Leaked emails show Tories cooking books to exclude Con-voting areas with higher virus levels from pandemic restrictions and economic damage

Yet again, Tories punish working class and disadvantaged areas while protecting their own

Laughing at the working class: Johnson and Hancock with a few examples of their discriminatory lockdown

Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock are cooking the books to avoid locking down in wealthier, Tory-voting areas, according to leaked emails revealed today by the Times. In doing so, they are widening even further the inequality gap between privileged communities and those already facing the worst effects – medical, social and economic – of the coronavirus pandemic.

The figures revealed in the emails sent by a senior public health official show that Conservative voting areas are not being locked down in spite of levels of infection around twice those in areas that have been subjected to stricter restrictions – with a few examples shown in the graphic above.

Hancock’s department tried to cover his behind by claiming infection rates are not the only criterion for deciding where lockdowns should be imposed. Given that infection rates are the criterion for deciding which foreign countries are on the list requiring Britons to self-isolate when they return, it looks like the only other criterion being applied by the Tories is whether an area votes Conservative or not.

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  1. Tories looking after their own to the detriment of the working classes shocker. Who’d have thought it? Vote Tory in haste then pay for it at leisure. Pay for it we all will.

    1. Maybe they’ve also worked out that being tough works better for them and earns them approbation and support in Labour-voting areas?

  2. That simple, punchy graphic might be a game changer if enough people see it.
    I hope it’s being shared on Twitter, Facebook etc?
    Little chance of the MSM picking it up I suppose?

  3. Now there’s stupid by not locking down Conservative voting areas surely they’ll be killing off their supporters/voters? but then nothing this lot do surprises me.

  4. It will come back to bite them as their areas will get worst quicker and then what?

  5. hilary and Sandy, don’t forget Tory constituencies tend to be wealthier – more money, better housing, gardens, more room to isolate within families.
    More will be able to work from home, avoiding the dangers faced by people forced to work with others.
    Usually better healthcare facilities and usually councils are better funded.
    They have far better chances of survival in Tory areas.

  6. I’d think again about that graphic if I were you. Wyre is part of Preston N and Wyre constituency with a Tory MP. Oadby and Wigston is part of Harborough constituency with a Tory MP. Two out of the three Wolverhampton seats are also sadly represented by Tory MP’s. Yes, I’m sure gerrymandering does go on in matters like these, but not in the examples you have used.

  7. Yes David tis true but if the Tory constituencies are already higher, then surely they will get even higher if they don’t change their habits.

    1. Yes, but the thrust of the article is that the Govt are imposing tight lock downs on Labour areas, and being more relaxed with Tory areas. Its just that the examples used in the trumpeted graphics make a nonsense of that presumption.

  8. Off topic, but this appears to be the latest Big Psyop concocted and contrived by the US Deep State fascists:

    WaPo [The Washington Post] Publishes Paranoid Screed Cautioning Readers Not To Let Russia Make Them Paranoid

    “Russia and other adversaries may not need to hack the election if they can hack something else: our minds.”

    So begins a crazy, paranoid Washington Post editorial titled “The U.S. may be safe from foreign interference in this election. But what about perception hacking?”, cautioning readers not to let Russia make them crazy and paranoid.

    “Perception hacking”. Apparently this term is the latest fad for the elite liberal commentariat in the category of noises one can make with one’s face in order to sound well-informed about Russian influence operations, from the same line as “kompromat”, “dezinformatsiya”, and “useful idiot”.

    1. Nils Melzer on the plight of Julian Assange:

      A murderous system is being created before our very eyes

      A made-up rape allegation and fabricated evidence in Sweden, pressure from the UK not to drop the case, a biased judge, detention in a maximum security prison, psychological torture – and soon extradition to the U.S., where he could face up to 175 years in prison for exposing war crimes. For the first time, the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, Nils Melzer, speaks in detail about the explosive findings of his investigation into the case of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

      Please read and share far and wide, and especially with anyone you know who has swallowed all the disinformation about Julian during the past ten years or so. Thanks

    2. It’s always ‘our minds’ that are ‘hacked’, and traditionally by our own media – otherwise known as ‘propaganda’. The mechanics of voting until lately have been relatively free from interference in Western ‘democracies’ with paper ballots so the WaPo piece (which I didn’t read) would I assume have just been stating the obvious?
      I didn’t actually finish reading her piece because Caitlin Johnstone (author of ‘The Complete Book of Astrology. Your Personal Guide to Learning, Understanding and Using Astrology’ and probable all-round dumb bunny) irritated the shit out of me.
      I read and appreciated your other three finds though.

  9. The establishment think they’ve got the population so well trained and frightened that they will take anything the establishment dish out.,including a rigged trial judge and a kangaroo court.They could just right.I wonder if the French will turn up again, show us to its done and how to rattle the establishment system.

  10. Well, I see valance and twitty are still there….So much for them being close to quitting

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