Smith, Lavery, Trickett to publish findings from 10-month tour of 30 working-class communities on why they turned away from Labour

Report may be explosive

A trio of leading figures from the northern Labour left will report publicly tomorrow on their findings from a 10-month, 30-town tour of working-class communities.

MPs Ian Lavery and Jon Trickett and Laura Smith, who was MP for Crewe and Nantwich and is one of the best-loved figures on the left, asked working-class people in those towns why they turned away from Labour at the last election.

Those findings are unlikely to please the so-called ‘centrists’ who have spent the best part of a year trying to rewrite history to claim that Labour’s left-wing social and economic policies were a turn-off to voters.

Appearing to hint that the report will be starkly at odds with the rewriting of history by so-called ‘centrists’ who undermined the party’ general election campaigns, Smith told the SKWAWKBOX:

After losing my seat back in 2019 I knew that the only way to move forward both personally and as a party was to really get to grips with what had gone wrong. I had my own thoughts but I wanted to hear from others.

Sadly for many the period of reflection that many said they were entering was unsurprisingly short lived, and just became an opportunity to throw more mud and justify their previous stance.

That’s why it was so important to listen to people up and down the country, from all wings of the party, trade unions and from outside organisations to find out what they thought had gone wrong and then try and find the solutions to solve the issues. I passionately believe that we need a transformative Labour government now more than ever and I will do what I can to help us to gain the trust back in communities like mine.

This report outlined clearly what many felt were the problems, what many see as the solutions and I hope that it will help to steer us onto the right path.

The trio will publish their findings via ‘No Holding Back’, a group set up to campaign for “a Labour Party led by organised working class communities in every corner of our country – showing, not telling, people that we are on their side“. The Zoom call will be streamed on the No Holding Back and SKWAWKBOX Facebook pages. Follow No Holding Back on Twitter here.

It may be an explosive moment.

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  1. Fantastic. I am optimistic this will be a vindication of policies that were ridiculed in MSM and an exposure of the lies perpetrated by the liberal remainders and the media.

  2. Dear Skwawkbox, Labour is a dead party and should cease immediately.

    The socialist campaign group of Labour MPs will be purged anyway, as they have been over the decades by right wing led Labour, with an entire socialist section called Militant purged back in the 1980s.

    The right wing of Labour ensured that Jeremy Corbyn’s pension policies never made it into 2017 and 2019 election manifestos, so ensuring the Grey Vote was lost.

    The election pundits informed that Jeremy Corbyn lost by around 3000 votes in key marginal seats. The 1950s ladies are around 5000 in most voting areas. Never mind the admins of pension campaign groups, the 1950s ladies in high number on social media, were desperate for full pensioner status and state pension payment, so the loss of pension age 60 men and women policy, lost those voters, as well as the 1960s born ladies, turning 60 now in 2020, with pension age 67 from Labour’s 2007 pension act.

    Labour also lost the I Daniel Blakes from age 60, men and women, by loss of Pension Credit, that would have helped the poorest of these, and saved them from having to actively seek work, when none was likely at that age.

    Labour under Blair and Brown were worse against the state pension and working class pensioners than the Tories had been, betraying us by not repealing the Tory 1995 pension act, not telling us victims about it, and making it worse by further pension age rise law, that they knew, from their own government actuaries, would result in a high increase of people long dead before retirement.

    This came to pass from 2011, with the highest early death rate of us 1950s women in our 50s and 60s, for half a century, which continued and worsened in 2014 and 2015 onwards, til made worse by the pandemic.

    Why did us 1950s ladies die in our 50s from 2010? Because of Blair’s 2004 Finance Act that rose early works pension age from 50 to 55 from 2010.

    Right wing Labour ensured my campaigning into Labour for Jeremy Corbyn’s pension policies, did not succeed. The Grey Vote is key to winning.

    Chris Williamson (man, former Labour MP purged for being socialist and Corbynite) has published support for Grey Swans’ pension campaign aims, in his new fully socialist party starting up. Not til Labour is fully ended, does it give us the chance of getting a fully socialist, Clement Attlee type government in 2024 general election.

