Exclusive: resignation backlog grows as Labour fails to cope with rate

Continuing flood of resignations overwhelms party resources after suspension of Jeremy Corbyn, say party sources

Impression of scenes at Labour’s Southside HQ

The tsunami of member resignations that struck Labour HQ following the suspension of Jeremy Corbyn – over comments the EHRC said he has a legally-protected right to make – has shown little sign of abating.

In fact, the continuing rate of new resignations arriving has been so great that the backlog is growing rapidly, in spite of general secretary David Evans’s attempts to recruit additional help for the party’s membership office from other departments and regional offices.

The number of confirmed resignations so far is thought to be at least ten thousand, but several times that number are expected to have simply cancelled direct debits to allow their membership to lapse.

Senior figures in the party have alleged that the Labour right is trying to process the resignations in order to annul votes cast in the party’s important NEC elections. The party has not responded to requests to confirm or deny this, but Evans subsequently claimed in an internal email that it is not the case.

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  1. Time for a new Green-Labour Party. One started by former members NOT MPs.

    Could this be done quickly? Well, I hesitate to even write the name Farage, but he started a party that won the EU elections in weeks.

    It’s the only way of having a left-of-centre party. Just don’t let the Blairites in!

    1. Is this the Farage in a parallel universe who is a well known ‘Socialist’? I believe that Star Trek ‘Treatment’ Script was rejected as being too non-credible.

      1. The point is if he managed to get a party up and running in such a short time, could the left have a go at starting up their own party?

    2. Quite Marie.

      The SNP also was a party that was dying on its feet, but once it changed its position from a right, or centre-right party to a left-ish party, it gained enormous traction in Scotland. It totally wiped out Scottish Blairite Labour, and reduced the Scottish Tories to a rump, even though devolution had been set up with a voting system that was intended to stop any party getting a majority of the seats. Now look at it.

      If there was an English Green Labour Party setting up camp on a similar ground to that of the SNP, with tremendous support from across the age-spectrum, but especially the young (the ones who boosted Labour in recent years), then there is no reason why such a party shouldn’t take off, and become as dominant in England as the SNP is in Scotland.

      If Scotland achieves its independence, then all well and good. If not there could be the distinct possibility of a coalition with the SNP to govern the UK.

      We must learn from history. It took from 1983 to 2015 to temporarily (and not wholly) to get rid of the Kinnock/Blairites. They’re back in charge now – probably for the next 32 years. People can hang about dreaming that the left will regain the Labour Party. Unlikely for decades. Start anew. A PROPER left of centre party, with proper policies, proper procedures, and forward looking to the challenges of the rest of the 21st century.

      Learn from history!

      1. Joe “Start anew. A PROPER left of centre party, with proper policies, proper procedures, and forward looking to the challenges of the rest of the 21st century.”
        All you have to do now is find a leader that you can coalesce behind and there’s nowt stopping you, the world is your oyster (ps – how’s that search for a leader going)

        “Learn from history!”
        Left ‘Unity’?🤔

      2. Yes, some good points. But, up North Yorkshire none will leave. The loyalty to a party that never was Gordon. We even have treachery in the left. What’s a good start. I’m old but class war to the end. ☮️

  2. I have emailed Starmer to say that I am NOT resigning but that there is no anti-semitism in the Labour Party, Chris Williamson, Jackie , Walker, Tony Greenstein have done nothing wrong & the £600k ex-staffers are “5th Columnists. Also I am tabling a vote of no confidence in Starmer at my branch meeting. I have told him that I await a summons from his goons . I received an automated reply to say they/he were too busy & woud get back to me when they had sorte3d through the backlog.
    Not holding my breath
    #ragerageagainst the dyingofthelight

    1. Well there have been some cases of A/S by members Mark (or possibly people joining and then posing as JC supporting members), but as Jeremy said the day the EHRC report was published, the problem has been massively over-stated by political opponents both inside and outside the party, as well as the MSM.

      It’s very odd how Ruth Smeeth didn’t report any of the people who supposedly sent her 25,000 abusive messages (all Jeremy Corbyn supporters of course!) to either the Labour Party OR the police, as with Labour Against Semitism and the 2,000 cases of A/S by members that THEY claimed they had found.

      And THAT’s just for starters!

