Video: Busted! Camera movement reveals Johnson had kids at safe distance for photo-opp – but rest of class packed together

‘Safety’ for Johnson’s dangerous blather – but no safe distancing among kids in normal classroom set-up

A camera movement during Boris Johnson’s staged and dangerous photo-opportunity in a classroom today has revealed the sham of supposedly ‘COVID-safe’ classrooms.

As Johnson is filmed lying to children that there is nothing to be anxious about in going to school during the coronavirus pandemic, the carefully-framed shot makes it appear that all the children are distanced from each other (though not from Johnson).

But as Johnson exits the classroom, the movement of the camera reveals reality: the rest of the kids in the classroom are not sitting as close together as they would have been before the pandemic:

Staged photo-opportunities by Tory leaders is nothing new, but normally they’re done to make a scattering of people look like a packed crowd. In this case, Johnson was busted trying to make a packed crowd look like a scattering.

And none of them were wearing face-masks.

Children are not yet safe to return to school – but the Tories are trying to con parents into thinking otherwise and Boris Johnson was caught out .

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  1. On Newsnight a couple of seconds ago footage of Johnson entering the classroom showed many more kids – some with no distance at all between them.
    The way the tables/desks were set up like one long refectory table made close quarters inevitable.
    I imagine school classrooms everywhere are mostly like that – just enough room for the number of students.
    Social distancing ma be possible in corridors but in class I don’t think so – not without about twice the area as normal

      1. And “Please Sir, may I go to the toilet?” is going to be like squeezing past people in a cinema.

    1. One of my young adult staff has been off work for months and is still not back now. Why? Because his grandparents live at home and although he is low risk himself he is worried he will spread the virus to them.

      I made the same point to you about children spreading the virus as well as dying from it in an earlier post but you are still repeating the same narrow statistics.

      Go back to school and start learning.

      1. Let’s look at facts instead of fiction and fairy tales.

        How many pupils are there in England and Wales?

        How many have died from Covid 19 ?

        How many scientifically peer reviewed papers have stated there is a transmission of Covid 19 from pupils to teachers?

        Off you go and when you have done some h/wk come back and apologise for being a dummkopf.

      2. Let’s look at facts instead of fiction and fairy tales.

        How many pupils are there in England and Wales?

        How many have died from Covid 19 ?

        How many scientifically peer reviewed papers have stated there is a transmission of Covid 19 from pupils to teachers?’

        Yeah, and obviously not one of them matters to you, and not one more will – unless it’s one of your own – maybe THEN you’ll change your tune.

      3. What concerns me more is how many virus-denying fuckwits like Bubba the OU Bot are out there.
        He claims the Tories are forcing doctors to INFLATE CV deaths – presumably because Boris has an accumulator bet on beating every other country on deaths and economic ruin?

        Nobody ever accused bot-boss Cummings of letting the truth get in the way of a good lie.
        “Tory bankers didn’t crash the economy, Labour did”
        We don’t take money from Russians, Corbyn does”
        We’re not the racists, Labour are the racists”
        “I WAS following lockdown rules”
        “Boris ISN’T a lying piece of shit serial love rat and compulsive breeder”

    2. Yes seems strange up to mid August death toll 46,706.and then next day and then thereafter 41,336 aprox. Something about Working it out wrong so 5000 just wiped off. Be interesting to see death certificates. I am medically vulnerable does that mean then if I get covid and die it will be put down cause of death one of numerous health condtions I have or even maybe a few conditions I suffer from. I know its only an extra 60 odd died in last fortnight. Until I see no deaths for. a good while I still wouldnt consider sitting in a crowded public beer garden or on beaches. JOHNSON should have learnt by now. What an arse.

      1. The statistics for COVID-19 are inaccurate. They have altered the criteria for doctors to issue Medical Cause of Death Certificates whereby they don’t have to examine a dead person only surmise that they died from Covid-19 to issue a MCDC.
        For example, my next door neighbour’s father who had cancer and dementia for many years died and the doctor issued a MCDC as Covid-19. He was 92 years old and was never examined by a doctor. There are many anecdotal cases like this and sworn testimony from frontline NHS doctors. Double counting was the other scam.

        I am in a very serious medical risk category, however, the least of my concerns is a fatality rate of about 0.00623% from Covid 19.

        If we allow fear to govern our lives, our critical analysis skills go out the window.

    3. Will you just fuck right off with your quoting odds and precentages; you sound like an even worse version of john mccririck – if there could ever have been one, f complete and utter fs.

