their principles. They’ll newer leave the farmyard that feeds them.

      2. I hate Stalin, but his “How many divisions has the Pope?” quote is appropriately a rebuttal comment to your comment here..

    1. Dave when dealing with these groups a back bone and loads of moral fibre would be needed, something Mr Starmer has not got.

  2. Dare I suggest that in the mind of the foren(sic) Sir Keir (Unity candidate) Jeremy has walked into the trap he prepared with the Board of Deputies to be rid of Socialism & this turbulent priest. When Sir Keir declared himself the ‘Unity Candidate’ he was not referring to uniting the whole of the Labour Party, this was a reference to uniting New New Labour with the Board of Deputies. A Conspiracy Theory Trope?

    1. Do not know, am tempted to present delegates meeting with a motion to demand JC’s immediate reinstatement as the suspension is in breach of the Labour Party, ‘s Broad Church. But a good friend has said I ought to behave myself…..

  3. These attacks against Corbyn has to stop NOW before the Labour Party implodes. I joined the Party two years ago because of Corbyn and to see him pilloried by Starmer and others is Disgraceful. The CCA attack has to be challenged, and quickly before others jump on the anti Corbyn, anti left bandwagon. We should all be attacking the cronyism of the Tories, and their corrupt practices

    1. We should all be attacking the cronyism of the Tories, and their corrupt practices

      It’s the cronyism and corrupt practices of the stammerites needs attacking …oh, I see what you mean 😉 same difference…

      1. All of it with stammer’s publicly given blessing though.

        So what’s your point?

    2. Everyone should just vote in socialist candidates into the central committee next month and then leave, and so there is no money for the Blairites to stick their noses in the trough for, the country needs a party that will work for the good of the people and not just the money behind the scenes, time to start something to create jobs and get the country back off it’s knees, instead of all this BS of the main three parties.

    1. Could just be a personal grudge. We’re back into C17th Matthew Hopkins land! Easy way to get rid of someone.who is “not like us|”

    2. Probably because she wasn’t as enthusiastic to label Corbyn antisemitic as some…

      Socialist MPs within that party, seeing how they’ve turned on Rayner – not one of their own, but nonetheless a facilitator by her hesitancy to get involved on either side with any purpose – Need to decide correctly AND without hesitation.

      Because, and make no mistake… They’re next. It won’t be long, and they won’t need a sufficient reason OR conclusive evidence.

      Far more prudent that they jump before being pushed…It worked well enough for that shower of shite, it’s time to reciprocate.

    1. marty, i lost a dear kind relative in August. Not from Covid. Funeral was three weeks ago. Anyway your quote was one of the recent things he said to me when pouring out my heart re puzzlement at our lot in the party.

      marty, it is madness to have expected a different outcome today. I have been dreading it since Starmer was brought into the shadow cabinet.

      I doubt any superior force is trying to destroy us as per your quote. In fact Jeremy being elected leader, suggests otherwise. A miracle. Alas the miracle was thrown to swine.

      It is not stupidity as people have said on the radio today. It is Left culture and attitude. ie a failure to take on board the full intense meaning of a creature who with out the slightest guilt sends people to drop bombs on poor people, at vast expense on a pack of lies. Who wants a broad church with that? Left culture ignores the need to manage harsh realities to establish the ideal. Left culture drifts in a self made fog to hide from dealing with people and creatures like WMD Blair as they are.

      There are calls from surprising forces for Starmer to resign. (NOT the Burgon group or unions i hasten to add). Immediately after Starmer’s performance at 11:00, even right wing MSM were rightly questioning his sincerity / integrity.

      Quite logical, as if Keith claims Jeremy is AS, then why fail to do anything about it? Also Jeremy has been in the party possibly before i was born… must check! Yet not a word or suspension since today. Did WMD Blair support a raging antisemite in the party?

