Video: maskless Boris Johnson breathes all over schoolkids as he encourages them not to be careful in schools: “You shouldn’t be worried, schools are safe”

Reckless Boris Johnson visited a school today to tell pupils they’ve got nothing to worry about from the coronavirus – and breathed all over them, with no mask and no distancing, as he did so:

Johnson didn’t stay 2 metres distant from the nearest child. He didn’t even stay ‘1m plus’ – a minimum of a metre plus some additional form of protection.

And he didn’t even tell them to be careful but not anxious – instead, telling them ‘schools are safe’ and they had nothing to worry about.

Even before the full return scheduled for next month, 39 schools are in the middle of coronavirus outbreaks – and both the experience of other countries and major international studies have shown that children are just as prone to catch and spread the virus, while even government scientists acknowledge the school return will drive up the ‘R’ infection rate of the pandemic.

Johnson aerosolising over two unfortunate children as one appears to try to mask her mouth and nose

And if anyone thinks ‘Oh, he had the virus so he’s safe’, how can anyone be confident he was really infected after his faked camping trip? And even if he was, scientists now say it’s possible to be reinfected with different strains of the virus.

Johnson’s recklessness is unforgivable, putting at risk both children and their families.

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  1. Schools are a little bit safer for children than toerags. That much I WILL concede.

    1. Hmmm… That^^^ looks a bit too ambiguous to any passing privately-educated pedantic, sibling-shagging degenerate. Especially like de piffle who once changed the Manchester toerag conference protestors’ chants of: ‘tory scum’ into ‘tories, come!’ (Oh, how we laughed ourselves silly at that one, eh?)

      Perhaps it should read: ‘Schools are safer than toerags, for children’.

      But then again, the same could be said of skwawky’s quote: ‘How can anyone be confident he was really infected after his faked camping trip? ‘

      I thought he (allegedly) caught it a long time before then?

      1. Does skwawkbox not mean, his apparent hospital stay is about as believable as his alleged camping trip, when a Russian cruise ship just happens to be docked a few miles from where he was “camped up”

    2. Agreed. Toerags are more dangerous to children than Covid.
      They’re also more dangerous to most of us than Covid is.
      Schools unsafe for toerags? I wish 😉

  2. “…how can anyone be confident he was really infected…?”
    The fact that an awful lot of staff will have seen him in the hospital makes any alternative scenario unrealistic in my estimation.
    The possibility that one of them might blow the whistle would be far too great.
    Sorry Skwawkbox.

    1. Blow the whistle to WHO? The corporate media and the semi-corporate BBC! Apart from which, anyone doing so would be instantly dismissed from their job. And given that he’s PM, only the most ‘trusted’ of staff would come in to contact with him.

    2. The possibility that one of them might blow the whistle would be far too great.

      Not if he asked for all his nursing staff to be from the EU and then offer them all citizenship if they sign here and keep schtum.

      Quite easy, really. He definitely blagged that one!

      1. timfrom, that would turn it from being explainable as a relatively innocent attempt to preserve his privacy into misconduct in public office.
        Bribing someone with citizenship outside the normal rules would definitely qualify – it would also increase the number of people ‘in on the scam’ possibly threefold – and every person in the know increases the risk of one of them blowing the whistle.

        And Allan, informing the media AND all the left wing Labour MPs – and telling each that you’ve informed the other – is the way to do it safely. That would turn it into a race to break the news and condemn Johnson.
        Everyone in the know would rush to cover their own arses if they didn’t know exactly who else knew. The way to do that would be to break the story themselves before questions could be raised about their possible complicity.

      2. Misconduct in public office is as natural to him as breathing. It is his birthright! And it wouldn’t be exactly out of character now, would it? Would you believe him on anything else or is it just because Covid?