      Either that or some kind of ersatz Mr Spock: ‘Captain, the odds of brianbotou spouting anything of interest are zero-point-zero-zero-zero-one-zero-zero-one-zero-one percent; obviously he’s from an alternative universe, suggest we change course, Jim’

      1. I told you before I am no meek and mild middle class skin who cowers in your flailing
        at the mouth with ad hominem.

        If you want to be a schmuck who wants to believe all the bollocks about the “ pandemic “ that’s your problem.

        Reminds me of one the characters from dads army corporal Jones shouting DON’T PANIC DON’T PANIC whilst running around like a headless chicken shouting THE GERMS ARE COMING THE GERMS ARE COMING!!

      2. IRDGAF about what you do in reaction to my comments.

        However, I will always challenge your outrightly dangerous bullshitting parlance, call you for it, and will once again state that only cowards maintain the notion that others are expendable but aren’t prepared to put themselves OR their loved ones on the line.

        You’re talking about people’s lives and health; we’re not some fucking gambling chips for you to play roulette with, ffs. People have genuine and LEGITIMATE concerns, and they should NOT be labelled as cowards (hypocritically by cowards) for harbouring doubts.

        You remind me of the cowardice shown by bliar when he refused to say whether his sprog(s) had had the MMR vaccine.

        Not that I believed the garbage about the MMR jab being unsafe back then; nor do I believe the total bullshit being spouted by your fellow conspiraloons about how we’re all gonna be controlled by any Covid vaccine that’s developed in future, now.

  2. I don’t watch the MSM ‘news’ any more. I’m guessing ITV News were complicit in this sham.

    1. You’ll remember the Tory Party conference where there were very few people, but the TV companies were so involved with the Tories that they colluded with them to have everyone sitting together, and the camera shots gave the impression of a packed hall, when at least ¾ of it was empty!

  3. Toffee, let’s see the chances of it being one of my family are 0.000167% chances of being hit by a bus 0.00020%. Looks like buses need to be banned from schools and the roads working on the “ logic” of the “ pandemic “.

  4. Jesus H Navas – is there no end to it?

    STILL spouting the chances like some latter-day john mcririck – And even though he’s dead you’re every bit as much a thoroughly dislikeable cnut than him.

    Unless they’re blind AND deaf, and without a guide hound. people won’t deliberately go and cross the bastard road in front of a moving bus for Chrissakes.

    Therefore, why should they deliberately put themselves at risk of getting Covid, idiot?

    1. Poor old Toffee unable to accept evidence, unable to accept facts, unable to accept the truth. The pupils have more chance of being struck by a bus than dying from the “ pandemic “.

      Now, if you want to be a complete knob and believe like some sort of simpleton all the guff about the “ pandemic “, that’s entirely your affair.

      “ unless they’re blind and deaf..” Oh you poor sap, the vast majority of accidents involving buses with pupils are just that accidents. But that doesn’t stop them using buses as it hasn’t stopped key workers sending their kids to school as I have heard directly from parents who do. You eegit!

      1. What an absolute nincompoop of extreme proportions..

        There’s a major yawning chasm of difference between ‘ACCIDENTAL’ and ‘DELIBERATE’.

        As in ‘ACCIDENTALLY’ walking in front of a bus and ‘DELIBERATELY’ exposing yourself to a virus that has the potential to disable and kill.

        And YOU call ME a ‘simpleton’? Away and shite, idiot.

    2. Evidence?

      How about 41k+ deaths? Most of them UNNECESSARY? Just like every one of the resulting deaths will be if you have it your way.

      So don’t try and fucking ‘evidence’ me, you total moron.

      1. “ How about the 41k + deaths? …” Only the other week it was 46k+ but like magic 5000 were wiped from the figures because someone couldn’t count. Let’s look at those numbers, according to the NHS 5% died from Covid 19 as the primary cause. Therefore, 95% didn’t die OF COVID 19 BUT WITH IT SO COVID 19 WAS NOT THE PRIMARY CAUSE OF DEATH. In addition, the median age of death was 80 years of age . The average age of life expectancy in the U.K. is 80 years of age. So the question is did old people die before the “ pandemic “?

        Now, your “ evidence “ has more holes than Swiss cheese. You sap !

  5. David Mc McNiven aka Mcbullshite. Another evidence free rant from him. Devoid of evidence, devoid of proof, devoid of documentation but plenty of frothing at the mouth. No wonder the establishment can get away with what they do as he any others have their Arthur Miller’s Crucible moments !!!

  6. Toffee, “ …only others are expendable..”

    If you gave a flying fuck about what’s happening to people , you would open your eyes and see what’s happening. Record unemployment, record homelessness, record poverty on the back of a “ pandemic “ which has a fatalities rate of far, far, far less than 1% as the Prof Ferguson and Imperial told us so. The half million + deaths didn’t happen, did they, actual reality less than forty two thousand.

