Labour’s and Starmer’s ratings tumble after Corbyn suspension

Public sees through

The public’s opinion of Keir Starmer and the Labour Party have taken a hit from their atrocious handling of the EHRC report and the suspension of Jeremy Corbyn, according to a YouGov poll.

The snap poll found that Starmer’s ‘favourability’ rating had dropped by seven points over the two days of the report and suspension, with Labour’s falling even further, by twelve:

The media have relentlessly spun the EHRC report – which blames most failings on headquarters staff who were viciously opposed to Corbyn’s leadership, as revealed in the leaked Labour report – against Jeremy Corbyn and gave Starmer the softest ride imaginable, including a free pass on the gaping holes in his excuses for suspending Corbyn from the party.

It seems the many members of the public see through it – while members of the party are leaving in droves.


  1. Hopefully their ratings fall through the floor. He and his shower of acolytes deserve nothing less.

    1. By suspending Jeremy Corbyn, Starmer was being true to his Zionist credentials – he was being vindictive.

      Just look what the Zionists in Israel do to Palestinians who object to being colonised by them, they get murdered in their tens of thousands.

      1. It’s not Zionist credentials. It’s AUTHORITARIAN credentials. He is like this on other issues. He put a black man in prison for 16 months for “burgling” an ice cream (burglary carries a longer max sentence than theft) from a patisserie that was looted in the 2011 riots.

        The Zionism comes from authoritarianism, but it is not the whole picture alone. British, leftist Jews *need* you to understand this distinction. For their safety.

      2. Mark Richardson, Zionism and Authoritarianism are entirely separate. I don’t believe Starmer is necessarily authoritarian, he is a careerist and will do whatever he thinks will further his future prospects. He is forensic in examining his own best options.

      3. Jack T, I don’t believe Starmer behaving the way he does has anything to do with Zionism, but him being authoritarian.
        Starmer is doing what he promised he will do: unite the Party. He never told us that he was going to unite the Party by getting ride of any members of the PLP that don’t agree with him. I fear Corbyn’s suspension isn’t going to be the only one, more will follow.
        Starmer knows that the elections in May next year are going to be a disaster, he wants to ensure that when he is forced to resign as leader, the left within the PLP would be weaken enough no to be able to put forward a left candidate.

      4. Yes Maria, Starmer’s masters are preparing David Milliband to replace Keith. They are deliberately hoping the PLP & membership will be culled so Milliband can carry out their instructions without resistance.

        They prepare and strategise. Listen to the parade of Streeting, Blunkett etc from the very minute the 2019 election results they worked for was being confirmed. They were out if the traps creating the narrative that Jeremy destroyed the party so badly that it would be a long time before it can win again.

        They KNOW the obvious that you cannot expect the general public to believe your side if they have not heard it. It was weeks before i heard a single of Jeremy’s PLP supporters or union big wig rebutt that lie.

        ABSENCE s i l e n c e. DEFEATIST
        a f r a i d PATHETIC w h i t e f l a g AH advice.

      5. ps Maria, that should be Yes Maria, i agree with you.🌹🌹🌹

      6. Maria, you make a good point but I think you’ll find that Starmer doesn’t penalise everyone who disagrees with him. He only appears to be vindictive against anyone in the Party who HE has deemed to be antiSemitic. Could it be that he is using his Zionist beliefs upon which to base those judgements?

      7. Starmer has been implicated in allegedly vindictive behavior before.

        Remember the Twitter Joke Trial fiasco?

        CPS staff wanted to drop it but Starmer wanted to victimise Chambers until CPS staff apparently found a way of dumping it.

        It has been claimed by sources talking to the Guardian that staff at the Crown Prosecution Service had been in favour of dropping the case, to the point of informing Chambers, via his solicitor, that they would not oppose the final appeal, but had then been overruled by their head of service, the Director of Public Prosecutions, Keir Starmer.[31] Chambers’ MP, Louise Mensch, called for a House of Commons committee to investigate Starmer’s behaviour.[31] However the CPS said the decision was out of Starmer’s hands as it was a crown court decision.

      8. This is a must view by eveyone reading ir commenting on this article.

        Jeremy’s suspension is purely political snd will definitely destroy the party to the extent that it will be very many years before the Labour Party will ever be elected again.

        The opportunity was there under CORBYN but the country was hoodwinked by the right wing media and right wing members of the Labour Psrty of which Starmer was a chief offender!

      9. Agree with Mark R. and Maria V. on this. Further, I have appealed to Jack T. about his obsession long before, in the hope that he might try and widen his focus a tad, but to no avail. Interesting to note that one of the the many voices raised in protest in the JVL against Starmer’s treatment of Corbyn was by a poster who identified themselves as ‘Zionist’. Make of this what you will, but as I said previously, looks like it might mean different things to different people doesn’t it? In any case the substantial point is precisely the one made in the comments made by Maria and Mark.

      10. Paulo, for far too long in the Labour Party, Zionists have been given a free pass. Do you actually know what Zionism is and why it is so dangerous to allow it’s adherents to have any influence in the Labour Party? There is NOTHING benign or acceptable with this racist ideology and it should not be accepted in any form in a Socialist Party. We have already seen the damage Zionism has done to Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party, solely to protect the racist State of Israel.

        Zionists know that if the ideology of Zionism gets discussed widely they will lose their influence in the Party, this is the reason they target antiZionist Jews to get them suspended and expelled from the Party. By supporting or in any way making excuses for the Zionists you are turning your back on our Jewish Socialist comrades.

      11. Yes but think of what Potty mouth and Stiletto etc had to go through when they were picking up their wages, expenses, appearance fees etc. Dread to think. Come and get me JC, BOD whomever. Sick of it, to the pit of my stomach. Blair, Mandelson and his chaffeur, pretend hard Burnley boy, the lot of them.

    1. My belief is that Starmer always intended to do this and decided in advance of the report coming out that this would his ideal opportunity. Would have thought this is clear to anyone paying attention.

      Reminiscent of the chicken coup, when it was decided prior to the referendum that they would try to oust Jeremy irrespective of the outcome. They had two sets of excuses prepared in advance.

    2. Joe Robson, do pigs fly? I don’t believe for a second David Evans would have suspended Corbyn from the Party without knowing 100% that Starmer would back him up.

    3. He had everything, absolutely everything to do with it. He was the decision maker. Ian Lavery confirmed that in his tweet. He is trying to distance himself from the decision because it has spectacularly backfired on him. What Stalin Starmer hadn’t banked on of course, was that the British Public would fight back against this decision. He was acting under the instructions of the BOD that’s for sure. It wasn’t an off the cuff decision. I will say this, the MSM, JLM, CAA and the BOD are guilty of hate crimes against Corbyn. It is pure hatred that is emerging. Nothing rational. Look at one member of the BOD said that they had ‘slaughtered’ Corbyn and he was laughing. It is, without exception, a hate campaign Starmer is waging against Corbyn and any left wing member of the Labour party. Had of course, Corbyn been Jewish, this campaign of sustained irrational hatred would have been all over the press. So, the BOD, JLM, Starmer and the MSM are safe in the knowledge that, on this hate campaign, nothing will ever be done.

