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Exclusive: Johnson will let Patel off after bullying report – because he ‘takes a different view’ on conduct code and blames civil service for her behaviour

Permanent Secretary circular reveals Tories’ twisted mind again

Home Secretary Priti Patel is under pressure after an investigation into a ‘tsunami’ of accusations of bullying found her guilty of breaches of the ministerial code in her behaviour toward staff – but the media have been speculating that Johnson will let her off the hook, even though breaches of the ministerial code of conduct are supposed to result in resignation or sacking.

The SKWAWKBOX can reveal that a circular from the Permanent Secretary to senior civil servants, seen by the SKWAWKBOX, confirms that Johnson is going to keep Patel in her post. because he blames the civil service for her behaviour and doesn’t think the code of conduct says what it says.

The circular tells the PSs that:

The prime minister takes a different view on the Code of Conduct.

and that the Patel situation happened because of:

shortcomings in civil service leadership.

Presumably the civil servants didn’t kowtow sufficiently deeply or tug their forelocks hard enough.

The Tories’ complete contempt for democracy, good governance and public servants – and their love for avoiding accountability by blaming subordinates – comes to the fore yet again.

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  1. SH it is clear. The ball has been in your SIR’s court for ages. Where’s his fulmination as per the peculiar AS allegations WITHOUT sound evidence❓ … Hundreds from one source. THOUSANDS in two hours, claims another while having tea with a friend. Where’s Headroom’s request for a tiny drop of reliable evidence ❓ Where’s your SIR’s forensic assessment of the tenuous trite presented as evidence❓ Where is the “forensic” approach SH? Patels’s behaviour is INEXCUSABLE. She must go. Your SIR must insist on it. But your Headroom won’t. Patel is a threat to our safety with her extracurricular Foreign Policy trips meeting foreign officials and operators. Starmar has said ZILCH. Total negligence. He’s less forensic and more sick foreskin SH. It’s obvious isn’t it SH ?⛔️⛔️⛔️

      Keir Starmer responds to Priti Patel bullying inquiry – The Labour Party

      Keir Starmer, Leader of the Labour Party, responding to the bullying inquiry into the Home Secretary, said:

      “Yet again, the Prime Minister has been found wanting when his leadership has been tested. If I were Prime Minister, the Home Secretary would have been removed from her job.

      “It is hard to imagine another workplace in the UK where this behaviour would be condoned by those at the top. The Government should be setting an example. Instead, it is one rule for Boris Johnson and his friends, another for everyone else.

      “The Prime Minister has previously said he ‘loathes bullying’. Yet when one of his own ministers is found to have bullied their staff he ignores the damning report sat on his desk and instead protects them.

      “In the interest of transparency, the report into Priti Patel’s conduct and any drafts should now be fully published and the Prime Minister and Home Secretary should come to the House on Monday to face questions on their conduct.”

      1. The report has been sat upon by Johnson since the sumner. It MUST be published now in full, not a summary. And ps, an “experienced” minister claiming that she did not know how to behave does not wash. If she was unaware that she “created fear”, then clearly she is unaware that she has been promoted way beyond her competence.

        A key problem is this. People like Patel, Chukka Ummuna, Swinson, Starmar et al believe their self created spin. Their mirrors inspire them. That is exactly why Patel had no hesitation re the astonishingly brazen inappropriateness of swanning off to Israel UNAUTHORISED, and without knowledge of PM May, having private meetings with officials / operatives, possibly including Netanyahu, then attempting to fly to another country.

        These are serious concerns with GLARING evidence, which Starmar and the CORRUPT MSM try to ignore. PATEL MUST GO 🛑 SHE MUST GO NOW🛑 That is what your pretender Sir Headroom should say, and he must go too🛑

      2. windchime – It is a matter of public record that Starmer has challenged Boris about this on numerous occasions over many months, now what practical steps would you like Keir Starmer to take next on this issue.

      3. stevedavidh – i would like him to sustain the “challenge” if you have heard it. I’ve never heard him mention the Israeli trip and re the bulling and culture of fear re Priti Patel, today’s Starmer statement is the first i’v read from him on this matter.

        You may have seen Starmer’s previous activity on both. However, based on listening to lots of radio and reading a wide cross-section of MSM output online, if it has not come to my attention, then Starmer’s pursuit of these serious concerns have escaped the general public also… Compared to eg his claim to be “determined to stamp out anti-Semitism” based on the allegations of an unrepresentative super vocal and POLITICALLY organised few.

