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Number of schools hit by virus passes 500

The number of schools hit by coronavirus outbreaks has reached 501 – up from 347 just yesterday morning.

Reaching 347 after just a week of English schools opening was frighteningly fast, but an increase of 45% – and likely to beat 50% before the end of the day – in just a single day demonstrates what SAGE scientists have already termed the exponential growth in the prevalence of the virus in the community.

Keeping schools open while the government tightens restrictions elsewhere is politically-driven madness that flies in the face of scientific knowledge.

They must be closed and not re-opened until Boris Johnson’s boast of millions of instant at-home tests per day is a reality.

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  1. BloJob won’t do the right thing just because it’s the right thing – either he’ll have to see a political advantage, see no alternative or have his arm twisted up his back.
    I think it’ll take reported deaths, not just cases, for the public to get angry – let’s hope they get angry with the right people this time and not just whoever the Tories decide to shift the blame onto.

    1. Still fighting the redundant War on Death, David?

      No, it’ll only take a few more weeks of the Lockdown hokey-cokey to get people out on the streets. Or else the cancellation of Xmas. Rioting will replace unaffordable (for some) central heating as the best way to keep warm. A novel twist on Yule logs!

      1. I don’t give a fuck about my death or anyone else’s and never have.
        You can probably imagine how much I care about your demise, fritmom.

      2. Still pushing your denials of reality timfrom.This message comes to you from Outer Mongolia,I’m not really in HCM city Vietnam at all.

      1. Sadly off-guardian lost the plot on this story early on,and clearly from articles shared by you and others here has doubled down on its mistakes since.I don’t know personally since I no longer go there,and it used to be one of my go to sites.However,when what was appearing above the line started to reflect what conspiracy nuts below the line were saying,it was time to bail out,as there was no longer anything positive to be gained from going there.A pity though,it started off providing a very necessary counterweight to the increasingly ridiculous Guardian and other corporate media.

      1. They should be first in line to be used as guinea pigs to test the rush-produced wonder vaccine!

  2. 500?

    That all? There’s abar 33k schools in the UK. So just stop flappin’.

    (Am I doing this right, dicky & brain?)

    1. I think the rate of increase is the story here The Toffee,not absolute numbers.

    1. If this story is true,then it is a damning indictment of both the White House and those forces ranged in opposition to the Trump presidency.

    We must force the government to adopt a zero Covid strategy
    Richard Burgon
    The government’s approach to fighting coronavirus has been an unmitigated disaster, leaving us with one of the highest death tolls in the world. It’s heartbreaking to think that tens of thousands of lives could have been saved had we kept the death rate to the levels seen in Germany, South Korea or New Zealand.
    The summer should have been used to eliminate the virus, as other countries have successfully done. Instead, the moment was squandered and government messaging gave the impression that we were heading back to normal: ‘go out to restaurants’, ‘go back to the office’, ‘send your kids back to school’ and ‘reopen universities’.

  4. I see Starmer’s number one fan boy here is trying to repair his credibility as a commentator on current affairs.He is far far too late with his barrow.

    1. John – But do you have an actual opinion (not another personal rant) on the article by Richard Burgon or not, surely that is the point. Whether you are particular enamoured by the messenger or not is irrelevant to me.

  5. I do.

    Burgon’s Zero Covid strategy is a pipe dream. We have to adapt and learn to live with the virus, as we do with the flu. New Zealand isolation camps. No thanks. Don’t like the use of the word “camp” in this context.

    Only idiots isolate the well instead of the sick.

    1. But the strategy of isolating individuals who have tested positive for the virus has worked extraordinarily well here in Vietnam.I hope the Vietnam government simply bans bloody Brits from coming here if they won’t or can’t get their act together.Other people can point to successes in other countries with a similar strategy.Life here proceeds normally,how is it there in backward barbarian capitalist UK.

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