Breaking: England sees first on-site C19 school cluster – in Matt Hancock’s constituency

Health Secretary Matt Hancock

England has seen its first confirmed on-site coronavirus ‘cluster’ – and it has happened in the constituency of Health Secretary Matt Hancock.

Samuel Ward school in Haverhill has seen five teachers all infected within the first week of re-opening – and with no tracing started, the number is expected to climb.

Hancock has said he is ‘concerned’ at the news that the rate of new cases is climbing – in fact it is now rocketing and the consequences have been seen right on his doorstep.

And Tory policies are intentionally taking the UK into a second wave – one that is likely to inflict a horrifying death toll as the renewed outbreak moves from younger people where it is beginning, into the older population.

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  1. On past performance they’ll come up with a plan of sorts sometime in November.

    1. Interesting Article…..but I submit that Catholics have been victimised by the state for centuries. Catholics are discriminated against in Law (Act of Union) & catholic effigies burnt every November. People march against Catholics in cities like Liverpool; Glasgow & Belfast. The Catholic religion is the only one discriminated against by Law. It is most interesting to analyse how the Catholic religion is ‘represented’ by MSM. Guy Fawkes was right, but then I am a catholic..

      1. Oh – and by the way – were protestants ever burned, bombed or shot by catholics?
        Was the Inquisition invented by protestants to make catholics look bad?
        Are catholics innocent of all wrongdoing? Only sinned against?
        Or are they perhaps equally guilty in the ridiculous war between equally ridiculous politically-motivated imperialist fairy stories?

  2. Belief in deities is infantile.
    The best argument religious ‘thinkers’ can come up with to ‘refute’ evolution is that an eye couldn’t possibly evolve – that it must have been the ‘watchmaker’ wot done it.

    Those same geniuses find it perfectly easy to believe that a supreme being not only created the whole universe – in a week ffs – it first had to create ITSELF – out of nothingness – in nowhere – in complete isolation.

    So… evolution is unthinkable but the most intelligent and powerful being imaginable just… IS. And if anyone says different, we’ll kill them.

    Even knowing that they were brainwashed in infancy (Aristotle, Ignatius, Jesuits) they still reject the obvious truth that religion is entirely man made – that it arose out of prehistoric power politics.
    Grow the fuck up.

    1. Yes, it has a LOT to do with ‘brainwashing’ but, then again, there are millions – probably tens of millions – of people in the ‘West’ particularly, that have spiritual beliefs AND are non-religious, as such, and regard religion as a man-made thing. And whilst *I* can’t accept the existence of a God (for reasons I’ll relate in a moment), it’s undoubtedly the case that there is something in the human condition that has a need to believe in a higher power – ie a God..It’s a subject that one could speak about for hours!

      I was watching the latest episode of the new series of How the Universe Works last night (which was about quasars) and, well, what with super massive black holes and supernovas and gamma ray bursts and magnetars and all the rest of it, it’s just mind-boggling! And it all came about as a consequence of the Big Bang! I mean if you’re an all-powerful being and wanted to create beings – us humans – in your likeness, why would you bother with all of THAT! And given that the universe is 13.8 billion years old, what was God doing before THAT, given that ‘he’ is infinite.

      For my part though, I just can’t accept that a God – and an all-loving God at that – could just stand back and not intervene at the outset and prevent wars and the likes of the Holocaust and famine etc, etc, etc, etc, etc. I know I certainly couldn’t if I were an all-powerful being, and needless to say, I don’t buy the ‘free will’ argument regarding his non-intervention. And why would you create a reality in which there are billions of creatures (including Man) killing and eating billions of OTHER creatures every single minute!

      NB That just reminded of a great song (from a great album) by the Blow Monkeys:

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