Right-wing media now blaming asylum-seekers for Tories’ coronavirus disaster

‘Scum’ is the right word – for the right-wing press, not asylum seekers who almost certainly caught virus here

The right-wing media are now resorting to smearing asylum seekers for the UK’s resurgent coronavirus pandemic. The tactic focuses on a hotel in Birmingham where a number of staff and asylum seekers have contracted the virus – and exploits a ‘warning’ by a local school to its pupils to avoid a bus stop nearby.

Let’s be clear, the UK has for a long time been the worst affected country and the most disastrously screwed over by its Tory government, whose leader has repeatedly refused even to express regret for the tens of thousands of needless deaths he has caused.

Let’s be absolutely clear: virus levels in the UK are rampant because of the Tories, not because of asylum seekers – who almost certainly contracted the virus here, given the far higher incidence of the disease in the UK than where they are likely to have arrived from or travelled through, thanks to a series of reckless and dangerous Tory decisions and delays.

Blame Boris Johnson, not migrants – and blame the utterly bankrupt ‘mainstream’ media who continually prop him up and make excuses for him and his murderous policies and blunders.

He and the media who fan racism to help him are scum.

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  1. Contemptible charlatanism that only a Billionaire Press is capable of –

    although Leaders of Labour with invitee-membership of Billionaire Pressure Groups like the Trilateral Commission can do pretty good impersonations if it!

  2. They’ll probably get away with it too.
    Two birds with one stone in fact.
    Divert attention from their own CV incompetence and get the plebs’ attention back on brexit where it belongs.
    Brexit’s about the only thing BloJob still has going for him.

    1. And when Brexit turns out to be a total disaster, as it will, what will Bozo do then?

      1. Jack T – I have no doubt whatsoever the the Brexit Disaster ( and all other disasters for that matter) will be blamed on the Covid virus – it will be the Tories get out of jail free card every time for the next decade or more

  3. Talking of scum…Any news on the alleged leader of the opposition; he who openly supports this toerag government as well as courts the right-wing, billionaire-owned press?

    1. Apparently Starmer has judged it tactically useful now, after EVERYONE, from the general public, to even the Daily Mail, has already realised the government’s , contracted-out to their private sector cronies, ‘Track and Trace’ system is in meltdown – to be a tiny wee bit critical of the Government’s current handling of the epidemic ! Don’t expect anything from Starmer to be as hard-hitting as the current stuff from the BMA though ! Woodentop Starmer’s just Her majesty’s (ultra) Loyal Opposition after all – just interested in cynically calculated soundbites !

    2. Toffee, as we all expected, Bum head Keith SUDDENLY recovered and relearnt to use Zoom TODAY. He was micturating at this year’s Trades Union Congress’ annual conference.
      I kid u not. Heard rumour v early AM but wanted to wait until the vain and venomous virus Keith showed ZERO shame and ZERO integrity yet again. Predictable ✅ Predicted ✅ Toss Pot of Piss ✅ SIR Keith Starmer the definition of DISGUSTING.

      1. What person on this planet above the age of about seven or eight would give a Like to such infantile stuff as ‘Bum head Keith’! Assuming it’s not the shills themselves giving their posters Likes – which it probably IS – please don’t encourage signpost. It’s so immature it beggars belief (and I really can’t think of any other site that wouldn’t remove such imbecilic stuff as soon as they spot it, or in the case of sites where comments are screened by a moderator first, they would never-EVER publish such rhetoric, for want of a better way of describing it!).

        Bum head Keith ffs!!!

      2. windchimes – What on earth are you wittering on about, has anybody claimed that Keir Starmer is ill.

    3. Easter Island Gelled lump Keith, will dodge PMQs because his appendages realise that many people r on to his scam of hiding from the vote last-night. But they were too arrogant and too slow. Keith had already Zoomed into the Union conference. Stomar is well enough to do PMQs tomorrow but not brave enough to be questioned re his dodging association with Remain. Talk about low-life!!! Lowest of life is SIR Keith Starmer!!! That strange head is due to gases of decaying filth.

      1. Please believe me that no REAL person on this planet would come out with lines such as ‘Easter Island Gelled lump Keith’ and/or ‘That strange head is due to gases of decaying filth’, and the reason ‘signpost’ does so is because he is a shill, and part of his MO is to normalise such infantile verbiage in the minds of younger people who are relatively new to politics who visit this site. So if you happen to be someone who finds such verbiage amusing, then you are a ‘victim’ of his manipulation, because THAT is what it is. It’s not even on a par with the kind of effluence you come across in the Comment sections of the Mail and the Sun in relation to JC, and most of THAT is undoubtedly concocted and penned by shills! And it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if the shill who is signpost does that TOO!!

