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Croydon Labour branch declares no confidence in Starmer and Evans

Motion passes with clear majority

The SKWAWKBOX revealed yesterday that Valley Branch Dyffryn in Aberconwy, Wales, had become the first to vote no confidence in Keir Starmer. Another Labour branch has also declared its lack of confidence in Starmer and in the party’s general secretary David Evans – and in fact beat Valley to the drop.

One week ago, on 14 November – even before Starmer disgraced himself by contravening Labour rules to withdraw the whip from Jeremy Corbyn after Corbyn was unanimously reinstated by a right-dominated panel of Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) -Fairfield, Park Hill & Whitgift and South Croydon Branch, which represents four wards in the Croydon constituency, passed its vote by a clear majority.

There have been only a few days since the whip was withdrawn from Corbyn, yet dozens of constituency and branch parties have already passed motions supporting Corbyn and/or condemning Starmer and Evans. Many more are busy arranging their own meetings, while right-dominated regional offices try frantically to block them.

There is a groundswell building rapidly – and not one Labour’s hierarchy will enjoy.

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  1. I wonder how many more motions it would take to make his position untenable, either according to the rules of which I know nothing, or just from the sheer humiliation of branches constantly calling for his resignation?

    1. I strongly suspect that there is still some way to go yet, I’ve no idea about the total number of branches but there are still another 640+ CLP’s who have yet to come out against Keir Starmer. Perhaps the left would be better advised to take a more strategic approach.

      1. Yes there’s a long way to go but there is something you and your ilk fail to understand. Everything’s not going to remain the same. We are in unprecedented times and fuckwits appealing for patriotism and making defence spending their priority aren’t going to cut it. Remember, you’re just as exposed as the working class. In a couple of years you’ll be losing your jobs and houses and it’s going to mean turning on traditional party funders or letting new radical parties take control. I don’t see Stalin doing anything that gives me confidence he even understands the predicament we are in.

      2. Perhaps the left would be better advised to take a more strategic approach.

        What, you mean like openly expressing their thorough dissatisfaction and discintent with the utterly impotent easter island-headed stammer, like they’re doing slowly but surely – despite stammer’s absurdly autarchic efforts to silence any dissent?

        Either come up with a better ‘strategy’ or get over yerself, balloonhead.

      3. Jpenny you’ve hit the nail on the head and the capitalist class are panicking because they know the situation is dire, their system is crumbling. After the 2008 crash they bailed capitalism out by creating vast amounts of digital pounds, $s and Euros to prop up the banking sector and provide cheap loans to investors in order to ‘oil the wheels’ of capitalism’. None of this trickled down to provide much neede services or healtcare for Americans for example but instead created inflated share prices on the stock market as investorslooked to profit their cheap loans by wheeling and dealing on stockmarkets.
        It is this panicking of the capitalist class that finds it’s reflection in every political party causing conflict and disunity. In the Labour party, conflict between those that are prepared to come forwards and defend the working class from the attacks caused by this crisis as the ruling class squeesd away the gains made by working people after the war, and those who want to carry on ‘begging for crumbs off of the table’and even giving up many of those gains to save capitalism, after all, we are told, ‘your job depends on it, your pension depends on it’.
        So the upheavals in Labour are a reflection of this crisis.
        So is this, Revealed: Boris Johnson’s controversial policy chief leading secretive NHS task force
        The struggle to rescue capitalism involves finding new ways for the capitalist class to invest, new markets, privatisation, and wars to create those markets.

      4. As you are no doubt aware Steve H the CLP’s have no power to oust Starmer as leader – even if every one of them plus every committee of the party voted against Starmer they could do nothing . He was elected by the membership and can only be made stand down by the membership via another leadership election. This would require a leadership challenge.
        I would like to see Starmer go but of course this is not the time to engage in a leadership election – we are in the midst of a pandemic with hundreds dying every day, millions facing unemployment and a hungry lonely Christmas.
        The useful thing about the CLP no confidence motions is that they may persuade Starmer to do the right thing He is not a stupid man – just an arrogant one with dictatorial tendencies -and he probably realises that if he persists in doing the wrong thing he won’t last long as leader as he will be challenged as soon as it is practicable and the members totally disgusted by his behaviour will look elsewhere for a leader.