  2. Absolutely appealing that Starmer is has suspended Jeremy Corbyn who is worth a dozen starmers. But I’m staying to fight these utterly undemocratic Labour leader and most of the shadow cabinet.

    It’s seems that this utterly weakling of leader and shadow cabinet are not working for the people but there own greedy ends, someone needs to challenge Starmer. We all need to work together and fight for our socialist Labour Party.


    1. For those Labour members feeling so deeply outraged they are ready to quit, here is an important point that I think was discovered by jvl. If you contact Labour to request cancilation of your membership after casting your NEC vote they will void your vote. But if instead you just cancel your direct debit your vote is counted. I am not even a Labour member, but I can see the vital importance of trying to salvage the NEC voting for Left slate candidates; otherwise you are playing directly into Trojan horse Starmer’s hands.

      1. You have made an important point. Starmers calculating that he can win the NEC by getting the left members to leave pronto. I also wonder if Evans plea for assistance at HQ is actually to speed up the leaving of left wing members toremove their vote to enable the winning of the NEC. Could Starmer also be seeing it as a the right time to try and remove the figurehead of the Socialist Labour group and remove its teeth. A cynical immoral move.

      2. bedroc56, I agree with you that most likely reason for Evans plea for assistance is to remove votes before the 12th November, Hence, to increase the chances of Best for Labour’s slate to elect most of its candidates to the NEC rather than less.
        Of course, Starmer is removing the teeth from the Socialist Campaign Group, they appear terrified. You only have to read the statement of Nadia Wittome supporting Corbyn but at the same time stating that he was wrong to make the statement.
        So Starmer is sending a strong message: if you wish to remain a Labour MP you do as I told you, stray from the line I mark and I will withdraw the Labour whip from you..
        The irony is that Starmer would go for them all the same, I am not going to be surprise if Starmer was to engineer for Nadia Wittome and other Labour MPs in the Socialist Campaign Group to have their whip remove sometime before 2024 so they cannot stand under a Labour banner at the next General Election.I believe they are deluding themselves if they believe that Starmer is going to allow them to remain in the Party.

      3. Time to go they’re on a different game board. Wasting your energy
        Please leave this is a shit show

    2. Martin Mcevoy Well done and I admire determination.But you forgot to mention along with the knight and the shadow cabinet the PLP..NEC and HQ including most employees.But at least you will get some backing from the Socialist members numbering a handful within the PLP.Do move quickly as most socialists will soon be witchunted out of the party.SH will be collecting lists and many more urged to inform by Digger Evans( witchfinder general)And dont expect any more dangerous support from comrades than Chris Williamson and Ken recieved…..they have a nasty habbit of being invisible when called upon….solidarity comrade and wish you well.

    3. Hi Martin, why stay and fight? Starmer has, since becoming the leader of the PLP (unfortunately he suffers from a serious delusion that he runs the entire Labour party), has set about, at the request of the BOD and JLM and CAA, getting rid of all left wing MPs and members. I haven’t heard him yet, ever in fact, express any disgust at the continued torture, subjugation, dehumanisation and severe oppression of the Palestinians by the Israeli Government.

      Staying and fighting will achieve nothing. As Chris Williamson said in his interview with RT UK, the Labour Party is a joke under Starmer, it hasn’t got anything in it now that distinguishes it from the Tories. The Unions supporting Corbyn members such as your goodself should now look to starting a new, proper, Socialist Party. Yes, let’s call it the People’s Socialist Alliance Party. Yes, get the word socialiasim out there in a positive sense. At this present time, the British Public has no faith in Starmer and none in Johnson. Now is the time to win hearts and minds to socialism.

  3. Starmer is stealing our future. The only hope in the current Rightwing shit storm was the Labour Party, now he’s trashed it through to 2024 and beyond. He can never be forgiven.

  4. I posted earlier that Jeremy’s suspension could backfire on Starmer and it seems I may have been right. I think most decent people irrespective of their political leanings don’t like to see blatant injustice but Starmer and his shadow cabinet and front bench fail to realise this,
    Another factor that they fail to take into account is that many people admire Jeremy ( 14 million voted for Labour under his leadership in 2019 despite the wall to wall vilification of him) and over the years he has always stood up for the oppressed, the underdog, People now see how he has been treated appallingly and this may well cause them to feel disgust and revulsion at the party leadership. Maybe I’m wrong – I hope not – but the Opinion poll quoted on Skwawkbox seems to bear me out.

    1. I hope you’re right Smartboy, though I have a feeling it will be a one week wonder that Starmer is prepared to roll with until the heat dies down and he can continue with his purge and reshaping the Labour party into a nonentity organisation
      (in his own image and likeness) roughly resembling the Tories but lacking their conviction. Labour under Starmer is very much a case of the bland leading the bland. And there seems to be really precious little of the aforementioned ‘heat’ which really does not augur well. If McCluskey and the Labour left don’t rouse themselves and go for the jugular over this, the term ‘Labour left’ going forward will have just about as much credibility as ‘Tory rebels.’

      1. Reply to Noel Stevenson 12
        I agree with you up to a point Noel and it wouldn’t be so bad if Starmer and Co were just bland. They are not – there are many deeply unpleasant people in the PLP who have been promoted to the front bench or shadow Cabinet since Starmer was elected leader- Jess Phillips who shamed us by criticising Boris Johnson for his intemperate speech when she used violent and foul mouthed speech herself causing well deserved allegations of hypocrisy, the begrudging Rachel Reeves who is so smallminded that she cannot bring herself to praise anyone for anything if they are left of centre, the appalling Lisa Nandy who helped run Owen Smith’s divisive campaign with its apparent scorched earth policy- we are going to lose so lets inflict the maximum damage possible. These people and others like them abstain when they should oppose and wouldn’t know a principled position if it jumped up and bit them on the behind. So Noel when you think of all the ambitious unprincipled right wing careerist we have to deal with bland is not that bad.
        I do agree with you completely that Len and the others have to do something meaningful and fast – like withholding funding until Jeremy is reinstated.

    2. Just for the record, it was just under 12.9 million people voted Labour in 2017, and just under 10.3 million last year.

      But I expect there’s a few million more now who are wishig they HAD voted for Jeremy!