      3. As I said David, any staff coming in to contact with him would be totally trustworthy and ‘onside’. The idea that it couldn’t be done by the PTB if they wanted to is ludicrous. Of COURSE they could! You know, the Brotherhood and all that. Perhaps Brian can tell us what the odds are of him contracting the virus at the point where he (supposedly) did AND (supposedly) becoming so ill at one point that he had to go into an intensive care unit. I don’t believe it (did his wife contract it?), and it’s rather fortuitous that both Johnson and Hancock should contract the virus just when they were getting a lot of flak for their herd immunity policy and other related stuff such as lack of PPE etc.

  3. Well with about 8,000,000 school pupils in England and Wales with a fatalities rate of 15 which in numbers to fatalities rate is about 0.0001>% The pupils are more likely to be struck by a falling meteorite than die of Covid-19.

      1. As Albert Camus said ” the only way to fight the plague is with the truth”. Something which is in short supply about the ” pandemic “!!!

      2. He’s not just tedious, as cult members tend to be, he is also wrong. On the matter of children and covid infection, for example:
        “Children infected with SARS-CoV-2, even those with mild or no symptoms, have a significantly higher amount of virus in their airways than adults, including adults who have been hospitalized in intensive care. The higher the viral load, the greater the risk of transmission, so these results suggest that children may be a big potential source of contagion even if they rarely become seriously ill themselves. This contradicts some previous studies that have suggested children are not a major source of infection.” Journal of Pediatrics, Aug. 19, 2020
        In other words sending kids back to school might be very dangerous, for the staff in particular.
        Never mind- spreading dangerous and false health information on the internet is a small price to pay for the pleasure of repeating the mantras of a weird anti-socialist death cult, in cahoots with the Tories.

      3. Camus also said “The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants”. He was probably in cahoots with the Tories, too!

    1. So how many kids have been struck by a falling meteorite in the past six months? Methinks you get your dodgy statistics from Conservative Central Office.

      1. Didn’t you know the Earth is struck by meteorites on a constant basis.

        Definitely not from Professor Ferguson and Imperial college London!!!

  4. Whether Johnson thinks it’s safe or not, his obvious intention is that children go to school so their parents can be sent back to the workplace. The economy’s health is paramount. This government cannot do honesty but it has surely achieved transparency.

  5. Fancy going back to school after all these months off and that idiot turns up to lecture you with nonsense. I did noticed how he scarpered quickly. Probably to prevent anyone asking him a question

      1. Yeah, little kids don’t have the restraint or the respect for his office that gets BloJob through most difficult situations – and there was no walk-in fridge handy for him to hide in when the little girl started talking back to him.

  6. It appeared to me there was one young girl that was not convinced by him, even the noise made in the background sounded like he was ready to make that hasty retreat. He never stopped for any questions probably for fear they might be too pertinent.

  7. It is not just the children we have to worry about. Many children live in multi-generational households or with people who have underlying health problems. Many of these families are poor and from BAME backgrounds and their elderly and sick members will be put at risk of infection when their young members return to school.

  8. Bevin, spoken like a true believer. Now. Let’s see the link rather than a disembodied quote!!

  9. To snowflakes
    Viruses have been trying to wipe us out since time immemorial, they have failed
    The Swedish approach to public health, take out politicians, trust experts
    Every country fucked up care homes, when they were privatised
    If the risk is to high then keep yourselves safe in your bubble, in meantime the virus will die a natural death as herd immunity increases

    1. Like influenza and the common cold died natural deaths you mean?
      Or like herd immunity makes us immune to colds and ‘flu?
      There are already Covid cases that are believed to be re-infections – people getting it for a second time, although thought to be a different strain – every new host offers an opportunity for a virus to mutate.
      If immunity turns out to be nonexistent or short term and Covid’s lethality remains the same or increases – what then, Doug?

      1. “ there are already cases that are believed to be re- infections – people getting it for a second time although thought to be a different strain..” “ If immunity…” Key words believed , thought, if . A summary thus far of the “ pandemic “

      2. “Believed to be” and “thought to be” because the possibility of a false positive test misleading researchers exists.
        “If” because immunity is as yet an unknown.

