“Charlatan… self-serving waste of space” – MP’s own brother’s damning verdict after Tory tries to justify voting to keep kids hungry

Grahame Levy, right, and his MP brother Ian

A Facebook discussion of his attempt to excuse his decision to vote to keep poor children hungry has led to an embarrassing bombshell for Blyth Valley’s Tory MP Ian Levy.

Levy wrote a self-justifying Facebook post claiming the public outrage, at the Tories’ appalling determination not to provide meals for 1.4 million of England’s poorest children during the school holidays (and any eventual lockdown), was ‘extremely disappointing’.

Levy also justified his vote by pointing to the Tories giving free school meals to ‘another 50,0000 children’. He neglected to mention that the vote in fact denied free school meals to another million children, in one of the biggest political scandals of 2018:

But the outraged discussion of Levy’s excuses was about to lead to serious embarrassment for Levy – as his own brother Grahame chipped in on the thread with a withering verdict on the Tory MP he described as a ‘Charleton’ [sic] and ‘a self serving waste of space’:

For good measure, Grahame, who now lives in Scotland, added that,

I feel sorry for the folk of Blyth

So great was the outrage at the MP’s comments and vote that Labour MP Ian Lavery had to put out a tweet clarifying that he’s not the Tory MP with a vaguely similar name:

Levy the MP felt sorry for himself and his Tory colleagues, because Angela Rayner’s calling one of them ‘scum‘ might encourage others to do the same after they voted to leave poor children hungry.

Boo hoo.

But the sympathy belongs with those poor kids and not with the bunch of ‘self-serving wastes of space’ who deprived them of food they desperately need in the middle of a national crisis driving spiralling poverty.

Ian Levy was contacted for comment but did not respond. Grahame Levy was contacted and confirmed their relationship.

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  1. Charlatans and waste of space, pure wicked nastiness, for which Starmer & Iraq Blair “worked night and day” to bring about. Remember WMD Blair PUBLICLY endorsed Blo Johnson. This disaster was brought about by those parasites infesting Labour. Sir Starmer and Co must NEVER be forgiven.

  2. We’ve seen other sibling disputes within the Tory party On that occasion one of them got paid off with a seat in the House of Lords. I wonder if he had to sign an NDA first.

  3. I agree with you Signpost, if I could ‘like‘ your post I would!

    Also, I don’t need any member of Labour Party to call a tory scum before I recognise that Tories are indeed the scummiest of scum!

  4. ps and what sorts of pure wickedness… pure evil causes hundreds of MPs to get up and walk through the NO Lobby… without pausing to realise their nastiness??? Think of it. In other parliaments, you press a button to vote. Here there is the opportunity to reconsider. Yet the likes of Theresa May actually walked to vote to deny children a hot meal. What sort of person does that???

    Impossible to comprehend the caustic bile of those creatures. And tomorrow she will be in church with her multimillionaire husband.

    1. This is what Theresa May said about what guides her decision making.

      Speaking with the Sunday Times, the Prime Minister was asked how she steeled herself for the job and the tough decisions ahead,

      She replied: “It’s about, ‘Are you doing the right thing?’ If you know you are doing the right thing, you have the confidence, the energy to go and deliver that right message.”
      Asked if that was a “moral” approach, Ms May added: “I suppose there is something in terms of faith.
      “I am a practising member of the Church of England and so forth, that lies behind what I do.

      1. I blame her Sunday school teacher for not explaining “Suffer the little children” properly.

      2. Thanks 4 bringing May’s words to my attention. SICK comes to mind. At church tomorrow with her Lockheed Martin investor husband. The DIRECT cause of unspeakable misery death and destruction around the world. … oh yes and refugees for whom she created an “HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT”. So Hubby helps get them bombed then wifey tells them they’re not welcome here. That’s a funny type of “faith”… sterile really… in fact worse than sterile. DEADLY poisonous. Theresa May and everyone who traipsed into the NO food for children Lobby are disgusting. No ifs. No buts. They are FILTHY wicked SCUM.

    2. Signpost, perhaps May is bitter since despite of her wealth has never been able to have children. For someone that years ago, label her own Party “the nasty Party” it appears that now she is happy to embrace the nastiness.

      1. Maria, when she made her getting the leadership speech, in the light of her “nasty party” ref at their conference, even i was fooled. I thought, gosh, Labour is finished for a generation. I was wrong. It is not her childlessness. If it were, then what is Reece Mogg’s excuse now with Sixtus? Or Blo John’s with his minimum six? No Maria, May and her Blue Tory serpents are sick heartless wicked… satanic appendages who will all be at church tomorrow.

  5. The cunt’s absolutely justified in his comment though – I’d NEVER have thought of calling Tories “scum” if Angela Rayner hadn’t inspired me.

  6. I don’t feel the least bit sorry for the people of Blyth. This was Ronnie Campbell’s old seat and they voted in this awful man when Ronnie retired. I’m sure they are proud of themselves.

    1. I am utterly ashamed of those local to me who voted these bastards in
      Sadly it doesn’t only affect them it affects their families and us who saw through the propaganda and smears
      Sad thing is they’ll no doubt vote for those they are instructed by msm to next time

  7. Yes my Tory MP is complaining in the local paper saying he and his staff have received horrible abuse over the way he voted on Labour’s motion. He is often seen posing outside food banks. To listen to the debate in parlaiment yesterday, apparently, Angela Rayner calling a Tory MP scum is far more important than a million kids going hungry.

  8. I’m lost for words I haven’t very many but sadly tmay saying she is a Christian isn’t true she playing the other side but starving children in Britain should have been a thing of the past but sadly we have greedy pigs in power

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