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Both right-wing Labour councillors attempting to challenge Haringey’s black council leader and Asian deputy suspended – over racism complaints

Patrick Berryman and Dana Carlin suspended over separate complaints of racism

The ‘racist coup‘ against London’s only black council leader has hit a significant bump in the road after both would-be challengers to Joe Ejiofor and his deputy Seema Chandwani were suspended following complaints of racism.

Cllr Patrick Berryman was said to be standing against Ejiofor and Cllr Dana Carlin against Chandwani in what locals have described as an attempt by the Labour right to seize back control of Haringey council lost after controversial previous leader Claire Kober quit. LabourList reported the suspensions but did not mention their status as challengers.

Incumbent Ejiofor is strongly backed by local members, with some demanding that the challenge be abandoned because of the support he enjoys – but the suspension of both challengers has thrown the takeover attempt into disarray.

The complaint against Berryman centred on comments and an email – revealed exclusively by the SKWAWKBOX – after Muslim members asked him for a short break in a Labour group meeting to break their Ramadan fast. Berryman emailed a member accusing him of ‘weaponising’ Islam – and the same member has alleged that Berryman accused him of ‘playing the race card’ after the member complained about racist comments made by a former councillor about Ejiofor.

Carlin’s suspension comes after complaints that she used the ‘n-word’ – the SKWAWKBOX understands that it was allegedly used several times – during a meeting.

The attempt to remove Cllr Ejiofor as leader was dubbed a ‘racist coup‘ by locals after one former Labour councillor tweeted linking Ejiofor to chimpanzees and comparing him to an African dictator – and another councillor was suspended for alleged threatening language toward the borough’s 86-year-old Jewish mayor for agreeing with Ejiofor to delay an annual general meeting because of the coronavirus pandemic.

A councillor on the left of the party was also suspended this week, over social media comments he says were edited to make them appear antisemitic. Supporters of another left-winger on the council, Preston Tabois, have said the same was done to his social media to concoct a complaint – and it is certainly clear from the screengrabbed social media comments that he was replying to a man and not supporting the woman who authored a racist article.

The London Labour Party’s conduct in association with the various complaints has been less than exemplary. When the SKWAWKBOX contacted accused councillors for comment in July, Labour’s London regional office intervened to shield the councillors – even though one, because he was suspended over the alleged threats to the mayor, was no longer even a Labour councillor.

Yet another councillor, Julie Davies, has not so far been sanctioned despite an email mocking the English of a council colleague of Kurdish ethnicity – but Preston Tabois, who put his name to the complaint about her conduct, was suspended in spite of the obvious issues with the allegations against him.

The councillors did not respond to LabourList’s request for comment.

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  1. I don’t know whether the councillors concerned are guilty of racism or not but I am delighted that our party under Starmer now appears to be taking allegations of BAME racism seriously. As I have posted previously there is no hierarchy of racism or discrimination. It is appalling that disgusting anti black, anti Muslim and homophobic comments have been allowed to pass.unremarked upon.Indeed people like Jess Phillips who openly mocked Diane Abbott and never gave her one iota of support at a time when Diane was suffering from unprecedented levels of racist and misogynistic abuse have been promoted within the party, the BLM movement has been trivialised as a “moment” and our BAME members continue to be seriously under represented at all levels with the party.
    If we are to be an anti racist anti discrimination party we have to tackle all forms of racism and discrimination with equal fervour and without fear or favour

    1. Fully agree, Smartboy… except the “under Starmer” bit. Sometimes things happen in spite of buckets of piss like Keith Starmer. Eg under Thatcher’s secretion WMD Blair, some positive things happened due to the whips offering them as rewards for voting for wars and other Bliar evils. Of course the liar and war criminal claimed the good things as its own and the true instigators remained silent thus allowing myths and deceits to persist.
      Eg the Good Friday Agreement. The work was started and finished by others eg Major and Mo Mowlam. Mo was then turfed out and others took the credit for her efforts. I always thought that hastened her end.

      1. Reply to Signposts and John Thatcher
        Just to clarify -I wasn’t being sarcastic I just worded the post badly. I have been disgusted by the inaction of Starmer in respect of racism ( except antisemitic racism) and I welcome the fact that it now appears that racism towards BAME members will no longer be tolerated in the party . I say “appears” because we will have to wait and see how things develop.

  2. I think you are being slightly over generous about “our party under Starmer”,or maybe it is sarcasm and I missed the cues.

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        I’m not a software guy at all really – hardware is my thing, especially Panasonic Toughbooks.
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        Hate apple fanboys & lying bitch “geniuses” that tell punters back buttons are superfluous and apple phones only die of abuse and are always beyond repair.

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  4. There would appear to be rumours about rumours in the ‘woke’ world of see me see my colour. This fell out centre pages of the Guardian.

  5. Two middle class white people try to get rid of Black and Asian leaders within the Labour party. Shock horror!

    It has always been the way. Racism is only on the agenda today because of BLM, it will soon go back to business as usual.

    The Labour Party will I’m sure as themselves “Why cant we attract black male leaders?”

    1. They are very, very white, aren’t they?
      Those fuckers look like they’d get sunburn from opening a fridge.

    2. Yes Moosey, but IF they were ‘moderates’, it wouldn’t be happening.

  6. QUESTION: Are these suspensions encouraging signs that the NEC is (still) sufficiently left wing to do the right thing occassionally??

  7. I just did a search to see how much coverage – or NOT – the suspension of the two Harringey councillors was getting in the MSM (not much by the look of it), and in the process came across the following Jewish Chronicle article from a few days ago re ANOTHER Harringey councillor. Here’s the headline and a couple of clips from the article:

    Haringey councillor who asked local Labour party to drop ‘zero-tolerance position’ on antisemitism is suspended

    Cllr Noah Tucker – once a cabinet member in what became known as “Corbyn’s council” because of the dominance of left-wing Momentum supporters – is facing claims that he has repeatedly shared material that could be deemed to be antisemitic.

    In March 2019 a recording emerged in which Mr Tucker, a former Communist Party member, criticised the suspension of “one of our best and most honest and most loyal MPs, Chris Williamson, for the crime of speaking the truth”.

    He also claimed the decision of former MP Luciana Berger and others to quit the party were “nothing whatsoever to do with antisemitism and nothing at all to do with allegations of bullying” and that they were actually attempting “to protect the power, the privilege and the huge wealth of a tiny minority of people”.

    Yep, if you give your support to someone who was falsely accused of A/S, you TOO get reported to the LP for A/S!

  8. Allan, I hope you’re not suggesting that god’s chosen people don’t speak to the goys of the Earth on god’s behalf – I think you’ll find that god recently declared that to be antisemitic.

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