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Exclusive: Welsh Labour branch becomes first to vote no confidence in Keir Starmer

Labour leader’s bad night continues

Keir Starmer’s self-inflicted abysmal week continued on Thursday evening with a successful vote of no confidence by Labour members in Aberconwy.

On the same day that NEC members ordered party general secretary David Evans to rebuke Starmer for his political interference, contrary to the EHRC recommendations Starmer has promised to implement, in Jeremy Corbyn’s disciplinary case and for undermining an NEC panel that was following independent legal advice when it lifted Corbyn’s suspension, Starmer’s office also received a letter from Jeremy Corbyn demanding copies of all communications relating to the former leader’s suspension, reinstatement and subsequent withdrawal of the whip.

At the same time, a string of local Labour groups passed motions calling for Corbyn’s immediate reinstatement.

And to cap a bad night, Valley Branch Dyffryn in Aberconwy passed what may well be the first of many motions of no confidence by local parties in Starmer and his leadership:

Motion of No Confidence in Keir Starmer.

This branch believes no one can argue with this quote from Red Labour:

“The right to debate, strike, speak out in support and to show solidarity to others goes to the very
soul of the Labour Party. Freedom of speech and democracy are precious but both are
increasingly at risk. We must not stand by in silence whilst these hard fought for fundamental
rights are ripped away.”

It is therefore with great regret that this branch finds it necessary to list the following actions
which are indicative of the Labour leadership’s descent into dictatorship. These actions are
designed to remove those members who are prepared to challenge the leadership when it puts
the interests of multinationals, economic growth and the so called “national interest” before
workers, Trades Unions, solidarity with the oppressed and disadvantaged and world peace:

1. Whipping the PLP to abstain on the “Licence to Kill Bill” and the “Spycops Bill”.
The Labour Party should be making it clear by their actions (not just their words) that they oppose
any illegal actions by British Armed Forces and likewise oppose the despicable actions of
undercover police officers in the UK.

2. Commenting on an ongoing disciplinary matter in order to gain political capital when the
General Secretary has expressly forbidden it. (Andrew Marr Show, Sunday 1 Nov, after the
suspension of Jeremy Corbyn).
This gave the impression that the Labour leader is allowed freedom of speech that members are

3. Disassociating himself and the party from the tradition of solidarity with the oppressed peoples
and nations of the world.
Labour and Starmer should have shown solidarity with Assange and the Black Lives Matter
movement. It is not acceptable that there was silence in response to events in Venezuela and

4. Bullying and authoritarianism (even more so than Tony Blair).
Starmer sold out Rebecca Long Bailey (a fervent advocate of the Green New Deal), the members
and the previous leader. His latest action, cynically removing the Labour Whip from Jeremy
Corbyn, is further evidence of his determination to rid the party of Socialists.

5. Tackling anti-Semitism and other forms of racism.
Starmer refused to support and stand up for Black MPs on the left. He has failed to recognise
Jewish diversity by ignoring Jewish Voice for Labour and other Jewish party members who
supported Jeremy Corbyn and the socialist policies he promoted. He has allowed himself to be
pressured by organisations such as the Jewish Labour Movement, the Board of Deputies and
Labour for Israel. He authorised out-of-court settlements, contrary to legal advice, leaving the
door open for unlimited claims against the Labour Party.

6. Complete disregard of Labour Party democracy.
The Green New Deal was ratified by the 2019 conference, published in the 2019 manifesto and is
supported by 70% of the membership. Replacing it with the “Green Recovery Plan” is a wishywashy,
half-hearted, sop to multinationals. The country and the world do not have time to take it

7. Starmer’s transition from apparent socialist in the mid 1980’s (pro-bono work with pickets,
denouncing the use of ‘paramilitary’ policing methods) to an establishment stooge when Director
of Public Prosecutions and as an MP.
Starmer failed to protect Julian Assange, increased fines and custodial sentences for benefit
cheats, increased powers of arrest for protesters and oversaw CPS involvement in police
undercover work in left wing groups. He also refused to indict either the policemen who killed
Jean Charles de Menendez or the policeman involved in death of Ian Tomlinson. As an MP he
abstained on the 2nd Reading of the 2015 Welfare Bill.