  5. Whistling in te dark to keep our spirits up, Skwawkie. Anyone wanting to see why Starmer is, so far at least, in no danger from the pathetic Left response to his clearly long-planned suspension (and eventual expulsion) of Jeremy Corbyn (even if Jeremy grovels for forgiveness at his absolutely true one liner ‘offence’) , need only view this pathetic discussion of Corbyn’s suspension by those two Left Liberal lovvies, Walker and Bastani, on Novara Media last evening :

    Walker and Bastani, those woke poseurs, seriously think Starmer ‘is basically centre Left’ – but ‘trapped with the Labour Right ‘ ! , This is the same Keir Starmer who is the chosen creature of the Trilateral Commission – and a well-documented very Right Wing DPP ! According to Walker and Bastani it is basically all Jeremy’s fault for being so rude as to point out the factional politics behind the exaggerated misrepresentation of Labour’s anti-Semitism problem ! And Len McCluskey, too, seems to think it is all just a ‘mistake’ by Starmer and co AND Jeremy, that a few kind words can smooth over . As for the Socialist Campaign Group – what a cowardly bunch – weasel words from em all (including Jeremy’s old Comrade – the slippery John McDonnell) – with the partial exception of Ian Lavery. They’ll all be no doubt currently pressuring Jeremy to recant his perfectly true comment, and make nice to Starmer and his Right Wing goons – whereas in fact this is no ‘unfortunate misunderstanding’ but a long pre-planned start to a purge of the Labour Left – including the cowardly Campaign Group of MPs who think they can accommodate to this triumphalist Starmerite Right – and then get back to the good old days of comfortable pseudo Left posing from the back benches – whilst the Labour Party marches off ever further into Tory-lite Blairism – as the cowardly Bennite PLP Left did in the 1980’s too.

    1. I was with you until you said “the cowardly Bennite PLP” Hmm, I wonder what a Zionist like you could have against Tony Benn?

      1. You are a sad, obsessed, nutcase, Jack T. Take your meds and you wont see ‘Zionists under the bed’ for a few hours at least.

      2. jpenney a Zionist reverting to type when you have no defense.

        To defend the racist State of Israel, Zionists have robbed Britain of someone who had the potential to be our best PM ever.

      3. Jackanory….what’s the significance of forty-four to one?

        How many more clues do you need for chrissakes?

        Forty-four to one…. It’s NOT difficult.

        You accuse just anyone and everyone of zionism for the ‘crime’ of putting you right, but you run a mile from answering a question that would prove you know what you’re talking about.

        Be a mensch. Tell us the answer – or admit you haven’t a fucking clue who’s a Zionist – or, what indeed constitutes one.

      4. Totally agree. Tony Benne said Jeremy Corbyn was his favourite MP, they were often pictured together. You could have said instead Blairite PLP>

      5. Jack T, I suspect that for most of the people you accuse of being Zionists, Israel is very low on their list of concerns.
        It appears to be the first thing you think of when you wake, all you think about all day and the last thing you think about at night.
        Zionism is not our only enemy.
        Do you actually have any opinions on anything else?

      6. David McNiven, you really don’t get it do you? Or maybe you do and are just trying to generate another smoke screen. Zionism is THE most important enemy Socialists and the Labour Party have to face.

        It was Zionism that led to the founding of the racist State of Israel and the slaughter of many thousands of Palestinians which is still going on today.

        If the Labour Party gets anywhere near becoming a Socialist Party with a chance of forming a government, if Zionists have the chance, they will destroy it as we have just seen.

        They are not playing around as shown in “The Lobby” documentary. They have the interests of the racist State as their number one priority and do not hesitate to use their ‘nuclear weapon’ of ‘antiSemitism’ against anyone, including Jews, who oppose them.

        It is for this reason I keep ‘going on’ about Zionism, not enough people in the general public or the Labour Party are aware of its nature and aims. It has nothing to do with Judaism, indeed it is an enemy.

        The racist State has a whole government department to promote it’s case and seed blogs such as this with diversions and pro Zionist comments when Zionism is under attack. See link below. The classic Zionist diversion is “l support the Palestinians and criticise Israel but what about …. bla bla bla”.We’ve seen these comments time and time again from the Zionist JLM and LFI, including the falacious support for the Two State Solution which the Isreali Zionists would never allow.

        Avigail Abarbanel, Jewish psychologist, said: ‘Zionism is a mental illness….. It is a symptom of a deeper problem, the delusional belief that you have rights which do not exist’

        It is this delusion which as Socialists is our greatest enemy. It led to Britain’s illegal invasion of Iraq under Blair and the undermining of Jeremy Corbyn and prospect of a Socialist Labour government.

        So please don’t lecture me about trying to highlight the lethal dangers of Zionism. Instead, go and find out its true origins and how it was opposed by Jews at the time who wanted nothing to do with it.

      7. “Zionism is THE most important enemy”
        No Jack T, it isn’t.
        You’re thinking far too small – neoliberalism is far bigger than mere Zionism – the mega-rich with their wholly-owned politicians and MSM are the real global threat.
        Either we stop them subverting democracy very soon or our children will be serfs.

      8. David McNiven “neoliberalism is far bigger than mere Zionism”

        It wasn’t neoliberalism which destroyed Corbyn it was Zionism.

        Socialism can handle and oppose neoliberalism very effectively when the right people fight for it. But when you have Zionists within the management of the Party, particularly when they have been given the job of policing the membership and their plan is to destroy the Leader, they become the major enemy.

      1. Take a hike , poetrymuseum. Whoever you are. The official Skwawkbox censor ? Or just a pathetic keyboard warrior with a blue crayon ? If you want to defend that troll serial purveyor of old conspiraloon anti-Semitic memes, Jack T, you go ahead, matey. But explain why you think Jack T’s constant evocation of conspiraloon ‘Zionist conspiracy’ nonsense is OK on a Left site.

  6. I wonder if the correct response is to call for the resignation of Evans (given that Starmer has deftly shifted the blame onto him)..

    1. syzygysue, “the correct response is to” do what should have been done decades ago. We must stop the PATHETIC culture of hoping for people whose actions DEMONSTRATE over and over and over that they despise us and our aims. In OUR party organise and act to return X 1000 times, the “loyalty” Starmer & Co planned and executed against us all.
      Check your NEC ballots. In all other ballots, NEVER give 2nd pref votes for undesirables. That’s how Starmer slipped in.

      We need to raise our expectations and operation and ATTITUDE. It is amateur and TOTALLY incoherent with the virtuous aims. Noising about issues but compromising and appeasing at every turn.

      Eg: When i heard McCluskey – threaten – to reduce funding – by a paltry amount, my heart sank. I suspect Starmer & co popped corks with delight.
      The threats are hollow. They know it. McCluskey knows it. His very late appearance with limp words yesterday PROVED it.

      Starmer & co’s vile acts have been clear for YEARS. Threats to defund, imply that one expects them to change. PATHETIC‼️‼️‼️

      We need a withdrawal of ALL funding with out warning.

      We should not just call for resignations of any ONE person. Many are in the cabal. We should demand the EXPULSIONS of ALL those who sabotaged the election.

      AND we should work to bring that about in every possible way. It takes collective effort.

      LEARN from the infesting parasites. Yes they lack any care for our country and party, but they are certainly organised. In my CLP they are an oiled DETERMINED multi headed snake.

      Clearly we are not snakes. You only read most of the posters here and listen to Jeremy. BUT it is written “you must be cunning as serpents and guileless as doves.” My interpretation of that is: face reality. Don’t try to have soup with a fork.
      Don’t repeat errors. All the banging pots, flag waving, protests, symbolic statements, solidarity in protests but ZERO actions based on REALITY are USELESS.

