Touch of genius: Johnson trolled perfectly by staff during PR stunt, as books behind podium arranged face-on tell story. Here’s what their plots had to say

Boris Johnson was trolled by school staff – or possibly a pupil prodigy – during his PR-stunt visit to a school this week.

As Johnson gave a speech from a podium in front of a bookshelf, the books on the top shelf – arranged face-on to stand out – told a story of what school staff thought of ‘Bunter’:

The message was spotted by actor and author Nicholas Pegg, who pointed out that the titles were, in order:

The Subtle Knife, Fahrenheit 451, Betrayed, The Resistance, Exodus (this title was identified by Chryston High School Library after Pegg asked for help), The Toll, Crisis Point, Glass Houses, and The Twits.

Each book’s plot can be summarised as follows:

The Subtle Knife

A boy searches for his missing father – the frequently AWOL Johnson has an undetermined number of children

Fahrenheit 451

In a dystopian world, books are burned and truth is suppressed to serve an elite agenda


A vampire pretends to be good but is revealed to be treacherous

The Resistance

A drug enables people to live forever, but they must give up the right to have children. Those who break their promise are called ‘Surplus’ – and one couple escapes to Scotland, as Johnson hid there last weekend during his faked camping trip


In a dystopian future, global warming has caused the oceans to rise – and the heroes are dispossessed migrants seeking refuge by boat

The Toll

The world has gone to hell in a handcart and is run by the most corrupt

Crisis Point

The most terrible villain ever has a plan to tear apart time

Glass Houses

A town is run by vampires always hungry for more blood

The Twits

A hideous, vindictive, spiteful and not very bright couple do evil, but eventually shrink away to nothing

The school’s librarian has denied responsibility for the arrangement of the books, but the telling commentary puts the cap on what has rapidly become a disastrous PR stunt, in which Johnson Johnson:

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  1. And despite the justified disgust at Johnson, Keir Starmer’s Labour continue to lag behind the Tories…

    Johnson’s Tories 43% (+3)
    Starmer’s Tories … I mean Labour 36% (-2)

    Remember the time when, with no Covid, no 65,000 excess deaths, no A Level and GCSE foul-ups, no Brexit-no-deal, no appointing friends, family and donors to the Lords, no nepotism in appointments, – nothing that has occurred since April, the Labour right wingers and “centrists” were telling us that Corbyn should be 20 points ahead …..

      1. Going on your logic over the referendum, 67% DONT think starmer’d make the better prime minister.

        That’s if they think the blockhead would make PM at all. I reckon that figure’s be similar.

        But 33% – a whopping 3% more than a complete oaf, possibly THE worst PM there’s ever been, is ringing endorsement if ever there was one.

        And going on the consensus of left wing websites, it’s clear stammer’s as popular as a fart in a lift.

      2. The Toffee (597) 28/08/2020 at 4:54 am
        Going on your logic over the referendum, 67% DONT think starmer’d make the better prime minister.
        My logic? I think you are confusing me with someone else. If you had bothered to look at the actual poll (which I linked to) then you would have seen that 34% were ‘Not Sure’ and 4% ‘Refused to Answer’ but hey, is anybody surprised, when have you ever let the facts get in the way of good rant.

        That’s if they think the blockhead would make PM at all. I reckon that figure’s be similar.
        The long running leadership approval polling indicates that the electorate prefer Keir to Boris

        But 33% – a whopping 3% more than a complete oaf, possibly THE worst PM there’s ever been, is ringing endorsement if ever there was one.
        On the very long running (since 1997) index of leadership approval Starmer is currently on +22, Johnson is on zero and the best Corbyn ever managed throughout his leadership was -1 (JC stepped down on a rating of -49 and rated -44 immediately before the last GE, a very big difference from his best ever rating prior to the 2017GE)

        And going on the consensus of left wing websites, it’s clear stammer’s as popular as a fart in a lift.
        The polls (as shown above) consistently indicate the opposite. You should ask yourself how much positive influence did the consensus of the leftwing websites have on the voters in the last GE.

      3. We were told, if Corbyn were replaced, Labour would be 20 points ahead.
        Why isn’t he 20 points ahead?

      4. Frank – Who told you that?
        Starmer is over 20 points ahead on the leadership index, once we have restored trust with the voters Labour will be up there as well.

      5. Oh, but there’s NO confusing YOU with ANYONE else, mister.

        You, who cried loudest about the undemocratic referendum with your: ‘But only 37% voted to leave, that means more people didn’t want to leave’ bullshit.

        Here’s you telling me it was ‘good to see I acknowleged this’

        Feel free to go right on ahead and make yourself look the total gobshite you are by trying to wriggle out of it once again.

      6. Toffee – That’s a bit pathetic and feeble, is that really the best you could manage to come up with?

      7. SteveH28/08/2020 AT 9:12 AM

        ”Starmer is over 20 points ahead on the leadership index, once we have restored trust with the voters Labour will be up there as well.”

