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Right-wing NEC candidate fails to answer questions about serious and unresolved concerns

Labour First-supported NEC member and candidate subject of complaint for bullying blind party colleague and accused of involving Tory in attempt to damage Muslim councillor and of trying to block parliamentary candidacy of fellow Sikh

Gurinder Singh Josan

Right-wing pressure group Labour First has been heavily promoting its ‘slate’ of candidates for the elections to Labour’s National Executive Committee – a slate that includes two candidates who got onto the NEC in the by-elections held earlier this year after left organisations failed to agree on a united slate.

But one of the candidates, Gurinder Singh Josan – a long-standing Labour First activist in the West Midlands, close to right-wing MP John Spellar and former MP and deputy Labour leader Tom Watson – has failed to respond to questions about a number of serious and apparently unresolved issues surrounding his conduct. The allegations are outlined below.

Bullying a blind colleague

In 2018 a blind, Muslim member of the Labour Party lodged a formal complaint with the Unite union alleging that Josan had subjected him to a ‘relentless verbal attack’ during a branch meeting that shattered his self-confidence:

Gurinder Josan who is the Secretary of my branch 6090, proceeded to relentlessly verbally attack me telling me I have no right to question the union membership credentials of _. Despite the fact Gurinder 20 minutes earlier was challenging the credentials of two other unite members.

His abuse towards me in front of 85 people made me feel extremely vulnerable, publicly humiliated, very uncomfortable, deeply saddened and under siege by Gurinder who would not stop his attacks against me until the Chair forced him to resume his seat…

Regardless of the eligibility of __ to be a member of the Retired Members branch, I kindly request the union to take immediate action against Gurinder for the highly abusive, offensive and disgraceful way in which he attacked me this evening witnessed by all delegates present which has shattered my self-confidence and left me extremely distraught.

The SKWAWKBOX understands that the complaint remains unresolved, but that while Josan remains a member of Unite, he switched his delegate position at his local Labour party to represent the more right-dominated GMB union.

The same blind member was also the subject of abuse from Josan’s close associate, right-wing MP John Spellar, at a meeting of local Labour members – abuse recorded and heard by the SKWAWKBOX.

Tory-brokered meetings to ‘bring down’ Muslim councillor

The ‘Sandwell Skidder’, a well-known political site in the West Midlands that exposed abusive and sexually explicit WhatsApp messages by right-wing Labour councillors, was at one time close to Labour right-wingers in the area.

‘Skidder’ author Julian Saunders was targeted by Labour right-wingers, who brought a criminal prosecution against him for supposedly swearing at and harassing the council’s chief executive – but the case spectacularly exploded when Saunders presented the court with video evidence of the ‘incident’ that proved he had done no such thing, in spite of the claims of a series of council officials. The judge immediately dismissed the case and the council’s chief executive subsequently resigned, with no pay-off, after being put on ‘extended leave‘.

Saunders claims that some of the prominent local right-wingers used a well-known local Tory to set up what turned out to be several meetings between ‘Skidder’ and Josan – and that Josan provided several sets of documents relating to a local Muslim councillor, with a request to “use them to help bring him down”:

Curiously this was all arranged via a Sandwell Tory whom people knew I trusted. He arranged three meetings for me to meet Josan at the Pret a Manger opposite Snow Hill Station and he came along too…

Josan himself is a well-turned out man and on each occasion he brought me very neat bundles of documents, all organised, stapled etc – pictured below – which I was told had been prepared “by the Party.” They all related to (then) Cllr ___________ and I was specifically asked to use them to help bring him down.

Piles of documents Josan that ‘Sandwell Skidder’ claims Josan gave him

Attempt to block a female fellow Sikh’s parliamentary candidacy

At one of these meetings, Saunders says that:

The Tory took me to see Gurinder in the office of his sister’s accountancy firm in Smethwick. We had to wait sometime as Josan was ringing all his Sikh political contacts as he was anxious to stop comrade Preet Kaur Gill… getting a parliamentary berth

The SKWAWKBOX called Josan to discuss these matters and the appropriateness of Josan’s NEC position and candidacy and was asked to send questions by email. An outline of the issues was sent, along with the following questions:

– did you act as described toward your blind Labour colleague?
– has the union contacted you about this complaint
– if so, were you ever suspended over it?
– why did you ask Julian Saunders of Sandwell Skidder to damage the Muslim councillor?
– why did you feel you had to use a Tory to set up the meeting?
– why did you want to prevent Ms Gill from standing for Parliament?
– how is it appropriate for you to be on the NEC and standing for re-election with these matters unresolved?

More than 24 hours after the deadline for a reply, Josan has not responded. Attempts to call him today have been unsuccessful.

Josan’s fellow right-wing NEC member Johanna Baxter is closely associated by Labour left-wingers with the blocking of Labour members and supporters before the 2016 leadership election in what Corbyn supporters claimed was a ‘purge’ to reduce Corbyn’s voting base:

The SKWAWKBOX recommends that Labour members vote for the ‘Future we need’ slate of candidates in the forthcoming election:

  • Ann Henderson
  • Gemma Bolton
  • Laura Pidcock
  • Mish Rahman
  • Nadia Jama
  • Yasmine Dar

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  1. Know them by their chums. The historical puzzle, are so many STILL believe these creatures should be supported, DESPITE proving over and over, that they are WICKED Tories abusing the Labour Party, its members, vision and ethics free CAREERIST parasites infesting Labour.