      1. Oops, that SHOULD have read…. Labour Against Anti-semitism!

        Hmm, but then again!!

      2. Couldn’t party members get together and report all of these evil deeds on her behalf. They would be carrying out these actions because they are concerned comrades with a hatred of a.s. Realising the anguish that such a procedure would level against the poor soul, sympathetic members feel that they have no choice but to act on a deeply loved, terrified female comrades behalf. Corner of the yard would surely have no option but to investigate every incident. Solidarity is always appreciated especially when justice and truth are at stake. ☮️ X

    2. Starmer has not answered my question as to what he has done to counter antisemitism in the Labour Party over and above what Corbyn did. And if nothing, then why isn’t HE suspended?

      1. ALL my comments show “Your comment is awaiting moderation”. They are over TWO DAYS old yet comments minutes old appear. WHY?

    3. Is the NEC ballot legitimate without independent observers watching the count – and the culling of votes? Sounds like a recipe for fraud without.

  3. Surely is this not what Evans and Starmer want? Left supporters leaving possibly making it easier for the NEC elections to be won by the likes of Akehurst and Baxter.
    In many ways I’m surprised to learn that even though members were members when they cast their vote that it’s legal for the party to cancel these votes.
    It would also be interesting to find out if the party would do this if it was the right leaving just after they’d voted for the NEC

  4. The thing is, would left-wing members who voted in the NEC elections but have since resigned on account of Jeremy being suspended, would they know ANYway whether their vote has been annulled, or not.

    It is of course just coincidence that the EHRC should publish it’s report just ten days after voting in the NEC elections opened on the 19th of October, AND, that despite making a completely valid point, Jeremy be suspended on the same day (and as we all know, whatever Jeremy had said – or whether he said absolutely nothing – he would have been suspended, and THAT was planned months ago!).

    If, as Skwawkbox said in an article a couple of days ago that: ‘Labour sources have confirmed to the SKWAWKBOX that the party hierarchy is moving to nullify votes cast in the ongoing National Executive Committee (NEC) elections by members who have quit in droves over the suspension of Jeremy Corbyn’, why would they say such a thing if there was no basis for doing so and, on the other hand, why wouldn’t David Evans make it crystal clear to members that THAT is NOT the case (as opposed to the internal email mentioned at the end of the above article).

    But as I say, how would left-wing members – who have now resigned – know one way or the other whether their vote WAS annulled.

      1. Excellent point Ian, if they can take from the ballots some votes, who can guaranty that other votes wouldn’t disappear too?.

      2. Joe – If you were a Labour Party member then you’d already know the answer to that question.

    1. I thought Labour Party elections were by SECRET ballot. They should be.

  5. “Evans subsequently claimed in an internal email that it is not the case.”

    Which makes you wonder why they were so keen to get the membership data up to date so quickly in the first place?
    I.e. Is he lying to distract?
    Or could be that there already been warnings that Labour would lose any court cases about it.

  6. Israel demolishes Palestinian village in occupied West Bank

    Israel Defense Forces (IDF) troops and police stormed a Palestinian village in the occupied West Bank on Tuesday, using bulldozers and backhoes to destroy the homes of 11 families and leaving 74 people, including 41 children, without shelter in the rain and in the midst of a new upsurge in the coronavirus pandemic.


    1. New documents show Mueller investigation unable to concoct charges against Assange and WikiLeaks

      Previously redacted portions of the Mueller report into supposed Russian interference in the US, released this week, have shown that despite every effort, the Justice Department was unable to concoct evidence of any criminal wrongdoing on the part of WikiLeaks or Julian Assange in relation to their 2016 publications exposing the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton.

      The revelation is the latest proof of the fraudulent character of the entire “Russiagate” narrative, used not only to smear Assange…..


    2. Ethnic cleansing………………………..with the blessing of Sir Keir Starmer. & courtesy of the IHRA definition.

      1. I’m sure it will be top news on the BBC and both Johnson and Starmer will condemn it …………….. Oh!

  7. The only rational explanation for the behaviour of the Blairites/Starmerites is that, in the final analysis, they would be just as happy to see the Labour Party collapse as to become the neo-Democratic party that they are aiming to build.
    They are in a “heads we win; tails you lose” position, which is why they are ready to take so many risks- they have stolen the car and they don’t really care whether they end the joy ride having to leave a smoking pile of twisted metal on the road side. They will be taken care of. It was Mission Accomplished the day that Corbyn stepped down.

