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25 new school outbreaks since this morning take total to 183

The SKWAWKBOX reported this morning that 158 UK schools have been hit by coronavirus outbreaks since the Tories re-opened classrooms.

That number has risen to 183, with 25 more schools affected in just a few hours.

One of the schools hit was the scene of a Boris Johnson PR stunt last month, while a school in Health Secretary Matt Hancock’s constituency is the site of the first confirmed on-site infection cluster.

The rate of new infections in the UK has hit a 129-day high. The return to school, the push for workers to return to workplaces and the reopening of indoor hospitality is fueling a second wave that health chiefs have been told to expect at the beginning of next month.

Yet the Tories – with the collusion of Keir Starme- continue to press ahead regardless.

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  1. Anyone who doesn’t know that these ‘outbreaks’ aren’t any such thing isn’t really up to commentating on the panicdemic of the ‘epidemic’ that never was.

    Being right up the Tories’ arse really isn’t a good look.

    1. RH,
      Do I take it all nation states in Asia Pacific are up the Tories rear end?

      Here’s some facts for you to dwell upon:

      In the HKSAR all citizens are allowed to take a Covid-19 test at nearly 200 testing centres, our ‘Third Wave’ outbreak has been brought under control with infections now reaching single digits, hopefully, by month’s end C-19 will be eradicated in the Territory, until then, we remain in ‘Lockdown’ and all Face-2-Face teaching remains suspended – Schools are expected to re-open at the months end if infection rates remain below double digits – compare with England, Northern Ireland, Scotland & Wales.

      Please explain why many Asian nations are able to contain Covid-19, whilst the infection rate increases daily in the UK?

    2. RH – So says the useful dangerous idiot.

      You have the cheek to question whether others are competent to speak on Covid-19 and yet you are apparently incapable of defining what a pandemic is,
      Instead of pontificating about what Covid-19 isn’t could you define what it is and explain why it doesn’t meet your criteria for a pandemic.

      1. RH constantly heaps scorn on the use of the word ‘pandemic’ in relation to Covid-19.
        Apparently he’s under the misapprehension that it describes the severity of an epidemic instead of simply its geographic spread.
        Something of a schoolboy error for a competent adult, much less a self-professed expert statistician/epidemiologist/researcher.
        Clearly he’s obtained his definition from some simplified my first dic-tion-a-ry.

  2. Off topic but not one mention on the BBC/SKY about the extradition hearing for Julian Assange starting today in the High Court. I can’t believe that there isn’t a demonstration outside the court against his extradition.

    1. The nightmare has become a reality. Those who are brave enough to stand up for our freedoms are thrown under the bus by the cowards in both out major Parties who care nothing other than working with the establishment to erode our freedoms and human rights.

    2. So Jack T couldn’t believe there wasn’t a demonstration outside the Old Bailey, even though there WAS!

      1. Allan, of course there was! but my point was, if you watched the BBC or SKY there wasn’t. Please keep up.

      2. If THAT was what you really meant Jack, you would have said something along the lines of: ‘Anyone would think there wasn’t a demonstration outside the court today’. And the very fact that Paul responded to your comment the way he did OBVIOUSLY means that HE read it the same way I DID (and I have no doubt everyone else who read it did TOO), and yet in your response to HIM you don’t say how you knew there was, but you were just being sarcastic or whatever.

      3. PS In other words, you’re a complete fraud, as with your Big Lie a few months back when you said that I was always admonishing you for criticising Zionists, when you knew damn well I had never-ever done so.

        Now just WHO tells Big Porkies like THAT…… oh, right, shills like Steve H and windchimes and yourself!

      4. Hi Allan, I see you’re still playing with yourself. How’s the therapy sessions going for your self esteem issues. Good luck and stay safe.

      5. Afterthought: And who were these ‘cowards’ in both major parties that you refer to Jack?

        And many thanks for your ‘Reply’ Steve. What took you so long!

  3. Hey, it’s not like the HoC has massive steel doors or anything.
    Nothing at all as far as I know to prevent a few thousand determined people giving the fuckers the fright of their lives.
    Even Belmarsh would only take a JCB.
    Too soon you think?

    1. Yeah, it’s probably a bit too soon. Shall we leave it ’til next week. Just name the day and the time and the place to all meet up. I’ve already taken the steamroller out of the garage, and the pitchfork I ordered on ebay arrived a couple of days ago, so I’m ready when you are!

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