        Unlike you I don’t exaggerate my confidence in what so far are no more than theories – neither do I confuse supposition with fact.

  10. I don’t believe a word that comes out of Johnson’s mouth, or our complicit MSM
    That girl has her face covered, good for her, whether it protects her from covid or the rancid spittle of the bullingdon boy, that girl had my backing

  11. Fiction 2,200 000 Americans will die of Covid-19.
    Fact about 180,000 have died.

    Fiction over 500,000+ Brits will die of Covid-19.
    Fact about 41,000 died revised down by 5000.

    Fiction, unless countries have lockdown procedures the virus will decimate populations.

    Fact, Sweden with no lockdown has a fatalities rate of about 0.06%.

    Fiction, we all in this together.
    Fact, UK economy contracted by 20%+, US by 30%+ throwing millions out of a job in UK in US over 40 million whilst banks, hedge funds, extremely wealthy investors and stock markets get £200,000,000+ and in US $6000,000,000,000+ in QE .

    Yes diffentiating Fiction from Fact.

    1. Real UK figure isn’t far short of 100,000 now – and that’s *with* a lockdown. If you’re swallowing the Tories’ fictional figures you’ll swallow anything. Stop this Brian. One more promotion of alt-right nonsense and you’ll be blocked from commenting

      1. You appear to have totally missed the fact that Covid skepticism cuts across all political allegiances and includes many on the left. The lazy knee-jerk tactic of calling it “Alt-Right” and threatening to block people is breathtaking in its authoritarianism. You should write for the Guardian!

      2. “ Real UK figure isn’t short of 100,000 .” I asked you on the other thread to produce” evidence and now I ask you on this one to produce evidence which contradicts the figures from many sources.

        “ If your swallowing the Tory fictional figures you ‘ll swallow anything. “ The figures come from the NHS. Are they an alt – right source?

        The banner you have right at the top page of every article says “ Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed. Everything else is public relations”

        Your threats of censorship clearly show this is called into question!!!

      3. IF (a big IF) the 100,000 includes deaths caused directly (for want of cancer treatment, for instance) and indirectly (through failed businesses & suicides, for instance) by the lockdown, as well as hospital & nursing home deaths, whether from or with Covid-19, then that figure would be in the right ballpark…

  12. You people are constantly citing comorbidities as a way to deny the seriousness of Covid yet you’re blithely and vapidly unembarrassed to ignore completely the likely comorbidity of existing mental health issues when you blame suicides on lockdown.

    Or to admit cancer as an obvious comorbidity when you blame those deaths entirely on lockdown.

    Perhaps you already linked to the peer reviewed papers proving that you’re not paid trolls and I simply didn’t spot them?
    Over to you, dickheads.

  13. David Mc Niven, 3.50 am. “ unlike you I don’t exaggerate my confidence in what is no than theories ..” It appears you are not following your own advice. Didn’t the good Prof and the merry men at Imperial State about the impending doom ready to engulf humanity, didn’t the WHO base their clarion call of a “ pandemic “ on Fergies dodgy stats, remembering of course he has form for this, which after considerable peer pressure he was forced to revise down.

    Yet, he is still refusing to release his 13 year software to be examined. Didn’t the NHS state as long ago as June that 95% of the fatalities didn’t not die of Covid19 but with it .

    Therefore, 5% died of Covid 19 as the primary cause.

    Not forgetting of course the sudden 5000 fatalities that were removed from the register. The numerous complaints by people whose loved ones had a MCDC of Covid 19 when they had never repeat never examined.

    Besides the brave NHS Doctors who put their jobs on the line to tell the truth about the dodgy stats. Of course, as usual this is swept under the carpet.

    The new call to fear is cases, cases, cases.

    Yes, I would revise your original statement!!

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