    2. The more the main-stream media ignore this and the more ‘untypical’ his management style (I will not say ‘leadership’) the more the mass of party members will simply feel demerited by him. Already the first CLP that endorsed him as a a leadership candidate (the ‘Unity’ candidate), Richmond Park, has endorsed Jeremy Corbyn.

      A party lead by a devisive, uninspiring leader is a party that is unsound and unsupportable.

    3. IDavid don’t thnk shame are rules or even motions will get him to do the “decent thing”.The party will galvanize in Opposition(unkown word)to the knight and encourage our shy socialist mps to remove the knight and his misfits .I am sure that the other spineless bunch of mps can be encouraged to knife him in the back if they see the futility of Opposing the CLPs the heart and soul of the Labour party….ITs like I have said before its down to the CLPs to start the ball rolling.Britain will not wait for a Opposition and even the right wing press are smirking at the absurdity of the knight led Labour party.A new socialist working class party will step up to the challenge if the Labour party are incapable of dumping the tribute band..!

  2. Great branch of the Labour party Croyden,they helped me take a Labour council seat in Reigate and banstead never held before in the history of the Labour party in a rock solid tory seat.,even in the early ninetys this CLP were into the teephone banking and internet savvy.Be afraid Rodney the knight you “Plonker” your future’s not looking bright 🌞

      1. lundiel – Didn’t Jeremy’s own CLP nominate Keir Starmer for the leadership.

  3. Meanwhile, even the Observer/Opinium poll today (Sunday) – normally a poll that favours Labour – sees the worst government in British history opening up a 3-point gap on Labour, and Johnson – the worst PM in British history – opening up a gap over Starmer. The story, were the figures reversed, would be all about how brilliantly Keith was doing …. but as he’s losing to the worst PM in history, it’s about the public preferring restrictions at Christmas to a lockdown in January.

    Well, quite.

    I’m sure Blair will be along shortly to tell us how Labour should be 20 points clear (if not 30 or 40 points!). OK, perhaps not.

    1. That’ll all change once Sunak puts the squeeze on us. We’re in for a bumpy ride for the next decade and appeals to patriotism won’t cut it with both parties expecting the working class to bear the brunt.

      1. The global economy, and particularly its ‘Ponzi Scheme’ disfunctional banking system , was already locked into permanent low profitability and stagnation, kept alive only by constant injections of new money via ‘Quantitative Easing’ across the globe , BEFORE the profound global shock of the Covid19 pandemic. So there WILL be a 2008- style new global economic crash pretty damned soon – in response to which the incompetent crony crooks of the Tories, and the status quo-supporting careerists and crooks of Starner’s NuLabour Party, will be like petrified little rats in the oncoming headlamps of an approaching economic and political tsunami .

        And is the UK Left, in or out of the moribund and discredited Labour Party, at all ready to face up to this seismic challenge ? Nope. But, as always, the divisive , cynical, forces of the radical populist Far Right will be , with their scapegoating simplistic pseudo ‘anti establishment’ narratives. The short-lived but meteoric rise of the Brexit Party will be as nothing compared to the rise of a much nastier radical Right populism in the UK if the Left doesn’t grasp that fighting on endlessly in in the political swamp of the Labour Party is simply a distraction from the desperate socioeconomic times which lie just around the corner.

    2. Joe – On the contrary, the very same poll gives Keir Starmer a clear 23 point lead over Boris Johnson. Keir isn’t the problem!.

      1. I’ve no idea what you’re looking at SteveH but this is from the latest Opinium Report for 19 Nov and it’s certainly not showing a 23 point lead in terms of ‘best prime minister’:

        “Starmer has also surrendered his narrow lead over Boris Johnson as best prime minister. Two weeks ago he led the prime minister by 33% to 31% vs. this week’s figure of 30% with Johnson remaining on 31%. Among 2019 Labour voters there is another slight drop for Starmer, 69% chose him as best prime minister two weeks ago vs. 65% now.”

        Perhaps you could enlighten us all.

    1. Rob, since I haven’t heard of any one CLP voting against Corbyn/Fromby, I guess none? During the chicken coup a few CLPs managed to endorse the behaviour of their MPs that voted against Corbyn.
      However, the whole Party was suspended from meetings when it became apparent that most CLPs wanted to pass motions supporting Corbyn and what was worse, suddenly the Corbynistas taking control of CLPs at AGMs.
      I wonder if the pandemic would be use to stop us having Party meetings; it couldn’t be good for the image of Starmer and Evans, to continue to have CLP passing motions against them.

