Starmer selling access to front-benchers for £500. Plus VAT. Online

The Labour Party machine is reverting well and truly to the bad old days. It is now selling access to front-benchers for the sum of £500 – plus another £100 in VAT. An ad on the party’s website says a ‘new Labour Party event’ named the ‘Connected Business Forum’ kicks off in September and includes access to ‘our prominent Shadow Cabinet’, as well as

Intimate Policy themed roundtables with Frontbench Politicians on your choice of topics

Which might be the ‘prominent’ members of the current Shadow Cabinet is not specified, but the bizarre capitalisation and lack of hyphens makes ‘Intimate Policy’ seem like a thing – one that requires the urgent application of mind-bleach.

It seems the fall in membership has been exceeded by the drying up of funding as the lack of inspiration, vision and backbone bite and the many thousands of small donations Labour received from a mass movement dwindle away.

At least, that’s the charitable explanation for Labour’s rush to sell itself to businesses who might not be on the scale of the mega-donors it has already been courting.

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  1. They don’t put much value on their services do they? Cameron used to ask for 50 k if my memory serves me right.

    1. Compared to stammer, camoron’d be worth every penny.

      £500? stammer should be paying ME that (per minute) for gracing the blockheaded one with my presence

  2. I hope he goes broke for what he did.
    I hope they all go broke.
    I aslo hope whichever thicko wrote “3 morning’s activity” when it should have been ‘3 mornings’ activity’ gets the push.

  3. Disgusting. Millionaires donating hundreds of thousands to his leadership bid, multimillionaires offering money just like the ones who were part of the cash for honours scandal, a big fat vacuum where policy should be, and no opposition at all to the worst ever government of the UK bar none.

    What a party. Blairite in tooth and claw.

  4. The waxman now prostituting his brood. He’s no Kier Hardy that’s for sure !!

    1. Prostituting? Maybe I (sort of) misheard.

      I thought the left have been complaining that stammer was ‘selling our souls for very little money’…

  5. I noticed I’d received an email from Starmer earlier today. To be honest instead of opening it I just groaned and scrolled past it.
    Whoever came up with this has virtually excluded the vast majority of the party membership. On second thoughts perhaps that’s the plan.

  6. I was sure he would have enough money from his Israeli backers,
    Apparently not, the heart and soul of the Labour right wing have very much proved how evil they have become, all the people asking for a split and a new party, i totally agree with.
    Time for those few MPs on the left to abandon Starmer, except you John McD traitor

  7. Didn’t I read somewhere, here maybe, that Starmer’s parents were decent socialists?
    Jeezus. How proud must they be?

  8. It is the outcome of the Left splitting on the key election and it must never happen again and I have seen it time and time again since I joined before the 1945 landslide. Will we ever learn?

  9. “prominent shadow cabinet”?! They’re invisible. The Tories managed to pin the blame for the banking crash on Labour. Covid coming to the UK was probably inevitable: 40-60,000 deaths were not, as other countries have amply demonstrated. Despite more deaths than the Blitz, just as many people want to vote for BoJo The Baby. Why pay to talk to these incompetents?

  10. I left the Labour Party when Blair became leader & rejoined when Jeremy became leader & now, once again, I left because of Starmer. It seems I am a habitual leaver? I regretted not staying to fight Blair & I decided to stay & fight Blair/Starmer but found enough anger to leave when Starmer used Labour Party funds to pay off John Ware.

    Leaving is the only ‘big’ weapon I have. A massive decline in membership will signal contempt; but most importantly deny Starmer funds. No more fundraising events etc.& I am free to criticise. The IHRA definition of anti-semitism adopted by the Labour Party ensures that anyone who criticises Israel will be expelled anyway.

  11. If the thought of donating £500 didn’t make me baulk I’d crowdfund, just to see exactly what was discussed and by whom
    Deliberate fundraising initiative as he is obvs feeling the strain of mass membership cancellations AND a way to exclude Joe public
    Dire Smearer repulses me
    @skwawkbox is there no way we can find out what is discussed here, as I find it quite sinister as well as repugnant

  12. They lost 3 memberships & regular donations from my household when Starmer the Snake Charmer took the party to the right. It was quite a relief being able to voice my opinion on Palestine & the Israeli occupation without the fear of being called an Antisemite.
    I’m 70 in a few months & for the first time I will not be voting in the next GE unless there is a radical change in the Labour Party, which is very very sad.
    I feel totally betrayed by Labour.

  13. That piece was written by someone who left school aged 8 and a half wasn’t it? Misplaced apostrophes, random capitalisations of letters and what on earth is “our prominent Shadow Cabinet?” Someone has already pointed out “key note.” If I was marking that for English language skills I’d give it 2/10.

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