      4. windchimes – If you had watched PMQs each week and other debates you would have seen that Keir and other Labour frontbenchers have challenged Boris about Patel on many occasions. I’m guessing from your post that you don’t have a TV but you can also watch and or listen via

      5. SteveH, i listen to almost all PMQs … even when abroad. I have not heard any significant highlighting of these TWO serious examples of Pritti Patel showing no regard for Acceptable Ministerial conduct. These issues have not had appropriate attention by your SIR nor his allies on his front bench, let alone “challenged Boris about Patel”. Starmer & Co were too busy plotting to destroy decency in the Party by wickedly claiming that “Jeremy was responsible for bringing a-S in the party” as Twatson was heard saying on a BBC 5Live package v late last night.

        Incidentally SH, are you stevedavidH also❓

        And also incidentally, b4 the disgraceful Panorama prog of your Sir’s chums, was broadcast on your beloved TV, a few very late nights / very early mornings on BBC 5Live RADIO, i heard the audio months before it was used in what became the TV doc, judging by extensive clips replayed esp on LBC. It was played over a few days like a short soap opera.

        What struck me that late night was the highly theatrical… over the top dialogue. Very scripted and coached. The other odd thing about it was the background music… the sort one may hear in fiction… a sort of sentimental drama with music deigned to intensify a mood for a production think Bollywood without the rhythm… nor memorable memories, … just a mush of lame … mush. What a surprise to hear it was presented on TV months later as factual.

    1. SH, your sir must know that the Ministerial Code is precise. It leaves no room for doubt.


      What meaningful action will your Headroom take “to stamp out this problem of” Pritti Patel and his Tory government chums? Will Starmer demonstrate wether he believes BULLYING SHOULD NOT BE TOLERATED ?

      1. windchime – What action do you think he should take 😏

      2. windchimes – It is a matter of record that Keir has demanded that Boris publish the report and sack Patel on several occasions. Can you now please detail precisely what you expect Starmer to do.

      3. ps stedavidh, the Patel D.I.Y. trip to Israel for her extracurricular bi-lateral foreign policy was since Theresa May. Patel was returned to office by Johnson. I have never heard Starmer utter a word on that inappropriate doing of Cummings’ Johnson.

        This Pritti Patel “culture of fear” and “bullying” did nit occur yesterday. It was brought to a head at the beginning of the year when we had the unprecedented resignation of the Civil Service man. This report by an advisor was underneath Johnson since the summer. Today is the first i’v read of Starmer’s view on the matter. None when she was made Home Sec after dismissal and none re the culture of fear that i’ve read till today🌹🌹🌹

      4. windchime – I can’t be held responsible for your lack of knowledge. A simple google search on patel starmer bullying will reveal a host of results. Also the Israeli incident happened under Corbyn’s tenure so perhaps you should be looking into what Jeremy said about it at the time.

      5. windchimes – I had a quick look myself and although he was in the middle of the leadership campaign he did speak out on the issue. This is from Feb 2020.
        Sir Keir Starmer calls for Priti Patel probe after Home Office bullying claims
        Sir Keir called for Cabinet Secretary Sir Mark Sedwill to launch an “immediate investigation” into the incident and for the Home Secretary to make a statement to the Commons.
        The Holborn and St Pancras MP also demanded an “urgent inquiry into the culture and workings of government”, hitting out at Boris Johnson for “losing a grip on his government”.
        “Sir Philip Rutnam has made very serious allegations about the conduct of the Home Secretary Priti Patel,” he added.
        “It is unprecedented that a senior civil servant has raised concerns like this in such a public way.
        “Effective government demands that all those who dedicate themselves to public service can do so in an environment free of bullying and harassment. There are now urgent questions that must be answered and steps that need to be taken.”

      6. “Can you now please detail precisely what you expect Starmer to do.”

        Apologise profusely and leave the party.

      7. qwertboi, i bow to your brevity re SH’s question. Thanks for your help💐💐💐

      8. Signpostwindchimes.stevedavidh….. and Steve H,and others are used by the Rat caption and like his other names SH are all part of his profession and disguise.Basically when hes blotted his copybook he swopsover and carrys on Its a lit bit like swoping the number plates on a stolen car.