    2. As you have pointed our Rob the CLPs did not vote no confidence in Jeremy and Jennie. Almost all CLPs were fully supportive of them. It was the PLP who decided that they were more important than the membership and the CLPs and who decided to oust Jeremy.
      It was Tom Watson then Deputy Leader who showed himself to be the lowest of the low when he picked on Jennie and tried to make her out to be incompetent during the time she was undergoing Chemo following surgery for breast cancer.
      It is because of the machinations of the PLP and Southside aided and abetted by the Tories the MSM and the establishment that we have the useless Keir Starmer as leader – that and his false promise to unify the party. If we go on the way we are going – demonstrating that we have neither policies nor principles, being nasty and vindictive towards our own party members, turning natural justice and democracy on its head – then the Tories have the election in the bad in 2023. Having lived through the Thatcher era I think I can safely say that if this happens – you ain’t seen nothing yet.

    3. rob – When given the opportunity the electorate made it very clear that they didn’t have any confidence in Corbyn. Once a political leader loses the trust of the electorate then regardless of the reason for the mistrust it is quite simply game over. Surely a GE trumps the opinion of a few CLPs, if not then maybe that is where part of the problem lies.

      1. Nope not going to work, as I’ve said to you before , I don’t engage in any meaningful debate with disingenuous cunts like you .You know why , well ,its like the feeling you get when you have just stood in a enormous dog turd and it spews up over the side of your shoe , the only satisfactory bit of it , is when you finally scrape the shit off in the gutter , which is where you , you Tory enabling turd , belong .

      2. rob – Well thanks for your detailed excuses on why you are running away from the problem. Wasn’t it Jeremy that strongly advocated that we should address the issues not personalities?

      3. SteveH
        20/11/2020 at 10:09 pm
        rob – Well TFFT, I wouldn’t want to waste my time either with someone who mak…… blah blah blah

        And yet here you are , yet another lie by a Tory Zionist lover and talk about running away ,,, fuck me your hypocrisy knows no depths , Christ I’ve got that fucking awful dog turd feeling again , must have just stepped in one ,,,
        nope just that cunt SteveH

      4. rob – I’m quite happy for you to repeatedly exhibit to everyone that you are simply incapable of having a cogent discussion.

      5. SteveH
        20/11/2020 at 10:09 pm
        rob – Well TFFT, I wouldn’t want to waste my time either with someone who mak…… blah blah blah

        And yet here you are little man,, here you are .

        Quite happy for you to carry on wasting your time, you flatter yourself if you think that you deserve any meaningful response to such spin and deception and don’t insult my and everyone else’s intelligence on this blog with your usual disassembling crap …. now where is there a decent kerbstone I can scrape that shit SteveH off my shoe .

      6. SteveH
        20/11/2020 at 10:09 pm
        rob – Well TFFT, I wouldn’t want to waste my time either with someone who mak…… blah blah blah

        And yet here you are little man,, here you are

      7. rob – …..and?
        We could have had a quite reasonable discussion but you are the one that decided to follow a different route.It is ironic that given your stance you are the one who’s now expending so much time and effort trying to justify yourself. It is all starting to look a bit desperate.

      8. SteveH
        20/11/2020 at 10:09 pm
        rob – Well TFFT, I wouldn’t want to waste my time either with someone who mak…… blah blah blah

        And yet here you are little man,, here you are ,still trying and failing … ,

        As I’ve said , I don’t engage in any meaningful debate with disingenuous bastards like you , which your pathetic little comment has illustrated nicely . I don’t debate with liars and there is no need as most of us on this blog know exactly what you and your game is .Just remember whilst you play your game of defending Starmer and his actions , Palestinians continue to die and our own people will do too , all down to Starmers utter lack of any meaningful opposition and action.
        Back to your spinning wheel little hamster back to your wheel…

      9. rob – So you keep saying, and yet here you are agiain.

        ps What did Jeremy achieve for the Palestinians whilst he was in office and the Tory’s didn’t even have a majority?

