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South London Labour members pass motion of no confidence in general secretary David Evans

Vote passes 87-34

Labour general secretary David Evans and a controversial statement he made

Dulwich and West Norwood constituency Labour party (CLP) in south London has this evening passed a no-confidence motion in general secretary David Evans. The members voted by 87-34 to call on the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC):

to take immediate steps to remove him from office.

Fourteen NEC members have also written to Evans – who answers to the NEC – ordering him to rebuke party leader Keir Starmer for political interference in Corbyn’s disciplinary process and publicly undermining the NEC panel that followed independent legal advice in removing Corbyn’s suspension, while other groups of members around the country have demanded the restoration of the whip to Corbyn.

A disastrous – and entirely self-inflicted – night for Starmer.

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      1. I doubt it too, but when yet more CLPs add to the call, it will be on record that this divisive ideological general secretary is not a popular figure in the Party, and it will be on record so that IF we have a Party Conference before Keir Starmer is removed or forced out of office by the moderate hard rightf, that his appointment should NOT be endorsed.

        David Evans is almost as bad a general secretary as Sir Keir Rodney Starmer is party leader.

      2. qwertboi – but, David Evans IS as bad as Max Headroom. Different titles, same masters as SH’s. It is much of a muchness.

      3. ps Twatson has just said today: “anti-Semitism entered the party under Jeremy”. “he should have been more contrite” “there should be more contrition instead of writs flying round” “Starmar has no choice . has to something “The Jewish Community” no choice”Starmer “has great integrity” says Twatson who is yet to show contrition for abusing Parliamentary Privilege and enabling Carl Beech the fantasist and pedophile. 🔻🔻🔻

      4. It is a lie to say “anti-Semitism entered the party under Jeremy”! Does Twatson not recall the vile anti-semitic political advertising used by tony bliar (the war criminal) when michael howard was leader of the tories? It was some of the most disgusting imagery possible, but no-one did anything – although I recall Jeremy Corbyn being disgusted by it!

      5. Follow the money,the crooks running the Labour party for the benefit of foriegn powerbrokers and organised crime,have been caught napping.The man with a mission to destroy the Labour party as been rumbled by the membership..Starmer and his flunkys are worried 😟 along with a good number of Labour staff that their machinations on behalf of the knight are about to be scrutinised…and exposed for what it is.The power of the Socialist Labour party is the membership,and now we see the cracks appearing we must not ease up.Flood HQ with CLP motions of Solidarity and continue to pressure our weakest link The Socialists group of mps who would rather sacrifice socialism,so long as they keep their jobs..The writs flying round HQ and the money to back Corbyn is there now.Act on it before some greasy lawyer grabs it.

  1. Good on this CLP but it is time for a petition to repeat the demand that members have no confidence in the General Secretary who acted in such an arbitrary fashion

    1. Bill, the Right Wing in my CLP are super organised and determined. They break every rule and region has never helped. They stitched up the agenda and rejected to include even a very limp motion. ♦️♦️♦️

      1. Oh, that’s interesting. So which CLP is that signpost?

      2. Cut ✂out the shit stirring and demotivation crap white flag man Allan Howard and do it now.Youre nothing but a bleeding liability in any fight against the knight and his misfits.well done ✔ signpost

      3. Oh look, one lying little shill defending his lying little shill buddy!

        Funny, isn’t it, how the moment I saw signpost’s story about Robin Lees taking legal action against Dominic Cummings I knew it was a falsehood, but I did a search just to verify that it was, and there was absolutely nothing. So isn’t it odd that not a single one of the regular posters on here checked it out themselves at the time to see what it was about AND – in the process – learn that it was complete fiction. And not only that, but despite my having drawn attention to the fact that it was a complete falsehood on a number of occasions, not one of the regular posters has called him out for the obvious shill he is, and the likes of Joe go out of their way to defend a lying little shill. And who does THAT but another shill!

      4. Allan – Despite the numerous occasions that you have returned to this theme I have yet to see anyone jumping to support you. Has it never occurred to you that others might not share your sad little obsessions. Surely it must be apparent to you by now that nobody apart from you gives a fuck one way or t’other.
        One could be forgiven for wondering if you just drag this strawman out of its hidey-hole whenever you can’t think of anything worthwhile to contribute.

