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Video: ITV mics pick up schoolboy calling Boris Johnson an *rsehole as Johnson claims schools are safe

Much respect to the young socialist in the class – and a big hat-tip to Richard Crowe for the spot

Some moments just have to be shared. One such is when a young pupil is caught by ITV’s microphones calling Boris Johnson an arsehole as Johnson blathers dishonestly and dangerously about schools being safe from the coronavirus. SKWAWKBOX reader Richard Crowe picked it up in a video published yesterday and the sound has now been enhanced to make it clearer:

And here it is made louder still, in case you struggled:

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    1. Wow our own Greta. Is this it, really, 55 comments. Third party please. ☮️

  1. For Christ’s sake, you can’t hear anything AT ALL, unless you have military-grade audio-enhancement at your disposal!

    1. But you can hear it, that’s the point! Why do you think he never stopped for questions and made a hasty retreat before the kids themselves pointed out how inane his comments were?.

      1. Ah right, I thought he was kinda familiar. Yes, cracking series!

  2. 1,300,000 Germans in Berlin recently showed plainly how much validity they give to the notion of schools being unsafe for their kids.

    Over 6,000 Irish people in Dublin recently also showed demonstratively how faith they have about face masks and schools being unsafe for their children.

    As did many thousands in Madrid recently.

    On the 29th of August there will demonstrations in London, Berlin, Paris, Ottawa and many other capital cities around the globe to demonstrated against the arbitrary measures being taken against the “ pandemic “ which is a slippery slope to a totalitarian state.

    Unite for Freedom” Protest on August 29th

    There is a planned anti-lockdown, anti-mask, anti-contact-tracing – essentially anti all the “emergency” measures the government has taken – on 29th of August, in Traflagar Square.

    Many doctors and other experts will be speaking, some via video link some in person, including Dr Scott Jensen and Dr Dolores Cahill.

      1. What evidence do you have that they alt- right events?

      2. Pleeeeze can we have a poll on blocking the bot, Skwawky? 😉

      3. You’re right, David, that bitch IS in heat again. Next stop, concentration camps for dissenters!

      4. Spot on Skwawkbox. So many of the daft posts by the troll posting constantly nowadays as ‘brianbotou’ show him to be a mouthpiece for a wide range of alt-right and pro ‘Libertarian Far Right ideas . His posts are littered with memes drawn directly from current alt-right and indeed, earlier fascist and nazi ideology. So he currently (along with other constant, probably paid, trolls on here) spews out all that logic-chopping, statistics-mangling, Far Right /Trumpian garbage denying the reality of the current global plague of Coronavirus (the purpose being to get the proles back to work ASAP to produce more surplus value – whatever the death toll).

        Similarly, His recent claim that ‘Wall Street funded the Bolshevik revolution ‘ (this meme really means , ‘the Jews of Wall Street’ of course) , is a straight alt-right, and indeed old Nazi meme.

        His historically ignorant, alt-right , claim that we currently live , not under the final, over-mature, stage of globalised, financialised state monopoly capitalism, which we actually do, but under either some bizarre ahistorical form of ‘debt bondage-based feudalism’ , or even some form of rentier state corporate socialism !

        This is all classic Far Right alt-Right and neo fascist meme stuff – ie, maintaining that old fascist (and nowadays Libertarian Far Right) fantasy that there ever was, and can be again, a ‘real’ small producer-based, non monopolistic, free enterprise capitalism, ie, free of overweening state interference and ‘debt bondage by the banks ( this really means those pesky ‘Jewish bankers’ and their supposedly non-Aryan parasitic usury, yet again) . ‘Capitalism without debt interest’, a fantasy which tries to separate ‘capitalism’ from one of its core drivers, ie, the ‘healthy’ manufacturer entrepreneur minus the supposedly ‘parasitic’ money-lending financial capitalist. A complete fantasy separation of two absolutely essential inseparable elements of capitalism. This is an ideological mindset best known in its most extreme form as ‘Strasserism’ in its fully-fledged pseudo pro worker, anti banker, ‘Left wing of fascism’ form, or, nowadays, as ‘the Third position’ (not to be confused with the tame Blairite form) . How clearly brianbotou understands that he is regularly spewing out old fascist and more recent alt-right memes I don’t know – but he is obviously a very dodgy poster on here .

      5. Nice try, but YOU are the longest-running troll (paid or not) on this site, bad penney. Alt-right is a meaningless term, coined by the same Koch-funded scum who think that Biden is “far-left”. It is a shorthand term for “I don’t agree with you but can’t construct an argument against you so I’ll just resort to ad hominem smears instead”.