8. Complete u-turn on his pledge to unite the party and keep the party on the socialist path which
very nearly ensured a Labour Government in 2017.

His actions during his first 7 months have promoted factionalism never seen before in the party, in
complete contrast to the actions of Jeremy Corbyn when he took over the leadership.

This branch therefore moves that it has no confidence in Keir Starmer as Leader of the Labour

The branch also unanimously passed a motion demanding the immediate restoration of the whip to Jeremy Corbyn.

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    1. When Starmer sees that motion he should recoil in shame. He has sacrificed everything the Labour Party stands/stood for to satisfy the blood lust of a bunch of right wing appologists for the racist State of Israel.

      1. Jack T, Starmar, WON’T “recoil in shame”. Possibly u r being sarcastic. OR u r judging him by our instincts of shame. Starmer, Hodge, Bliar, Twatson, Trevor Phillips, Jessica boaster knifer Phillips, Jon Arseworth … ALL of them have NO shame.

        Expect snow in June. Martians at noon. Recoil in shame? Starmer? No chance🛑

      2. Signpost, I said Starmer SHOULD recoil in shame but obviously he wont.

        In his eagerness to capitulate, Starmer has made at least two basic mistakes and these are exactly the same mistakes made by Jeremy Corbyn. First he assumes That the JLM and the LFI speak for all Jews in the Party and the community. Therefore by attempting to appease one section he is upsetting another, thereby causing splits.

        Second, the section he is trying to appease i.e. the Zionists who may or may not be Jewish, is impossible, they can NEVER be appeased while there are Socialists in the Labour Party calling for democracy in Israel/Palestine

        The ‘unappeasables’ have got him by the scrotum and will never let go unless he meets all of their requirements and the only way to do that is to expell every Socialist from the Party.

        In the short time Starmer has been Leader, he has shown himself to be completely incapable and therefore he has to go.

      3. I agree your thread of analysis Jack. V much as my own, as you may have gathered from previous posts. Have been reflecting on the language, linguistics, psychology of those of us who mean the best for the many. Have been thinking that the dial is set dangerously on “compromise” ie oneway

        Heard Seamus Milne tell Dan Wotton that Jeremy should have accepted a temporary suspension to “compromise” and make things blow over. Words to that effect. He was in Jeremy’s inner circle. That statement is in line with what we’ve seen and suffered these last four years.

        Once “compromise” is so ingrained in the culture, because it IS decent quality, the result is a vicious cycle of appeasement. Compromise is noble and civilised but so is wisdom, judgement ie don’t throw pearls before swine or they will trample you underfoot. I’m attempting to start a system reset.

        Trying to promote a “leave no doubt approach” ie create change outside the bunker… to build an honest narrative to replace the repeated widely accepted MSM propaganda. Hopefully this may help increase robustness, stamp out appeasement and bizarre decades of one way compromise. It has been said that if sarcasm and satire changed anything, the world would be very different. It is done with the best intentions but is ineffective re change. We appreciate the subtly. But it is not an effective rallying call. No surgeon says, i’m hoping you will hand me this or that. A pilot does not say maybe when you have finished doing x or y, you might care to prepare for take off.

        Just me trying to search for what tends to be employed in all other fields where results matter rather that the best intentions. Possibly a fresh evidenced approach when describing racist, bastards, warmongers, 1% protectors and beneficiaries, tax exiles, Covid-19 cronies etc may overturn the regurgitated myths which only server the 1%

      4. Exactly brilliant labour need to reverse starmers behaviour best remove him completely the traitorous betraying backstabbing abuser of all supporters who need a life saving socialist gov I’d back Rebecca long bailey a genuine MP but we’re in this Tory nightmare from Tory hell for who knows when with Tory moves to change bouderies to garuntee a Tory MP this is not a decent country anymore or a democracy just a sordid Tory endeavour

    2. ps Max Headroom is a bastard, so don’t let him help his Tory gang distract us with the sudden pumping out of pay freeze announcement ➕billions to defend us from foreign threats. Our main threats are at home eg Starmer, Johnson chumocracy and Pritti Patel.

