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Exclusive – Labour sources: Corbyn’s lawyers demand LOTO communications leading to reinstatement and withdrawal of whip as NEC members fear being thrown under bus

NEC members who followed instructions fear scapegoating as LOTO seeks way out from storm of its own making

Senior Labour Party sources say that the opposition leader’s office (LOTO) is in a panic after Jeremy Corbyn’s lawyers have written to LOTO demanding copies of all correspondence relating to Corbyn’s reinstatement and the subsequent re-withdrawal of the party whip – and that individual members of the NEC are furious that they feel they are going to be scapegoated for the arrangements leading that led to Corbyn’s reinstatement in the first place.

Both the fear and the anger around the development centre on alleged arrangements between LOTO and an affiliated union – not Unite – to ensure that Corbyn’s suspension ended earlier this week, followed by a panicked u-turn by the leadership after right-wing organisations kicked up a storm.

NEC members now believe that LOTO, following the u-turn and withdrawal of the parliamentary whip from Corbyn because of political pressure, is going to try to escape the consequences of an obvious breach of the EHRC’s ban on political interference in disciplinaries by painting the NEC as antisemitic and leaving them to carry the cab for events.

Corbyn’s lawyers apparently believe that communications among key figures in these arrangements will reveal this political interference and exonerate – again – their client.

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  1. Well I did point out earlier of the extreme anxianty amongst staff at HQ who are worried about the money situation and the number of writs flying round the office like confetti.IT would seem the knights and digger Evans are up to their necks in the proverbial shit.and want to play pass the parcel with the old blame game.I am hoping that legal action against the Labour party traps the real rats in the trap the knight and his misfits.

  2. They really never learn and repeat the same crap time and time again, it;s the same for everyone they have targeted. They rely on the victim not having access to the law, which ordinary members generally don’t.
    Having taken this crap for 5 years, did they really expect Jeremy to just roll over and give up? If they did, they’re more deluded than I thought possible.

  3. As has been pointed out our political system is dysfunctional. The two party system has never worked fairly and now the so called main Opposition, Labour is clearly part of the dysfunction when it’s leader is panicked into a foolish decision by a threat to resign by an abusive old lady who isn’t a member of the Shadow government. He was probably afraid he’d get an earful.

    1. More like afraid he’d get an earful from his wife – have you ever seen a more downtrodden, pussywhipped face than Starmer’s?

      1. David…please explain ‘pussywhipped face’, It’s getting a bit too visual.

  4. Skwawkbox “after right-wing organisations kicked up a storm”

    Why is Skwawky frightened of naming the culprits? This has been the problem for years. We know who they are, they are the Israel Lobby in the form of the JLM and the LFI and every one of them supports Zionism.

    If we let this go on, there will be no true Socialist in the Labour Party willing to assume Leadership, even if they get that far, simply because until the majority of the public become aware of the motives of The Lobby, the Zionists will be able to use their antiSemitism smears against them to prevent it.

    If the culprits are not named and their objective of completely removing Palestinians from their Homeland made common knowledge, Labour with a Socialist at the helm will NEVER take power. If members are not willing to accept this and do something about it, they may as well leave now.

    1. “Why is Skwawky frightened of naming the culprits?”

      Perhaps because it’s not you who will have to pay the damages in any defamation suits that might come as a result? You know full well those organisations won’t hesitate to get the lawyers in and they have very deep pockets.

      Here’s a suggestion. Why not start your own web site to write articles exposing them by name? No? Can’t afford to take that risk? Didn’t think so.

      1. PW you are wrong on those two counts. First, by referring to the culprits as members of a group which they use themselves, whether it be LFI, JLM or Zionist and cite their own comments, there is no possibility that legal action can be taken against you, all you have done is repeat facts. Second, I don’t need a web site, I’ve done it publicly on a number of occasions.

  5. Did I read this situation correctly? Has Jeremy finally decided that enough is enough? Is he finally going to strike back at this shower of sh#t? I certainly hope so. It’s not before time.

    1. Not before time? Could you elaborate?

      Perhaps you could remind me what happened, for example, when Jeremy and Co condemned the Panorama hatchet job – ie struck back.

      Just precisely what ‘events’ are you referring to where you think he should have ‘struck back’, and could you explain how he COULD have ‘struck back’ in each case. Cheers

      NB It’s amazing how many people post ‘generalities’ on here, and practically NEVER any specifics! I wonder why?!

    2. No more the nice guy. No more turning the other check. Not being taken by surprise & shocked at how nasty they can play, In fact, beating them to the nasty tricks. Put Richard Burgon in charge of “nasty things to do”.

  6. Hoist on their own petard: the transparent nonsense that the persecution of Corbyn had anything to do with implementing quasi legal disciplinary procedures has always been unconvincing. And not least because Corbyn’s alleged offence was to politicise such procedures which he clearly did not.

    What is now absolutely clear-to the point that it cannot be denied- is that Starmer and his cronies are treating the rules with contempt.
    Corbyn’s standing in the party is being auctioned off to competing interests without any reference to the facts.

    In presiding over this farce Starmer is losing any scraps of credibility that he may have had even on the right- comparisons between him and Blair are unfair to the war criminal. Given that his mission is to destroy the Labour Party, his obvious encouragement of fratricidal strife is likely to end up failing uniting it against him and bringing his Tory lite leadership to an end.

