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18 more schools declare virus outbreak since yesterday – 15 of them in England

The mushrooming of coronavirus outbreaks in schools continues to accelerate. Up to yesterday, 140 schools were known to have been hit by the virus, but this has risen to 158 overnight.

Most of the increase has been in England, with 46 schools affected – up from 31 yesterday, a growth of almost 50%. The number in Scotland is currently higher as Scottish schools opened weeks ago, but will soon be overtaken:

  • England 46
  • Scotland 84
  • Northern Ireland 21
  • Wales 7

England has already seen its first confirmed on-site school coronavirus cluster – in a school in Matt Hancock’s constituency.

Boris Johnson and Labour leader Keir Starmer agreed during PMQs last week that schools are safe and have been working together since May to push children back into schools. Those who have been warning them frequently that reality says different are being proven right. The impact is already being seen in a massive spike of infections and health chiefs are preparing for the second wave to hit early next month.

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  1. I believe schools COULD be safe, provided that there is planning within the wider community for enforcement of social distancing, masks and other safeguards.

    BUT neither Johnson, nor Starmer have thought it through, ever. And neither has gone along with expert advice – which is particularly worrying for someone who wants to promote himself as a “safe pair of hands!”

  2. JoeIThink you are too kind in giving them an “out” .These 2publicschoolboys know exactly what they are doing and being psychopaths they couldn’t give a toss.Probably getting excited regarding how easy it is to plot mass murder and destruction and get applause from the shell shocked public.Nothing is off the agenda for these vile scheemers.Dont forget that the conservative and unionist party have form on how to manipulate the working class…Just look at the last election including starmers lies and deceit on his pathetic takeover of the Labour party.

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