      SIR Keith Starmer only phoned the defector who was rejected at the election on an anti AS tkt, last night. The individual said that was the first contact they had with Starmer since Sept 2018. The interviewer extracted with determined effort that Rayner also phoned last night…. first time since 2016 i think. When pressed by the interviewer, the individ said we have important things on like the Pandemic. I must have been dreaming but Covid-19 only got here at December 2019.

      ANYWAY as ever old habits die hard even for me. Sorry, blame it on events…Only meant to say, do not be surprised if pressure builds for Starmer to resign, the despicable vile lying careerist repellent bastard will be rescued by one he has instructions to destroy. Why? To bring everyone together to get a “Labour” govt only in name or to talk about a fairer society together. Sod actually implementing a fairer society ourselves.

      Just talking about it for 60 years seem to satisfy some. IF it ever happens by some fortuitous accident, and IF people praise the benefits, the nature of some will be to smile to themselves and feel satisfied that they were always right that X, Y or Z was how things should be. There will be no crowing just private contentment that something great happened, by accident.

    2. Yep…they’re even shitting on the acquiescents that encouraged and empowered stammer, now.

      Angela (ill)eagle ought to be next**…IF there’s any modicum of logic and justice to their purge.

      Illeagle’s been too loud about fabricated allegations of homophobia, hasn’t been loud enough about antisemitism, and left it to stammer to finish the ahithouse job on Corbyn; therefore can’t be relied upon in the new zionist order.

      **Fingers crossed…

  4. A hard lesson that appeasement and waving the white flag somtimes rebound and even those that threw comrades under a bus receive the same appalling public crucifixion.I wonder what jackie,Ken and Chris Williamson are thinking now.Time to form a new socialist working class party and dump the establishment partys.I think it’s the only time that we have a real chance due to a perfect Storm of a unhinged government and a Opposition party little more than a tribute act for the Conservative and unionist party.

      1. Yes I’ve realised that much to my embarrassment. I’ve just been on line to listen to the complete interview and as soon as it started I realised my error . Sorry I caught the back end of the interview. If I’d realised at the time it was Lisa Nandy it wouldn’t have come as a surprise
        one of your likes is from me.

      2. SteveH are you embarrassed yet by the actions of super Zionist Starmer?

    1. Shot your bolt a bit TOO quickly there, little steven…

      If I’d realised at the time it was Lisa Nandy it wouldn’t have come as a surprise

      I’d say you use that excuse fairly often… But it’s you… Unlucky, lad.

      1. Jack T29/10/2020 AT 6:27 PM
        SteveH are you embarrassed yet by the actions of super Zionist Starmer

        Asks the whopper that – just like steve h – supported stammer’s shithousery which saw him usurp the party leadership and therefore enabled stammer’s zionism that had previously manifested itself as remainism …when there was gains to be made.

        Et tu, jackanory?! 😆

      2. Toffee – “therefore enabled stammer’s zionism that had previously manifested itself as remainism”

        I appreciate that you stay stuff to get a reaction but conflating Zionism with Remainers is a bit of a stretch (even for you) are you really saying that 70% of the party are Zionists.

      3. Not 70%… But the contribution from the main protagonists speaks for itself, really.

        Stammer = remain, zionist


        …Not an exhaustive list; enabled and encouraged by you and your craven acquiescence on the Brexit side of the two-pronged assault on socialism.

        If I’m wrong, then explain to us all why stammer dropped remain the very second he usurped the leadership and focussed on alleged antisemitism…

        But once again, you’ll shit out of giving us your take because you’ll irreconcilably grass yourself up.

        So it’s up to you to prove me wrong ..

      4. In fact, the only two zionist LFI that I can think of that voted leave were mann and field…

        And field only turned to antisemitism once he realised his number was up… But both got rewarded by Dr piffle, didn’t they?

        Even austin – who voted remain, but at least has the nous to realise the second ref was bollocks so campaigned against it, got his too…

        So, you were saying??