      2. Allan – There wouldn’t be a problem if everyone was as wise as you think you are

      3. What took you so long Steve…… 8 minutes! Needless to say, SteveH is ANOTHER shill who – in his case – constantly monitors the site fifteen/sixteen hours a day or more, every sigle day. And the reason he posts his slight – AND so quickly – is precisely because he IS a shill, and he is defending the infantile verbiage precisely because he knows the reason behind why his fellow shill ‘signpost’ does it. So please see through his put down because it is just a classic type ‘response’ that a black propagandist would come up with, concocted and designed to have readers of skwawkbox – and particularly younger readers – believe that I admonished ‘signpost’ for his childish and peurile remarks because I think I am above him (and NOT because it is infantile beyond belief).

        Needless to say, SteveH knows damn well that no other left-wing blog on the planet would let someone post such Sun/ Mail-type verbiage on their site. Can you imagine JVL publishing such comments?! Of course they wouldn’t!

        PS I was actually about to type out a comment and post it when I saw Steve’s Reply, and THAT was (and it’s a rhetorical question), how old do you thing signpost is (if he were for real, which he’s not of course). Eighteen, nineteen, twenty? And can I also just say that I have no doubt that the other shills on here give him Likes, and I’ll tell you why: Because I have no doubt that the younger readers of skwawkbox – at which signpost’s verbiage is directed – are ALL thoughtful and caring and mature people (and THAT is precisely why they read blogs such as skwawkbox), and they would not give a Like to such peurile rhetoric, and it’s hard to believe that any older legitimate posters or readers would either.

        But hey, if you ARE someone who Likes such stuff, make yourself know to us all.

      4. Allan – I’m not defending anyone, I’m just drawing attention to your hubris

      5. Afterthought: The great thing about sites such as JVLs or Craig Murray’s or Electronic Intifada’s is that the people who post comments on those sites – in general – have something interesting and informative to say, and they would never-EVER allow the likes of the verbiage signpost spouts on their blogs. Signpost’s utterings aren’t just in the gutter, they’re in the sewer.

      6. Talking of which:

        Your Man in the Public Gallery: Assange Hearing Day 9

        Things became not merely dramatic in the Assange courtroom today, but spiteful and nasty. There were two real issues, the evidence and the procedure. On the evidence, there were stark details of the dreadful regime Assange will face in US jails if extradited. On the procedure, we saw behaviour from the prosecution QC that went well beyond normal cross examination and was a real attempt to denigrate and even humiliate the witness.

      7. Allan – TFFT. It is heartening to see that you’ve finally got round to posting something useful instead of the usual endless drivel you’ve been subjecting us to recently

      8. And what ‘drivel’ is THAT Steve? Could you elaborate (only FIVE minutes this time….. THAT’s more like it!).

        If you’re not aware of it, SteveH constantly ‘follows’ me around this site posting dissmissive comments, and ALWAYS within a matter of a few minutes or so. BUT, it’s ALWAYS personal, and he hardly ever engages with the substance of my posts. He literally stalks me, and has been doing so for getting on for a year or so now, and I’m talking about dozens and dozens and dozens of times. And the reason WHY he does it is because he is a paid shill/propagandist!

  4. windchimes – Are you suggesting that Keir Starmer and his family are wrong to self isolate when one of his children has shown possible Covid-19 symptoms.

    1. I’m sure he isn’t – simply suggesting that a managerialist performer Like Sir Keir is probably doing it for EFFECT.

    2. SH, has your Keith not whispered his news to u along with other sour nothings??? As predicted, Keith and family tested. All negative as predicted. He was fit enough to have a love in with Ferara spouting lies about his dealing with AS and lambasting Dawn Butler for defending right to protest re Extinction Rebellion.

      Your DPP-stick Starmer SH, called Extinction Rebellion “law breakers”… yes your Keith knows ALL about law breakers, ALL about breaking eg dropping his Remain zealotry as soon as Jeremy was “STOPPED” as plotted. Breaking and skidding. That’s your Keith’s expertise, SH. 🌹🌹🌹

      1. ps SH Stomar was also fit enough to speak at Union conference yesterday by Zoom.

        qwertboi sees clearly as everyone else does, including u SH, that your beloved master SIR Keith Starmer with that tumescent head DID it for EFFECT and to dodge the Internal Market debate and vote. He did nor want to be associated with a losing vote by aporox 77. Could u imagine the MSM tirade if Jeremy had missed that debate + vote⁉️⁉️⁉️ Or if he had lost by 7 ket alone 77⁉️⁉️⁉️ It would have been the subject of double hour segments ALL DAY on LBC and Talkradio. The likes of Toynbee and Hazurika etc would gave been dribbling with verminous delight.