  8. Allan – “(and as we all know, whatever Jeremy had said – or whether he said absolutely nothing – he would have been suspended, and THAT was planned months ago!).”

    This really isn’t supported by the evidence. The fact that Kier Starmer personally phoned Jeremy Corbyn on the Wednesday evening and Angela Rayner was in touch with JC both before and after he released his statement would indicate that the leadership team were doing all they could to avoid this situation but unfortunately JC chose confrontation. What was the positive outcome that Jeremy hoped to achieve from his actions, or will that forever remain a mystery.

    1. Defending the indefensible. Whichever way you look at it, it was a dastardly thing to do, a kick in the teeth, and two fingers up at the left.

      1. marie – What was the positive outcome that Jeremy hoped to achieve from his actions, or will that forever remain a mystery.?

      2. The Truth is a positive outcome, ask your mum
        None of the complaints were upheld, which sort of proves the point JC made
        SteveH are you trained by Trump or the Israel lobby, your grasp of English is tenuous

  9. But WHY would Starmer or Rayner contact Jeremy anyway when what he was saying was factual. But perhaps you’d like to explain why you – or anyone for that matter – should think Jeremy was being confrontational Steve.

    If the actual incidence of reported cases of alleged anti-semitism was 0.3%, perhaps you’d like to explain how it is that in a survey of over 1,000 people, respondents, on average, believed/guessed that a third of party members (34%) had been reported for A/S (to the LP). There’s obviously some explanation, isn’t there Steve, and we both know what it is!

    1. Allan – “But WHY would Starmer or Rayner contact Jeremy anyway when what he was saying was factual.”

      …and there was I thinking you were clever enough to appreciate that.

      1. So could you elaborate Steve?

        And do you agree or disagree with what Jeremy said about the A/S problem in the LP (under his leadership) being massively overstated?

    2. The EHRC chose to select ‘anonymised’ accusations & keep the sources themselves secret, B4 criticising the Labour Party for not keeping accurate records. It becomes difficult to make any form of judgement when everything is anonymous, both complaint & complainant. No defence against accusations of anti-Semitism allowed, but neither is knowledge & understanding of exactly what the EHRC was investigating & on whose behalf..

      1. How many of these correspondences received by ms Smeeth could be called hate crimes. They really must be given to the authorities.

      2. None of the complaints upheld
        Wide scale evidence of vexatious claims ignored
        EHRC report to be challenged in court
        Which part of AS Scam dont you get

    3. It is even fewer than that. The actual percentage is 0.03%, 3 in every 10,000 at most. Other figures point to 0.1%, 1 in every 10,000. Hardly rampant. So rampant that no one apart from known trouble makers and Corbyn haters could make claims of AS. Dodgy goings on.

  10. I hope they succeed in getting rid of every last socialist from the party they burrowed under to undermine democracy.

    That way the exiles have no choice but to build a new party – one that can choose who joins it and on what terms. A party genuinely for the many that doesn’t treat socialists as quaint anachronisms to be kept well away from the serious politics of grown-ups.

    As soon as the new party is formed I think a time limit on Labour leavers joining it should be considered to keep that parasite Blair’s fifth column from infesting it like it did Labour – and a binding oath of fealty to socialist principles and manifesto should be required of all new members to keep out the likes of SteveH, RH & co.
    Any ex-Labour MP’s wishing to cross the floor must volunteer in good faith to accept ongoing deep scrutiny for an appropriate period to catch early signs of backsliding.
    Some moles will wriggle through but that doesn’t matter if they can be kicked out – democratically but summarily – the moment they begin to do damage.

    First job should be to discuss the changes required of the MSM/BBC etc., how to achieve those changes and the appropriate punishments for those who’ve subverted democracy their whole careers. Ex post facto legislation to be in the manifesto from day one – let battle commence immediately while we’re still angry.
    An election where the left, “centre” and right are represented is the only way to settle the question of whether elections really can only be won from the centre as the hijackers have always claimed.

