Starmer should be shouting about scandal of people having to feed poor kids because Tories are psychopaths – not sounding like David Cameron

Keir Starmer has appalled many Labour supporters by ‘doing a Cameron’ on English people’s response to the Tories’ conscious cruelty toward the nation’s poorest and most vulnerable children.

The Tories voted earlier this week to leave at least 1.5 million children in England hungry during school holidays (and any eventual lockdown), despite a massive campaign by footballer Marcus Rashford and his supporters – and in spite of Johnson’s u-turn during the summer on Rashford’s initial campaign to provide food for kids entitled to free school meals.

Labour – rightly and unusually under Starmer – opposed the Tories and exposed the cruelty at the heart of the conservative party, but Starmer has now made Johnson’s life easier by opting to treat the response of English people, councils, football clubs and businesses as if it’s a positive and not a scandal that they have to step up and fill the gap left by the Tories’ utter disregard for the wellbeing of the nation’s children.

Starmer tweeted a Daily Mirror headline about the response and added his own rider implying that it’s the people’s responsibility to ‘get us through this crisis’ of starving children. He didn’t even mention the Tories:

It was a comment reminiscent of David Cameron’s appalling attempt to treat food banks as part of the welfare state, instead of the damning indictment of the Tories’ contempt for the poor, including millions of ‘working poor’ people:

Labour giant Clement Attlee rightly took the view that for a government or people to rely on charity to fill the gaps left by inadequate taxes and state action is anything but a positive thing:

The response of the UK’s people, councils and businesses is hugely praiseworthy and has become essential because of the Tories’ reckless disregard for children and the poor.

But it is not their job to provide something that government should be doing. It is a desperate last resort and an absolute scandal that they are having to do it.

And Keir Starmer should be loudly and relentlessly be calling attention to that, not sounding like David ****ing Cameron.

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  1. …… but the image of the headline he’s tweeted clearly states in bold red print “NATION SHAMES TORY MPs”

    1. Personally I’m sick to death of people having to assist privately in funding everything from children’s books to hospital scanners. It just cements third class society for poor people, second for the middle class and first for the rich. Atlee was so right, charity is s cold grey loveless thing driven by ‘choice’. Our high streets have become desolate wastes full of smelly ‘charity shops’ where we’ll paid managers oversee hapless volunteers and sell donations for as much as they can get. With his silence Starmer is validating the whole shameful scam that sees us replace social security with ‘charity’….an appalling state of affairs for the world’s fith richest country and political parties that all claim to be liberal democracies.

      1. lundiel – I agree with much of what you say but given where we are what’s the alternative. I’m sure you will agree that it would be profoundly wrong to let these children go hungry. I remember the occasional joys of sugar sandwiches in my early years, at the time I was led to think it was a treat.

      2. Personally I’m sick to death of people having to assist privately in funding everything from children’s books to hospital scanners.

        Correct. We’ve paid our dues for these things. Where are they? The tax dodging elitists haven’t and they get to use them every bit as much as the PAYE plebs do.

        They’re making the equivalent to the GDP of a middling-sized african economy (Tax-avoided/exempt no doubt) on the test & trace scandal alone; and when it’s paybacjk time they won’t be paying a fucking penny extra in tax to help the economy recover.

        This is a financial services-based economy, yet they want everyone back to work so they can increase their portfolios and see their stock rise while John Q worker gets fuck all but sick from covid, but very few if any of their multi-million pound transactions don’t even get looked at by HMRC.

        So, if you’re as sick as me of being asked to pay twice for things you’ve already been asked to pay for and HAVE paid for, start demanding the rich get either get their hands in their pockets or get the fuck out of their ivory towers and do a REAL day’s graft amongst the potentially covid infected like the rest of us plebs are being forced to do.

    2. Yeah – The NATION shames tory MPs’.

      Take note of the word ‘NATION’.

      Meaning everyone BUT stammer ffs. He’s even making excuses for them AND parroting previous toerag PM’s mantras now, and you’re STILL trying to spin for the serpent and convince us all it’s not what it seems.

      Jesus H Christ, dafuq’s the matter with you that you’re compelled to make excuses for the helmet, no matter how risible they are? Why have you developed some sort of disturbing fetish about making a clown of yourself by championing a bigger fucking toerag than the actual toerags themselves?

