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ONS: 100,000 schoolkids now infected with virus – almost a third of all cases

Schools are engine room of exponential increase. No measures excluding them can suppress second wave

New Office for National Statistics (ONS) figures show that 100,000 schoolchildren are currently infected with the coronavirus.

More than that, those figures again prove that schools are fuelling the second wave of the pandemic.

The ONS calculates that the children are part of the more than 336,000 people in England have the virus. But while schoolchildren represent 20% of England’s population, they are 30% of those currently infected.

The virus is spreading more in schools than anywhere else – and the government is fully aware of this, because their own SAGE scientists have repeatedly told them so.

Worse, the Tories continue to deny tests to children and are failing to carry out proper test-and-trace.

Any measures to suppress the virus are a sham if they do not include re-closing schools. The Tories must not be allowed to let the half-term break pass without a national ‘circuit break’ lockdown at the absolute minimum.

And it must include schools or it is meaningless.

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  1. Everything that’s happened this year tells us that early intervention in epidemics is key, and that that requires pre-planning and extensive, expensive physical preparations.
    Even if the Tories ever do break their duck and actually get something right at some point in this completely predictable clusterfuck, they should face serious consequences for – criminally – leaving the UK so utterly unprepared.
    Nobody with half a dozen accidental children should ever again be in a position of national importance – or any position that requires forethought and planning.

  2. Still struggling in the remedial class with complicated terms like ‘infected’, I see.

    What a dozy duggie ! Sleeping whilst Liverpool burns.

    1. I am not a denier but I want facts. Why aren’t we screaming for live, televised debates. Or does that request make me a conspiricist? Regards

  3. Do us all a favour and fuck off and die, knobhead.

    You don’t speak for Liverpool…or anywhere else for that matter. The reason we”re under lockdown here is because pricks like you said it was perfectly safe to open the schools.

    There’s something like 8000 kids and 300 teachers isolating in the region… But you said it wouldn’t be an issue.

    So what’s your excuse? It’s the knicker wetters fault for being pansies that have been correct all the time

    You have all the analytical skills of a roadkill hedgehog, and even less charisma and charm..

    And as long as theres a hole in your arse you’ll get fuck all right…but you’ll still continue to sneer at others who do.

    So, for my parting sentence I’ll refer you to the opening one.

    1. I’m afraid you are giving the idiot what he craves Toffee,a response.If everybody just ignores him and the other two idiots they will eventually go away.

      1. The problem is, John, they won’t go away. They’re like toothache. Once you’ve got it, you’ve got it until the tooth’s pulled.

  4. I am afraid to comment about this subject on Skwawkbox. Must I agree that there are more or less? I have asked my friends in the NHS what does Cases actually mean. They have been evasive or declined to answer or just reacted rudely. ☮️

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