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Johnson and co have learned nothing from the mass death toll they have inflicted

Guest article by leading medic Dr Kailash Chand

Since the Spanish Flu pandemic killed millions a century ago, or AIDS spread in South Africa in the early 2000s, nothing has hit the globe as hard as Covid19 pandemic. If AIDS spread in South Africa that killed 330,00 lives was President Mbeki’s failure. The huge loss of lives in UK is failure of Boris Johnson and his incompetent government.

In 2000, Mbeki surrounded himself with sycophants and cost his country hundreds of thousands of lives by ignoring science and we’re suffering the same fate now.

Boris Johnson might well ape Donald Trump in awarding himself an A-plus for his handling the coronavirus, but the judgment of history is likely to be far harsher.

I also see it as a colossal failure of leadership. I don’t think that even 20,000 would have died if it hadn’t been for the incompetence.

There’s plenty of blame to go around, with Labour failing to to hold Johnson to accounts, but Johnson himself in particular “recklessly” squandered lives. Death certificates may record the coronavirus as the cause of death, but in a larger sense vast numbers of UK people, including frontline health and other essential workers, died because of their government.

On top of the loss of lives, the economic cost of the pandemic in the United Kingdom will be trillions, an amount that will be used by the Tories to justify cuts for generations yet which could have been far lower if the crisis had been handled properly.

It’s really sad to see the UK fall from being the champion of free universal quality health care to being the laughing stock of the world. It was a tragedy of history that Johnson was Prime Minister of the UK when this hit us.

Other Prime Ministers have made terrible mistakes over the decades, including the Iraq War, financial crises and the privatisation of the NHS. But in terms of destruction of British lives, treasure and wellbeing, this pandemic may be the greatest failure of governance in the United Kingdom in the last century .

Alarm Bells From Wuhan

When the health commission of Wuhan, China, announced on 31 December that it had identified 27 cases of a puzzling pneumonia, Taiwan acted with lightning speed. Concerned that this might be an outbreak of SARS, Taiwan dispatched health inspectors to board flights arriving from Wuhan and screen passengers before allowing them to disembark. Anyone showing signs of ill health was quarantined. But Johnson let all the flights operate without any checks or restrictions for months.

That first half of January represents a huge missed opportunity for the world. If the World Health Organisation and the world’s media had raised enough questions and pressed China, then perhaps the Chinese central government would have intervened in Wuhan earlier. And if Wuhan had been locked down just two weeks earlier, it’s conceivable that this entire global catastrophe could have been averted.

But Boris Johnson wasted months after the world was warned about the virus, making no effort to prepare hospitals, build stocks of personal protective equipment or make any other significant preparations except to boast falsely of how well-prepared the UK was.

The Defiance of Science

One of the biggest sins of our government’s response to the coronavirus was the bungling of testing. Public Health England abandoned its routine test and trace strategy in mid-March, before the spring lockdown, because it was unable to keep up with the outbreak. Without testing, health officials were fighting their enemy blindfolded. They didn’t know where the virus lurked and couldn’t isolate those infected or trace their contacts.

Our testing was either absent or inadequate. South Korea, Germany and other countries quickly developed tests that did work and these were distributed around the world. Even Sierra Leone in West Africa had effective tests before the United Kingdom did.

Without proper tests, the NHS was at a loss and didn’t know what it faced.

In the battle to fight pandemic, Johnson did almost everything wrong. He discouraged mask wearing. The administration never rolled out contact tracing, missed opportunities to isolate the infected and exposed, didn’t adequately protect care homes, issued advice that confused the issues more than clarified them. Front line staff were denied PPE.

Johnson’s catastrophes arose in part because he channeled an anti-intellectual current that runs deep in the Tories, sidelining scientific experts and responding to the virus with bluster and sunny optimism, advocating herd immunity as a solution, apparently meant to bolster the financial markets.

It’s going to disappear, Johnson echoed Trump’s voice. It will disappear and we will celebrate HAPPY CHRISTMAS.

The false reassurances and dithering were deadly. It’s widely believed, same lockdowns just two weeks earlier, at least fifty percent of the deaths in the early months could have been prevented.