      That is why most protests and marches fail. CND, Iraq War, HS2, Extinction Rebellion, Occupy, Poll Tax ( because the problems remain RENAMED. WHY? Because the essence of protest is that we must ask the bandits in power to throw us crumbs.

      That is what i mean by defeatist culture. It may seem lively and comradely but it saps all energy into making what the status quo hears as noise.

      It is WE who must govern to implement the changes we want. We must use our scarce energies for that. Let anyone look back over history and tell me, which protests and appeasements have succeed here in this country❓ Overall have we had less Tory banditry or as i see it banditry with a venengance❓ Just look at the exploitation of Covid-19 by SERCO et al❓

      Just look at Starmer and Co. Only White Flag Maniac Allan Howard is still spreading his CAN’t Do mantra. After all, especially the last four years, expect Jeremy, McCluskey & McDonald to keep calling for “CALM”, “CALM DOWN”, “WORK TOGETHER” to put WICKED LIAR SIR KEITH STARMER in Downing Street.

      I’m sorry. That just does not wash. It is an insult and tantamount to treating us as fodder. Spout virtuous words but when it comes to the crunch appease, beg, whine and placate. Has anyone heard Burgon?Shami? Thornberry? Pidcock? RLB… ??? No me neither.

      jpenney is partly right. Battered Wife Syndrome. BUT the battered wife is in a state of perpetual hope. She does NOT fight. She appeases for decades. The batterer KNOWS she will. With a different attitude, advice and resolve, she would FIGHT, kick the abuser out of her house and CHANGE THE LOCKS, and NEVER let the vermin back despite the pleading.

      But it takes huge effort to break victim habits and attitudes. That’s the source of White Flag Man’s fanatical frantic DON’t do attitude comes from. Habitual fear and appeasement. It is a sort of mental illness, a loop of habit and panic thinking.

      Worse yet, the closed circle of contacts means ZERO fresh input.Note how Allan Howard shrieks at various posters who says anything different. It is shame to admit he could be wrong + desperate panic. So he calls everyone shills.

      He knows and is embarrassed that he delivered this injustice to Jeremy. Appease, hide, deliver the knives, sharpen them, wait until the knife is at your neck… then appease again, urge your army of defenders 500,000 strong to stay “calm”. White Flag Man virus spread by an AH.

      1. (signpost) Yes to all. Labour are a sad pathetic lot now. Appeasement has become the default position, a very bad habit inducing impotence. White Flag Man (love it!) indeed. Chris Williamson said that and was immediately set upon and hounded out to appease the MSM, the Tories, and of course the Hodge -faced enemy within. Oh the irony. The Labour Party is not going to be the vehicle for change this country so badly needs.

        (and wot’s wrong with us snakes then?)

      2. thanks noel. Nothing against snakes. We are advised to “be as cunning as serpents and guileless as doves”. My interpretation is: naivety is not a virtu. It is STUPID AHolery ie Allan Howard’s White Flagger virus.

        The dove is innocent, symbol of peace. We should work for those. We don’t if we enable … in fact strengthen the enemies of peace IN ANY WAY. In other words we must not be stupid.

        To expect milk and honey and support from vermin is STUPID. It does not mean one is stupid. We all do stupid things due to complex reasons. Bad advice, limited listening, habit, fear, battered wife syndrome, cult syndrome, silo bunker culture, fixations, displacements, interpreting challenging a different view as CONFLICT so run away and hide OR listen but give no rebuttal for fear it makes a “conflict”.

      3. And as you commented before, it’s important to learn from hisstory (‘specially for us snakes!). Starmer is better at this than the ‘left.’ As you also said, he knows they’ll back off.

      4. noel, that’s the sad part, SH’s Keith knows they will back off. They know the habit. Very strange. Stranger still is the response to any suggestion to change out culture / expectations / attitude. Maybe because i’m comparatively new, the bizarre stuff jumps out at me. The repetition of errors. Despite much evidence, thinking a new party will not have the same attitudes, led by the person who nominated Twatson for a peerage and allowed McNicol to get one.

        To be the party is like a hospital with the infrastructure / equipment / staff etc Surely if those are poorly used, the fault is not the “hardware” but the failure of the people to make the right choices. But i’m glad to have gotten involved. I’v learnt lots re “HOW the 1% get away with it.”

      5. windchimes – “NEVER give 2nd pref votes for undesirables. That’s how Starmer slipped in.”

        No it isn’t, Keir Starmer won the leadership election with an overall majority in the first round,

      6. Burgon WON 1st prefs in my CLP your Keith crept in with 2nd prefs. I expect same in other CLPs and recent NEC nominations. Thus Keith was foisted on the wider membership. Yesterday on LBC a male caller before JVL’s Mike, spoke passionately about how hurt he feels at being deceived by Starmer The members were deceived. Made easier by appeasement by Jeremy putting him in the Shadow cabinet.

      7. windchimes – That may have happened in a few CLPs BUT when you take into consideration that Keir Starmer was nominated by 57% of CLPs your objections lose traction.

      8. Because after he slipped through, SIR Keith Starmer LIED‼️
        Your Keith DECEIVED the wider membership. That was made easy because my supposed lot in the PLP and leadership team HID, kept their heads down, GAVE power and platform and access to Twatson and YOUR Starmer to shaft THOUSANDS of members and Jeremy. There was no rebuttal so the wider membership understandably, a bit, thought as Jeremy & Co trusted him, Starmer could not be as vile, duplicitous, dishonest, Right Wing, repellant disgusting, oily, austerity supporting, BloJob enabling, Cumcums preferring, nasty, n a s t t , N A S T Y ghastly, Iraq War loving, clampit Bastard. But alas he is not White Flag Man. He is not appeasing us. And he does not need to appease his masters. He shares their aims and they organise and work to bring their wicked about and continue what already brings pain and suffering to many.

        They neither need our money nor our love. They are not desperate to be loved by the many. Their only concern is to filch more wealth to the 1% and exploit the many… sometimes just for the fun of it like Smithy Duncan Smithy man. They focus on their basic greedy aims. They have no pathetic fancies of “bringing the party together”.

        Their Gorgon heads are screwed on and prepared to strangle us to death. While those in whom we put our trust squandered it. Took it for granted. Insulted us with “Constructive Ambiguity”, despite a sequence of unambiguous DEMOCRATIC votes. Why? Answer to appease. To play happy families with demons.

        At the ready to defend. But told to “stay calm”. PATHETIC. More astonishingly pathetic are the suggestions to bake a new glorious cake with the same pathetic damp ingredients. P A T H E T I C ‼️‼️‼️

        I will tell you what it is. You see it in animals. The predators circle with stealth and their prey clump in a terrified tighter circle. They are picked off. They are not dumb. Tis just dumb habit.

