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Tories make even bigger mockery of sham 3-tier system by changing what Tier 3 means – and still not enough support

‘Agreement’ looks like attempt to ‘divide and conquer’ northern mayors refusing to accept system even govt advisers say won’t work

The Tories have made their sham 3-tier local-lockdown system an even bigger mockery – by flexing what ‘Tier 3’, the most restrictive level, involves.

The system is supposed to make restrictions clear to those affected by laying out exactly what can and cannot happen in a restricted area, according to the tier involved. But the Tories have now ‘done a deal’ with Lancashire authorities to impose Tier 3, but with gyms and leisure centres remaining open.

In other words, it’s Tier 3 but it’s not really Tier 3.

The move looks like an attempt by Johnson and Hancock to ‘divide and conquer’ northern mayors, who have refused to accept experimental severe restrictions – which even the government’s scientific advisers say won’t work – without adequate support for businesses and workers affected by the closure of hospitality and leisure locations.

No further financial support has been offered. The 3-tier system always looked like a Tory attempt to avoid lockdown in the south by penalising the north and it looks even more so now.

But even if it was applied fairly, the system cannot possibly work when it avoids shutting schools and workplaces, which have been by far the biggest driver of the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic – and the Tories are fully aware of it.

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  1. The Govt deliberately continues its herd immunity policy by keeping schools open along with the airports. West London suffers the closer it is to Heathrow and along the Piccadilly line into central London,

  2. Where do people breathe hardest and expel the most vapour into their surroundings? The gym, the badminton/basketball/5-a-side court & the swimming bath of course.

    1. @David McNiven

      Swimming pools are extremely hostile to the coronavirus because pool water is highly chlorinated and with traces of chlorine in the air. Basically patrons are swimming in dilute toilet bleach which rapidly destroys the virus.

      1. Good point, wildswimmerpete. The swimming pool was an afterthought I should have left inside my head.
        Not totally convinced that the smell of chlorine in the air is enough to kill the virus, or that the changing rooms and entranceways are as safe as the pool, but good points anyway.

  3. So by the time tier three reaches London and the south nothing will be closed. It’ll be tier three in name only

  4. WT effing F is going on?

    I haven’t eaten any mushrooms for a week or so but someone tell me I’m tripping? I MUST be…

  5. BloJob bragging about “fast new tests” – which companies will soon be able to BUY to test their employees.
    Cumminge will already be asking “If we get away with commercialised testing – why wouldn’t we get away with selling the vaccine too?”

    Once the principle of free at the point of use is punctured the NHS won’t last five minutes.

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