A basic principle of public health is the primacy of accurate communications based on the best science. Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, who holds a doctorate in physics, is the global champion of that approach. Boris Johnson was the opposite, sowing confusion and conspiracy theories.

Instead of listening to top government scientists, Boris marginalized and ignored them.

Most unfortunately, Johnson still has never developed a comprehensive plan to fight Covid-19. His “strategy” been to play politics, His handling of Greater Manchester was disgraceful.

The best way to protect the economy was to control the virus, not to ignore it, and the spread of Covid-19 caused economic dislocations that devastated even homes where no one was infected. Millions of UK population has slipped into poverty since May, scores of children don’t have enough food to eat and his party opposed the bill to supply food vouchers .Scores of people were struggling with mental health, and many have begun or increased substance abuse.

So in what is arguably the fifth richest country of the world, political malpractice has resulted in a pandemic of infectious disease followed by pandemics of poverty, mental illness, addiction and hunger. Mismanagement of the virus has not only sickened tens of thousands of Britishers but has also poisoned our body politic.

It didn’t have to be this way. If Boris Johnson and his team had worked harder and honestly, and responded urgently and deftly enough to achieve Taiwan’s death rate, fewer than 1000 people in the UK would have died from the virus.

Since the prime minister, Boris Johnson, acknowledged the second wave of coronavirus infections, on 18 September, the government’s Covid-19 dashboard has recorded 2,191 deaths in the UK, with 1,903 in England.

John Edmunds, a professor at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, told MPs on Wednesday that without further measures, England’s tiered Covid-19 strategy would lead to high numbers of new infections every day, putting the NHS under strain and driving up the death toll.

We could still lose tens of thousands of lives in England from Covid-19 second wave.

The failures of Boris Johnson are as bad as of President Mbeki’s failures to tackle AIDS epidemic in 2000.

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    1. Oh, you agree? Your beloved’s ‘seen the light, has he? Well you’re royally fucked if you think he shouldn’t hang alongside the toerags.

      Remind us all just who it was, DEMANDED kids go back to school and be responsible for this second wave**?

      That’s right (**’Twas stammer & de piffle, jointly – not the children).

      T’other day in the commons, stammer was pretending to be concerned about those who can’t afford their rent. Remind us all, little fella, what was stammer’s policy on rent earlier this year; and what had he changed about that by the time he was feigning concern on the green benches last week?

      Correct – zilch had changed. There has been NO policy change about renters other than that two years to pay back arrears…So they best get out and work 80 hour weeks to make up the shortfall, eh?

      Where was the opposition for the first 5 or 6 months of the crisis? That’s right – SACKED for going against their leaders’ single-line whip.

      But most of all, remind us why de piffle has an eighty seat majority, and has therefore been given free rein to make a balls-up of this disaster?

      We won’t hold our breath…

  1. A 100% correct indictment of Johnson and it is compounded by his other calamitous decision, to inflict Brexit upon us. Because of those two Tory failures, Britain will lag behind our ex partners in Europe for probably decades. Cue the Brextremists…..

    1. How did he ‘inflict’ it upon us? I seem to recall that 17.4 million people voted to leave the EU. And but for Jeremy being pressured big time over many months to change policy regaring Brexit, he may very well have been PM now.

      1. And White Flag Man did you ‘seem to recall’ it was Johnson along side Farage who helped persuade the 17.M to vote for Brexit?

        Thankfully, although it’s too late, Brexiters are a dying breed now that that the public have realised exactly what’s in store for us. Although thanks to Skwawky, they will always have a home in this little corner of Brextremist Land.

      2. And you, soft ollies, seem to have deliberately omitted that the alienation of the labour and floating voter component of that 17.4m was complete when stammer shithoused his second referendum (with remain option) through with the assistance of centrist delegates that were supplanted by corrupt anti-democratic CLPs that even you complain(ed) about.

        And it’s for that reason I wouldn’t go around pointing the finger if I were you – unless it was at a reflection of yourself in the mirror.

      3. And you Toffee – sewer mouth, have deliberately omitted that it was your mates the Zionists who did the greatest damage to Corbyn with their charges of antiSemitism against him, not the overwhelming call from LP members to give the voters a democratic choice to see if they had changed their minds. A chance which many Brexiters would dearly love to have now that they see how much damage Brexit is going to cause.

