Breaking: proof govt has told track and trace agents NOT to trace contacts of school staff or pupils or pass details to local health teams

A leaked document sent by NHS staff ‘bank’ NHS Professionals to contact tracers has exposed the Department of Health and Social Care’s (DHSC) instructions not to trace contacts of people who catch the coronavirus if they work in or attend any education setting.

Clinical Case Workers (contact tracers) are also being told not to pass information to Tier 1 (local) HPTs – health protection teams:

The Tories have already been exposed ‘cooking the books‘ to avoid locking down Tory-supporting area and changing reports to hide the extent of the rampant spread of the virus.

Now they are also telling contact tracers they must not carry out track and trace procedures for infections affecting education staff, pupils and students, no doubt to obscure the exponential spread of the virus in schools and universities and the extent to which the Tories’ determination to keep them open ‘no ifs no buts‘ is driving the massive and accelerating increase in the number of people contracting the virus each day in the COVID ‘second wave’.

Johnson has repeatedly refused to even express regret for the tens of thousands of needless deaths his delays caused in the first wave. It seems he and his cronies are determined to match or exceed that toll now – and to do everything they can to hide their guilt. Herd immunity is alive and well.

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  1. Herd immunity never really went away. It was just repackaged with a different name

  2. Maybe it’s time for local education authorities to keep local health authorities apprised of suspected cases themselves – not in a “Fuck you, Hancock” kind of way or anything like that, obviously.
    I don’t expect there’s any law against local health authorities testing local students in the interest of local public health, is there?
    Local education and health authorities do after all carry direct responsibility for the wellbeing of their own locality’s children – they might even have more interest in keeping their neighbours’ and their own kids safe than some nose-picking phone jockey in London – and they now know for certain that the Tories don’t give a stuff about northern children.

    1. An excellent David. But, after 40 years of neoliberalism, the capacity of the state to rise to these challenges has withered away. After decades of dependency on private sector profiteers, the response of the British state during this crisis has been to throw good money after bad, providing the failed outsourcers with unlimited recourse to public funds. Think of the vile Serco receiving £45,000,000 for *failing* to deliver ANY essential key track/trace criteria.

  3. Reliably informed that some wards in S.Wales are telling their staff on no account are they to sign up to be traced as they fear whole wards would be closed if one or two members of staff tested positive

    1. That could be how the massive death toll arose in one hospital, The Royal Glamorgan.

  4. To believe or not believe we have track and trace whot about your genes which can be used hmmm didn’t they say they have so many millions DNS

  5. Track; Trace; Identify & Isolate to short circuit the virus. Has worked in South Western England & the Isle of Mann among many other areas……….so why not do it seriously rather than everything half hearted, or is there another agenda?

    1. Apparently some PR genius (Cumminge?) thought the term ‘short circuit’ was punchy and would make a great soundbite.
      Unfortunately it means the opposite of what he thinks it means.
      Short circuits let current flow (spread) to where it shouldn’t.
      OPEN circuits are what interrupt current flow, which I’m pretty sure is the analogy the dummy was looking for.

  6. So, as this Skwawkbox article shows, the government’s mainly privatised crap Track & Trace system continues to be nothing less than a total farce. The totally predictable, and indeed regularly predicted, Second Wave, of the UK’s bit of the global covid19 pandemic , is now starting to fill up our hospital critical care units – even before the also totally predictable annual flu spike adds to the load. The postwar NHS has never been less equipped to handle such a looming caseload – after 10 years of Tory underfunding and deliberate fragmentation of the NHS as part of their ultimate privatisation agenda. Unemployment is rapidly rising, with potentially millions of unemployed in a few months time – as our candy floss 80% service industry dominated economy implodes under the pressure of yet more lockdowns . And how is The Trilateral Commission’s creature, Keir Starmer’s NuLabour Party now doing in the polls , with his brilliant ‘Blue labour petty patriotism’ and grovelingly ‘loyal Opposition’ strategy ? Oh, quelle surprise, the UK voters are apparently totally unconvinced by this pathetic deliberately non-oppositional, pseudo Opposition – and Labours temporary poll lead has now evaporated !

    If Jeremy Corbyn had still been Leader now, and in the face of a government of ever-more obvious massive incompetence and corruption, couldn’t even secure a solid poll lead – the press and Labour Right would be saying ‘ ‘even a broomstick as Labour Leader could do better than this !’ But no, the Guardianista/New Statesman types (and even vicious Right Wing commentators like Adam Bolton on Sky, the other day), just keep on praising Starmer for his oh so impressive statesmanship, and ‘playing the long game’ ! NuLabour is indeed a bogus ‘opposition’ made in heaven for the Tories .

    But one could easily see, eventually, the Tory incompetence being so obvious to even the dimmest voter, that a snap election has to be called as the economy tanks and the Parliamentary Tory party fragments around continuing lockdowns and an ever more messy Brexit, and another hung parliament leads to a German-style ‘national government ‘of the Tories, NuLabour and the Lib Dems (all three of them by then). For the Trilateral Commission’s selected man, Starmer – that would be just what his puppetmasters wanted – job well done ! No more messy democracy to stand in the way of globalisation, complete privatisation, and endless Austerity to repay the , by then, historically unprecedented National Debt (probably above even the up to now record levels around 1918).

  7. As of 8th October weekly figures of flue and Covid-19 will be published as a combined figure.
    Not like they want to ramp up the fear is it?

    1. They don’t have to ‘ramp up the fear’ , denier nitwit, lundiel – the looming combined covid19 and winter flu pressure on our creaking NHS resources is quite scary enough . It will indeed be the COMBINED weight of seasonal flu and covid19 that potentially breaks the ability of the NHS to cope this winter. If that happens , those regional ‘Nightingale hospitals’ will have to be brought into use – not for the claimed ‘intensive care’ but their true purpose – as isolation and mass dying centres, mainly for the old and people with existing health problems . So , unless you are a conspiraloon denier troll , like you, lundiel, and RH, JackT, timfrom, and a few other nutters, there is plenty to be VERY afraid of this winter.