        The utter state of this^^^

        You’re even admitting that the voters don’t trust the slimy bastard AND his party; yet you believe he’s 20 points ahead. IDGAF what your opinion polls say, I KNOW for myself he’s as popular as rabies; almost everyone I speak to about him generally groan at mere mention of his name.

        ‘Once we have restored the trust with the voters’ Indeed. Jesus wept.

        Seriously, seek psychiatric treatment, you wearisome oddball.

    1. Boris Johnson faces Tory wrath as party slumps in shock poll

      [Tory] Party in despair, senior MP says, as Labour draws level in wake of exam chaos and Covid U-turns
      Boris Johnson is facing a showdown with furious Conservative MPs over his government’s chaotic handling of Covid-19, as a new poll shows the Tories have surrendered a massive lead over Labour in just 5 months

  2. Indeed, Joe.

    No matter how piss poor this current load of toerags are; not only did stammer make sure there be more of them for this term at least, he doesn’t even come close to putting up a challenge to them, and actually openly voices support for them. I remember a criticism of Corbyn was that he supposedly missed open goals… This gobshite has (deliberately and cravenly) missed more scoring opportunities than Brett Angell* ffs.

    Plus, when DPP he point blank refused to prosecute two of them – both have gone on to hold prominent cabinet positions.

    If THAT isn’t enough evidence he’s pro-toerag then I don’t know what is.

    *The worst centre forward I have ever had the misfortune to witness playing for my club…in fact, he should’ve been jailed for obtaining pecuniary advantage by deception. In other words, fraudulently impersonating a footballer.

  3. From the same YouGov poll

    In hindsight, do you think Britain was right or wrong to vote to leave the European Union?

    Right. – 41%
    Wrong – 47%

      1. Participants in political polls do so voluntarily – they self-select – making them de facto part of a tiny minority.
        Like any poll conducted in the street, the vast majority of us decline when approached. Those who agree to participate are just flattered that for once in their invisible drone lives someone has asked them for their opinion.
        Selectivity goes further. Online polling companies get to select from a pool of volunteers whose views are already known from previous polls. Polls are easy to manipulate.

    1. That poll was taken undemocratically.

      How do I know? Because it’s one you’re NOT complaining about. What was the turnout for that poll? Why wasn’t I asked? Who DID they ask? What was the original question they were asked?

      …And so on.

      1. Frank, if stammer was a boxer who’d been put on his arse in every round, twice per round, steve h’d STILL judge that he’d won on some divergent, invented technicality.

        The weirdo can’t help himself but to deify the oleaginous, block-headed, lily-livered twunt. He’s infatuated with stammer to a quite disturbing degree. A psychoanalyst’s wet dream, right there. They’d get volumes out of steve h’s abnormality.

      2. SteveH28/08/2020 AT 9:15 AM
        frank – Do you have a problem with simple arithmetic?

        Frank – just ask steve h which number is bigger, 52 or 48?

        Or you could ask if it’s 17million or 16million.

        Or you could ask him if 83% of 500,000 is enough to win a UK general election. Any one of them questions on their own is more than enough to burn the idiot’s head out. 👍

  4. Not wanting to stir up the brexit fiasco,but I think its increasingly obvious that the public do not trust the Labour party and ignoring the democratic vote will be something no party will ever try again.We need to learn from the mistakes made including the loss of a good socialist leader that had the instinct to follow the democratic vote and called the same day to leave.on hearing the result of the referendum..What if?

    1. Month after bloody month of ‘constructive ambiguity’ certainly didn’t help. Boris’s 80 seat majority is testament that In the end neither side felt they could trust Labour.

      1. “Boris’s 80 seat majority is testament that In the end …” that the MSM had convinced the electorate that they couldn’t trust Corbyn.

      2. I seem to remember it was Corbyn himself who described the policy as ‘constructive ambiguity’.

      3. “frank – because he’s actually 21 points ahead”

      4. And WHY couldn’t they trust labour?

        Because of stammer and his undemocratic, autocratic methods which are becoming more evident since he usurped the leadership.

        You’ve got some nerve, coming on here to perpetually eulogise the prick that handed the toerags an eighty seat majority. Normal people would be too ashamed.

      5. Toffee – I would have thought that was bloody obvious, even to you.

      6. You’d have thought WHAT was bloody obvious…That you have no shame?

        It IS, you gawp.

      7. Or are you admitting you’re abnormal?

        Because we already knew THAT, too.

      8. No, the reasons aren’t outlined by an opinion poll of 496 people.

        There are more MPs in parliament than people took part in that survey, you cataclysmic imbecile. It doesn’t even work out to a single ex-labour voter per constituency for total fuck’s sake.

        WT absolute F is wrong with you?

        it is NOT representative of the electorate in the exact same was way as your 83% of half a million who wanted a second referendum was NOT representative of the electorate.

        If the party has to rely on complete cretins like you to survive then I can only wish them a speedy demise to save any further suffering. Christ but you’re so far removed from reality.