      4. Again, blaming me for warning you about the zionist influence increasing once you allowed Watson & stammer to bollocks up the election chances.

        Well look at what your second ref with remain option – that the electorate proved for a second time that they weren’t interested in – has done for Zionist influence within your party.

        But you were repeatedly warned.

        And also as predicted, you’re blaming everyone but yerself…

      5. Toffee, you just like the Zionists blame others for that which you are guilty. When Corbyn was being attacked, when and why did you warn me against Zionists when I have been consistent in my condemnation of them? You as a Zionist shill would be the last person to warn me.

        By the time the confirmatory vote was proposed, the Zionists and their partners in the back room of the Labour Party had already done their damage to Corbyn and had undermined him in the eyes of many of the electorate.

        You are wriggling like a worm now that the chlorinated chickens are coming home to roost as a result your fanatical support for Brexit.

      6. Disingenuous, lying little jew-hating shitehawk.

        WHY are you asking questions and make accusations based on your unhealthy paranoiac zionism obsession (In your case, a thinly veiled euphemism for Jew-hating) when I repeatedly told you at the time that the election wouldn’t be fought on antisemitism because in the grand scheme of things, nobody gave a fuck about it.

        It was a non-priority for everyone but the zionists – But YOU, just HAD to keep it top of the agenda and piss the electorate off – those who wanted the REAL issues like brexit dealt with – even further.

        Exactly the same as the zionists kept it top of their centrist, pro-eu agenda

        You were asked time and again how many people on the news were saying antisemitism was top of their list and you wouldn’t answer because there wasn’t anyone said so.


        Had it been left until labour had secured a victory it’d have been dealt with. But a Corbyn Government was NEVER your priority…Eradicating the jew menace was.

        But then you had to back the other side of the anti-Corbyn coin known as stammer and his EU shithousery that ended any chance of labour winning the election.

        And the labour/floating voter contingent of the 17.4m people who voted leave told the nation they weren’t interested in your second referendum OR remaining.

        Now we ALL suffer what YOU deserve…And the irony is that the zionists are entrenched in the party more than ever because you wouldn’t listen. Now you have the gall to blame everyone but yourself.

        Way to go, dickhead.

      7. 🙂 So Toffee, you are now self exposed for all to see as one of the resident Skwawkbox Zionist shills.

        In your outburst you use the classic language of the antiSemites who accuse left wing Jews of ‘Jew hatred’ and self-hating and try to conflate antiZionism with antiSemitism.

        When the Zionists in the Labour Party were doing their utmost to destroy Corbyn, you were telling everyone to ‘look away, they aren’t a problem’ when in fact they were THE problem, with their attacks being orchestrated and escalated from Israel as we saw in ‘The Lobby’ documentary. They needed to be confronted head on so that the less well informed in the public were made aware of their tactics and their motives but no, you and others, for your now obvious reasons, wanted to blow smoke over their activities so you could put the blame on to others for advocating more democracy which may have thwarted your Brextremist ambitions. The failure of those who looked the other way when the Zionists were in full attack mode is what has led now to the LP being Zionised under Starmer.

        You with your sewer language are a 100% phony Socialist who descends into the sewer whenever confronted.

      8. Anyone who disagrees with you is a zionist. You’re beneath contempt, jew hater.

        Now your fabricating accusations against me. Not gonna work because you’re too fucking stupid to make a coherent case.

        Do you remember when I changed my username to toffee (44:1) at the time of all the ALLEGATIONS??

        Can you remember what that was that about, gobshite?

        I eagerly await your answer… Then you can make a FULL retraction of your baseless bullshit.

      9. Toffee – “If needs be, I’ll trawl through every anti zionist post I’ve made and haunt you with all of them……”
        Oh dear Toffee, how tiresome.
        Is this going to turn out to be your very own serialised equivalent of the classic “…..but some of my best friends are black, Asian, gay etc, etc, etc

      10. Toffee, so apart from being a Zionist shill, you are now going to step up your trolling – as if anyone cares, least of all me, you need serious help.

        By the way Toffee lad you also need to look up the definition of paranoina, there is nothing imagined about the intentional damage Zionists did to Corbyn and the Labour Party.