      5. Toffee – super troll. Democracy is anathema to you, you were apoplectic in case voters were given the chance to confirm their original vote. It is this obsession which still drives your every waking moment and snide expletive filled comment.

      6. Oh dear jackanory….Not only have you shit out from backing up your claim of my supposed Zionism on each and every occasion, you’re now desperately trying to retrospectively second guess me – after having it explained a multitude of times that the electorate as a whole were already pissed off with going to the polls and nothing getting done about what they’d voted for.

        Plus you were repeatedly told that antisemitism wouldn’t lose the party anywhere near as many vvoyes as your precious second ref with remain option would.

        And who was right jackanory? You?


        Not only are you thick as mince, you’re also a lying little shite.

        Now then…44:1?? Come along, Mr self appointed Zionism expert? What does it represent and why would an alleged zionist have it as part of their username?

      7. Another thing…it’s quite amusing watching the pair of you idiots jumping in to intervene on each other’s behalf but then persistently refusing to answer the simple questions that’d prove me wrong.

        Instead the pair of you bleat about being trolled…just like the Zionists do when asked how criticism of israel is antisemitic and having it pointed out to them that to conflate Israel with all Jews is antisemitic.

        And when you’re not getting your arses handed to you by me, jackanory uses the same points I do to point out to ‘troll’ little steven .

        You couldn’t make it up.

      8. Democracy ‘anathema’ to me, jackanory?

        Oh, ok.

        So care to explain to us all just how democracy works when every one of those rats I mentioned earlier wouldn’t allow you your democratic right to criticise Israel, but would happily allow you to deny the democratic right of 17.4 million (which is more than 16m) voters the right to see what they voted for, acted upon?

        You’ve put yourself in NO position to preach to anybody about democracy, you complete imbecile.

      9. Toffee the troll who keeps on giving. Have a nice day sunshine.

  5. We have now got the Conservatives and Labour being to cheeks on the same arse. Just like in the US on rabid the other not so. This is the endgame for the New Establishment, to create a mirror image of itself with Boris and Keir hand in hand as they gather tulips together. The bromance that will last as long as their masters wish. Utterly appalling and unfortunately time for the unions to show their mettle. There’s an NEC meeting tonight, the unions need to show they have teeth and defund the party once and for all. Then fund left organisations or fund an entirely new party based on socialism.

    1. “Boris and Keir hand in hand as they gather tulips together.”.…….More like piss themselves over the latest Borat film while outdoing each other with antisemitism faux indignanse.

  6. Frustratingly Jeremy was still being defensive and conciliatory on media questions about his suspension – seems to me turning the other cheek is well past its sell-by date.
    Getting a bad feeling seeing him moving around on his own in the current atmosphere.

    1. Yes, very sad. He’s forgotten that he is not in a position to placate or forgive. It is cruel, he’s given his life to the class war. I remember him at the GLC. He was and still is an honourable man. Perhaps that’s part of his downfall. Mistaking being forceful with being disloyal. Dunno, it’s another, what if. Time for a mass exodus. Would like to hear what the firemen think. They will be angry then what? ☮️

    1. The CCA is an organisation set up to brand anyone who objects to Zionism as being antiSemitic. They are a Zionist political group who amazingly have been granted charity status.

  7. Interesting to see how Starmer handles this. If he suspends them all except for Amesbury and Reed it won’t look good. Then again as time goes on Starmer ain’t interested in looking good to the membership.
    One more thing…I’m surprised that the CAA haven’t called for Rachel Reeves suspension. After all she is a fan of Nancy Astor

  8. Perhaps you might now begin to understand how these events are intimately connected to the hyperbolic fictions surrounding Covid, the development of a police state, and Starmer aligning the Party with the Tories. It’s not co-incidence, and represents a massive defeat for the left, partly of its own making.