    1. Just as well it’s not the other way round as she’s got some arse to cover. Though it’s stood her in good stead as the leading member of a Wombles tribute band.

    2. Stevedavidh AKA steve h AKA the rat…I could send you a link to the deceiving posts ,but I know you have links to all sorts of things especially your paid link to stuff your links were the sun doesnt shine and dont think your deceitful manipulation of names fools anyone other than the nieve who take your questions and answers on trust,which coming from your side of the broad church brigade would be a very dangerous thing to do.

  2. I think Keir Starmer is not in a position to criticise Johnson because, as soon as he was elected leader, he promoted Jess Phillips who like the Home Secretary effs and blinds but unlike Patel openly used vicious and violent language about Jeremy Corbyn saying she would stab him in the front. When Diane Abbott was being subjected to a daily barrage of racist and sexist bullying Jess Phillips who was chair of the Women’s PLP joined in the mocking laughter on TV about Diane and later boasted she had told Diane to F–k Off. When asked what Diane had done Jess Phillips replied with a grin “She F–ked off”
    Jess Phillips is not the only disgusting bully and hypocrite in the PLP ( there used to be 172 of them including Keir himself) Therefore he is probably scared to say too much in case Johnson retaliates in kind.

    1. Exactly Smartboy. Everyday we must hold the sabotaging mess that is Max Headroom to account. He was supported rabidly by and voted in by SH. It’s his mess🚭🚭🚭

  3. Sir Keir Starmer and Boris Johnson have way more in common than they should. The Labour party needs to de-Starmer itself very quickly. Very quickly indeed.

    1. Steve Richards….shes obviously a good looking women,but the eyes are ugly and give a clue to a troubled soul.I T must have took some manoeuvring inside the racist conservative and unionist party for a person of Asian background and a woman to rise through the ranks of the bigoted conservative and unionist party…but as always with the torys “The eyes have it” and thats a streak that can’t be hidden.

  4. Skwawkbox’s header photo of Johnson and Patel – has there ever been a single image more illustrative of Tory attitudes? I haven’t seen one and I look at pictures with a photographer’s eye.
    The smug self-satisfaction and unquestioning confidence in their divine right to those green seats they daily disgrace – is almost palpable.
    Jeezus, I wish I wasn’t opposed to the death penalty – those are two people in dire need of fucking shooting.

  5. Rather appropriately for ‘Bullying Week’ both Jess Philips and Priti Patel will be appearing on tonight’s BBC R4 ‘Any Questions’.

    1. My gosh😨 Extraordinary😨 And still…STILL well meaning inteligent people believe we can appease, compromise, unify and be chummy with those 1% enablers. The BBC & Starmer etc ENJOY provoking us. please Please PLEASE, i’m begging, we can NEVER relax with those creatures. Please. None of the chummy laughter with them like McDonald and Thornberry, and now Seamus Millne who started well as a regular guest on Talkradio post Headroom’s sabotage of Jeremy and deceiving his way to push Jeremy out. Since around 21st October, he has made the mistake of chumming with them. The result was earlier this week with Dan Wotton. Milne said he agreed with Starmer and Jeremy should accept a period of suspension “as a compromise” ie more one way appeasement.

      I am not saying be aggressive or passive aggressive. The interviews must be treated as PROFESSIONAL… BUSINESS. Be polite, yes. Once McD nervous laughs, or Thornberry giggles and chummy yucky desperate stuff starts, my toes curl and i feel worried… nervous. Its bound to end badly.

      The listener must be the focus. NEVER the host. The love me love me i’m one of you embarrassment of Thornbury excludes “the many”… very media bubble / cocktail party cliquish. McDonald’s forced laughter at nothing funny, sounds untrustworthy, even sinister like Twatson. Let those three carry on as they are. Only horror scripts have that… which never ends well.

      Fresh new people must replace them with a focus on the needs of the many, rather than a desperate sacrifice principles in desperation to join the 1% enabling brigade🌹🌹🌹

    2. Unfortunately they’ve changed the line-up.Jeremy Hunt has replaced Patel. I wonder why she’s hiding away.

  6. Stevedavidh Rather appropriately your boss the clown knight from Surrey,has been caught in a form of elderly abuse of the former leader of the Labour party Jeremy Corbyn.Maybe in launching bullying week of ordinary party members via CLPs with insulting and illegal suggestions on how to run a CLP he could concentrate his venom on the conservative and unionist party ,rather than attacking the heart of the Labour party the membership..Ps the name change from the notorious Steve H will not stop us smelling a Rat…!