  7. By Christmas, I think *everyone* will have been accused of being antisemitic – apart from Margaret Hodge and Maureen Lipman, of course.

    1. Hodge had a complaint ofabtisemitism against her, whatever happened to that

  8. Why does this not surprise me, even though for a sensible person, it would transcend the bounds of reason or credibility?
    The most annoying aspect of Labour Party history is the way that the left allows itself to be led by the right, with appeals to unity, but only on their terms. We know that the right are duplicitous and fundamentally useless.
    We are now in a full-blown learning experience.
    The lessons to be learned are:
    1) That to offer an olive branch to the right is to invite them to bite your arm off, and
    2) That we need to overcome self- indulgent and frankly infantile separatism, unite, and then institute the necessary reforms that make the Labour Party the proper home for all progressive forces in society. The recent NEC election proved that this is possible.
    The majority of the current PLP are fully worthy of a place in the LibDems, or even the with the Tories, but we must not be conned or intimidated by them any longer.
    Phew! I’m glad to get that off my mind.

  9. I would like to echo what has already been said on here. Good it’s about time Corbyn started to fight back.
    The arrogance of Starmer and his head boy is remarkable. Both thought Corbyn would just sit back and wait for Starmer to keep monitoring the situation until an ‘independent’ organisation take over the disciplinary process which would expel Corbyn.
    Now whether true or not I don’t know. It seems one of ‘independent organisations’ who are keen to get involved has come from some who are already involved in many accusations against members. If this is true how will members have the confidence and trust that a fair trial would take place.
    As for Hodge she’s so awful I don’t know how she’s managed to garner all that power.

    1. And its certainly great to see so many new posters.IT seems that Jeremy Corbyn inspires people.ITs a real shame that the public have a totally different impression of him and its all down to briefing the media by the enemy within and the Israeli dark opps.successful plans to stop a socialist government in the UK.

  10. Wow! The NEC denounced as anti-semitic! Still, that’s the logical next step for Sturmer and his JLM puppetmasters.

    And if that makes me anti-semitic, I couldn’t give a toss. Am no longer L supporter so they can no longer control my mind!

  11. This past few days/weeks, I can’t decide whether to laugh or fucking cry.

    One year ago, we had a political party. I’m struggling to recognise the same organisation as a political party, today.

  12. What a complete clusterfuck ! This has the same fingerprints & DNA as the farcical chicken coup mk 1.

    I’m glad JC has his legal team involved now, lets see the whole dirty shenanigans’ in court in the light of day so JC can finally clear his name and hold those to account for his persecution.

  13. Antisemitism is the stick that Zionists use to beat back the condemnation for illegal acts commited by them. I do hope that Haredim Kier will be nothing but a footnote in the history o Labour and that all spiteful and nasty centrists and right wing elements follow him to a new political party or simply join the Conservatives on the other side of the floor. I hope also that Margaret Hodge; the prime aggressor of Mr Corbyn whose 200 plus allegations have never seen the light of day, the Egyptian Jewess whose family have paid a little more than 2% in taxes of the fortune her family business has made registered as it is in the UK, follows her fellow Zionist into the wilderness.

    1. I recollect that a many of those ‘allegations’ did not even relate to Labour Party members and that a miniscule number actually had any basis in fact, if any?

      An interesting aside on the family business background recently. A fortune made by their business Stemcor – in which she allegedly held shares – in apartheid South Africa. And she would have us believe she is anti-racist… An utterly despicable person.

    2. Her family’s wheeling and dealing with sunny SA make interesting reading.

  14. In the above article it says the following:

    ‘Both the fear and the anger around the development centre on alleged arrangements between LOTO and an affiliated union – not Unite – to ensure that Corbyn’s suspension ended earlier this week, followed by a panicked u-turn by the leadership after right-wing organisations kicked up a storm.’

    There was no ‘panicked u-turn’ by the ‘leadership’, and Starmer and Evans and Co knew exactly what would happen when Jeremy was reinstated. I mean we all know that Jeremy said nothing in the first place that warranted being suspended, and all he did was make a valid point, which he qualified later that day by alluding to the survey conducted for the authors of Bad News For Labour in which respondents believed, on average, that a third of LP members (34%) had been reported for anti-semitism, and then pointed out that the actual figure is 0.3%. Starmer and Co would have been aware of the survey’s findings at the time, and no doubt read the book as well, and it goes without saying that he knows why there is such a massive disparity between the reality and the public perception – ie all the thousands of newspaper articles and the thousands of TV and radio pieces in relation to it.

    If Starmer and Co were in any way genuine – which they aren’t of course – they would have been pointing out the disparity themselves and backing up what Jeremy said. But Starmer didn’t, and shortly after Jeremy was suspended he was saying at a press conference – albeit in general terms, but obviously alluding to Jeremy – that anyone dismissing the problem of antisemitism as exaggerated was “part of the problem… and should be nowhere near the Labour Party”.

    It was ALL a set-up from start to finish – ie suspending him, then reinstating him (and SO quickly!), the fraudulent and bogus uproar, and then removing the whip.

    Anyway, I just spotted the following which has just hit the headlines:

    Jeremy Corbyn ‘told whip will be suspended for at least three months’

    1. Allan, didn’t you spot this gaffe in the MSN piece you linked to?

      “Mr Corbyn was suspended as a Labour member last month after saying anti-Semitism in the party was overstated in the wake of a European Court of Human Rights report which found instances in the party.”

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