      Expect limp gelled drippings from Sir Saboteur Starmer re pernicious problem of P Patel. How do you solve a problem like Pritti specially when Background PM Cummings may be instructing his Johnson to save P Patel AGAIN? NB anti-Semitism claims – HUNDREDS from one source – include hysterical theatrics invited on MSM stages. Security guards etc, curiously not needed a few days later esp at the Limp Dims conference… quite suspect. Quite obvious. That is my personal view for many reasons eg – where is the outrage about claims a Civil Servant collapsed due to the campaign of bullying by P Patel. COLLAPSED. Surely that shows great distress, fear, due to HABITUAL behaviour from a true merchant of hate. No?

      Where was the outcry when P Patel was kept in the Tory Party and given another cabinet post, despite conducting her D.I.Y Foreign Policy with Israel❓ What government thinks it acceptable to have a minister go off UNAUTHORISED to have meetings with officials / operatives of a foreign government❓

      Who were the Israeli officials / operatives? Where are the minutes of Patel’s PERSONAL Foreign Policy Meetings? Who was else was in attendance? What is the FO’s view on this?

      Unforgivable and thus rightly IMMEDIATELY dismissed and dumped by Theresa May. Yet pulled out from a bin by BloJon. How are these scandals allowed to persist?
      Where are the questions from Max Headroom? Where is the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s investigation into rampant racism in the Tory Party and now a CULTURE OF BULLYING by Pritti Patel❓❓❓

    3. It’s not only the ever-dwindling remaining Leftie rank and file CLP members who are pissed with Starmer’s NuLabour Mk2. A great analysis and attack on NuLabour’s ever-Rightward line of match under Starmer from the Bakers Union .

      The sooner that nowadays sizeable bloc of Left-leaning unions pull their millions in annual funding from Starmer’s Tory-lite neoliberal , imperialism-supporting, NuLabour Party – the sooner this cash and support can be focused on building a new campaigning radical Left Party – embedded in our Left-leaning bloc of trades unions – and aiming to recruit actual blue collar workers as members , the sooner a real fight against the looming Austerity-on-steroids offensive to come, can be built . Unite’s Len McCluskey, and Beckett, have also said similar critical things to those of the Bakers Union. But is it just bluster ? No new Left Party project has any chance without significant trades union support – which no previous project has ever had. All previous , failed, projects have just been lash-ups of the ‘usual suspect’ ultra Lefts whose lifelong sectarianism and niche obsessions guarantee no-one outside their ‘bubble’ will give them even a glance.

      And in response to the obvious put-downs – that FPTP will always block the emergence of mass-support radical parties -these are febrile, unusual times of deep crisis ; the extraordinary feat of the populist , one-issue, Brexit Party in the 2019 EU MEP Elections shows how ‘insurgent’ outsider Parties CAN ‘grasp the mood’ and emerge from next to nothing. Unfortunately that phenomenum is usually reserved for the populist radical RIGHT – and will do again if the Left fails to break from the stinking , zombified, political corpse of the NuLabour Party !

  1. Not one tory policy opposed.

    Sacking MPs who actually DO oppose toerag policies.

    All ten promises he was elected upon, broken before bedtime

    14 of 39 NEC members (One third, plus one) dissatisfied with the slimeball…if that was his CLP, it’d be enough to ‘trigger’ stammer, so why isn’t it now?

    Oh, and he’s just shite at everything.

  2. I’m South Walian but don’t currently live in Wales, so obviously not member of the branch of labour party referred to in article.

    However, I want on record that I support and endorse the motions passed by Valley Branch Dyffryn in Aberconwy!

    1. Well I’m banned from the party, but from Torfaen and know my CLP well despite living 6000 miles from the family home – Torfaen CLP, being a hotbed of Progress’Labour First would not pass motions like this, which is why not one single person from the Party in Torfaen will be getting a vote from me for any election – obviously, if Corbyn was still Leader I’d hold my nose when voting, but now he’s gone the Party has lost my vote as won’t vote for Tory’s regardless of what colour they parade under.

  3. everyone pretty much knows what has been done to Corbyn.My problem remains what is there to prevent the same thing happening to any new leader that is if there is anyone who is truly a real successor to Corbyn a huge question because RBL did sign the BoD demands tho still voted for her.I dont believe any longer that Labour can heal itself.