        If the response to Starmer is to apologise and keep calm or to bake a new cake with the same ingredients, then we are asking the wrong question or no question at all, just habit. A habit of virtuous pissing in the wind … upwind

      9. Change the record ffs signpost….. Oh, sorry, I forgot yur trying to brainwash everyone with by endlessly repeating the same things.

        So anyway, who was this ‘individual’ you were speaking about the other day, the one the LP didn’t respond to forcefully and robustly because they had a jellied weakness problem…. when Jeremy – who broke your heart when he gave KS a position in the shadow cabinet – was leader, wasn’t it?

      10. fuck off u tosspot Allan Howard White Flag Prick & Shill Hunter weirdo.

      11. Poll tax was a victory for us, but everything else that you have written is spot on. Keep posting till it hurts because I think that your points are important and timely. Best to you and comrades everywhere.

      12. Thanks alexanderscottish. In all areas of life, a sound bite may be useful in marketing change. But WHAT change and HOW cannot be analysed and developed in soundbites.
        Synchronicity struck yesterday though. About 37 minutes after after posting, heard a lady economist on LBC saying what i suggested. Poll Tax replacement Council Tax is regressive. In many ways, including lowest where the wealthiest 1% live eg Chelsea & Westminster. Highest in any area where councils need the most money to spend on the vulnerable. That’s why Tory governments have been shipping poor residents from the likes of C&A to poor areas where Council Tax is high to pay for all the vulnerable.

        It is Flat in each area so , money down the sofa for the 1% but putting food on the table for many.
        Yes Poll Tax riots forced a change but because we are NOT in government, it was reStarmard, reKeithed, re gelled as a package equally unjust and pernicious by those who WERE and REMAIN in government.

        If even it were a true success, it would have been one in 60 years. Alas it is not. Tories, in government, replaced it with a tax as bad and or worst for the most vulnerable eg Bedroom Tax.

      13. Fair does. It really felt like one at the time though. Of course you’re right the bastards weren’t going to let it go but for a moment they were shaken and stirred. I live in hope , forlorn undoubtedly, that we will win. All best wishes to you and yours.

  7. The tactic worked on me.. I left got my nec vote in first though. Still not coming back socialism is always being frustrated by the Labour Party.
    Pure and ineffective. Yep that’s me.

  8. For the future we must NEVER have appeasement / compromise with the Right. N E V E R SteveH.
    N E V E R ‼️‼️‼️
    Oh and NEVER have silence absence and a failure to nip problems in the bud. NEVER leave problems thinking they will disappear.
    This week proves that. SH it is clear that u and your lot know that already.

    My lot confuses aims with effectiveness. Because calm /sedate / zen / gentleness etc are admired it is assumed by too many, those are sufficient for change.

    A misunderstanding of “COMRADELY” and “SOLIDARITY” are curses on the left. What sort of comrade refuses to say what needs to change to improve? What sort of solidarity includes failing to protect your foot soldiers? Whispering sweet words in the bunker but at crucial moments on the field … POOF🗯 Vanish ??? s i l e n c e wait for things to calm down then give it a year if forced.

    From the get go, the internal report should have been acted upon. Money was raised to fight. Any action???

    We have a HUGE set of problems. Key ones include a failure to step back and assess our acts and culture. Another is settling into DECADES of of appeasement and settling for crumbs.

    Brown did it, Miliband same. Brown trusted the Iraq monster until the end… probably still hopes to be loved and embraced by Mandelson and Iraq Blair.

    It is not easy but it is POINTLESS to expect to achieve change by continuing with the pathetic wet limp unreflective timid attitude. Dump that or we will be forever pissing in the wind.

    1. Oh ffs signpost, stick a sock in it! How many hundreds of times have you repeated this same old B/S now during the past year or so since you first started posting on here. It’s gotta be three to four hundred times!

  9. It is a mistake to expect good faith from the right of the Party. Whether it is the chicken coup PLP, foot dragging compliance unit, HQ diverting election funds or forensic Starmer willfully misquoting Corbyn, they are clearly not on the same side working towards the same ends. Being nice to them does not work.

    The sooner the left accepts these realities and plans accordingly, the better.

    That probably means control of the NEC and deselecting MPs en masse or starting a new party with backing from some large unions.

    Expect extreme hostility from the “Jewish Community” and MSM. Counter with human rights, democracy and clear party processes.

    At the moment we have a corrupt country.

    1. Dave, the hostility will not from the ‘Jewish Community’ they are a diverse group of many different opinions. It will come from the ‘Zionist Community’ be they Jews or otherwise who see anti-racism as a threat spotlighting their racist philosophy of dispossessing Palestinians from their land and homes. This is why they did not go all out to support Black Lives Matter which could very well be turned into Palestinian Lives Matter.

      1. I think that he used quotation marks to prove the point that you made. Could be wrong because I’m thick.

    2. Dave, are any people one homogenous group. It is inaccurate. Wrong. Further it allows DEVIDE and RULE which is a very effective means of controlling people. Get people to accept that they are X or Y “Community” then recognise a so called “Community Leader” for whom no one has voted. That has been used all over all empires. Palestine is a typical eg. All over the Middle East especially. All over Africa. The Europeans drew the borders of African countries and the Middle East with a ruler. Gertrude Bell did it re what is now called Iraq. They were drawn to isolate minorities so they would have an incentive to remain in control as proxies for the 1% to profit from the resources and labour of others.

      All over the world there are struggles to dominate and out-prosper others, be it Hindus, Buddhists, Catholics, Muslims, think China, India, Vietnam, all over Europe. BTW There are BILLIONAIRES in India and China. To which “Community” do they belong?

      Would you like to be lumped as belonging to one homogenous “community”? And have people popping up to say they speak on your behalf? I think not. The latest one is BAME. Who invented that? Black Community, White Community, Asian Community Jewish Community how absolutely rediculous that all those ridiculous labels have been
      accepted. Please escape that trap. It serves no good purpose.🌹🌹🌹

      1. ps i agree with everything else you said though. Shows how complex humans are. All the more reason not to lump people.🌹🌹🌹

      2. Plenty of sympathy from me re your dislike of labels signpost, but in fairness to Dave, perhaps there was some irony intended in his use of inverted commas for “Jewish Community”.

  10. I’ve been racking my poor old brains for the opposite of ‘forensic’ (adj) and can’t find it.
    The thesaurus only has theoretical, unrhetorical, circumstantial and incontrovertible – none of which are true antonyms of forensic as anyone can see.
    I’m forced to conclude that there is no antonym of forensic.
    Further, since I believe I’m the discoverer of this anomaly, I also believe I have the right to choose the word.
    Henceforth the lack of any forensic ability whatever shall be called ‘Starmerism’ (noun) ‘Starmerist’ (adj).

    1. How about: Keitharism Starmeritis (noun)
      Starmershithouserist (Teutonic like adj)

      1. Keitharistarmeritis

      2. Allan Howard toss off and deliver your nuts and cheese to Sir Keith Starmer. MaxHeadroom might give u the seeing to u crave.