    NB, no good has ever come of Keith Starmer. No good are his noises now. NO good will EVER come of him. Max Headroom Easter Island gell headed Stomar, his supporters and those for whom he acts have not the slightest interest in changing the Status Quo. They never have. They never will.

      1. Glad u r reaching out 4 help Allan. We r individuals so need individual care. Best u go to your GP who should point u in the right direction for help that may suit u. There r many schools of thought … even defensive attitudes re what’s best. Judging from your contributions here on Skwawkbox, any medication may only give u a calm “space” or “state” to be receptive to talking therapies.

        My own thoughts are towards Cognitive Behaviour Therapy ie CBT. But the decision is yours. Further, you must find a therapist with whom you can establish a rapport. And most of all Allan, you need to listen. Learn to listen and reflect. Try little by little to be less rigid / defensive / easily triggered. Hope that helps. You have LOTS to offer. 🌹🌹🌹

      2. Wow that’s a whole new level of zero self-awareness right there from White Flag Man!

      3. Oh, just LOOK……. four people (at the time of writing) Liking a lying little poisonous shill. I think we can safely assume it was the other shills on here who quickly gave him the Likes! And for the obvious reason.

        Jeeze, it’s so kin’ transparent!

      4. Allan – Maybe they just agreed with the sentiments expressed in the comment, then again it could be that they are just bored with your repetitive nonsense or maybe it’s a reaction to your staggering lack of self awareness. Who knows, take your pick. I’m sure you and others can think of many other reasons.
        Given your obvious insecurities I guess you should just be thankful there isn’t the option to dislike comments.

      5. Dear dear dear… And there i was thinking Allan, that u at last recognized that u need and WANTED help. I was wrong. Hey ho… we all make mistakes. Anyway, when u r ready, my advice above stands.

        Ps give up the shill hunter weird stuff. Mentioned it to friends during a group holiday last month. One of them said they had not heard the term in many years. Said amongst other things that u must be very old. The thing is Allan, being aged should be a blessing. Great age should bring experience, observation, insight, wisdom to learn from errors and wisdom to change. After all, living is changing, changing is living. No???

        I remain optimistic. Your persistence in “fighting” your “corner” is great… the persistence, that is. Problem is your corner. Chuck it. Find something worth your persistence and other abilities.

        Wishing you change.

      6. Reminds me of the paranoid schizophrenic explaining to his psychiatrist
        ‘I’m alright, its the others’

    1. Hullo Wind homes. Ethics free careerist. That has panache and dash. Glad to see Max Headroom s starting to grip, it will unnerve the arrogant….er. Chap. ☮️

      1. Hullo Wobblyjack, signpost here. Thank u. I need to remove the windchimes bit though. “Signpost not windchimes” is to keep alive the great Tony Benn’s frequent saying.

        I was fortunate to see him at one of his last public talks, (to aid the Welfare Association which does great PRACTICAL help for the long suffering Palestinians).

        ANYWAY, to be referred to just as wind chimes, spectacularly and humorously 😂😂😂 defeats the aims AND tribute to Tony Benn. Will shorten it in due course. I agree with u totally re your observation and instinct re Max Headroom. Mike Graham was gripped and described Keith thus, last week or week before on Talkradio.

        Many more of us need to seize EVERY opportunity to describe the Tory engorged SIR Keith Penile Starmer in these accurate ways. I believe, anything can happen at anytime. So don’t wait. Let Keith Max Headroom and the public get accustomed to what he is, ie a disgusting coup plotter, hypocritical, dishonest parasite, exploiting the Labour party for his own selfish ambition.

        People are busy and overworked. We must make it easy for all to recognise the over stuffed Right Wing pathetic bell end that Starmer is. Arsetair C & Twatson own and operate Keith Starmer The 1% in turn, own and operate them. Campbellend, Twatson & WMD Blair. You have heard of A wheel in a wheel. The spawn of Thatcher above are tools within tools. We have to defeat them. There is no alternative.

  2. … historical puzzleS are… because the explanations of such a bizarre belief / hope / trust, surely must be multifaceted and multilayered, going back throughout Labour Party History.

  3. Labour’s a den of thieves as bad as the Tory party and these shits-in-suits have been protected and their crimes swept under the carpet for almost two years as near as I can judge. Two years too long.
    We deserve better.

    1. Why do such people join the party and unions. I know the answer, just thinking aloud. Cheers.

  4. On a whim I just looked on Twitter to see the followings of Johnson (2.9 million), Corbyn (2.4 million) and Starmer (969.8 thousand).
    Somebody could probably make something of the fact that Corbyn – as a backbencher – and in spite of all that media abuse – is still 2.4747370592 times more popular than Starmer, and running Johnson a close second.

    I was looking for a seconds-old tweet from Jeremy so I could jump in and beg him to form a new party, in case anyone was wondering.

    1. David – When you receive a reply will you let us all know Jeremy’s answer?

      1. Why do you ask?
        Not thinking about cheating on starmpit already, surely?

      2. David – No, I’m simply amusing myself at your expense. I think your notion that Jeremy is going to leave the Labour party and head up a new party are, to put it politely, laughable.

      3. David
        First things 1st
        Internal report and class action to clean out the stables then invite Greens to merge with Labour party, what should we name this child
        Then its Maximus Peake all the way to the next GE
        ‘If your not voting Labour then your a Tory’

      4. David – Whether you were amused or not was irrelevant to me, as I clearly said above it was for my own amusement, not yours.

  5. Josan a close comrade of Spellar, Watson and Baxter says it all really

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