      Quite why global capitalism, which survives only on the lifeblood of ever-more surplus value generation , would hoax up a pandemic, which shuts down the production of that very capitalist lifeblood, and may well produce yet another global crisis on a 1929 or 2008 scale – is something the conspiraloon covid19 deniers singly fail to explain.

      Even if you believe it is the Illuminati or ‘Zionist Central Committee’ or Lizard People, who are hoaxing it up to ‘shut down democracy and bring in global dictatorship’, the capitalist ruling class , in whatever form, conspiratorial or otherwise, can only survive as long as we , the working class /proletarian value producers, continue to produce surplus value. Sitting at home watching Conspiraloon News, on TV, rather than working, just doesn’t do it for the capitalist system. Only the capitalist ruling class actually benefits from a mass disbelief in the severity of covid19 – because it keeps us at high risk at work , producing more of that surplus value, which they systematically steal from our work.

      1. Fuck off penny. Why write a book each time? No one bothers to read more than a couple of sentences of your tedious bollox.
        I posted a fact and it didn’t fit your silly narrative.

      2. It’s only lundiel that doesn’t read your posts, and resorts to using expletives – a sign of losing the argument. Penny please continue to post your considered and intelligent comment.

      3. Umm, if you read your hero’s comment he called me “a denier nitwit, conspirialoon denier troll and nutter” for posting a fact.

      4. I don’t have (or believe in) hero’s but I do agree with Penny’s description of you as “a denier nitwit, conspirialoon denier troll and nutter.” You claim to have posted a “fact” but where is the link to support your “fact?”

      5. Google: Weekly coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid 19) surveillance report….. it’s a pdf 4th paragraph down.
        Also, I have never denied coronavirus. I believe it is highly dangerous to some people. I wear a mask and socially distance….you know nothing about me yet you’re happy to believe lies posted by Wolfie penny.

      6. lundiel – Could you please have the courtesy to post a link to this document, its not a difficult thing to do.

    2. The ONS doesn’t agree with you.
      Stark new figures reveal that three times more people have died from coronavirus than flu and pneumonia combined so far this year.

      Data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) found that by August 31, there had been 48,168 Covid-19 deaths in England and Wales – compared to 13,619 due to pneumonia and 394 due to flu.

      And statisticians have said that Covid-19 fatalities are already higher than any annual flu and pneumonia death tolls on record.

      1. Jesus Christ, what’s up with you? I’ve never disputed the ons figures but you are still talking bollox. Take a look at the deaths from flue in 1918, 50,000,000 and then come grovelling back with an apology for your dimwittedness.

      2. lundiel – 1916 was over a century ago and life and more importantly medical science was very different then. First off, Covid-19 is not an influenza virus and it also has unique combination of symptoms that haven’t been encountered before so I’m struggling to see the relevance of the comparison with the 1916 death rate. Mortality rates were inherently high right across all sectors because we didn’t have the drugs or other interventions that we have today. Your comparison is illogical and fatally flawed.

      3. Are you being purposely thick? You said, I quote “And statisticians have said that Covid-19 fatalities are already higher than any annual flu and pneumonia death tolls on record.” So I replied that you are lying as deaths from Spanish flue in 1918 were estimated at 50,000,000.
        You need to read your own comments before digging a deeper hole for yourself Blair.

      4. lundiel – As I very clearly pointed out above medical science was vastly different 100yrs ago. Your comparison is a distracting irrelevance, lots more people died of everything a century ago. The phrase you pointed out wasn’t something I plucked out of thin air but a direct quote from the article I linked to.

    3. Lundiel, you made the ludicrus claim “As of 8th October weekly figures of flue (sic) and Covid-19 will be published as a combined figure.”

      Reading the paragraph in the document referenced, it does NOT say the figures will be combined, it basically says one report will be produced weekly for flu and Covid-19 (instead of producing separate reports for each):

      This will be the last COVID-19 surveillance report, as of 8 October 2020, the information in this report will be published in a combined Weekly flu and COVID-19 Surveillance Report on GOV.UK

  8. The ‘fact’ of combined weekly figures isn’t disputed, it’s lundiel’s claim that the purpose is to sow fear and despondency that’s ridiculous.
    By their nature influenza and CV place almost identical demands on the NHS – a combined number makes perfect sense.
    CV numbers will continue to be published daily as I understand it.

    1. No. It adds further confusion to an already confused mix and you should be aware that social scientists are part of the team designing the narrative for public consumption.

    2. Apart from that, thanks for providing poor dimwitted Blair with a link as he is clearly unable to Google a simple query.

      1. lundiel, naturally society wants to improve how it deals with CV – a continual process of change as better ways are found to address this brand new challenge is normal and essential and intelligent changes should be welcomed.
        Tory incompetence notwithstanding, obviously.

        Any government will take advice from social scientists in its efforts to influence public opinion or behaviour, either for political advantage or to gain public acceptance of restrictions on their freedoms, as in this situation.
        Social science itself, like most knowledge, is morally neutral – it can be used for good or ill depending on the use and the user.

  9. Can someone post a copy of the whole page somewhere as a PDF (or archive it on the page itself wayback machine) ?

  10. lundiel, I’d have to look it up to be certain and I can’t be arsed, but I’m pretty sure I remember reading that the second wave of the “1918” pandemic killed more people than the first.
    I’m not drawing any conclusion or predicting anything – on the contrary, I’m suggesting that making assumptions or predictions is unwise.

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