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Video: Rayner calls Tory MP’s claim she called him ‘scum’ ‘inaccurate’ (pity). Tories try to use it regardless

Tories’ disgraceful attack on Manchester and the mayor trying to protect its people merits that term and more

Tory MP Chris Clarkson launched a shameful attack on Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham’s widely-praised defence of the people of his area during a Commons debate this afternoon – and then accused Labour’s deputy leader Angela Rayner of calling him ‘scum’ over it:

Rayner promptly called a point of order and took the Tory to task for his inaccuracy about her comments. But that hasn’t stopped the Tories cropping her response off the video footage and trying to use it to smear her.

If Angela Rayner says she didn’t say it, then she didn’t say it. But if not then it’s a pity.

Any Tory MP hypocritical enough to describe Burnham as ‘opportunistic’ for trying to defend the people who elected him – while Johnson and his party opportunistically try to screw over northern working-class people and protect their own heartlands, after killing tens of thousands through delays and deliberate policiesis scum.

Which basically applies to that whole party.

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  1. Reprise “Lower than vermin” perhaps ? Not sure if that is an unparliamentary expression….

  2. This accusation will be used as deflection from the governments utter shambles of the current Covid handling and no doubt the vote tonight against financing meals for school children.
    How the hell did Clarkson take this seat from Liz McIness. Oh yeah I remember he promised his constituents the world of sunny uplands with Brexit.

  3. They give themselves legal immunity to slander any citizen they please while protecting themselves from the merest slight or embarrassment.
    They set up inquiries to find ways to stop citizens being nasty to them online while trying to pass laws giving themselves legal powers to have those citizens murdered by their henchmen.
    Repealing parliamentary privilege should be one of the first and the least of the changes.

  4. No time for Rayner since she declared she was a racist (Zionist) but the Speaker was at fault for having a go at Rayner before asking her if she had said it.

  5. Madam speaker, I refute the allegation I called the member “scum”.

    ….I couldn’t possibly hold him in such high regard!!

    As for stammer at pmq’s, complaining that people won’t be able to pay their rent…. Ere stammer you prick, why dont you remind us all what you wanted instead of a rent holiday….

    God I detest that shithouse. I mean DETEST him.

  6. It was very muffled – I could only really say that it was a single syllable word with a ‘U’ in it.
    Could have been anything.
    If she’d called the cunt a cunt she’d go up in my estimation.

  7. Remember de piffle at their Manchester conference ‘joking’ that the angry mob outside were shouting: ‘tories, come’ instead of ‘tory scum’?

    Rayner should’ve claimed she was checking her messages and was all excited at discovering that she’d received her copy of Huw Edwards autobiography and let slip out loud that “Huw’s stories come”

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