  11. Okay so can we all PLEASE drop the Zionist BS!

    OK, to be clear, I’m not in anyway belittling the Palestinian cause… there defiantly are Right wing nut jobs in the Israeli government who’s actions are both authoritarian and racist and who pose a very real threat… but that word is, I think, a big issue here.

    From what I’ve read, most of you are using Zionist as a short hand for ‘extreme right wing political Zionist acting for, or within, the current or past Israeli government’ and that’s fine i accept that most of you are not racist in anyway!
    The problem is… others use the word Zionist as short hand for ‘jew.’

    To be honest Zionist has hundreds of meanings and the use of this word is a automatic turn off to thousands of people, Jewish, Christian, Rastafarian or secular who either identify as some form of zionist or who identify the word as racist.

    And again i get it!

    I’m not saying there isn’t a political issue that we need to discuss, but imagine for a second… you went on a message board full of Green party activist who where all describing their political opponents (many of whom happened to be black) as the n*bomb… I’m guessing, no matter how reasonable the explanation for the use of that word, most of you would still suspect they where all just bunch of racists!

    As the left we are usually pretty good at language. We expect the liberals and the right-wingers to change their language to respect different cultures, creeds and races, even if it was once an ‘acceptable’ term… So I’m asking why are WE still using that?

    Also to be frank, it opens up the door to all sorts of dog-whistle racists spouting their Jewish world conspiracy BS! Which again, if your a reasonable person reading some of the reasonable comments and well thought out arguments about the involvement of lobbyist from foreign nations having a political influence in other countries then… BOOM… you are suddenly turned off by some random troll screaming about ‘Zionist Masters’ and ‘Vessal states of Israel’.
    How are we supporting the Palestinian cause by making people think we are on the same page as these nut jobs?

    So maybe, can we start calling them what they are? Right-wing racist!
    By distinguishing them as ‘Zionist’ we are saying this breed of racism is somehow unique or different from other forms of state-lead apatite or authoritarianism.
    We are offending/isolating other progressive/anti-racist movements who may well agree with our points.
    And we are playing into the right wings hands, helping them with their Orwellian plot to paint the left out as racist!

    Are you really so attached to that word?

    1. Zionist believe in an exclusive Jewish State, all of them. Some have managed to hide behind the”Two State Solution” for far too long. Zionism is a racist ideology, and it should be treated as such.

    2. Last Revenant. You illustrate precisely why the word Zionism must not be side stepped or avoided. Zionists have tried to blow smoke over it to disguise it’s true meaning and definition which is why you believe it has many meanings.

      AntiZionist Jews will tell you it is the Zionists who have tried to conflate Zionism with Judaism one of the world’s classic religions. It has zero to do with Judaism.

      Zionism is a relatively modern concept and is solely about disposessing Palestinians of their land and homes. As the UN said, it is racist and it has a precise meaning and purpose. If the far right use it as a substitute for ‘Jews’, all the more reason why we must not shy away from educating people about its true nature and meaning.

      We’ve seen the horrific results of Zionist activities in the Labour Party and in Palestine. Do not be afraid to criticise this evil racist ideology openly and strongly.

      1. So annoying to have to explain my correct use of the word Zionism, feels like just saying the word invites accusations
        Perhaps preafacing it with “political”
        Will help.?

      2. You are a crazed anti-Semitic bigot , Jack T, who poisons Skwawkbox with your regular anti-Semitic deliberate lies and cynical misrepresentation of the true history of both the rise of Zionism as a19th century political ideology, and the, directly related, over a thousand years of oppression, dire experience of the disparate communities of European Jewry.

        Zionism ( ‘political Zionism’ that is ) is NOT ‘solely about dispossessing Palestinians of their land’ at all , you lying bigot – it is a complex historical tragedy, about a People , The Jews, being pogrommed and oppressed throughout ‘Christian’ Europe for well over a thousand years – and the WW2 Holocaust that murdered two thirds of European Jewry, and the communities they lived in – and that distinct ethnic/religious community trying to find a way out of that long history of oppression and periodic mass murder.

        Until the WW2 Holocaust the political Zionists who advocated European Jews simply all ‘upped sticks’ and moved ‘somewhere else’ to found a Jewish State, (not at first necessarily in Palestine – even though Palestine has always had a significant minority Jewish community – the majority in Jerusalem in 1900) , were very much a minority faction within European Jewry, But the utter destruction of European Jewish communites in WW2 (even the survivors were made unwelcome to return to many of their old villages after WW2 – even being pogrommed by their old neighbours when trying to return in Poland !) , settled the argument for European Jewry. From 1945 onwards ‘political Zionism’, the belief in aJ ewish homeland has been the dominant ideology for global Jewry, This does NOT justify the failure of innumerable Israeli governments come to an acceptable land deal with the Palestinian People, or justify any of the Israeli crimes , but it explains why Israel exists, and why most Jews support it. Your cynical misrepresentation of history is purely based on your profound personal anti-Semitism, Jack T . You need medical help , nutcase.

      3. See what I mean about being sidetracked
        Really their work is done
        The Labour party will exercise itself to oblivion over this
        I used to think this smear was laughable
        But fuck me it’s worked
        I’m off to a socialist green fringe!

      4. jpenney, in your hateful response you accused me of being antiSemitic, you also threw in the term political Zionism to confuse readers. This is typical of the vitriol Zionists use to protect their racist ideology.

        Zionism is a racist concept, please tell me the meaning of so called ‘Political Zionism’.

        I now expect from you any proof whatsoever of your disgusting accusation that I am in anyway antiSemitic.

      5. I think Revenant’s comments are pretty much on the mark Jack, albeit “a very real threat” needs a bit of unpacking – if it is not to sound understated! My primary concern is the tendency of some, mainly yourself, to see Zionism and only Zionism as the single cause of all that’s gone wrong in the LP (in my view attributing anything to a single cause is, generally, not a good idea). And, in my book “educating people” can never be about endlessly repetitive and simplistic sloganising from those who think they have have a monopoly on knowledge. As you know, I have no problem about using Zionist as a term and I have no problem about criticising, abhorring and condemning the actions of successive Israeli governments, business interests collaborators and the various and nefarious other agencies involved. My other milder concern (relax Nick Georgiou) is that the user of this term shows some awareness of its diverse resonances and doesn’t make the profound (totalitarian/authoritarian?) mistake of thinking that they own exclusive rights to its meaning.

      6. Paulo, “……. to see Zionism and only Zionism as the single cause of all that’s gone wrong in the LP”

        I’m afraid you are extrapolating far too much from my comments. I do not see Zionism as the single cause but I see it as a major cause particularly after what has just taken place and the lead up to it. To deny it as such, which I am not suggesting you are doing, is failing to recognise the obvious signs and consequences.

        I have no doubt whatsoever that as soon as Jeremy Corbyn announced his intention to stand for the Leadership, a plan was drawn up by the Zionists to smear him. The LP right wing and the MSM then jumped on the bandwaggon. If you can suggest anything else responsible for even approaching the level of damage that was done, please do.

