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Breaking: Corbyn supporters in Islington take out large press ad for ‘Hands off our MP’ event

Supporters of former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in the London borough of Islington – and there are a lot of them, with Corbyn taking almost two-thirds of the vote in the last general election – have taken out a large, paid advert in tomorrow’s edition of the Islington Tribune declaring ‘Hands off our MP’ and publicising a major event next week to support him against the politically-driven actions by the party’s hierarchy.

The event and its quarter-page ad, run jointly with unions, expresses their shock and dismay at the conduct of Keir Starmer and their solidarity with Corbyn:

Starmer has disregarded the EHRC report’s clear statement that Corbyn has a legally-protected right to make the comments he made on the morning the report was released, as well as the EHRC’s ban on ‘political interference’ in disciplinary outcomes – and the Labour leader broke every rule in the parliamentary Labour rulebook in the way he carried out his plan.

The executive officers of Islington North Labour have also published an open letter in support of their MP and calling out Starmer’s betrayals of his promises during the party’s leadership campaign.

The online event takes place next Wednesday at 7pm. Tickets can be booked for free here.

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  1. I’v asked before and it is worth asking again – Are two thirds of the voters in Jeremy’s constituency, Islington North anti-Semitic? Thought not.

    Are the majority of voters in Hendon / Finchley anti-Semitic? And did they, like all decent honest voters see through the lies and dangerous abuse of the memory of thousands, for obscene political gain? Thought so.

    What sort of creatures heartlessly try to whip up fear and anxiety just to prevent any upset to the exploitative 1% chumocracy status quo? What sort of creatures with heartless plotting and lies, put all of us at risk, just to “STOP CORBYN” the ONLY non-racist, non-bigoted non-antiSemitic human being in the history of the world, if ever there was one such?

    ANSWER: Creatures which should NEVER hold any public office. They should be prosecuted and convicted for their lies, treachery and disregard for anything and anyone in their self-serving way๐Ÿ›‘

      1. Posts after the 2019 election which was handed to Cummings’ Johnson, highlight that many minions of monstrous Thatcher’s effluent Blair, were out promptly in force on radio stations; BBC London and 5Live, LBC and Talkradio. Each of the usual dishonest suspects released stink wind of defeats at the next two or three elections claiming that Jeremy had destroyed the party too much.

        The usual brazenly dishonest sacks don’t care about Labour winning. The sacks of lies’ mission is to prevent another party leader who may upset the same old same old. The vaguest potential to transform the world sickens the saboteurs of the elections.

        We are many and the saboteurs are few, but, the plotters focus on achieving their aim – keeping the world as it is. They are not forever reactive. They are active and focused. Plunder the whole world, all its peoples, all its animals, every tree every plant, just for the material enrichment of the one percent. That is their focus. That is all ๐ŸŸฅ๐ŸŸฅ๐ŸŸฅ

  2. Good start, what about starting a fund raising to place a similar paid advert in the Guardian (I heard it needs money) What about a TV advert to be played across ITV, channels or Channel 4 for example?

    1. If their treatment of Steve Bell is any measure, they’d refuse the ad on the grounds “it made some of them uncomfortable”…..Facts are secondary.

      1. Ludiel, you could be right, but with the Guardian needing the money, who knows? Perhaps they will run the advert and them they will publish articles against the advert.

      2. Lundiel, have you heard the interview from an ex top journo of theirs who jumped ship. The case involved I think, her being a bully to trans people because of her brash feminism. I couldn’t last out but it was something along those lines. Didn’t the great Jones, survivor of a life-threatening attack, get the boot? Cannot be bothered to research it. It is a disgusting rag!

      3. alexanderscottish, u refer to Suzanne Moore. She left the guardian claiming that she was “bullied” and “betrayed”.

        The pretend “Left” rag, in my opinion, does much to distract us from the pivotal issue ie banditry by the one percent. The guardian ferments the displacement that is rampant amongst us. Infinite atomisations, allow ourselves to be divided and ruled.

        It fans virtuous self-preening by chasing and inventing endless micro causes to “champion”. Rather see anything through, in the trough than fulfil any of the already numerous causes previously “championed”, new ones are concocted and chased. Instead of opening a collective umbrella of care, there is an obsession to jump on any passing NEW niche issue.

        It may be an attempt to deceive the public in general and the membership in particular, without worrying vested 1% interest… a signal to bandits that they need not be bothered, continue the daylight robbery, because she will not do any meaningful thing to stop the snouts in the trough.

        One eg was Harriet Harman when she and Chackrabati “championed” the Pedophile Information Exchange. More recently, she who is otherwise silent re women being bullied, eg her deafening silence about the monumental abuse Dianne Abbott has endured and endures to date, suddenly chose for her leadership bid, women’s issues. The ghastly hypocrite Harriet Harman, ignored the abuse Abbott suffers. Amnesty International reported that Dianne Abbott received more abuse than ALL OTHER MPs COMBINED.

        It was unsurprising when a few days after Harman the Harridan’s crass campaign launch, complete with a freshly painted pink van, the accompanying pink T shirts, were made by young girls slaving in dreadful conditions for a few pence. That’s the essence of “New Labour”. Parasitic Degenerate Hypocrites. That cabal are an utter discredit to what could have been a useful political party for the many๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน๐ŸŒน

      4. Sorry about the tardy reply. Thank you for you reply. Ghastly, a great word. Bullseye!

      5. Good rant there, spnwc, but it’s Sanctimonious, Parasitic, Degenerate Hypocrites! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      6. U r right timfrom, i should not have minced my words๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    2. I suppose that they, the Guardian, could find a safe space for it. The ether.

  3. Good for you Islington! Lets hope others follow where you lead.
    Also lets see our Trade Unions hitting Keir where it hurts – in his pocket. Withdraw funding now!

  4. Smarboy, like you I hope that the Trade Unions would consider it. They could set a fund to help at the next General Elections/local elections with the electoral campaigns of Labour candidates that are socialists as opposed to Starmer’s pseudo Labour Party. preferred candidates.

    1. Yes Maria They need to do something – sitting on their hands doing absolutely nothing is not an option in my opinion.

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