    Just to put that into context every year and I mean every year over 165,000 people die of cancer of all ages.

    Because of the fear, hysteria whipped up by the establishment which resulted in a lockdown, unavoidable deaths from cancer because of postponed operations, treatment are going to rocket and cancer is not the bigger single cause of death in the U.K. but dementia.

    Let’s not forget all those people with mental health problems how many of those will be potential suicides because of a totally unnecessary lockdown. So before you go shouting that Mersey tunnel off again, you might pause for moment and think of all the needless suffering caused by people like you swallowing the baloney about the “ pandemic “.

    The people I have met with a biggest yellow streak running up their back are those that cannot accept the truth! You won’t find it on the BBC and neither will you find it reading the “ newspapers “ or listening to people who with vested interests from the likes of Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations.

    Wise up man before it’s to late.

  7. ”If you gave a flying fuck about what’s happening to people , ”

    Oh, but you see, I DO.

    Much unlike you: a sad, embittered old bastard, obviously so envious and begrudging of others’ health and altogether dismissive of their legitimately-held concerns that you don’t even attempt to persuade people, but rather insist they risk their health and wellbeing to satisfy your twisted reasoning and desires.

    1. Toffee “ Oh, but you see, I do”

      Really, I have yet to read a single word that you have spouted showing how devastating the lockdown has been on unfortunate souls who have had important operations cancelled which threaten their life expectancies.

      I have yet to read a single word you have uttered about the tortured souls suffering from mental anguish plus illnesses who had to suffer under a totally unnecessary lockdown.

      I have yet to read a single word that you say on this site about all the people who will be forced into poverty, malnutrition and homelessness including children because of a totally unnecessary lockdown.

      So before you engage finger to keyboard, engage brain because all you have done to date is demonstrate neither a humanity to those people or a recognition that you have fallen headlong, along with others so you have plenty of company, of wallowing in the hyperbole plus hysteria from the organs of “ truth”.

    2. The Toffee, you are battling manfully with this tiresome alt-right memes spouting troll ! so many of the daft posts by the troll posting constantly nowadays as ‘brianbotou’ show him to be a mouthpiece for a wide range of alt-right and pro ‘Libertarian Far Right ideas . His posts are littered with memes drawn directly from current alt-right and indeed, earlier fascist and nazi ideology. So he spews out all that Far Right /Trumpian garbage denying the reality of the current global plague of Coronavirus (the purpose being to get the proles back to work to produce more surplus value – whatever the death toll).

      Similarly, His recent claim that ‘Wall Street funded the Bolshevik revolution ‘ (this meme really means , ‘the Jews of Wall Street’ of course) , is a straight alt-right, and indeed old Nazi meme.

      His claim that we currently live , not under the final, over-mature, stage of globalised, financialised state monopoly capitalism, which we do, but under either some bizarre ahistorical form of ‘debt bondage-based feudalism’ , or even some form of rentier state socialism !

      This is all classic Far Right alt-Right and neo fascist meme stuff – ie, maintaining that old fascist fantasy that there ever was, and can be again, a ‘real’ free enterprise capitalism, ie, free of the overweening state interference and ‘debt bondage by the banks (read those pesky ‘Jewish bankers’ yet again) . This is an ideological mindset best known in its most extreme form as ‘Strasserism’ in its fully-fledged pseudo pro worker, anti banker, ‘Left wing of fascism’ form, or, nowadays, as ‘the Third position’ (not to be confused with the tame Blairite form) . How clearly brianbotou understands that he is regularly spewing out old fascist and more recent alt-right memes I don’t know – but he is obviously a very dodgy poster on here . You will get no more sense out of his posts than from another regular, paid, troll poster, SteveH. Both of them have their (differing) fixed disruptive ideological agendas and reality isn’t going to intervene.

  8. Toffee “ there is a chasm between accidental and deliberate “ According to your slave like devotion to the tale about the “ pandemic “ the pupils are deliberately being put in the way of jeopardy by attending school.

    Yet, key workers are sending their kids to school and having been doing so through out the totally unnecessary lockdown so they are, by your reasoning, deliberately putting their kids lives at risk.

    As I said statically, the kids have more chance of being hit by a bus than dying of Covid19.

    Therefore, the parents who are sending their kids to school are, according to you and all the other true believers, not only risking their children’s lives but also are running the added risk of letting their kids use the bus to go to school.

    Yes, my description of your zealot like beliefs in the “ pandemic “ was a bit to flattering.

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