        If you do see it as a major cause, to make a comment which at least has the affect of shifting the focus, is buying into the Zionist’s game of getting in and out with minimal attention being paid to them – “By deception we do war” – Mossad.

      1. Political Zionism, from its very beginnings in the 19th century, when the belief in the creation of distinct, bourgeois nation states became a major political force worldwide, has always had its Far Right , liberal, and socialist wings – even its very significant Marxist wings . The Greater Israel faction, who are dominant in the current Israeli government, are the continuers of that toxic strand of political Zionism that was at its most extreme Right Wing end of the spectrum – bringing with them to Palestine all the white European racism about all non-Europeans , that was of course totally dominant in the colonialist, imperialist, European communities from which they came. The socialist and indeed Marxist currents within the broad spectrum of political Zionism is still there, but nowadays rarely outside of the Israeli Jewish community, as the , fairly recent, total hostility of the European/Is Left to Israel has made identifying as a Jewish Marxist or socialist alongside supporting the continued existence of a distinct Jewish Israeli state, pretty much impossible . From conversations with Jewish socialists I know who still support the existence of Israel – but not necessarily its many anti Palestinian actions or Right Wing government – to be an activist Jewish socialist outside of Israel nowadays essentially requires you to renounce even the right to exist of Israel, on any basis at all – and therefore to renounce pretty much all continued civil relations with your own wider, overwhelmingly ‘Israel -supporting’, family.

        No doubt , alexandrscottish, you didn’t expect , or seek, a sensible answer to you sneering little piot – but the issue of what political Zionism is, is a very complex issue with deep historical roots – not something to be summed up in some single all-purpose word like ‘Zionism’ alone.

    3. Last revenant: what you said, +100.
      “Racist” and “Imperialist” are perfectly adequate and well-understood words.
      “Zionist” is one of the most misunderstood and abused words in the dictionary.

      1. Just read Zionism the real enemy of the Jews irmts brilliant

      2. David McNiven, are you saying that Zionism is racist and imperialist?

        If you mean that Zionism has been abused to hide it’s true meaning I agree but if not please tell us how the word Zionism is abused and misunderstood.

      3. Deliberate murking of waters Zionist expansionist policies are disgusting
        Using Zionist is perfectly legitimate and its meaning as a right wing political manifestation is well established

      4. Nick Georgiou, yes a great book by Alan Hart.

        It has two volumes and in one of them Alan relates the conversation he had with Golda Meir when she said she would be prepared to see the world destroyed in a nuclear conflagration if Israel was about to be defeated.

        The book was recommended to me many years ago by a rabbi who was friendly with Alan, now sadly deceased. It was then when I started to investigate the activities of Zionists within the Labour Party.

      5. It was imperialist and racist in concept and application, but had as its example England’s many racist and imperialist invasions – in other words, those Jews were taught by experts.
        England treating Palestine as if it were free for the giving and the taking was clearly imperialist, just as treating its then occupants as non-persons was and is clearly racist.

        The word is used and abused by the far right and by your use of it you give them comfort and, in their tiny minds, justification.
        You’re not stupid enough not to see that so I wish you’d stop.

      6. David McNiven. “The word is used and abused by the far right and by your use of it you give them comfort and, in their tiny minds, justification”.

        All the more reason to expose their ignorance. But I’m afraid it’s only in your mind that I’m giving comfort to the right wing, please don’t be preposterous.

        So apart from yourself, who else am I upsetting by using ‘Zionists’ (a word which they use to describe themselves) to refer to a group of people? Should I not call them Zionists, a word with a particular meaning?

        Or perhaps what you are really getting at is that I should not even be mentioning them and their pernicious activities at all!

      7. By the way David McNiven, if it is Tommy Robinson’s knuckle draggers you are referring to as the ‘far right’ you should know that they too call themselves Zionists and are welcomed by the Israel Lobby Zionists, in spite of their adornment with swasticas. Why? because as well as being fascists they also support Israel.

        So if you think that Robinson or any of his cronies scour the pages of Skwawkbox for support from me or anyone else, you are taking your obsession against my comments a little bit too far.

    4. Wise words indeed , Last revenant. Some of us socialist internationalists have been warning the wider Left about the dangers of sloppy and over-casual usage of that multi-meaning, multi dog whistle invective-laden, term ‘Zionist’, (when most Left Wingers/supporters of the Palestinians just mean an uncritical supporter of everything the Israeli state does , including the oppression of the Palestinian People and the seizure of ever more of their land), for many years. But to no avail. The Left blogs, including Skwawkbox, are still saturated with the lazy and ignorant use of the deeply ambiguous and historically loaded, term ‘Zionist’ – with those smug Lefties flinging the term around unwilling to even consider that their casual use of the term feeds into the entire conspiratorial anti-Jew ‘Blood Libel’ and Protocols of the Elders of Zion type conspiraloon memes and tropes that go way back into nearly 2,000 years of gross oppression and periodic mass murders of the Jews of Europe – long predating the Nazis and the WW2 Holocaust which murdered two thirds of European Jewry.

      It was the WW2 Holocaust alone that transformed political Zionism (the belief in the need for a Jewish nation state – anywhere, initially not necessarily in Palestine – with its ancient significant Jewish community – the majority in Jerusalem in 1900) from a completely marginal ideological faction within European Jewish communities, into the dominant Jewish ideology and objective, Having most of your relatives gassed , shot into ditches, melted down into soap, and not even being allowed to return to your old villages in Eastern Europe AFTER the war because of continuing local anti-Semitism, and ending up as homeless refugees and boat people, will do that to a people .

      Doubly unfortunate, this constant lazy, over casual, usage of the word ‘Zionism’ by too many Lefties, and the inter-related massively exaggerated imagined power of both the Israeli state and local Jewish communities to influence the policies of other states (all feeding into and off all the deeply embedded memes of European anti-Semitism for centuries that ‘the Jews run everything behind the scenes’ ),has given a political space for lots of genuine full cream anti-Jewish fanatic conspiraloons to drip feed old style conspiraloon anti-Semitism into Left Wing ideology and culture. We have a number of regular poster trolls on Skwawkbox doing this constantly – and unfortunately Steve of Skwawkbox , probably in the spirit of liberal ‘free speech’ seems unwilling to recognise their toxic game. There should be no free speech for anti-Semites, even if of the pseudo Left Wing’ Strasserite’ kind. . .

      So, a good try on your part, Last Revenant, but I’m afraid you cannot sadly make progress with too many of the ‘Zionism’ obsessives on the Left who seem to have a politics based on grossly historically ignorant, simplistic, slogans, not solid socialist theory combined with real historical understanding.

      1. Good people say Zionist in all innocence of its wider context

      2. jpenney, What happened to Jews in the past is far more than a tragedy, it is a stain on humanity and must never be forgotten but in your pathetic defense of Zionism, which has nothing to do with Judaism, you have thrown in all the usual dog whistles to justify this racist concept and also, as is typical, you have tried to obscure the basis of Zionism which is racism as shown in Israel’s Nation State Law.