      1. Very very true and so tragic , on reading it I can’t believe that that was in any shape or form a Labour Govt , just reminds one of the true nature of Blairites and the Centrists now infecting Labour and enhanced under Starmer.
        Good on Chris Williamson will be joining his party soon ,,, from small acorns etc etc

  3. An interesting aside to the Corbyn affair. In an interview published in the Jerusalem Post 7.11.20, Joan Ryan says “A vital element of the cultural change that Labour must now embark on is to tackle the rise of anti-Zionism in the Party which was at the centre of both the former leadership’s world view and of the anti-semitism crisis itself.”
    “Here we have it from the horse’s mouth: the central, principle element of “anti-semitism” in the Labour Party was not anti-Jewishness at all but anti-Zionism” Tony Greenstein

  4. I look forward to reading the findings but have to express my disappointment that Ian Lavery chose not to run for leader. I think he would have had a better chance than Rebecca and feel a bit let down by him.

    1. We don’t need a fancy report to tell us what is wrong with the former milltowns and mining areas.Not when the roofs on fire in the Labour party and they our left wing are too gutless to stand with the CLPs and ram it down the throats of the fat controller Evans and Rodney the knight.Corbyns left to swing in the wind the same as many of the membership.Northern towns suffer from MPs who can’t wait to get back home to Westminster and councillors who have taken the northern Labour vote for granted and the same for the mps and the corrupted opposition Labour party.The towns allowed to stagnate and rot over half a century after industry pulled out.We need investment not platitudes from professional liars.And more importantly we desperately need a new socialist working class party .

      1. Agreed totally Joseph. We already have more than enough reports and reviews into the bleeding obvious.

  5. Hopefully the findings can help to redirect the current narrative of Starmer and his cabal. The more he speaks the more it becomes clear that forces in the BBC and the Guardian are already fully abreast of a major push back into line.

    1. hmmm Martin, we’ve been there and failed with that. … Wait for obvious “findings” that have already been found. How about highlighting the deprivation and neglect now. The plain exploitation of the many now. Underpaid. Greedy corporations being subsidised by in work benefits paid by the state. Housing shortage and poor quality housing… housing … Sounds like more long grass and much kicking. We need more upfront ness on BASIC issues now.

      Learn from history: Inquiries all of them have failed to prevent tragedies even within a couple of years. Larkenhall Fire Inquiry -> Grenfell. Hillsborough, Hutton, Butler, McPherson, you name it.

      Let’s try a flip. From now on, inquiries for the misdemeanours of the poor and IMMEDIATE prosecutions and MAXIMUM fines of the one percent bandits and cronies 🌹🌹🌹

  6. We need to see the Labour leaks, surely that will explain how Labour lost both elections, I won’t go into the smear campaign waged by the right in Labour, or the payments almost all of the front bench have received from the Israeli government.
    There much more to it than that,the money deflected from Marginals losing us 52 of 59 of them, the way Starmer as Brexit sec took the people’s vote off the table leading to remainers also not voting Labour as well at Brexiters. We have seen snippets of many other snide and deceitful tricks the right in Labour did to stop millions getting the party into power they do desperately needed!!
    I know we can’t speculate how many would be still alive in this pandemic were Labour in power, or how many of the 700 NHS staff who died due to lack of PPE over the first few months would still be here it doesn’t bear thinking about.
    Let’s hope this Labour leaks paper doesn’t disappear, although as we’ve we’ve seen so much of it already, they wouldn’t dare! Would they?

  7. How did the poem about Labour members go …?

    “Twats to the right of them, twats to the left of them”

    What a shit-show! Still banging on about the irrelevance of Brexit whilst supporting a Tory-forged police state and the impoverishment of workers, the Labour Party continues to pursue its main policy – total fucking irrelevance.

    1. On the contrary RH Labour is absolutely vital now to the establishment in ensuring that the people have absolutely no choice and hence meaningful change can never be initiated in Society .That is the real relevance of Nu Labour under Starmer , it’s ensuring the continuance of neoliberal polices maintaining the status quo . Blair and Nu Labour , Thatchers greatest achievement and malevolent legacy , now continued by Starmer , all handed down to the people of the UK and they should be bloody grateful for it !

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