    1. The “intimately connected” point is very relevant. I’m sure the discussion about Coronavirus and COVID would be very different if JC were either LOTO or PM. For one, the Joint BioSecurity Centre would not be developing its GCHQ mass surveillance net under the pretence of being a a health initiative, two, track and trace would be happening in a more effective, more public service manner and three, the schools and colleges would not be open.

      1. I think he has a very good point Wolfie. Namely the Stalinist reaction of the fake left anti- Brexiteers to Covid-19 and fake anti-Semitism. Both have been weaponised against Corbyn and the left.

    2. Errr.. no, sorry, thought I had it there for a second but it’s gone again – I still don’t understand. Could you explain it again?
      Brilliant that the EU finally managed to agree something with the UK though, innit?
      Even if it is just that all the people need to be at home where the aliens can find them when they come a’probin’.

    3. Oh, but the events are ‘intimately connected’ , alright.

      In the same way your overbearing pro-eu fanaticism DIDN’T play it’s part in stammer usurping power; thereby facilitating a police state (torturer’s charter vote last week?) and being guilty of aligning the party with the tories that you’ve belatedly accepted he’s responsible for?

      You’re beyond a piss take.

      You were warned, now you’re pathetically absolving yourself of any blame for the things you derided your administers for back then..

      You facilitated it, start owning it, and stop hiding behind the pandemic.

      And then go away, forever.

      1. Admonishers…NOT administers… Feckin autocorrect 😠

    1. Massive, glaring clue here^^^ jackanory.


      I’m trying to make it as easy as possible for you…

  9. So, the party line is that “The Party” suspended Corbyn, and Keir Starmer had nothing to do with it.

    Wow – just wow!

    The folks who wouldn’t believe “The Party” was not responsible for disciplining alleged AS perpetrators, but it was all Corbyn’s fault, now want us to believe that in less than two hours “The Party” heard the allegations, convened, and made a collegiate decision to suspend its former leader, even though the report had stated that members could use free speech in a normal way. Presumably “The Party” hadn’t read that bit. And presumably Starmer was like one of the three wise monkeys – nowhere to be seen, heard or found.

    In coming out with BS that would find Johnson blushing, Lisa Nandy shows us her true nature. I’m sure the people of Wigan approve. Doubtless she’ll drag them into this as well.

    1. this person doesn’t approve.
      There are some good “lefties” live here

    2. Am I reading your comment right? If so you’ve made a very good point. In that they blamed Corbyn for not taking control of the AS allegations in the party. Yet they deny Corbyn’s suspension has anything to do with Starmer.
      If it’s not his fault why are they congratulating him for the this and why are people calling on Starmer to suspend other Labour MPs

    3. Lisa Nandy… so many of us in Wigan do NOT approve..much more dangerous then saying a ‘waste of space’.

  10. It is surely only a matter of time before merely showing past support for JC will be sufficient for you to be deemed an anti-semitte, in the NuNuLabParty

  11. Their is a sick purge on. How far it goes is the question. Surely Steve W is on the list of targets too. I can’t see any mechanism for getting the right out of control of the party. So its a case of when or if the socialists realise that their beloved party( and employer) is corrupt beyond help and its time to cut loose and give a home for the millions that have seen through our corrupt establishment.

  12. I’d be intrigued to know what naughtiness my LFI-member MP Mike Amesbury has been up to.

  13. Saying it again and again: organise locally if you want to have a shot at general elections. Get seats in the local councils so you make a name for yourself. Unless you are a famous person, you will not succeed in winning over a seat. I am holding out until the NEC results and the Forde enquiry but have no real hopes there. For those leaving the Labour party, don’t start your own party but try to work nationally. Don’t try to take on every seat in the next GE but work in the coming years on a limited number of target constituencies. Better 1 seat won than 600 kind of lost.

  14. Why do people blame poor Angie because she only wants to further her career, telling lies is the way to go since she is on public record that telling the truth is unacceptable [re AS figures] in Starmers Labour party. /S

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