        Just as you have done, Zionists intentionally try to make Zionism appear to be more complicated than it is therefore they give it various definitions; religious Zionism, political Zionism, secular Zionism etc. However it is simple as defined by Nathan Birnbaum who in 1883 coined the term ‘Zionism’.

        He said it was based upon three concepts:-

        1. Jews are a distinct nation.
        2. Jews are destined to reclaim Palestine.
        3. Palestine is the rightful home for all Jews.

        All of which are obvious fantasies resulting in acts of atrocity being committed upon Palestinians almost daily by Israeli Zionists.

        Birnbaum later rejected Zionism completely in favour of Jewish autonomy within Europe.

        I won’t go on to elaborate on the three concepts of Zionism because I suggest most sensible people can recognise they are falacies, which incidentally were dreamed up way before the holocaust even took place.

        I also note, you have questioned why Skwawkbox is allowing me to criticise Zionism. Again another Zionist tactic to avoid scrutiny.

        We now have a Zionist Leader of the Labour Party, assisted by Zionists, and surrounded by self decared Zionists who are trying to eject Socialists from the Party, many of them Jews.

        An examination and discussion of Zionism has NEVER been more pertinent

  12. Can some talented artist make a photomontage of Tony Blair and Keith Smarmer, separated and linked by the slogan: Under Old and New Management – unless anyone can think of better.

    For the record I am not resigning and am up for a long fight. Don’t resign.

  13. Meant to say ‘Tony Bliar’ – my deliberate misspelling was ‘corrected’!

    1. Don’t have a like button, but agree your assessment of these JVL articles, poetry, and I value the measured and informed nature of the comments you offer below.

  14. Jackie Walker -a great local anti fascist, anti racism campaigner, miserably and most unfortunately got caught in the crosshairs of the complex and poisonously effective Israel/CAA/JLM campaign used by Labour’s right and its grandees from 2015 onwards to get rid of Corbyn and the influx of left members. Jackie half Jewish, married to a Jew, was not expelled for antisemitism. Why? Because her case th\at took two years, was not heard, as she walked out of the hearing after making requests and protesting the way she had been treated. She was expelled for that- putting two fingers up. However, she had had her FB postings trawled by the Campaign Against Anti Semitism campaigners who let it be widely known what they had found – and it looked as if Jackie Walker had been influenced by Louis Farrakhan and other historically distorted narrators over several offensive comments , , particularly one she made about the slave trade being funded entirely by Jewish bankers and naming one well known Jewish banking name, while mentioning no non Jewish bankers or any British aristocracy involved in funding slavery. I think this was her biggest mistake and then later she began to act as if she were more important than Corbyn. Of course, in a witch hunt, as in The Crucible, everyone is ultimately burned. Farrakhan is an anti Semite. No doubt about that. But igorance is no defence in a war to get rid of socialists. Jackie was treated terribly-targeted by non Jews and Jews from the right -and in her innocence thought she could debate ‘the holocaust’ versus genocide as a description of the Congo slaughter by the Belgians in the early 20th century, or raise the issue of other holocausts being mentioned on Holocaust Memorial Day in a public JLM education meeting, when in fact other holocausts and genocides are now included on HM Day, and have been for some years. However, instead of telling her that, she was pointed out to the media. by JLM and a planned furore ensued for media to lap up. It was a stitch up. They were out to get her because of her public support for Corbyn -not least in he pages of the Guardian.

    1. Walker didn’t say the slave trade was fuelled entirely by Jewish bankers,as I recall she said it had been financed in part by Jewish bankers.

      1. She actually said it was financed by Jewish bankers including the R one. She did not say in Part. I know because I was involved as a supportive acquaintance and a close friend of mine at JVL was also involverd – I saw the posts sent by Jackie to a friend of hers in israel and sent her a message saying watch out because it was wrong. She asked me (and another friend rather too late, as the CAA had already got it,) for advice on historical fact as I had studied Auschwitz for my degree.. This was in early 2016. She also made a contentious remark contesting numbers killed in the Holocaust and implying a larger number of Roma. I always said if she had said in part there wuld not have been an issue on that comment. But it was morde than one comment and it was this attribution of Jewish bankers and no other bankers mentioned hat was so biased. It does not make her an anti Semite in my mind, but I can see why she was targeted by those bastards whosde only interest was gettign rid of Corbyn.

      2. poetrymuseum you studied Auschwitz for your degree! Wow, how harrowing that must have been. Even now I can barely bring myself to think about the horrors that were inflicted upon Jews and others in those death camps.

      3. John Thatcher , you are just shamelessly making it up – in fact Jackie Walker claimed in that notorious post that ‘Jews… were CHIEF Funders of the African Slave Trade’., If you have to employ your apparent false memory syndrome to excuse Walker’s vile repetition of that old US Black Nation of Islam cult lie, you are not really up to the job of defence council !

      4. Your pathetic exercise in semantics fools no one jpenney you Zionist gofer. Chiefly/partly, she didn’t say entirely financed by Jewish bankers did she half wit.

      5. poetrymuseum,are you denying that large numbers of Roma,up to 1.5 million is the figure I recall from memory, were murdered in the Concentration camps as part of what came to be known as the Holocaust,a word that seems be used to shut out the memory of all those other victims of Nazism.

      6. Dearie me, yet more splenetic bullshit from thatcher. you are a shameless liar, and witting or unwitting anti-Semite , john thatcher – you simply lie in your initial post that Walker said that the slave ‘trade had been financed in part by Jewish bankers ‘ , but in fact she didn’t say that. She claimed that, ‘Jews… were CHIEF funders of the slave trade’ – hence playing into that Nation of Of Islam-originated lie that places the PRIMARY blame for funding the slave trade on ‘the Jews’ – and feeding into an old anti-Semitic meme that ‘the Jews got what they sowed in The Holocaust’.

        You are so determined to defend that tiresome self-publicist , Jackie Walker, that you just keep on lying to put up a bogus defence. When really you just like the toxic anti-Semitic memes she dog whistles in her notorious , historically ignorant and bogus, posts . What a shameless huckster you are, thatcher.

  15. Excuse my typos. I am not well today..and my fingers fly faster over the keyboard than is good for the writing! Ihave been to Auschwirz . The Holocaust definitely contributed to making me a socialist. Never again I said aged 15. My husband has taken parties of school kids to Auschwirz 9 times over the years. He speaks fluent Polish. Self taught. It is difficult walking round it when you know what happened. There is a touristy side to it too. Not nice. I went to Birkenau – train tracks stll there… and the toilet block and entrance … oh my.

  16. Yes Jack t that book helped me a great deal im not massively well read but that one was a fab use of my time

    1. Nick Georgiou, I’m pleased you enjoyed it, the more people who find out about Zionism the better. Could I recommend a couple more books to you: The General’s Son by Miko Peled whose grandfather was at the signing of the Israeli declaration of independence

      Also State of Terror: How Terrorism Created Modern Israel by Thomas Suárez.

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