    1. Bill, the BOJD, CAAS,JC, and the others will have her sweeping the floor or for breakfast. Now who else have Left Labour got. Regards

      1. Laura Piddock , yes I know ! but there is always time and hopefully opportunity and even it she can’t make it as a MP she’d make a effng great Gen Sec

  4. Way to go, well done love the motion. I have just sent an email to my Labour MP complaining about Starmer and expecting that as someone that nominated Starmer, he would talk to him, get him to reflect and make him see sense.and restore Corbyn’s whip
    I know for a fact that at least 30 other members have done the same. We know he needs our help with canvassing, deliveries etc. We have make clear to him, that either Corbyn is reinstated to the whip or we aren’t going to help. Of course we are going to stay members of the Party and would help the Party, but we will chose in which seat we are going to help. We have after all 28 Labour MPs to chose from.

    1. So very true Maria and that is where I’ll be putting my efforts and on the ground help in the future , for those LW MPs only

  5. I cannot fault anything stated in this Welsh motion. The sooner the Zionist apologist is gone the better. Kinnock was the first of the turncoats, Bliar second and Haredim Kier the third and last it is hoped. As for Hodge et al, take them with you Haredim when you walk the walk of shame across the floor to your Tory Fascist Friends.

    1. We’re heading for a defining moment in politics. Three things need to happen.
      1. Starmer’s position is clearly untenable. He has to go. It won’t be easy to get him out but it will be easier than the two other things that need to happen.
      2. The party needs a leader (and deputy leader) who can be composed and sure footed and is a socialist – not easy given the way the party talent was hollowed out during the Blair years. There are a couple of possibilities though.
      3. MPs who have consistently briefed/worked/plotted against the party need to be removed. There has to be an open contest for nomination of candidates for every election so that the wreckers can be removed.
      With more actions like that of Valley Branch Dyffryn we might achieve step number 1. Then the real work will start.

  6. A model motion. Starmer may be a good lawyer but he is a lousy politician. He might be quite good as a Tory backbencher, but leading a Party whose role is to reform capitalism out of existence, he’s hopeless. The movement against him needs to grow fast. What is taking place is nothing less than the installation of totalitarianism at the heart of the Party. When a paid bureaucrat tells the membership what they can and can’t discuss, and at the bidding of Zionist groups which support the violence, racism and repression which has characterised Israel, Labour has lost its mind. Imagine that the NEC had decided to expel Corbyn. Would Dodds and the rest of them now be saying it was a politicised, hurried process? Of course not. They would be saying it is just what is needed. They would be congratulating the NEC. It is as Aime Cesaire said, oppressors are weak because they have to lie. They are all lying through their teeth. They are not anti-racists, they are anti-socialists. They are anti-equality. They are anti-democratic. They are liars. The truth will defeat them. Stick to it, stand firm and together and we will show them up for what they are.

    1. “……………..a Party whose role is to reform capitalism out of existence,”
      I am at a loss of words to explain just how daft that statement is. Im not going to even try.
      ‘Reform capitalism’. ffs: thank the lord for Skwawkbox. In these dark times, you dont realise the pleasure you give.
      Best regards,

      1. mackinnon, you believe Capitalism to be the system most efficient in determining the true desires of the population (from its spending), satisfying those desires with efficient production, and efficiently distributing that product – all managed with the greatest possible efficiency by the best people – correct?

        Until recently you lot had some reason for not questioning those long-held articles of faith patiently inculcated into your eager minds by your betters – but those ‘absolutely fundamental truths’ no longer hold good.
        For example – Capitalism has always claimed Communism’s fatal flaw to be its total reliance on the ‘commissar class’ which, by naturally seeking its own advantage in line with Capitalism’s “human nature” theory, makes Communism unworkable.

        Now though, the AI/robotics revolution that the 1% fully expect soon to give them total, unchallengeable dominance – with what can only be described as a wonderful irony – also contains the seeds of their destruction.

        Unfortunately for you and your shortsighted Tory mates we have better uses for the new AI, robotics and communications technologies than merely increasing your wealth and privilege.
        We will redirect the tech into creating a perfect command economy with a perfect understanding of a population’s desires, perfect green means of production and perfect green means of distribution – no need whatever of Commissars, workers or planet-raping entrepreneurs, and all for the benefit of the many of all future generations, not just the few of this generation – geddit?

        Enjoy, genius.