  2. Pritti Patel has BROKEN the Ministerial Code of Conduct.

    The Civil Servants’ report was sitting on BloJob’s desk since around July or August. So Tories sit on report’s to protect his ally. We sit on ours to protect enemies. BUT:

    Pritti is guilty of bullying. By all precedent, Pritti Patel should be dismissed. She has broken the code previously when during Theresa May’s incompetent PM ship, Patel committed GROSS insubordination, astonishingly grave wrongdoing in public office ie her D.I.Y Foreign Affairs jaunt to Israel. She had unauthorised MEETINGS with yet to be published Israeli “operatives” / “operators”.
    May’s singular praise worthy act was to dismiss Patel with immediate effect.

    WILL Cummings, BloJob, now Prince Nut Nuts’ irresponsible nut, once again fail to do right by the British Public❓

    With whom did Patel have irregular meetings in Israel❓
    Did Patel meet with Netanyahu❓
    Were Patel’s unauthorised meetings minuted❓
    Have May, Johnson and the Foreign Office seen in full the minutes of these meetings❓
    What sort of country are we when such an individual can be returned to any position in any government❓
    Has Starmer ever asked these wuestions❓

    Pritti Patel MUST be dismissed as per precedent, having broken the Code of Conduct for Ministers♦️♦️♦️

    1. reports … etc please excuse other typos. should be asleep😂😂😂

      1. SH it is clear. The ball has been in your SIR’s court for ages. Where’s his fulmination as per the peculiar AS allegations WITHOUT sound evidence❓ … Hundreds from one source. THOUSANDS in two hours, claims another while having tea with a friend. Where’s Headroom’s request for a tiny drop of reliable evidence ❓ Where’s your SIR’s forensic assessment of the tenuous trite presented as evidence❓ Where is the “forensic” approach SH? Patels’s behaviour is INEXCUSABLE. She must go. Your SIR must insist on it. But your Headroom won’t. Patel is a threat to our safety with her extracurricular Foreign Policy trips meeting foreign officials and operators. Starmar has said ZILCH. Total negligence. He is less forensic and more sick foreskin SH. It is obvious Isn’t it SH ?

      1. Exactly wildswimmerpete. Yet ignored by the same pests who tried to accuse Jeremy of being unpatriotic.♦️♦️♦️

  3. I know nothing whatever about the members of Dulwich & West Norwood so I hope they won’t think this is in any way critical of them.
    It just occurred to me that one way to persuade the left not to quit over Corbyn’s treatment might be to give them false hope that things are turning around?

  4. Anti-Semitism? What about this: “The Yid is a hideous distortion of the human character, something unspeakably low and repulsive…” It’s author? Theodor Herzl, the father of Zionism. Anti-Semitism is at the heart of Zionism. Zionists hate and revile all Jews who are not Zionists, and that’s a lot of Jews. Almost all orthodox Jews do not subscribe to Zionism. If Starmer is serious about getting anti-Semites out of the Party, he has to kick out the Zionists who spread hatred of non-Zionist Jews. Don’t forget either that Balfour was an anti-Semite. When Jews fled the Russian pogrom in 1905, he refused them entry to Britain on the grounds they had done enough damage. And remember that Christian Zionism pre-dated Zionism itself and the motivation of the Christian Zionists was to get rid of the Jews from European society. This entire business is simply a purge of the Left out of the usual fear and hatred of equality, justice and democracy. None of the Right care tuppence about racism, least of all the likes of Hodge who celebrates the racism of the Israeli State. Evans is a disgrace in a Party which makes any claim to democracy.

    1. Frank Dallas,Once again congratulations on the quality and reasoning of your commentary. Thanks again .

  5. Yesterday I proposed to my CLP that we ‘disaffiliate’ the Jewish Labour Movement’ on the grounds that it actively works against the interests of the Labour Party; has actively worked against its leader & many members of the Labour Party. My CLP declined to debate the proposal, too controversial?

    Unless the JLM cancer is removed, along with the IHRA definition members of the Labour Party will always be guilty of anti-Semitism by our own definition if we dare support Palestinians. The great fear will always be resurrected by the JLM as further proof that AS is rife in the Labour Party.

    The great fear that the JLM claims ‘THE Jewish Community’ has can never be named nor identified. It was constantly referred to last night on ‘Question Time’, the ‘Big Lie’ often repeated becomes truth or at least reality. Ephraim Mirvis, however, gives us a clue in his recent address to AIPAC, he offers congratulations to those who stopped the Socialism of Bernie Sanders & Jeremy Corbyn. There is a real danger that when parts of a religion conflates its identity with a country whose gov’t practices genocide, the 2 may be difficult to untangle. That is cause for real fear!

    1. And the danger of equating anti capitalism and by extension socialiam as anti semitism. That’s where this is heading. Chilling!

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