      Get help. Seriously. You’re not right in the head.

      1. Toffee – Thanks for your input and of course you are entitled to weave whatever complex nonsense you like around Keir’s tweet but the headline wasn’t chosen at random and unlike you I’m simply drawing attention to what I see before my eyes.

      2. I’m not the one who’s weaving anything, gobshite.

        to use one of your favourite sayings…’On the contrary’…You’re the one increasingly desperately and risibly attempting to defend the one who’s increasingly letting the mask slip and showing the nation that he’s every bit as toerag as the toerags themselves.

        The slimy invertebrate could shed it’s skin to reveal it’s actually thatcher underneath; And you’d STILL try to convince anyone who’ll listen that it’d be wrong to want rid, or howit’s the best thing that ever happened to the labour party.

        You’re a cultist. A grotesquely disconcerting stammer obsessive. You don’t follow (leftist) politics, you follow stammer. Whatever way he leans – and we’re seeing it day after day – YOU lean. You don’t just bend with him, you bend FOR him.


      3. Toffee … and you think I’m weird. I’m not the one ranting gibberish and expletives in a vane attempt to deny what is right in front of everyone’s eyes in bold red print.
        Your argument is beyond verging on the ridiculous.

    3. SteveH,
      Skwawky doesn’t care about facts. When it comes to Starmer there is only one reaction from Skwawky and his flock.
      Its the level of intelligence you would expect from a four year old.
      Jeremy Corbyn = Good.
      Keir Starmer = Bad
      If it wasn’t so funny it would be pathetic.

      1. And right on cue; here’s the buttplug to proffer his pearls of wisdom…

        So go on, knobby, enlighten us why don’t a?

        What sort of ‘clever ploy’ has the oleaginous blockhead develped by parroting camoron’s mantra of ‘big society’ this time and how does it sound exactly like what the (supposed) leader of a (so-called) LEFT party SHOULD be saying and thinking?

      2. On the, imo fallacious, membership card of the Labour party, it claims to be a social democratic Socialist party or some such nonsense . This has nothing to with “Corbyn good, Starmer bad, it’s a deeper claim on the soul of the party. Is Labour a social democratic Socialist party, a party that would like to embrace Socialism in the future, or another neoliberal party?
        Truth and transparency would be helpfull. It would allow the electorate to vote accordingly and help those MPs who have found themselves in the wrong party.
        Also you’ve got some fucking neck accusing people of low intelligence levels…put a sock in it.

      3. reply to SteveH24/10/2020 AT 1:52 PM

        Again you need it spelling out for you. I’ll use gaps betwwen the lines so it’s easier for you to grasp.

        The headline reads: <b.NATION shames toraeg MPs.

        Where does it say: STAMMER SHAMES TOERAG MPs?

        It doesn’t.


        Because the fucking useless toerag gobshite HASN’T.

        He HAS however, parroted comoron’s ‘Big society’ mantra. But that doesn’t sound remotely toerag to you.

        No, it sounds NORMAL to you; that’s because because you’re as toerag as the rest of them

        Got that?

  2. Didn’t Starmer help David Cameron and the establishment as a DPP? Protecting police from prosecutions, running courts all night to hand out brutal sentences for young misguided people in the riots and student protests? Was not he equally obliging with the spycops and Julian Assange? He is one of the establishment, and Labour will die under his watch. In fact it already has, because his remain campaign lost the election and put this government where it is.

    1. For some unbeknownst reason, camoron always reminded me of the Pillsbury dough boy, or them potatoes in the ‘We wanna be…Smith’s crisps’ adverts

      1. Toffee – There’s an image to conjure with a Pillsbury Dough Boy with a deceased porcine

      2. I love those occasional winding thought trails internet searches take you on.
        Toffee’s mention of “them potatoes” adverts reminded me of the Cadbury’s Smash adverts (which I loved, despite calling the stuff itself cardboardy mash)
        A bunch of neighbours’ kids came in the back door once talking about “what are you having for tea?” One eagerly said, “Smash & chips.” which had me close to tears.
        Amazed to read it’s still in the shops.
        Under ‘People also ask’ somebody asked “What is Smash made of?”
        Cocaine, Forrest, cocaine.