      11. Gone all steve h and rfuised to answer the questions.

        Can’t back up your pathetic accusations, can you, jew hater?

        Do zionist shills say things like THIS on threads like THAT??

        The Toffee27/04/2018 AT 1:53 PM
        Put it as it is, Jack!

        Of course it’s no time for showing restraint – THEY chose their course of action. It’s time to stamp these meddlesome loathsome creatures out, or be forever lumbered with them.

        Oh, and I suppose my choice of words will be pored over by the semitics – well I couldn’t give a f**k.

        They want it about them, fair enough, should make it about them.

        Seems this ,i>zionist shill had similar ideas as you once….Until you went full-on paranoiac about that & brexit; then started baselessly accusing those who took a step back of being ‘zionist shills’ and have done so about those two topics and nothing else since.

        Oh, and until you admit your fabrications and slurs, retract them complete with a full apology – I’ll be looking for every post you make and showing you up for the lying, imbecilic little gawp that you are.

      12. Toffee, do you infest any other blogs wth your knuckle dragging comments apart from this one? It would be interesting to know how many others you’ve tried to intimidate with your immature schoolboy threats.

        I’m bored with you now, I’ve had a little entertainment pulling your tail. The floor is all yours to dream up new profanities and curse to your heart’s content, fill yer boots.

        By the way, don’t waste your time providing links in your inane comments, I don’t read them.

      13. No, no, nooooo, jackanory…you’re not ”bored”. You’re scrabbling for an out when you haven’t got one.

        You’ve been OWNED sonny. And it isn’t even a challenge.

        And DO stop complaining of ‘bullying’ when YOU – you scabby little reptile – tore into cancer patient Jenny Formby because she hadn’t got rid of enough of ‘them’ for you.

        Unlucky lad.

        Again – what was the (44:1) about in my username before I changed it to 597?

        You really should know jackanory, I mean you’re the self-appointed resident zionist expert on this site…

      14. Toffee – Oh dear, oh dear what a topsy turvy world of self deception your brain inhabits .
        I doubt anyone gives a fuck what the appendages that you attach to your username with such a ‘feeling of self importance’ mean to you.
        Do you do this in the desperate hope that you can ‘impress’ everyone with your ‘great reveal’ when someone’s idle curiosity might get the better of them. How’s it going, I haven’t noticed a multitude of curious enquires from other commentators, have you?
        However many more may idly wonder in a moment of boredom why a grown man should believe that doing this gives him some sort of kudos.
        There’s nowt so queer as folk

  2. This paints a pretty clear picture of how things are in this country. It is compounded by the fact that those in power will never have to pay for their poor decision making, except to “retire” from politics in their own time and those that suffer will never have justice!

  3. While I agree with much fo what Dr Chsnd says, I disagree with his conclusion. The virus was never all consuming. Allowing common sense and advice led to 5.5 thousand deaths so far in Switzerland. It’s too easy to lock everything down in the name of saving lives when a government financed study as already concluded there will be a greater loss of life from economic and mental health consequences. Currently, I know of 3 families with one spouse testing positive and the other negative and another neighbour whose daughter has tested positive while she is negative.
    I’m of an age where the virus is dangerous but I don’t condone authoritarianism or blind obedience. I do condone an awareness of the price the working class will have to pay for the next 50 years.

    1. I do condone an awareness of the price the working class will have to pay for the next 50 years.

      Perhaps if stammer & co hadn’t deliberately stymied the electorate’s choice with the 2nd ref shithousery we might well have had a socialist labour Govt right now that would’ve at least ameliorated the future debt with a financial transactions tax (Or at least a temporary one) to cover the covid bill.

  4. Nothing to learn. All going to plan. Billions to chums. Tory ideology of infinite vulgar greed. Starve children. Charge the poor for an extra bedroom. Pay SERCO and other jacks of all trades, masters of none £BILLIONS of public money. Subsidise bandits. Call them lords & ladies to act as a cheap charade of “respectability”. Bribe, tempt and reward others eg SIR Phillip Green, Dame Cressida Dick, phillip may, keith starmer, peter mandelson, etc etc etc

    So re “lessons” to be learnt, don’t hold your breath. Tories Blue & red will batter their wives and send them to the Maudsley, and say they’ve done no wrong, then castigate the poor for their behaviour. Their son will do the same with children here there and everywhere yet STILL criticise poor single mothers as if they themselves have not made at least approx six children, the children of single mothers. Such hypocritical Tories, Iraq WMD Blair endorses to be PM instead of Jeremy. Such Tories Starmer enabled.

