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Number of schools hit by C19 rises by 58 – now at least 850 – in just 3 hours

792 just before 5pm, now 850

Just before 5pm this evening, the SKWAWKBOX reported the latest number of schools hit across the UK – and predominantly in England – by coronavirus outbreaks. 792 schools, compiled by the outstanding @ToryFibs from school websites, news reports and NHS updates, were affected.

By 8pm a further 58 schools had to be added, taking the total to 850.

The number is rising so quickly that by the time you read this article, it will be out of date.

Greater Manchester alone has seen 91 schools with outbreaks – yet only 39 in the far more populous Greater London have admitted being affected. In reality, it is likely to be around 400 just in the Greater London area, but the above total only contains the 39.

The UK is probably already well beyond a thousand schools hit – and even the total including the unfeasibly low number for London will pass it, probably as soon as tomorrow. The number of cases and hospitalisations in the UK is also growing rapidly, again driven by the debacle in England.

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  1. Lets hope no kids end up dying as a consequence of this (or being permanently affected by it one way or another), or their mother or father contracting it from them and ending up dying, or one or more of ther Grandparents.

  2. 32,770 schools in UK apparently, so 850 is about 2.6%.
    I wonder if 5% will trigger another lockdown, or whether BloJob will push his luck as far as 10%?
    However long it takes to reach 10% (accepting that some already closed will reopen and slow the rate), that many parents having to stay home to look after kids – cos grandma & grandpa can’t do it – could put a serious dent in any economic ‘recovery’.

    1. Their Grandparents may not be able to look after them, but there’s always the possibility of one of the parents becoming unknowingly infected by one of their kids, and then infecting one or both of THEIR parents. And there are undoubtedly tens of thousands of grandmothers or grandfathers who live with a son or a daughter (and their husband or wife) and their children.- ie the grandchildren.

  3. I think the best thing is to close all schools, start afresh to control the virus. How did the Chinese prevent the virus from spreading to other regions, how did South Korea cope. We do not need to reinvent the wheel. We must copy the design that are being used in other country. Forget about the English pride before Boris decimates a nation. The time is now.

    1. To deal with such a national emergency, the first requirement is competent leadership that takes the emergency seriously and can think ‘out of the box’.
      Extreme measures are needed to make quarantine work effectively enough to stop an epidemic quickly. Stopping it quickly saves lives and saves the economy, both of which justify extreme short term measures.

      1. And THIS is to counter jpenny’s endless stream of negative shite about Jeremy and the left, from a Morning Star article a couple of days ago in relation to Jeremy and his warning about the NHS being privatised, and which finishes with something Jeremy said at a rally:

        The rally, watched by more than 1,400 people, was held exactly five years since Mr Corbyn was elected to lead Labour.

        Looking back on his record, he said he was “proud” of government policy changes won during his leadership and his party’s apology for the Iraq War, as well as Labour’s policies for economic transformation, social justice, human rights, greater democracy, community organising, the environment and refugees’ welfare.

      2. You just can’t help yourself can you Allan.You may not care but you are entering RH and SteveH territory with me,ie pass by without a second glance.

      3. Mr Howard….you seem to have a unnatural fear or trauma connected to the News industry and its influence on the Labour party and everything else imagined by you.We have always battled the propaganda by the toilet paper industry and always will.Your fear is your problem and raising the white flag only encouraged even more vicious attacks and lies as you should know having not yet apologised for your falsehoods and lies about me….Keep taking the medicine and try to concentrate your venom on the conservative and unionist party and not posters who have fought in real battles and not imagined ones…from your cluttered mind.

      4. Yes, well we both know yur a shill who pretends to be a socialist and a Jeremy Corbyn supporter whilst you repeatedly bad-mouth him over and over and over again.

        And the nonsense you spout about ‘fearing’ the media is just typical black propagandist rubbish. Oh, right, so the whole of the MSM regularly check out the comments on this site and, what with seeing someone supposedly waving a white flag…… well, it just encouraged them to keep on dissembling their lies and falsehoods, didn’t it. Jeeeze man, it’s so ludicrous its totally off this planet! Now if only you’d told me before that the whole of the MSM regularly check out the comments on here I would have stopped waving my white flag and they would have then stopped with their lies and falsehoods. Oh well, better late than never, eh!

        So just out of interest, do you regard the guys at medialens as white-flag wavers, or the authors of Bad News For Labour, or Jonathan Cook or Craig Murray, or Malcolm X for that matter, to name just a few? They ALL regularly write about the malign influence of the MSM and their lies and falsehoods etc, or USED to in the case of Malcolm X.