        And do try to make just ONE comment that comes in at under 50 words. Unlikely, I know, so keep taking the Kaolin & Morphine. You fucking moron.

    1. Why don’t you just go & get your shotgun and get down to your local town hall ffs.

    2. ” also showed demonstratively how faith they have…

      there will demonstrations… to demonstrated against the arbitrary measures… which is ”

      Stop spreading your ignorance and go back to school.

      1. Hmm, it appears you haven’t been paying attention!!

    3. All that 1.3 million alt-right marching Germans proves is that the bitch is in heat again.

      1. To repeat what I said to SB. Your evidence for them being alt – right is ?

  3. At least kids are learning something of value at school – how to spot an ar$ehole. Must say though that Boris The Clown in obvious from miles away. Just another case of how the hell did he get elected. I feel ashamed. How can we point the finger at Trump & the US electorate when we’re just as bad.

    1. I’ve seen other similar sarky comments about the poor lad . Could his jacket look big because his family have had to buy one a little bigger than he needs so that they won’t have to buy another when he grows over the course of the school year? And possibly can’t afford another? “Leave that kid alone” for goodness sake. You can start criticising when they show a pupil at Eton looking like bloody Rees-Mogg!

      1. I was 6’2″ at 16 and my parents, with three kids at school at the same time, knew that problem.
        Some kids grow like weeds and not many parents can afford to buy each child two or three uniforms a year. Buying bigger was the norm.
        I’d probably have been bullied by classmates if I hadn’t been a foot taller than them.
        With an older sister and a younger brother all at different schools at least there weren’t many hand-me-downs.

    2. Vile snobby comment. Take a look st the pm for an example of who needs a word with his barber andc tailor
      He no doubt HAS a barber and tailor, and chooses to look like worzel gummidge

  4. Can’t hear it….Or at least I can’t make it out as any word; it’s just a faint noise to me.

    And I can hear wool growing on a sheep’s back….Even if that sheep is in New Zealand!

    1. I can’t make out a word either – the young can hear higher frequencies than the old though.
      I had a frequency generator I thought was faulty but it was me that was faulty – had to turn away audio repairs for the same reason.

      1. David, get the Audizr app, you’ll be able to see the various frequencies. Do they still make superhets?

      2. Thanks Jack T, but I’m long retired. No space on the boat to do much anyway and I sold or gave away my scopes and bench stuff except a simple 2 meg Chinese scopemeter and a couple of Thurlby Thandar power supplies. The Tek THS720A I used so rarely in the end that every time I did I had to re-read the manual and recharge the battery. Right pita 😉
        I don’t even try to stay current nowadays and never had much interest in radio anyway except for marine SSB and VHF. Software defined radio seems to be the way things are going nowadays so I doubt if intermediate frequencies are needed.
        These days I just repair a few marine chartplotters to keep the thinking muscle alive.

  5. From the mouths of babes . . .
    At the end of the novel Watership Down the bad (and by this time totally mad) rabbit General Woundwort’s very last words as he turned to face an approaching large dog were “Dogs aren’t dangerous!” Boris (the beast) Johnson is a rather pathetic but equally dangerous General Woundwort. Except of course that the risks from his crass misguided stupidity are not to himself. He stands well back from the action and sounds the ‘charge,’ and it’s ordinary people, the unquestioning obedient cavalrymen of the Light Brigade who obey, galloping into the ‘valley of death.’

    Yes, rather dramatic I know, but the beast has already effectively murdered tens of thousands, and his continuing every action and every word tell us that he has not learned a single lesson, and will go on taking risks with other peoples lives as long as he wields power. This may or may not be a major game changer, but it’s more of the same, casual arrogant unthought through stumbling and bumbling along. And it doesn’t matter to him if people die, or if they don’t.

    1. Grow the fuck up. It’s not censorship when someone’s been allowed the latitude you have but still keeps on pushing a Tory agenda on a socialist blog.
      I’d have ditched you as soon as it became obvious you were only here to troll.
      You’ve posted virtually nothing but coronavirus denial and infantile demands for evidence supporting the scientific consensus since you’ve been here.

      1. Listen you proto fascist, I have told you before once you start censoring, it’s a slippery slope to totalitarianism.. The Nazis didn’t want to hear anything but there own narrow point of view. Moreover, you are following in exactly same footsteps as the Guardian who won’t allow any challenge to the establishment narrative of the day and the State Broadcaster is of a similar mind set. If you want an echo chamber that’s what will happen once you start the process of limiting speech.

        It’s time you started to wise up instead of living your make believe world of toy soldiers, toy boats and fairy tales that the establishment are weaving about the ” pandemic “. If you don’t like what I write , argue with facts.

