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School epidemic rising almost too fast to keep up: now 201, from 140 this morning

The number of UK schools hit by coronavirus this morning, weeks after they reopened in Scotland and Northern Ireland and a few days from the return to English classrooms, was 140.

That rose to 158 by mid-morning, then 183 by mid-afternoon.

It now stands at 201 – and rising almost too fast to keep up.

All this is happening against a backdrop of infections reaching a 129-day high and the government secretly preparing for a second wave at the beginning of next month – but with no intention of re-implementing lockdown.

Instead the Tories are trying to drive people back into workplaces – against the direct advice of public health experts.

Boris Johnson was warned, repeatedly. But there is currently no opposition voice raised against him, at least in England.

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  1. Still waiting for figures on ICU patients and deaths FROM Covid19
    Still dont get what being hit by Coronavirus means

  2. In France in July 10 New ICU cases, August 50
    They are testing 1million people per week
    Sp how would you frame those figures

      1. On Terry’s linked RT page:
        “We might have to wait forever for science to show the Covid threat is over, so let’s use our common sense & get back to normal”

        Yeah, listen to “common sense,” Terry, not scientific consensus.
        Cos you and the barman down the pub know better than any stupid ‘scientist’ or so-called ‘doctor’, don’t you?

      2. I could pick two rugby teams and substitutes of the worlds leading scientists on polar opposite sides of the Covid19 debate
        Take gutless and spineless politicians out of the equation and whats the solution
        Common sense Public Health solution

      3. Doug & Terry – anti-vaxx is being promoted by rich zealots like Robert Kennedy Jr. and Larry Cook on facebook – 54% of all the anti-vaxx paid ads according to a report in the Guardian.
        The vast consensus of scientists across the whole world is that CV is a real threat. That’s virtually the whole scientific and medical community – and you boys choose to side with populist dickheads with neoliberal agendas.

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