    1. Carol O’Keeefe – Is that really the best you could manage to come up with?

      1. Thats a novel way of spelling Joseph OKEEFE,unless youre suggesting I am a cross dresser,My background is traceable and theres even a caption of me in the Surrey mirror many times when I was a councillor in Reigate and banstead.Also a BBC tv report on the effigy of me being burnt at the Anti Catholic pope burning fiasco in Lewes Sussex.I was also interviewed by BBC N.Ireland.Whilst I admit that I conceal my wherabouts to the evil threats and actions of the UVF to protect my wife children and grandchildren,but fortunately like myself we are now safely abroad.I dont know what you are suggesting but my posts are plain and simple to read without any deceit of who I actually am,its a shame that you are allowed to post under varios disguises to fool the readers.,but like you deciet is easily spoted on numorous sites.Ps dont try to ressurect the white flag man acussations about my identity because like white flag man you will end up with egg on your poisonous face….broad church brigade pathetic creep.Posting exclusively from the mekong delta..nearest rice field under a palm tree somwhere off the chinese Belt road Cambodia..!

      2. Carol O’Keefe – I’m simply pointing out the stupidity of your accusations of deception. Your account name is Carol O’Keefe (as can be seen by anyone) my account name is stevedavidh (this can also be seen by anyone) so please stop this pathetic childish nonsense.

      3. SteveH20/11/2020 AT 6:17 PM

        Resorting to your exhausted list of default answers for the cunteenth time…Obviously trhat’s all YOU’VE got.

        Just go away, you insufferable bellend.

      4. Steve H I told you my family were tareted and myself by the UVF and especially my daughter whos now settled in the usa after being assaulted by a gang of UVF in sleepy Sussex.You have no idea just what you are getting into and mentioning any of my familys names is not appreciated.You really are a snake arnt you and a lowlife recruit for the type of people I have fought against all of my life.Go away troll and stop the snide accusations that hold no credibility.I cannot believe that you couldn’t understand why I would not hold an acount in my name?OR his this another veiled threat Rat man.

      5. Joseph – Well thanks for the potted history and the histrionics but what the F’ does that have to do with me. I have simply pointed out that your your account name is Carol O’Keefe. It is there for everyone to see you numpty, all anyone has to do is click your name at the start of any of your comments.
        You should also bear in mind that you were the one who started this nonsense, so please don’t blame me when your own stupidity results in an outcome you weren’t expecting.

      6. Personally I couldn’t give a fuck who you say you are SteveH but what you are and what you represent is all to clear for all to see

      7. rob – Well thanks for your contribution but I am not going to apologise for being loyal to the Labour Party rather than a failed deity. I joined a political party not a religious cult.

      8. Steve H ..stevedavidh you have mentioned my wife of over fifty years Carol OKEEFE 4 times now,.I use my full name and have no intention of deceiving like you do.You must realise that whilst I post under a real name I seek not to hide my identity and many old comrades comment on seeing my posts…because they recognise my name and basic replys without the bad language,but just as cutting.Now mr judas H ,rat man you seek to destroy honest comments by jumbling up replys and comments across the internet under varios non deplumes and simply “made up names to confuse and also to support your knight and no doubt you are well paid for with members money by king RAT the knight.The explanation is simple to understand and explains why you do it..! TO DECIEVE and to confuse the posters.I noticed that windchimes was puzzled but quickly caught onto your poisonous game…Not all posters realise or as internet savy as you because they are not paid for their sincere veiws even when they post using a nondeplume its constant.Not swopped and changed as you do when youve been forced by your notorious made up names.You are a professional trickster snake oil salesmen and a poor one just like your knight and the rest of your misfits.Posting from Cambodia breakfast time care of the jungle just off the belt road…and with Carol OKEEFE and my granchildren that you can’t slag off.or demean you parasite.

      9. Joseph – You really need to get a grip of yourself you are talking complete and utter gibberish. Despite the fact that I’ve posted consistently using the same user-name on this and several other outlets for several years you have the nerve (without any evidence whatsoever) to accuse me of switching my name in order to deceive yourself and others. Then you try and guilt trip me with some stuff about the UVF whose relevance to you displaying the name Carol O’Keefe on your account page is only something you understand and has absolutely bugger all to do with anything I have written. The only one who has drawn attention to any of your past associations is you, you idiot.

