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Excl: Jewish Chronicle publishes more fake news to smear Corbyn and supporters – no, Carole Morgan did NOT ‘fail to mention role in administering Corbyn donations’

Chronicle hack Harpin again – less than 6 months after Chronicle had to pay damages to Labour member over ‘litany of lies’

The Jewish Chronicle is at it again. The right-wing rag has published a claim that Carole Morgan – who set up a hugely-successful crowdfund to cover any legal expenses incurred by former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who is still under relentless Establishment attack – hid her involvement in a company set up to administer donations.

The claim is wholesale fake news.

The premise of the article is that Ms Morgan is a ‘person of significant control’ in Truth Defence, an organisation set up by Jewish people to counter mainstream disinformation and smears.

But Morgan was registered with Truth Defence eight days after she set up the crowdfund. More to the point, Truth Defence plays no role whatsoever in administering the funds raised through the crowdfunder.

The SKWAWKBOX contacted Truth Defence for comment. A spokesperson said:

Truth Defence does not in any way control or administer the funds raised. The funds will be administered by an independent trust set up specifically for the purpose. This was stated clearly in the update that the Jewish Chronicle smear itself points to, so it has no excuse for publishing such fake news – they even quote the part in the update about setting up the trust in the article!

To make things worse, Carole’s involvement with Truth Defence is made perfectly clear in the same update – so she didn’t ‘fail to mention’ it and we’ve got nothing to do with administering the money.

It’s also worth noting that the Jewish Chronicle mentions John Ware more than once in its article, but doesn’t mention that he is now involved in the ownership of the paper. Considering the fund was set up because Ware said he wanted to sue Jeremy Corbyn, you’d think that should be disclosed.

The trust is not Truth Defence and Truth Defence is not the trust. The Jewish Chronicle has published an egregious smear and has seemingly learned nothing from its humiliating and expensive lesson less than 6 months ago.

The Morgan article was written by one Lee Harpin. Earlier this year, the Jewish Chronicle was forced to pay compensation to Liverpool Labour member Audrey white after Harpin wrote a string of articles making false accusations against Ms White.

Audrey White and the Jewish Chronicle’s apology for its ‘untrue’ claims

After the payout, the Merseyside Pensioners’ Association, to which Ms White belongs, condemned Harpin’s claims as a ‘litany of lies’ – and the Chronicle didn’t even try to defend its claims, paying Ms White in an out-of-court settlement rather than face a judge.

To add insult to the rag’s self-inflicted injury, regulator IPSO – hardly known for being tough on its members, as it’s run by them – hammered the Chronicle not only for publishing false information and failing to check its accuracy, but for its failure to cooperate with IPSO during the investigation.

The SKWAWKBOX attempted to contact the Jewish Chronicle for comment but the organisation did not answer its phone.

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  1. It’s obvious nowt’s changed at the jc…still harpin on and on and on…

    Fair enough. Let him carry on, and he’ll properly skint the bastards soon enough. Job’s a good’un.

    1. His Uncle Benny’s got the extra special US-made Levi’s though – the ones with the extra special sewn-in stitched up bottomless money pocket.

      1. Would a choir boy fit into it? Late post because I’m following a neat thread.

    1. The whole lobby are a bunch of fanatics. We never hear about the threats and smears emminating from the likes of Sussex friends of Israel or Gnasher Jew.

      1. Yes, they are racist Zionist fanatics and they now have the likes of Starmer, Nandy and Long-Bailey batting for them. In 1975 the UN declared Zionism to be racism.

      2. Follow the money Lundial Ivor Caplin ex Labour mp and international Buisness coordinator,actually makes money from Stirring the pot from his fiefdom in Brighton.REMEMBER CHRIS WIlliamson run out of town by a bunch of gangsters?

      1. I was thinking more along the lines of ‘gobshites’ meself…

  2. I thought this evil comic and folded or was that wishful thinking. Considering it does not represent all the Jewish groups in this country (although it would have you believe it does!) I feel it does a disproportionate amount of damage to Jewish people in general. Why do people subscribe to it?

  3. Perhaps I’m wrong. Surely the job of a newspaper editor is to scrutinise each article written by their journalists to ensure accuracy. In this case they only had to check the fundraiser page to see if the article was true. Yet this particular editor appears to have not even bothered to follow this simple task. You’d almost think that they are more interested in discrediting Jeremy Corbyn and the the lady who set the fundraiser up

  4. More signs of dummy being projected at a rate of knots
    Prepared to bare my backside in Fenwicks window if any case gets to court

  5. Sue !Sue ! And keep suing these bastards, use the settlements to sue them with again.
    Don’t settle out of court take em to court and hammer the bastards in court.

    1. Trouble is I think if they offer to settle the court might take a dim view of pressing on with a reasonable settlement on the table.
      I believe as part of any settlement one can demand and have the court enforce an apology and retraction in as prominent a position as the original offending article. A win means (I think) one can have the court enforce the same condition on everyone who repeated the libel.
      In that winning position I’d ask the court to order that they print my words exactly as submitted by me to the court, instead of letting them get away with anything less than unconditional surrender.
      And then, slowly, the Tory/MSM/BBC runaway train starts rolling back down the incline…

      1. Great idea. Who knows what such a project would unearth. We are living in dark, dangerous times. People are everywher, looking for justice. I mean as individuals and as a class. We need to use the law while we still can. Who knows what becomes law in the dead of night? We really need to fight back. Headroom won’t notice he’s too busy getting his tummy rubbed. The struggle goes on. ☮️

    2. Rob,,, they have unlimited funding and has the saying goes “they only have to get lucky once” and then build on it….!

  6. The Jewish litany of lies Chronicle.

    Mud sticks, but you have to have atrociously bad journalists and pretty-poor propagandists for it to never leave the mud-slinger’s hands.

    The New Jewish litany of lies Chronicle has become the personal vanity press of a non-billionaire, John Ware.

  7. Always pick your fights, class action is the go to case, win that and party will face bankruptcy, if they try to settle then as David McNiven states the condition you put on Red Tories would be simple ‘off you must fuck’

    1. Been a few glitches over the last day or so – for me it was logging in and being automatically logged out after a short time that was the problem. WP has got me copying text to clipboard before clicking ‘post comment’ again.
      Maybe WordPress isn’t being maintained any more?

  8. Well Lee Harpin and John Ware have had something in common for a long time – ie they both lie through their nasty goebbels-like fascist teeth, character assassination and demonisation being their specialites!

    NB I wonder how long Ware will be ‘planning’ or ‘considering’ to sue Jeremy for libel?! I think we can safely assume he was just spouting garbage for the MSM and neither HAS – or HAD – any intention of doing so, because he knows he would undoubtedly lose, as no judge on this planet could possibly conclude that Ware’s Panorama program was anything but a vile and despicable black propaganda hatchet job!

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