      10. SteveH, we are talking 2016 and not 2019. In 2017 after a massive hostile MSM, Corbyn cost the Tories their majority and returned a hung parliament. This is a fact.
        We know that possibly some high ups in the Party machine did all they could to prevent us from winning more seats.
        We know too, that people like you followed the carrot of the People’s Vote, some with the best of intentions and genuinely believing they could get a People’s Vote. Others, fully aware that it would cost Labour the General Election. We know too, that some Labour barons gave interviews to the MSM stating that they couldn’t vote for Labour with Corbyn as leader.
        Let’s see how many Labour Cllrs, Starmer supporters lose their seats in May. Let’s see how many seats in the Scottish Parliament we lose too, shall we?
        Following your logic, if we lose a lot of seats, Starmer will have to go, since he isn’t facing a negative MSM as Corbyn did, and the voters would have spoken.

  4. It’s about time Wallasey CLP got theirs in…And triggered that godawful imcumbent at the same time.

    ..But, knowing what they’re like in certain wards, I won’t hold me breath.

    1. Toffee – It must be extremely frustrating for you, democracy can prove to be very incovenient when you are in the minority.

      1. itsmespeakingtoyou – It is an unfortunate fact of life that reality sometimes hurts.

      2. Frustrated about being in the minority?!

        …Yeah, ok knobby. If you say so.

        Remind us all how much bigger 16.1million is than 17.4million?

        And then remind us why you didn’t complain about NOT getting a vote to propose to shit on a democratically arrived at decision when you’re the self styled biggest proponent of OMOV?

        Gobshite. What’s it like having your arse handed to you by anyone and everyone ?

      3. Toffee – I don’t know, you’re the expert, why don’t you treat us all to a valuable insight by sharing your personal experiences

      4. Toffee – I don’t know,

        Ain’t that a fact. The only honest statement you’ve EVER come out with.

      5. Toffee – Thanks for acknowledging the truth and accuracy of my reply. I applaud you for having the courage to admit that you were wrong.
        Do you have the time to give us that personal insight now.

      6. You’re having one of your ‘episodes’ again wee steven.

        Seriously, get help, you oddball.

      7. Toffee – Thanks for your concern but I’m quite certain about what you said, it’s there for all to see.

      8. Have Nye Bevin and Clem Attlee been telling you they’re staunch remained again? 🤪🤪🤪

      9. What’s there for all to see little fella? The fact you don’t know your arse from MY elbow, nevermind your own?

        The reason you don’t know what it’s like to have your arse handed to you is because you have ZERO social skills and even less self-awareness. You are some sort of idiot savant with a warped perception of reality.

        ‘Imbecile’ doesn’t do you justice. There must be a more appropriate adjective describing your mental capacity (Or pitiful lack of).

    2. In that case you’re gonna have to spell it out because I don’t need to take the pills you’ve been prescribed.

      1. Toffee – Oh come on surely you aren’t resorting to claiming that you don’t know what you wrote just a few minutes ago. As I said it is there for all to see and it is short and succinct enough for you to commit to memory. If that is beyond you then you can easily refresh your memory should you need to.

      2. Demonstrating a thorough lack of comprehension as well as imbecility on a humongous scale.

        Desperately trying to palm people off that the bold relates to me and not you.

        Toffee – I don’t know was written by YOU and highlighted by ME to show that YOU don’t know a fucking thing.

        Evidenced further by your pathetic reasoning that I somehow write it referring to meself.

        Christ! But that’s beyond lame.

        It’d be pitiful if you weren’t such a squirming obfuscating shitbag.

        So, since when was 17.4m LESS than 16.1m?

        What single toerag policy has stammer opposed?

        And what is the difference between stammer and johnson?

        Oh, that’s right… You DON’T KNOW

        Now try and squirm out of that one, weirdo.

      3. Toffee – My apologies if you got all confused again, I thought that it was quite clear that I was replying to your last paragraph in your post above.

      4. Don’t bother convoluting things further, you sad schizo fuck.

        When your own words are used against you don’t try to make out they’re mine.

        Now fuck off and die screaming you horrible weirdo.

      5. Toffee – It is self evident that I didn’t but in future I will try and pitch my comments at your level when responding to you.