    1. David – Are you really being serious or are you just taking the p’. Besides it all sounding a bit Stalinist you are obviously anticipating that this will be a rather exclusive and carefully vetted group. How the f’ do you anticipate ever having the power to do anything, or do you all feel much safer bleating ‘if only they’d listen to us’ from the sidelines.

    2. Yes, I’m sure such a party would get the full support of the corporate MSM/BBC David.

      Just like Jeremy did!!

      1. Allan, “getting the support of the MSM” (or neutralising it) is of course key to electoral success but that’s not the only consideration here.
        Socialism as an acceptable – even as a legitimate – political philosophy is under threat from all sides.
        Without a party of the left to vote for – and currently there is none – the Blairite narrative “electoral success can only come from the centre” wins by default.
        2017’s near miss proved a socialist government is by no means a pipe dream but without a left wing party on the ballot paper it might as well be.

      2. David – I would contend that the 2017 manifesto was a middle of the road democratic socialist manifesto that wouldn’t be out of place (may even be to the right of) the policies that exist in northern Europe.

    3. The sooner a new Green-Labour Party is started, the better, with the intention of standing candidates in every constituency. The Old Labour Party would have to face the extremely likely possibility that they would lose many of their MPs, especially the centrist ones. They’d have two choices – lose, or try to come to an accommodation. Currently, they are hell bent on strengthening their grip on power and think nothing can dislodge them.

      1. @SteveH If I’m living in LaLaLand, then you’ll be pleased. But you seem worried. Maybe your boss Keith would be even more worried when his grand plans fall apart?

      2. Joe – Why would I be pleased, I’d much rather you found your way back to reality.

  11. True, my plan is an all-or-nothing long shot, but yours is to sit tight and pray for a miracle.

    I say that until the electorate understands they’re being lied to by the MSM, or we ‘persuade’ them to tell the truth, we lose.

    You say we should just keep on playing their game by their rules with their dice on their table – and pray.

    I say we threaten the fuckers with future jail for past lies, you say… nothing.

    1. David – Please don’t assign to me words I haven’t said, it does nothing to strengthen your argument.

    2. Yes David, but the Catch 22 is that the only way there is to connect with the general public – the electorate – is through the very MSM who are lying to them and deceiving them.

      Then again, as I’ve said on more than a few occasions before, THAT is something the grass-roots CAN do – ie get leaflets together exposing their lies and falsehoods, run off a few hundred copies, and stick them through peoples doors.

      1. Allan – “as I’ve said on more than a few occasions before”

        You can say that again. This seems to be the central theme that runs through all your comments

      2. I couldn’t help but notice that you didn’t respond to the question I put to you a bit earlier Steve, so here it is again:

        Do you agree or disagree with what Jeremy said about the A/S problem in the LP (under his leadership) being massively overstated?

        PS And what do you think about the leaflet idea to get the truth out there and expose the lies and falsehoods to the people who have been duped and deceived?

      3. Allan – Come back and ask me that question again when Labour has an independent disciplinary process in place.

        I think your leaflet idea is way, way out of date. Are you using a manual typewriter to write your novel.

      4. Allan – my point is that by publicly announcing that we intend, once in office, to legislate retrospectively to make MSM lying to the electorate to subvert democracy an imprisonable offence, we force them to respond.
        In all likelihood they’ll throw everything they’ve got at us – we simply explain that no journalist telling the truth has anything to fear. They’ll try to call it Stalinist and threatening the freedom of the press, we’ll ask if they really need the freedom to lie to the public.
        If they refuse even to report our statement we repeat the threat on every live interview, in parliament, from loudspeaker vans, on poster hoardings and in leaflet drops until everybody wants to know why the media is blanking something so obviously newsworthy.
        Just that one threat puts the whole of the MSM in the position of having to either double down on their lies in an attempt to guarantee we’re never EVER elected – or begin to report honestly.
        Either way they’re screwed – the more outrageous their lies the more ridiculous they look – and if they start telling the truth, well, that’s all we need.

      5. And how does said announcement get through to the electorate David?

        Any such announcement would either be condemned (by the MSM) as being an attack on freedom of speech etc, etc, and the party leadership denounced as dictatorial and anti-democratic, OR, just completely ignored. The criteria for which of the options they would choose, would be based on how much public support the party has. If it was very little, then they would just completely ignore it, but if they were gaining in popularity then the MSM would do a full-on attack.