        Get help. Seriously.

      9. The actual election results plus multiple polls prior to the GE (and since) all tell the same story. Whether you choose to accept reality of the last GE result or not is entirely up-to you.

      10. From SteveH’s link:
        “To try and better understand what went so wrong we have spoken to nearly 500 voters since the result who voted Labour in 2017 but defected this time…”
        I didn’t read further, it being obvious to me what went wrong.

        They SAID they spoke to nearly 500 who SAID they were voters – who SAID they voted Labour in 2017 – and who SAID they defected this time.

        Once Thatcher was gone you couldn’t find anyone who’d admit they’d ever voted for her.
        People like to be thought winners – perceptive – that they ‘called it right’ – that they predicted ‘it’ in any given chain of events.
        Without people who have these special powers there’d be no gambling addicts and no gambling industry.

    2. Joseph, your comment begs at least two questions: Is a vote democratic when voters have been given false and/or limited information and do not have all of the facts upon which to cast their vote?
      Was August Landmesser being undemocratic when he refused to follow the majority in supporting the Nazis in that famous photograph?

      In Britain and most other Capitalist countries, the media is overwhelmingly controlled by the right wing, therefore it is their message which is going to be most heavily promoted. Leaving the EU was most certainly a right wing concept which had been pushed by them for decades.

      Democracy is a fragile entity and those who complain about democracy not being followed are often those who are the least democratic. Donald Trump and Boris Johnson are prime examples.

      1. On BBC Newsnight, Baroness Olly Grender, spokeswoman for Lib.Dems. spoke of the future under Sir Ed Davey & a partnership with the New Moderate Labour Party to defeat the Tories. Seems the Labour Party share a lot more with the Liberals than a leader who is a knight of the realm as now we have 2 ‘Liberal’ Parties’ to lead the bourgeoisie; they now share the same goal. New New Labour & the Liberal Democrats back together again leading the country back into the globalist European Union, as orchestrated by Tony Blair.

      2. Absolutely Jack T, truth is more important in politics than anywhere else.
        Pennypinching on the electorate’s education and then pumping it full of propaganda self-evidently and deliberately pushes it into voting for the politics of the minuscule minority of the super-rich – that’s a poor excuse for a democracy.
        They’re more vile than dictators because they hide their crimes behind democracy even as they praise it.

      3. Is a vote democratic when voters have been given false and/or limited information and do not have all of the facts upon which to cast their vote?

        Yeah, because EVERY manifesto that’s EVER been published has contained at least 99% bullshit. That’s EVERY manifesto from EVERY party.

        Politics revolves around lies and broken promises – Just what part of that has escaped you all your life?

  5. Professor Paul Moss, Director of Research and Knowledge Transfer, Professor of Haematology at the Institute of Immunology and Immunotherapy in Birmingham, was finishing up a piece to camera on BBC News, largely on the uncertainty around the duration of immunity to CV by the previously-infected.

    At the end he praised the ‘new direction’ toward collaboration instead of competition in his field.
    Even I remember the time when science was above commerce, before some companies rushed to patent human genes. They were stopped but the ‘commercial sensitivity’ and secrecy in science continues.
    It used to be that research was for the sake of knowledge and human advancement and discoveries were freely shared. People used to spend whole careers in pure research before moving to the dark side.

  6. “Children have a TINY risk of being hospitalised for CV, but young babies have a higher risk” said the female pundit on TV – I didn’t hear her position and I’m paraphrasing.
    The youngest children, those in primary school, would logically be most likely to have babies in the home and also be the least likely to take precautions.
    She didn’t mention that for some reason.

  7. Trunt announced his acceptance of his nomination from the White House, simultaneousl violating the Hatch Act by using Federal ‘funds’ to support his candidacy.
    That’s about as honest as letting him put a big sign on every ballot box saying “VOTE HERO TRUNT NOT TRAITOR BIDEN.”

    He also fucked up that tiny little speech, saying “I profoundly accept this nomination” – instead of the “proudly” that was clearly intended by the speechwriter.
    And the fucking imbecile boasts he’s always the smartest person in the room. That’s what comes of surrounding yourself with ‘yes men’.

    1. Hark you and your complaining of ‘unintended consequences’

      Despite a multitude of warnings, you went ahead and handed the toerags an EIGHTY seat majority. One can only naturally come to the conclusion you INTENDED for that to happen.

  8. From yougov….again. Lad, get me FACTS, not opinion polls.

    Where was the starmer option? I’ll take it that comes under ‘other’.

    In that case, ‘brexit’ (stammer) plus ‘other’ (stammer) equals you’re a prick who allowed it to happen.

    1. Toffee – It may have escaped your notice but the facts were laid bare by the results of the 2019 GE.

      1. Are you some sort of idiot savant?

        Really, are you?

      2. On second thoughts, scrub answering that.

        Idiot savants usually display outstanding talent in at least one area…Unless deliberately setting out to be an obfuscating shithouse while generally annoying people are classed as ‘talents’

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