  5. As in other places, Wavertree officers broke the rules. ‘I was just following orders’ isn’t good enough. Any members found breaking the rules should be charged. However, we know already that some can break rules without facing disciplinary measures.
    Not allowing debate on the JC issue is breaking the rules, especially chaper 7, clause 7. Re CLP’s
    ‘,,,,,,,no power to change the rules’. Charge officers who break rules and pursue the charges as your region probably won’t.
    Wavo CLP is controlled by the NW region, not elected officers. There’s no democracy, no adherence to the rules or natural justice. The same region broke rules in the selection process for our new MP, who after making glowing noises about JC when seeking office, now sticks the knife in him; mbe she’s keen to get on the front bench. Kerching.
    Disabled members abused, names and addresses given to the media leading to harassment, by the LP, and the perpetrators defended. Other members expelled and suspended on spurious reasons. Actions that fascists would be proud of I think.
    This is second time around for many of us so aren’t surprised by any of it, having learned 40 yrs ago that the rt wing don’t believe in democracy. What’s happening now is happening Nationally, whereas in the 80’s it was mostly Liverpool that suffered from having democracy removed. This, while the LP leadership attacked its members instead of the Tories. When are you going to have a report on Wavertree please Sqwawky? the silence here is deafening.

  6. Many people used to harp on about Labour missing open goals under Corbyn’s leadership. Now, under Starmer’s ‘management’, Labour appears to have put the ball into its own net instead!

    ‘Greenwashing the Status Quo’ by Lauren Townsend:

    “The Tories’ weak climate plans offered Labour the perfect opportunity to propose a bold green agenda – but instead we got another sign that the party is shying away from tackling the urgent crises of our time.”

  7. Ahhh, this country…. .18k people liked a tweet by Jess Phillips which said “if you can’t manage without bullying, you can’t manage”.

      1. The death penalty? This comment is inappropriate and should be deleted. Analysis not abuse please.

    1. You know I really did laugh out loud at that on Lundiel – what a self obsessed delusional prat she is

    1. Just after the multiple stabs in the back and in between her purportedly telling Diane Abbot to fuck off

  8. ….and complaining to Region is like a shop steward complaining to the Chief Exec that the Director is a bully. Charge individuals where appropriate. Get it minuted. Keep up the pressure, but bear in mind, many LP reps and officials would be just as happy in the Tory Party. Many are weather-vanes who despise democracy ‘like sin’.
    Theirs is the LP of Opposition. Same ideology as the appointed officials; they’re quite happy sitting in their well paid jobs, being the thought-police for the State by rooting out views that they know are popular. Having met some of them, I’d say it was a conscious attitude. They don’t want or need political change. I wonder how many Spy Cops we have in the LP as some officials have interesting friends of FB; like the Chief Constable.

    1. potatoclock – Perhaps you should be asking is who appointed these officials and did those doing the appointing have any democratic legitimacy. What happened to the much promised and vaunted democratisation of the party.

  9. I agree SH. I’m sure many people who have left the LP did so because sitting among a bunch of arrogant bullying careerists and their mates filled them with horror. ‘I’m not coming back here again’, was a comment I heard several times from working class women in Wavertree.
    They expected to find the LP full of people like themselves, eager to change society for the many. Instead they found bullies, aggression, liars and gobshites who seem to enjoy bullying disabled people. I’ve mentioned this many times but you won’t run an article on it; some say because you’re mates with the new Starmer loving MP here.
    Or maybe the MP is just a weather-vane; whichever way the wind blows so long as the loot comes rolling in. Either way SH, people should know just how vile and rt wing these individuals are. We’ve everything documented, including police intervention to stop the bullying. I can furnish you with everything you need, and so can others.
    But the bullying rt wing councilors continue with personal attacks, hiding behind their position. Y’see, in working class life bullies and twisted individuals usually learn that isn’t acceptable, quite often a painful experience for them, but they learn. Not in LP poshland though, the scum rises to the surface I’m afraid.
    I didn’t think JC was a god of some sort, but head and shoulders above the rest. The LP has never been democratised because the existing bunch of officials had no intention of letting that happen. One of the reasons they did JC in was precisely because he wanted to do ‘what it says on the tin’. Other careerists coming thro the ranks saw it was better to kiss arse and ‘fuck democracy’ to get their pockets filled.
    Of course what we have now is open dictatorship, with no effort to even pretend to follow the rule book. And, as a number of people have said, the fascists are now organising and gaining the ear of the youth. The LP has died here, because the paid officers want it to. No literature, no democracy, no protest about anything. They don’t want political power to run the country, just the cushy number jobs pretending to be an opposition and of course, at the moment, stifling opposition to the Tories.

  10. 30 years ago today Thatcher resigned and yet the Labour party is led by a man who still won’t release a report that exposes the bullying, racism and corruption by right wing MPs who lost the 2017 election for Labour because their leader wouldn’t continue Thatcher’s policies.

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