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Brent Central members overwhelmingly pass motion demanding whip restored to Corbyn

CLP also congratulates MP Dawn Butler for her clear statement of support

Labour members in London’s Brent Central constituency have sent an emphatic message to the party: restore Jeremy Corbyn’s parliamentary whip.

At a meeting tonight, the ‘CLP’ passed the following motion with only two delegates voting against:

Brent Central CLP welcomes the reinstatement of Jeremy Corbyn to the Labour Party.

We believe that Jeremy Corbyn is a man who has for decades championed powerfully the values of anti-racism, internationalism and solidarity, as both a Labour MP and the Leader of the Labour Party. We express our solidarity to him, and all those who have campaigned for his reinstatement.

We therefore deplore Keir Starmer’s unwarranted intervention to deny Jeremy Corbyn’s parliamentary whip. At a time when we should be fighting the pernicious effects of austerity, privatisation and failing capitalism, this decision – which does not seem to be grounded in truth nor justice – greatly damages the labour movement.

We call on Keir Starmer to immediately restore Jeremy Corbyn’s parliamentary whip.

The motion was drawn from CLPD’s model motion, the Islington North CLP emergency motion passed last night and the Socialist Campaign of Labour Councillors’ statement.

Many members congratulated their MP, Dawn Butler MP, for her statement calling on the whip to be restored to Jeremy Corbyn.

The groundswell of outrage and resolve among Labour members is growing – and is only likely to accelerate after the revelation that fourteen members of Labour’s National Executive Committee have written to party general secretary David Evans ordering him to rebuke Keir Starmer for his ‘deliberate political interference’ in Corbyn’s disciplinary process and for publicly undermining the NEC panel that followed independent legal advice in lifting Corbyn’s suspension.

Corbyn’s legal team has demanded that Starmer’s office hand over all communications relating both to the disciplinary outcome and the subsequent withdrawal of the Labour whip.

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    1. At last some definition of life in the “Left”♦️♦️♦️

  1. Many CLPs now voting motions in support of JC having the whip re-instated – contrary to that gossip writer Laura K.

    I imagine Starmers CLP wont allow it.

    I can’t express in words how heart lifting it is to see the left coming out swinging now instead of being that cowed beaten dog in the corner

    1. You and me both Foggy!!! Even i was feeling increasingly frustrated to the point of physical pain. Even now i’m worried the bigwigs will throw cold water on the passionate efforts of the members. We really must banish the supine approach from now on. It is so illogical to know the evil things Hodge, Starmer. Bliar, etc support and have promoted for decades without fail, yet think we should “unite” to help them have more wars. It makes no sense. weird in the extreme. Not knowing their nature would be an excuse but know it. we see it clearly. they don’t even try to hide it. So i’m relieved, nervous and puzzled. hoping for the best. 🎉🎉🎉

    2. I take it you yourself are not on the left given that you speak in terms of them being a separate entity from yourself. Anyway, could you give a few examples/instances of when ‘the left’ were cowering in the corner.

      Yeah, ‘foggy’ can’t express it in words, but then he DOES precisely THAT, and fraudulently impugnes the whole of the left in the process. Oh, and within a matter of a few minutes signpost – who just Happened to be up and about and just Happened to be on the site – happened to notice foggy’s comment, then throws in his tuppence worth of fascist shite. Yeah, what a coincidence eh! How very fortuitous for signpost! Just like the ‘father and son’ he happened to start talking to that time, who both just Happened to have the same views aboutf Jeremy as himself – ie that he wasn’t forceful enough etc, etc, etc.!

      Jeeze, it’s so fucking glaringly obvious that you are fucking shills, OR, more-than-likely, ‘foggy’ is one and the same shill as the ‘signpost’ shill just using a different ‘persona’ to spew forth the usual B/S so that ‘signpost could then post and agree with his secondary persona ‘foggy’.

      1. Allan Howard white flag man….cut ✂ out the snide comments and demotivating attacks against loyal socialist posters,Your nasty weasel ways are beginning to make me wonder if you are the “paid Shill”and not just a very confused 😕 and poorly individual.

    3. Great last paragraph. Is the lion flicking his tail? Forward! Regards ☮️

  2. I am proud of Dawn Butler, the Brent Central CLP and all those who have expressed support of the most honest, dignified, principled, anti-racist MP in existence, Jeremy Corbyn!

  3. Starmer had a Boulder pushed down the hill and forgot he was at the bottom. The injustice metered out to Jeremy by an incompetent General Secretary and a Leader with no principles or regard to the rules of the party. Shows only too well that the lunatics have taken over the asylum.

  4. Solidarity to Dawn Butler and Brent central CLP for standing up for Jeremy Corbyn ✊✊✊❤️🎉

  5. I would much rather see Dawn B as leader than Starmer. A woman with a soul rather than a hollowed-out time-server in a suit.

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