        Yet, how many of us are highlighting this??? Until we realise this is needed as basic and vital, we will never sustain a victory over protectors of the wicked status quo. NB the sad sad sad Allan Howard has an endless supply of senseless bile against those who want to achieve change not be forever protesting for crumbs or treating victims of the existing system here and abroad as in need only of hospice care … defeated defeatist worthless words. No‼️ We need considered deep and wide assessment, preparation and “take no prisoners” belt and braces action.

        I have been thinking recently that at the heart of the “Left” in the PLP is a recognition that they have no interest in implementing change. They feel that the RIGHT WING have the practical skills so believe they must be appeased. At the very heart of the “Left” PLP is a belief that if they appease bastards like Twatson, Bliar, Hodge etc they might… MIGHT just might implement a crumb or two of something worthwhile and visionary.

        Over hundreds of years the Conservatives Blue and Red understudies infesting Labour have succeeded in making perfectly able inteligent people believe they are unable to govern themselves. That can change. It MUST change. For the wellbeing of The Many, WE must change that defeatist DEADWOOD attitude. 🌹🌹🌹

      2. windchimes @2:05pm – ps SH Stomar was also fit enough to speak at Union conference yesterday by Zoom.
        Keir’s own health was not the issue, why are you obsessing about it?

        [Keir] DID it for EFFECT and to dodge the Internal Market debate and vote.
        You have no evidence to support this, you really shouldn’t presume that everyone shares your moral values. Keir’s been wiping the floor with Boris so I suspect that the only one breathing a sigh of relief was Boris.

        He did nor want to be associated with a losing vote by aporox 77. Could u imagine the MSM tirade if Jeremy had missed that debate + vote Or if he had lost by 7 ket alone 77 It would have been the subject of double hour segments ALL DAY on LBC and Talkradio. The likes of Toynbee and Hazurika etc would gave been dribbling with verminous delight.
        The MSM outrage would have been entirely justified if Jeremy had lost a key vote by 77. During Jeremy’s time in office Johnson didn’t have a majority so losing by 77 would have been a disaster. You really should try and keep up with the news the Tories now enjoy a majority of 80.

      3. windchimes @1:31pm – I am absolutely delighted, as you must be, that Keir’s family have tested negative. I’m a little confused why you have made any reference to Keir’s own health because this was never an issue. Keir and his family self isolated because one of his children had Covid-19 type symptoms. If you and your family are ever unfortunate enough to be in a similar position where one of you has symptoms you too would have a duty to self isolate. Are you suggesting that Keir and his family should have selfishly ignored their civic duty and just have carried on as normal.

        On the contrary you appear to be the zealot here, it may have escaped your notice but we left the EU at the beginning of the year, thank goodness Keir isn’t as big a numpty as you are. What would be the point of wasting the party’s efforts on fighting a battle that has already been lost.

      4. “What would be the point of wasting the party’s efforts on fighting a battle that has already been lost.” Ask Your master WMD Blair and the other EU Zealots.
        PS we r yet to leave. This is STILL a transition period. Hence the ? leaving with or without “a deal”.

        I sense u relished that above extract from your post. A triumphal rubbing it in. You know your lot’s Remain plot worked infinitely easier than you expected. You got a committed EU sceptic to voice his own defeat. EXTRAORDINARY !!!

        So many of mine… too many alas, forever trying to be pot bangers for what they which to represent as virtue, fell hook line and sinker for the Starmer / Blair plot. While all manner of banditry continues to this very day since the 1970s as Atlee predicted, some are STILL bleating on … predicting impending doom. Like Howard, there was bo alternative to the APPEASE FEST lest the MSM attacked. He seems to have missed that they were attacking and still are. He seems to have missed that your Keith was allowed to seize the leadership and dismiss Jeremy’s allies.

        Howard though with much ability and energy misses lots. Proof that we need other qualities: Insight, incisive analysis, recognise that we are not infallible… even the latest Pope man admitted that!!! But most of all to be flexible, acknowledge errors and transform ourselves to be EFFECTIVE. Nice gentle words have not save the Palestinians nor Chagos Islanders disposed of their homes… nor anyone else ANYWHERE.