      1. I fully expect the Star of David to start appearing on membership cards next to the red rose at this rate!

  7. Have rejoined to vote in the NEC election for GRV6 and was about to leave again in disgust but these developments and esp the legal action have stopped me dead in me tracks , bloody great , this is more like it .
    Xuck stammmerer and his bastrd cronies , out out out !

  8. Let there be light, saucepan! (Is that a trope?) My mother’s brother’s wife was welsh……..I.m so proud.

  9. A pretty great night all round. Now let’s turn up the heat and not blow it this time!

  10. The Guardian has come alive to the sound of Starmerite Remoaners.

    All it took was a little poke.

  11. “Keir Starmer’s self-inflicted abysmal week continued on Thursday evening with a successful vote of no confidence by Labour members in Aberconwy”.
    That is good. It cheered me right up when I read that.
    Do you know how stupid you sound?
    Starmer doesnt know where Aberconwy is, and he cares even less.
    All this faux indignation about the old man, honestly it is beyond pathetic.

    1. Richard Mackinnon, you are of course entitled to your opinion, but hazard a guess, what do you think your are sounding? Give you a clue, itsn’t intelligent.

      1. Sorry Richard typo I meant to write that it isn’t intelligent.

  12. Pritti Patel found guilty of dreadful bullying so wicked that at least one of her victims collapsed.

    The civil servant who did the investigation and made recommendations to Cummings’ Johnson, has resigned as Princess Nut Nut’s Nut rejected his recommendations.
    He is therefore condoning a bullying culture of intense harassment causing unbearable stress.

    Pritti Patel should be dismissed from office. But neither Johnson nor Starmer care about claims of hurt, fear and distress SUBSTANTIATED with EVIDENCE.
    Many have presented compelling EVIDENCE of many allegations re Patel’s bullying. SILENCE from Max Headroom,
    A handful of people make THOUSANDS of allegations devoid of compelling evidence, against people who are not Labour Party members. Headroom FOLLOWS ORDERS and withdraws the Whip from Jeremy.

    Lawyer Headroom has no respect for sound evidence. That’s an establishment tool if ever there was one.♨️♨️♨️

  13. ‘Times’ is saying Lavery will stand against Starmer in leadership contest. Sounds like a choice between toothache and piles. Can’t the dynamic left find anyone better than Lavery a man who was lucky to hang on to his seat in the last GE? Doesn’t bode well for the next GE if we’ve got Lavery leading the party, he makes Jeremy sound like a competent sensible figure which the electorate have firmly decided he isn’t.

      1. Rob, really like Ian Lavery but realistically speaking he isn’t going to cut it. We can expect the MSM to go after him. It would be impossible to recover electorally speaking.
        Clive Lewis would be a better proposition for leader: no one is going to start on patriotism on Clive Lewis as a former serving soldier with a tour of duty in Afghanistan. As a black man, I am sure Clive has direct experiences of racism. Thus, the MSM would need to tread with care. He was the only member of the SCG to stand by Chris Williamson and he was a witness for Mark Wadsworth.
        Another alternative is Barry Gardiner, and excellent communicator that the MSM would be at pains to paint as unpatriotic and antisemite. No a socialist, but I trust Barry Gardiner to defend the NHS and public services, to say true to the 2017 manifesto. So a good start.
        We need to get on the road to gain power, to deprive the Tories of their Parliamentary majority and to be able to form a coalition government. I am afraid Ian Lavery wouldn’t achieve either. While Clive Lewis or Barry Gardiner could.

    1. You can’t reasonably say the electorate have “decided,” firmly or otherwise, when all they had to go on was lies, falsehoods, faked-up antisemitism smears and more lies.
      Poor dumb fucks didn’t have a chance.

    2. Plain Citzen “he makes Jeremy sound like a competent sensible figure which the electorate have firmly decided he isn’t.”

      Yes but why? It was the massive attack upon him by the Israel Lobby which did the major damage, the electorate follow the media and saw there was little or no attempt to fight back against the smears, therefore seeing a split party, they took them on board when weighing up their options.

      Even though he voted to Remain Lavery is one of those who criticised Labour for it’s confirmatory vote policy, instead of sticking to his guns when the mood in the country was swinging towards Remain. Lavery as Leader, no thanks.

  14. I don’t know if anyone else is having problems, but can’t tweet this article on twitter.

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