        But you can’t neither can SB hence why you can’t produce any to support your demands for censorship. Looks like the Jack boots are being made even as I write.

      2. Oh, you poor, oppressed troll – imagine the gall of someone daring to complain about you filling page after page with exactly the same dross every fucking day – and making the blog an unpleasant place to be besides.
        Anyone would think that Steve Walker owned the damn blog, threatening you with blocking like that – like it wasn’t a public service paid for by the state.

        Been on any other forum – anywhere – ever – have you? Read the rules did you?
        Have moderators there to enforce the rules did they?
        Throw you out too did they?
        The nerve of them.

  6. Alt left snowflakes
    100,000 Covid19 deaths in this country, really

    You know its true if you believe it,
    You know your all right, its the other’s
    And you know you will never be alone
    You know your beginning to scare the bairns

    Are there any adults in the room, can they please take the smarties off you

    1. The Toffee
      61 year old drinker and gambler
      Odds on catching it now are small
      Odds 9n it killing me, smaller
      Odds on lockdown killing me and the economy a lot higher

      The Toffee
      Question for you, how have we the human race survived to date

      1. So you’d happily put yourself at risk, and those who might have to look after you, plus those you might spread the bug, too, whether symptomatic or not…

        What a guy!

      2. The Toffee
        Whats changed, last time I checked im a member of the human race, seems to have worked out so far,
        Me and mine will have better immune systems than snowflakes on here

      3. “… how have we/survived to date”
        The fact is countless millions didn’t survive, they died too soon – of human disease, crop disease causing famine, the British Empire, locusts, drought, other natural disasters, overpopulation, war, etc. etc.

        The human response is to try to overcome such things – the inhuman response is “thank fuck it wasn’t me” – the stupid response is “it won’t be me.”

    1. moved in with me nana aged 15, taught me how to survive on fuck all
      Cockley royalty from Isle of Dogs, that generation hard as nails, lived through a lot more than Covid19, shame on snowflakes

  7. David Mc Niven, 4.26 pm 28.08.2020. “ …imagine the gall of someone daring to complain of you filling the same dross day after fucking day…” So citing facts about the fatalities is “ dross”, citing how small the numbers are in relation to the population is “ dross” and citing official statistics is “ dross” you really are some kind of fucking numbskull. When you start censorship, without evidence, without proof, which you and SB are advocating, that’s how tyranny starts. Read history there are plenty of examples for it. I suggest you and SB read some history instead of the make believe articles from the MSM and the BBC, plus the proven dodgy numbers being constantly pumped out on this site as though it has some basis in reality. Stop playing with your toy soldiers, toy boats and reciting fairy tales about the “ pandemic “. You stupid sap.

  8. Jpenny, “ “ Spot on Skwawkbox” Spoken like a true believer in the suppression of truth, you are not alone in this. Unable to provide any proof, evidence to support your totalitarian views, again you are not alone in this, your only retort is slime smear and ranting again your not alone in this. When you can’t argue case, your only solution along with McNiven is CENSORSHIP. I can see you and Mc Niven have much in common and sadly SB who has been pushing the narrative of the “ pandemic “ from day one despite I and RH and a number of other posters pointing out the discrepancies in the various articles. Next stop a jack boot on the populations face.

      1. Yes, a very insightful, informative article full of information and facts. There are other articles as well listing the places and times where people are standing up to the draconian measures being taken about the scamdemic today.

  9. David Mc Niven, 4.26pm “ the fact is millions didn’t survive “ . Yes because in a number of cases, ie the Irish famine or the famines in India were created by a deliberate policy as happened in the Ukraine under Stalin or by the Nazis. Moreover, the Black Death killed 25% of the population of England, the Spanish flu killed between 20-50 million people worldwide, road accidents kill 1.4 million people every year and the “ pandemic “ about 0.8 million. Yet, according to people like you and others it’s deadly to life on the planet. Time to get your head out of your bumper book of bullshit .

  10. David McNiven, 4.26 pm. The only forum where they refused to accept posts was the GUARDIAN because they didn’t want any one contradicting their cosy little world of the official narrative. You should post there, they would accept your authoritarian views with open arms. They exist in a fantasy world as well. I didn’t read anywhere that SB censors posts for citing facts. Another rule made up on the hoof !

  11. Timfrom, 12.47 pm 29.08.2020. Yes, the scamdemic has been well planned but it seems there are many around the world who won’t take this bullshit lying down and are making their voices heard around the globe today. Sadly, there are attempts on this site to censor and suppress them.

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