    But be warned, snatching children’s milk, and voting to have poor children remain cold and hungry is nothing for Tories. They would stab their own mothers to death for material benefit, straighten their ties and say they’ve done no wrong.

    Be warned, there’s much worse to come from this Tory heartless gang which was brought to power by Sir Starmer, Mandelson WMD Blair & Co.

    1. Have to agree. The worst is yet to come. We don’t even know the truth about what is happening now or the past. Goodness, we had better be prepared to respond, to keep on going with the flow and screaming at each other will not help. Time for active people’s assemblies. Grief I don’t know but Max ain’t the answer. Someone must have voted for him and the Tories, so we are led to believe. I’m old, I’ve had a go but we’ve all got our youngsters to think of. No NHS,no jobs, homes, some deformed propoganda type of education, a terrified population snitching on families and friends, unbelievable crime even with brutal police and security services. Enough, I’m off and on my terms not starved, dying of thirst in my own shit in some spivs care homes. I ain’t giving up the struggle but I can see what’s going on. ☮️ X to comrades everywhere.

  5. ‘As US election approaches, New York Times intensifies its anti-Russia disinformation campaign’

    In the final weeks of the election campaign, as the Trump administration intensifies its coup plotting and incitement of fascistic violence, US intelligence agencies, with the assistance of the New York Times, are once again spreading unsubstantiated propaganda that Russia is seeking to “interfere” in the elections and “sow chaos” in the United States.

    In the space of three days this week, the Times, the main newspaper politically aligned with the Democratic Party, published three articles focused on the supposed Russian plot. All were co-authored by the Times’ most reliable stenographer for the CIA, David Sanger.

    1. Allan – If you’re an apologist for Putin and his ‘elected’ dictatorship you really don’t have much of a grasp on anything..

    2. Hi Steve, stalking me again I see. Oh, and I couldn’t help but notice when I checked through the latest articles posted by Skwawkbox a bit earlier, that out of the last five you’ve posted FIRST in three of them, and SECOND in the other two. Yep, always monitoring the site and posting comments all day long. And who but a paid shill does that!

      Oh, and you might be interested in the latest posting by Craig Murray. Yeah, he’s a Putin apologist as well:

      ‘Magic Novichok’

      ….. You can take your pick as to which of those convincingly explains why the Skripals apparently swanned round Salisbury for four hours after coming into contact with the novichok coated doorknob, well enough to both drink in a pub and eat a good Italian lunch, before both being instantaneously struck down and disabled at precisely the same time so neither could call for help, despite being different sexes, ages and weights. Just as the chief nurse of the British army happened to walk past.

      1. Allan – Russia is an authoritarian dictatorship, I have nothing but contempt for the Putin and his regime. You can piss around arguing the toss all night about the Skripals but it won’t alter the my central point one iota.
        If your dumb enough to be an apologist for Putin you are just a waste of space.

      2. Oh, I didn’t realise that it makes you an apologist for someone if you point out – as many have including Craig Murray, Caitlin Johnstone and the World Socialist WebSite folks – that the Russiagate mantra is complete and utter bollox, as was the Salisbury poisonings episode AND the recent Navalny episode of course.

        But in Steve’s twisted world, it doesn’t matter if Putin is falsely accused of this or that, because he’s a dictator blah, blah, blah! Jeeze man, the ‘Putin apologist’ line to try and discredit someone – as opposed to addressing what they’ve said – is so unbelievably transparently pathetic it’s a complete and utter joke! Couldn’t you think of something a bit more original?!!

        Oh well, at least I’m in good company:

        Your claim is about as legitimate as John Mann’s calling Ken Livingstone a Nazi apologist was! Oh, and with the same dose of false outrage thrown in. REALLY Steve, it’s just pathetic beyond words!