  7. Law unto themselves. Getting away with the things thatcher used to click herself off about but never dared attempt.

    And stammer is doing his level best to emulate them.

    Imagine if stammer was ever let near the premiership; who thinks he would do anything any differently give the way the gobshite’s been acting since usurping the opposition leadership?

    He refused to prosecute two toerags who went on to hold prominent cabinet positions (one still does).

    As if he’d so much as scold one of his fellow establishment lackeys within his clique?!

    1. Toffee – Your understanding of the meaning of the word ‘usurping’ appears to be at odds with the dictionary definition.

      1. So fucking what, mister pedantry?

        Until you tell us what single ‘rag policy stammer’s opposed, and the difference between stammer and de piffle, then your words aren’t worth a carrot.

      2. Toffee – ….and yet here you are again, responding to my words 😏.

    2. Steve davih.Thats the fifth time you have mentioned my wife,and also the two fingered salute to her.You are obviously badly rattled that youve been exposed as a deceitful manipulating fraud.I don’t know how this continued deception and exposure will effect your wages from the knight,but it must be an eye opener for the membership to see how you casualty give the Two fingered abuse to my wife of fifty years because your knight uses membership money to pay you for your filthy language to my wife and intentionally put them in danger.Unfortunately for you they are no longer exposed to thugs and scum like you because we left the country a long time ago.One day you will get your just deserts but for now you can go away and play with your self as I am possitive you could not sustain any relationship with anyone Steve H?tell us your real name?Hayes ?Hobnob,Hayward?Go on mr? Tell us the name on the pay packet or is it Cash only?no questions asked?

      1. Joseph – I really can’t be arsed with your ridiculous accusations, feigned indignation and victim hood , pop-off back down your 🐰🕳 and play with yourself. 👋🏻. I’m bored with your self indulgent nonsense.

      2. SteveH21/11/2020 AT 7:55 PM
        Toffee – ….and yet here you are again, responding to my words 😏.

        Oh really…And?

        I said your words arent worth a carrot until you decide to tell us your version of the difference between stammer and de piffle, plus one single policy stammer’s opposed.

        I never once said I won’t stop pulling you up on your utter horseshit, so now you’ve got to try yet another all-too-easily-dismantled-tactic, yet again.

  8. Now this is what I call action , from the Bakers Union , and it’s democratic consultation of the membership to obtain the mandate to disaffiliate ,

    ” As a Union, we have been involved with representatives of the Labour Party across three centuries. Indeed, the first recorded meeting was with Keir Hardie in 1893, following a demonstration of journeymen in London. We also worked very closely with Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell in helping to shape Labour Party policy. However, despite the importance of Trade Unions and the inevitable current and post-Covid economic plight heading towards working people, today, we feel further away from having a political voice than ever. This being the case, the Executive felt at its recent meeting (ahead of any motions to Annual Conference to disaffiliate), that we should conduct a consultation with our membership. This will ensure that we are fully informed and mandated ahead of any decision to remain or leave the Labour Party.”

    The consultation will commence in January 2021.

    I look fwd to the CWU and FBU following and maybe even eventually Unite,,,, who knows .
    The leadership challenge is inevitable imo and can’t come soon enough.

    1. rob – Why the ‘consultation’ nonsense if they are serious why don’t they ballot their membership. If they do decide to disaffiliate then it could end up with the LW having 1 less seat on the NEC.

      1. I don’t engage in debate with utter cunts like you , I’ll piss on you and ridicule you , but engage in meaningful debate nahh ,, you are a waste of oxygen and as to trying to “out” the ID of someone who has been threatened by the UVF , then fuck you you are an appalling excuse for a human being , and no I’ll not be responding to you any further as I’ll not be sucked into your cessepit of subterfuge and disingenuous dissembling spinning bullshit.

      2. rob – Well TFFT, I wouldn’t want to waste my time either with someone who makes completely baseless accusations. I suggest in future you find out what you are talking about before jumping in with your ill-informed nonsense.