  3. It is the first job of all governments to ensure the very basics of what children need … feeding, clothing, housing. It is the governments job to ensure more than those, but those are the most basic requirements. Any government (or opposition) that reneges on that, is not fit to sit in a building where they get cheap meals subsidised by the very people whose children they happily see go hungry! …. Or claim back from those same taxpayers the cash for biscuits and whisky that our local MP thought was his by right and criticised those who had drawn that to public attention!

  4. Oh, anf for little steven (and the buttplug if he wants to ‘enlighten us trots’ ) here’s the article that that Daily Mirror front page is referring to

    Please feel free to highlight any mention of any stammer participation/ involvement of any kind within the article:

    Caring Brits inspired by Marcus Rashford say ‘we’ll feed the kids’ as Tories refuse

    EXCLUSIVE: Britain has backed Marcus Rashford and offered free food to needy school kids to shame the 322 well-fed MPs who said no to helping hard-up families

    Marcus Rashford told of his pride as scores of businesses pulled together to feed hungry kids snubbed by the Government.

    The England and Manchester United striker highlighted the offers of free food for our poorest children from cafes, pubs, local authorities and food charities.

    It increased pressure on Boris Johnson after more than 300 Tory MPs blocked a motion to extend free school meals outside term-time for more than 1.4 million deprived children up to next Easter.

    Pubs and cafes joined the outpouring of generosity across the country as the pandemic threatens to bring more hardship for struggling families this winter.

    The Crown Inn at Keynsham, near Bristol
    It is offering free sandwich lunch and a microwaveable meal for families to take home.

    The pub previously started helping out by donating to a struggling local food bank, before offering free meals to key workers in lockdown.

    Owner David Yeomans said: “Now more than ever people need it. We wanted to make sure everyone is fed and watered basically, and the kids have got what they need.

    “Holidays are always more expensive with kids,” he said. “It’s about taking off a little bit of the pressure for parents and trying to help out.”

    He praised Marcus Rashford’s campaign and said it was “fantastic” that the footballer had highlighted the pub’s offer.

    David said it was tough time for businesses with trade hit by the pandemic but he still wanted to do the right thing for struggling families.

    He added: “We’ve got money in the bank, we are quite fortunate. So why not give something back.”

    James Derbyshire, owner of The Courtyard cafe, in Wigan

    He said families could come in for a free hot meal or some food to take home next week.

    “I heard an MP speak about virtue signalling and how the responsibility needs to be put on the parents and it just made me really quite angry,” he said.

    “They can’t look past the parents to see the kids that are suffering.”

    The Manchester United fan said he had been following Rashford’s campaign and he wanted to do something to help struggling families in Wigan.

    He said: “People are so good in this area and so loyal. We just felt like we were in a position to help.

    “If we take a hit next week then that’s fine because we will be doing some good and giving something back to Wigan.”

    He praised the footballer for using his own hard-up background to help others and for “trying to help people who don’t have a voice”.

    James said he wished the Government would act but added: “I would just rather fill whatever gap I can fill and make our place open to anybody who needs it next week.”

    Chris Fletcher, co-owner of the Gingerbread House Cafe

    He has stepped in to offer free packed lunches to children over half term.

    Families can go into the cafe in Budleigh Salterton, Devon, next week to pick up a sandwich, a packet of crisps, a piece of fruit and a juice without charge.

    Chris said he knew he had to act as “it doesn’t cost us much to make sure a child doesn’t go to bed hungry” – and he was hoping to run the offer over Christmas too.

    “I just thought we have to do something,” he said. “If they [the Government] are not going to do something, then we are.”

    He was astonished to see his cafe had been retweeted by Marcus Rashford, adding: “What he is doing is absolutely amazing. You couldn’t put more praise on the bloke.

    “He’s just somebody who cares isn’t he?”

    He added: “If a 22-year-old can do this, what’s stopping everybody else?”

    Chris said he was “baffled” over why the Government had refused to fund school meals over the holidays.

    “I know it’s a lot of money but it’s not a lot of money in the grand scheme of things.”

    Not one mention of stammer involvement. Not one. Out with it, then? C’mon? Why is there NO MENTION of the greasy blockheaded fan of toerag big society?

    (God bless all those in the article and all those doing what they can to help across the nation. YOU are heroes, not some overpaid over-pampered so-called celebrity who’s had to have counselling because their cup of tea didn’t have enough sugar, or who’s pet dog got put down, or who’s come out of the closet after just about everyone knew they were gay anyway ffs.