        And to think that they pay you for such B/S!

      3. Allan – No faux outrage just amazement that you are dumb enough to support an authoritarian thug like Putin who has demonstrated time and time again that he is prepared to go to any lengths to hang onto power. I judge Putin on his actions over many years.

      4. Allan – None of which counters my central contention that Russia is an elected dictatorship with a ruthless narcissistic thug in charge.

      5. Turn it in, little steven.

        When people are allowed to post freely on here, they generally post well. Allan’s had likes on his posts here which he’s been allowed to make unfettered by your input. that tells me people are in agreement with him.

        Until you come along. Then, people are almost compelled into having to reply to your shite, and the thread goes to pot…It’s the same thing over & over….And almost invariably involves YOU.

        Get the message. Very few people are in accordance with you here Those who are are derided the same way you get derided. And rightfully so.

        Very few people have any time whatsoever for stammer here. Nobody likes a cryarse, a coward, a liar and a hypocrite. If you continue to deny examples of when you’ve shown yourself to be those things (Which is more often than not) then people will naturally point them out to you, until you learn to stop

        And you wonder why people take you personally when you continue pontificating to them even though you’ve got next to nothing right ever since you first infested this site.

        You continue to treat people like pricks you’re gonna continue to get spoken to like one. It’s THAT simple.

      6. Toffee – My apologies if I’ve given you the impression that I really care much one way or t’other what you think about me. Allan posted something I disagreed with so I made that clear, just like you frequently do to me. What’s your problem, you didn’t strike me as a ‘safe space’ type of guy I thought you were a little more robust than that, or at least that’s the impression you try so hard to portray with all the demands, faux outrage and adolescent expletives.
        It is entirely up to you whether you choose to respond to my comments or not. If you don’t want to get yourself all hot and bothered whilst I look on at your posts (with an amused curiosity) watching them descend into nothing more than expletive filled incoherent rants then just ignore me.
        You should take heed of the advice that you so kindly proffered in your final paragraph.
        I will continue to post my opinions on here for as long as I’m allowed to and whether I have your permission and blessing is only of incidental interest.
        The choice is yours.

      7. Told you what the problem is.

        YOU are the problem. YOU and your drivelling snivelling pro-centrist, oro-stammerist, anti-socialist shite.

        Added to your attitude, your cowardice in repeatedly running away from simple questions only to appear on another thread to repeat the points you were questioned about but ran away from.

        And your abject hypocrisy.

        You model yourself on a typical politician with your demeanourwithout realising they’re generally hated too.

        And you don’t even do that right.

        Carry on all you like. But don’t start crying about foul language when you go out of your way to rule people, you snivelling little prick.

      8. What’s the difference between what you’ve just done with your emoji reply, and de piffle in the link below, little steven?

        You both get on people’s tits, and are lucky not to have been filled in as yet.

      9. Toffee – “and are lucky not to have been filled in as yet”
        You’re a bit a joke, what comes next bully boy? 😨

      10. So I’m a “bully” for staying a fact . That being that if you acted like tgat in the real world you’d be wearing your arse for a hat?

        Crying little shit, you’re even worse than the toerags who complain about being called scum when they’re allowing kids to go hungry

      11. Toffee “if you acted like tgat in the real world you’d be wearing your arse for a hat?”
        Oh dear, you obviously can’t help yourself

        “Crying little shit”
        If I had shed any tears they would have been tears of laughter at your pathetic attempts to intimidate. FFS Grow Up!

      12. Oh and I also forgot to mention that you’ve proved beyond doubt that you deliberately go out of your way to annoy people then whinge when they give it back.

        You’re a shithouse. Lower than any toerag.

      13. Toffee – “you deliberately go out of your way to annoy people”

        If that were the case then you’ve just proudly declared to the world that you are so stupid and gullible that you fall for it every time.

    1. Correction, she no longer has immunity after catching corona virus earlier this year.

      1. Aww, what a let-down – I thought you’d used “catching herd immunity” intentionally as a funny, sarcastic excoriation of BloJob’s anti-policy.

        Since it was a mistake you won’t mind if I nick it then?

      2. ‘CATCHING HERD IMMUNITY’ would be a brilliant title for an article, Skwawky 😉

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