    2. Thank you for this Rob I was previously unaware of it. I hope the Bakers union leads the way and others especially our big donors like Unite follow though I know that Unite has already cut funding. We as individual members have limited power unless we use it collectively which is difficult given the party set up but the Unions simply by disaffiliating and withholding finance have the power to ensure that our mutual values are implemented and that people like Jeremy Corbyn are no longer bullied or intimidated by the leader, the PLP and Southside, that free speech is defended and dissenting voices are allowed to be heard.

  9. The definition of ‘bullying’ is – quite simply – Emotional Abuse. It, really, is that simple.

  10. George peel….You must have associated with some nice people,because in the real world .. Physical abuse and breaking bones is common and especially used by men to subdue women ts also used against children,the elderly and disabled people.Bullying doesn’t stop in the playground its all around us.

    1. Joseph o’keefe…there are four main categories of Abuse.

      Emotional Abuse.

      Physical Abuse.


      and, the MSM’s favourite because it helps to sell their rags

      Sexual Abuse.

      Then there are all the subcategories, of those four main categories.

      In Patel’s case, Bullying is, as I said, a subcategory of Emotional Abuse.

      Don’t try and lecture me, on Abuse.

  11. In 2018 there were said to be 6,230,000 union members in the UK – 3,560,000 in the public sector and 2,700,000 in the private sector.
    With three years of pay freezes threatened by Sunak there may be an opportunity here for a new party led by a coalition of all the leaders of all the unions – who this time would have no reason to compete with each other as they did in the “differential wars” of the 1970’s.
    The Tories’ lack of regard for the civil service has been made clear this week – without the cooperation of the civil service government is completely incapable of having its policies enacted – and a newly left wing civil service would finish off the Tories forever.
    It’s possible that a mild, temporary form of near-anarchy might ensue – even perhaps turn organisations into de facto unofficial workers’ cooperatives for a time like Upper Clyde Shipbuilders – the purpose being to keep those businesses out of the clutches of the greedy investors and bankers who demand ongoing rents and loan payments from businesses even while they’re prevented from trading.
    Investors are as a group too stupid to understand that they make more money in the long run by supporting their debtors through the worst trading circumstances in a century so that they recover instead of folding – shops empty for five years don’t make money and property values might fall very hard this time – a possible self-propelled crash.
    Interesting times.

  12. David McNivan you are correct that their maybe an opportunity for a new party.My parents and all of us felt the crash of the cotton industry,3shops in the same street and the mill at the end of the street employing most of the people in Eagley, Bolton Lancashire….Everything went over a period of a couple of months,.Customers on tick “couldn’t pay their bills and the bank would phone every few days…1950s Bolton booming,then collapse and it took our shops and cafe with it..At that time the Labour party was a different beast meaning not totally corupt,but at least there was a feeling of hope even after a crash….many like my parent’s got on their bike and moved south.(Ford Zodiac).There was always a better place a better option…but not so much now.I feel that the infrastructure is not there anymore and perhaps this time a real socialist alternative might have a chance,even in conservative minded Britaain.People after suffering will need hope and a future,and like after the war a party of the people a socialist party would stand a chance of being electable.But no doubt by then we will be pushing up daisys.

  13. Joseph, lots of us remember the bread and jam / bread and dripping years – with inflated population numbers it may be that there are even more in poverty today than there were back in the 1950s despite the tech & agricultural advances.
    There isn’t going to be employment in the future so an alternative to capitalism will be essential – the capitalists are stupid not to recognise that now, open up the tax havens and save themselves from being burned in their beds in ten years.

  14. David good points whilst I hidaway in obscurity,they dream of a bolt hole in a tropical paradise (tax free of course)….But what they hadn’t realised is that the natives get restless and theres no going back to “Bread and dripping days” even on a Caribbean island in the sun 🌞…or a Tropical paradise in the Pacific ocean…..If they wish to RESET the World then it wont be done without a fight even if I have to use my walking stick to beat them to death.

  15. Just read in the Independent that the Committee on Standards in Public Life has said it will “urgently” consider the question of whether the prime minister should remain the sole arbiter of breaches of the ministerial code of conduct.
    Well fucking duh.
    You need a fucking committee to tell you no boss gets to shout and swear at his employees?
    Those people seriously need a fucking slap.
    From a fucking employee.
    And Johnson needs his arse kicking the length of Downing Street while the media luvvies get theirs kicked along behind him.
    By the Supreme Court, naturally.
    Why? Because he’s attempting to overrule employment law on his own transient political authority and the media’s not challenging him – and that’s their job.

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