    You are heroes AND patriots. God bless each and every one of you.)

    1. Toffee – I’m struggling to see the relevance of the article that you have so kindly reproduced in full, as far as I can see no politicians are named in the article.
      It seems a little perverse that you are pointing out that Starmer isn’t named in an article that doesn’t contain the names of any politicians within the comments section of an article about Keir’s twitter support for the campaign. Perhaps you need to take a break and collect your thoughts.

      1. Another one for the steve h reply bingo card….But I don’t understand…

        You persist in insulting the collective intelligence of this site, because you are an utter shithouse.

        Except we all of us KNOW that you’re not THAT fucking idiotic. You know FULL WELL that YOU linked the article in a pathetic arrempt to reflect stammer’s self-ingratiation into the shaming of toerag MPs when he’s done FUCK-ALL of the sort – but has, in fact, parroted a camoron idealogy-cum-policy and no doubt intends to make that one of his own, too.

        But it’s all about ‘Keir’s twitter support’ FCFS. how fucking desperate are you gonna get?

        As if the sum total of the fuck-all that he’s done is something we should give credence to…let alone praise?!

        How about the useless prick actually LEADS on the issue instead of making excuses for the way the toerags are forcing people into abject penury.

        Understand THAT.

      2. Toffee – Perhaps you need to take a break and collect your thoughts.

      3. Toffee – It’s odd how agitated you’ve become because someone has pointed out the obvious.

      4. Ladies and gentlemen… We have a winner!

        Step forward and claim your prize, who so drew the “take a break and collect your thoughts’ ticket in the little steven lottery?!

      5. Toffee – As I said above it is really strange how ridiculously agitated you’ve become when all I’ve done is point out what is right there in front of everyone’s eye.

      6. SteveH,
        My advice: blank him. Its a waste of your time. He doesn’t have a single independent thought. He must always have the last word. The continual stream of insults are just fekin weird.
        And, the obsession with name calling is seriously unhealthy. There are clear signs of progressive derangement here. Seriously, off the spectrum. Its best we do not make matters worse.
        And by the way, he’s not the only one.

    2. “I know it’s a lot of money but it’s not a lot of money in the grand scheme of things.”
      It’s Less than nothing really, against £12 billion for test and trace that doesn’t work provided by people with no expertise in medical science as opposed to outrageous lies about prostitution and crack being the outcome of funding something with universal agreement…….even a wink like Starmer knows when he’s on a winner even if he might secretly agree with the likes of Gove.

      1. Lundiel, out of the £12 billion wasted on a scheme of test and trace that doesn’t work, thousands of pounds are ending in the pockets of the 1% that support the Tories.
        You see the 1% donate to the Tory Party ( and to Starmer campaign too) but to them is a good investment that repays handsomely in contracts from the Tory government that escapes scrutiny. I am afraid that feeding hungry children don’t put money in their pockets.

  5. Christ on a stick!

    Just when you though the toerags couldn’t get ANY worse…

    I don’t think it’s cake that that rat’s bastard wants hungry people to eat.

    Although just as an observation: If one in six children in Devon live in poverty, rising to one in three, you have to ask yourself why the absolute fuck have they continued to elect predominately toerag and lib dim MPs down that way* over the years?

    Barring Exeter, where the only labour MP in Devon is ben bradshaw….oh, hang on…Yep, it’s a unanimously toerag county, all right…

    1. I think three things speak to the people of Devon and Cornwall: “city folk don’t understand us”. “The EU is stealing our fish” and “we are very happy with our colonial past”.
      Very difficult to move beyond those tropes.

      1. Four things. “Oi dossn’t carr ’bout no pubic footparth, git orrf moi laand, you Lundun.”

      2. Two out of three ain’t bad.
        You have a problem with the people of Devon & Cornwall?

  6. SteveH
    24/10/2020 at 8:34 pm
    I know its fun for a while , but eventually I start to feel guilty.

  7. “Let them eat cake”. Just toss them a coin or crumbs from the table & mention St.Marcus in my photo opp. Hungry children is symptomatic of mass poverty throughout working class Britain; a situation kept hidden by MSM. Perhaps it could feature in an episode of East Enders? Charity sticking plasters.

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