        Anyway, I just came across the following article earlier (which I didn’t get round to reading at the time):

        Jeremy Corbyn: British media waged campaign to destroy me

        Former Labour leader says hostile headlines were a distraction which diverted attention from his political agenda


      6. Oh, I see, so exposing the lies and falsehoods of the MSM et al is “way, way, out of date”, is it Steve?

        Anyway, there’s plenty of material JVL have put together that could be used in a leaflet, for anyone who’s interested in doing so:


        PS The last thing Steve and his paymasters want is for hundreds, or thousands of activists to start putting leaflets together and waking millions of people up to their black propaganda lies and falsehoods and smears and demonisation!

      7. Allan – For goodness sake, why would you choose to portray yourself as an f’ing idiot, it is your method of delivery that is way out of date.

      8. So what would you suggest Steve? I mean if you agree that we should be doing everything we can to expose the lies and falsehoods of the MSM regarding Jeremy and the left membership during the past five years, then why not make constructive suggestions as to how best to do so, instead of just being arrogant and superior and dismissive.

        And just out of interest, do you agree with what Jeremy said about the problem of anti-semitism in the LP being massively overstated?

      9. Allan – If I am being honest I think you are pissing in the wind and will achieve sweet f’ all apart from contributing to another Tory government.. Why not do something constructive with your time and work towards a Labour win instead of doing everything you can to sabotage the prospects of a Labour government at the next GE,
        You really do need to re-examine your priorities.

        Come back and ask me that question again when Labour has an independent disciplinary process in place.

      10. As I keep saying Steve, you’re so transparent it’s a joke – ie your propaganda tactics of being evasive when you get cornered, or disdainful and patronising when you want to counter something someone said or pointed out.

        As for my question, the reason you couldn’t and wouldn’t answer it is glaringly obvious to everyone. To have said you disagree with what Jeremy said would have made you a complete laughing stock on this site, and although just about everyone who reads skwawkbox knows you’re a paid shill who monitors the site all day long every day, BUT, were you NOT a shill with an agenda – which you ARE of course – you would have stopped posting on a left-wing Jeremy Corbyn blog long ago given that just about everyone who posts on here and the entire readership knows that what Jeremy said is the actuality, and have been saying as much for the past several years or more, along with Steve Walker (skwawkbox) himself in numerous articles. AND The Canary and Electronic Intifada and Vox Political and JVL AND literally hundreds of articles they have reposted, and numerous other left-wing news blogs.

        And of course you COULDN’T very well say that you agree with what Jeremy said, because of your defence – in your initial post – of Starmer/Evans suspending Jeremy AND your criticism of Jeremy for saying what he said, and claiming – totally fradulently of course – that Jeremy was being confrontational. The very opposite of what actually happened in reality!

      11. Allan – How bloody naïve are you, the question isn’t whether it is true or not, it is whether he should have said it or not.

      12. Yeah, I remember. It’s easy to read a pamphlet on a train or bus. It’s about more than phones. It conscience raising. Ask victims internationally. Paper and stamps oh and cow gum. ☮️

    3. David, just for clarification, is that the same MSM that’s telling us the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about Covid-19? 😀

  12. Grey Swans pension campaign group seeks members to help Chris Williamson’s pension policies in his new socialist, which is where majority of ex Labour party members who were Corbynite, are now joining. For him to win big in 2024 election, and get known by public between now and then.
    Grey Swans is the sole way to gain the Grey Vote, by 1950s born ladies who became state pension experts by being victims (from right wing Labour, Tory and Lib Dems alike) as canvassers, and seeking 1960s to 1980s born (only victims of Labour’s pension age rise since 2007).


  13. SteveH
    JVL are about to be Proscribed and former Cockwombles brought back into the party
    That’s when phony civil war ends and you and every other Red Tory will be forced to take a long walk off a short plank

    1. Doug – If only Corbyn had managed this better, things could have been so different.

      1. SteveH
        Donald Trump or Israeli Lobby school of English
        You do know Trump and Netanyahoo will be sharing a cell pretty soon

  14. BBC News
    The former chief rabbi, Lord Jonathan Sacks, has died aged 72 about a month after being diagnosed with cancer, a spokesman for his office has confirmed.

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