        The main obective of Joseph and the other shills on here is to blame the victims of the fascist owned and/or controlled media. Now whilst I completely disagree with jpenny with his constant berating of Jack T about his often posting comments about Zionists and Zionism and accusing him of being an anti-semite, there is no doubt that the reason Jack T does it is because he wants to have readers of this blog believe that all the smearing and character assassination is down soley to the Zionists, and does so so as to divert attention away from the MSM, who have not only been complicit in the A/S Smear Campaign (and numerous OTHER smears), what with numerous so-called journalists etc doing their bit, but the MSM of course is the vehicle – the platform – whereby the Smearers are able to reach millions and millions of people, along with the Jewish so-called newspapers.

        And just for your information, Joe is lying through his nasty little shill teeth about me lying about him. Ask yourself THIS though: Why – when someone asks you where you were a councillor – you’d have any reason not to tell them. Oh, perhaps it was because you had an infantile plan in mind so as to try and discredit that person! I’ve asked Joe several times during the past seven or eight months why he didn’t just tell me when I initially asked him, but needless to say, he has never responded and explained why! So why didn’t you Joe!

        And perhaps you could elaborate – for readers – exactly what this lie you allege I told about you WAS. No? Thought not!

    1. Good question. I don’t know the answer but I would imagine they’d stay open if at all possible. However, they have to stick to government guidelines. Googling for an answer, 3 things soon became clear, parents are pushing for refunds of fees for non-attendance, some schools claim they will go under if they don’t get government help and there are claims that schools are colluding to offer, small, part refunds of fees.

  4. A few of the QAnon AntiVaxx trolltards commenting here have repeated those sites’ far right conspiracy theories claiming Bill and Melinda Gates are guilty of what, if true, would amount to crimes against humanity.
    I don’t take conspiracy nuts any more seriously than ghosts, religions or unicorns and I care less than nothing about the Gates’s so it was pure accident that I stumbled on the FT’s free CV news where among other articles I read this, which suggests their philanthropy isn’t as fake as the nutters claim:

  5. Small but significant point on your graphic
    It looks like two thirds of schools have been ‘hit’ by Coronavirus, very misleading
    Can you define hit, can you tell us how many have been closed, is it

    1. You keep asking that – isn’t it obvious that ‘hit’ simply means ‘affected’ in this context?
      How each school is affected and therefore responds will vary, I assume mostly on how successful ‘bubble’ separation is believed to have been/whether breaches are known to have occurred and on advice from the local health authority.
      Closed or not closed is hardly the only relevant question, nor is it the most significant.
      Are you not interested in how many kids are sick and how ill they are?
      How much information on 800+ schools do you expect?

      1. David
        Follow the moolah,spondulics, shekels, going into the pockets of the cheap and nasty Tory party spivs and thieves
        We know from Sweden, schools are not part of this public health problem,
        Bent politicians are

      2. The existence of CV and the existence of Tory corruption are not mutually exclusive.
        Just because the Tory instinct is to use contracts as seed corn for rich donors – in every conceivable circumstance – doesn’t mean that CV was engineered, faked, fabricated or even exaggerated for that purpose.
        If you were mega-rich would you manufacture and spread a virus before you had a vaccine or a treatment to sell for a fortune, or at least for yourself and your family to use?
        That would be beyond stupid wouldn’t it?

      3. Last call for Killer Snowflakes
        Have you spotted the crucial difference between Sweden’s handling of Covid19 and us
        Public Health manage it over there
        Over here

  6. Somebody needs to tell the TV News morons that Zoom, Skype or whatever they use at present isn’t cutting it.
    I suspect TV folk can’t comprehend that a still image with intelligible sound over a phone line would be better than having sound and image constantly breaking up and making the whole content unintelligible.
    The technology exists to have a phone connection as backup with a screengrab used when the online connection is lost.

  7. Hancock just now, questioned on the testing disaster he still refuses to own, banged on about numbers tested in the constituencies of his questioners – from the low hundreds to the low thousands – and that the average distance travelled had come down from 6 point something miles to 5.8. Must be an awful lot of people living right next door to the test centres to get the average that low – lots of people seeing the centre must be deciding to have a test just because it’s handy.
    He also introduced “prioritising” as his latest cunning plan to make the plebs think his “system” is working.
    For “prioritising” read “rationing.”

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