        It is quite odd that the likes of Howard make noises about ills here and abroad yet fly into a crazed rage defending wanton appeasement of turds in and out of the MSM.

        Thank Cod I’m not Allan Howard!!! I won’t begrudge you your gloating. You are entitled to gloat, especially as you may never appreciate / experience the grave consequences of your plot, on the many.

        Just think, many like Allan Howard may not be able to get the help they urgently need, free at the point of delivery or we the public will be paying the 1% bandits to treat him.

        SH, look how SERCO & Deloitte & G4S et al are “delivering” Test & Trace. Have you taken a good look??? Good. Then tell us honestly, would you trust Allan Howard’s desperately needed psychological treatment in the hands of those spivs???

        Just as none should wish Covid-19 on any person nor animal… all especially here should not jeopardise the free access to quality care to free Howard from his negative easily triggered mental state.

        And indeed, for the record SH it should be noted – i am delighted that Keith and his family are free of Covid-19. I would not wish it nor any illness on anyone, nor any creature … even a scummy slime spun one like your WMD Blair and Keith Max Headroom. It is a dreadful disease… Covid-19 that is… coming to think of it, your WMD Bliar, Keith Starmer & Co ARE like diseases too. We must cure our country of them🌹🌹🌹

      5. windchimes – PS we r yet to leave. This is STILL a transition period. Hence the ? leaving with or without “a deal”.
        The fact remains we have left the EU, we are no longer a member state of the EU. In this context our current transition status is irrelevant. The current negotiations are to decide our leaving terms, not whether we are leaving or not, that has already happened. All that there is left to decide is how much this will hurt the UK both economically and socially.

        I have never expressed support for Blair on this forum or any other, you are more than welcome to try and prove otherwise.

        Would that be the same committed ‘Euro Sceptic’ who campaigned tirelessly in 2015 for Remain, was he lying to us then?

        Keir was democratically elected to the leadership, it wasn’t my fault (or his) that ‘the left’ put forward a no hope candidate. It is worth bearing in mind that there was a poll during the leadership election which asked Labour members who they would vote for if JC was included on the ballot along with the KS, RLB & LN. The result was very revealing. RLB lost almost all her support, JC attracted about 30% and Keir Starmer still won in the first round. Unfortunately Jeremy’s demise in popularity was largely his own doing, the membership simply got fed up with his never ending ‘constructive ambiguity’ which pissed all over his own USP. By the time he finally got around to extracting the fence post neither side believed anything he said. In large part he, along with the able help of the 4Ms, destroyed his own credibility. Prevarication and constructive ambiguity (a Blairite phrase if I ever heard one) are in my opinion what crippled Labour’s chances.

        I agree with you about AH, it’s a sad case.

        I agree with you about the likes of Serco and other Tory donors and friends corruptly syphoning off state funds. Hopefully people will remember, come the next election, that the private sector failed to care for them and exacerbated the problem whilst despite being starved of funds the public sector have done us proud.

      6. correction – who campaigned tirelessly in 2016 for Remain,

  5. In the Catholic community of England the name Howard was synonymous with treachery and informers on the surviving members of the Catholic faith.Whilst pretending to be loyal too the Crown 👑 they survived by attacking and informing on their fellow Catholics…who were usually executed for practicing the old religion.I sometimes wonder whether the lunatic Howard still carrys on the family tradition.

    1. And off topic but relevent to the increasing attacks on our Social security system a bunch of wigged clowns threw out the appeal at the high court in favour of the establishment in equalising the state pension to work and die before you recieve a state pension.Yesterday the wigs and upper classe twits pontificated against the 1950s woman which confirms that the working class need to work till they die ensuring equality in death….Scum..Scum mi..Lords

    2. Joseph, how come you only ever hark back to crimes against Catholics, and never crimes of Catholics?
      Isn’t that bigotry, and isn’t it equal to the bigotry you constantly imply that ‘the English’ are guilty of?
      How is that different to those who ‘see’ antisemitism everywhere but are conveniently blind to Israel’s racism?

  6. David….you missed the point but I am not apologising to anyone for highlighting Reigion in a Historic context.I do get it…..You dont like Catholocim,but its a fact of life and we in this country have suffered more than most for being a world religion that was caught up in a bloody reformation with the most powerful nation on earth in its day.You might have to face up to reality that we number 1,2 billion and you are bound by the law of averages to come across us….Bless you David..!

  7. Joseph, I’m a committed atheist and scoff at all religions equally.
    There’s no beam in my eye mate.

  8. I sometimes wonder with all the infighting amongst yourselves would be better put fighting the establishment instead that is why they getting away with it

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