How could Corbyn do it? Using info from Telegraph is beyond pale

As Labour leader, Corbyn waved papers first published by the ‘Torygraph’. No matter how many lives he was trying to save and improve, there have to be limits

Last autumn, as the general election campaign heated up, the SKWAWKBOX can reveal that Jeremy Corbyn went to dangerous lengths in his quest to to unseat the Tory government.

In a dramatically-staged and televised conference, Corbyn flourished documents exposing the secrets of the Tories’ trade negotiations that they were desperate to keep from the eyes and minds of the UK electorate. But his use of those documents raises serious questions about interference in the democracy of this country, because the details of those trade discussions were first obtained by dark forces.

No. Not Russian hackers. Telegraph hacks.

The government has claimed this week that the papers were obtained by Russian hackers who conned the hapless former Trade Secretary Liam Fox into handing over his email password – and that this hack began on 12 July last year. But it is a matter of record that details of the leaked trade negotiations were in a certain right-wing newspaper two days before Fox’s supposed ‘phishing’ mishap, on 10 July last year:

Russian hackers? Meh. The Torygraph, though? There are some limits that should not be crossed.

By using information first obtained by by the right-wing press, Corbyn has surely consorted with those who signify only ill for this country.

So what if Corbyn was trying to save the more than four million UK children in poverty, save millions of working people from poverty and millions more of this nation’s vulnerable and exploited citizens and to rescue the NHS from being flogged off to Trump and co.

Using information from the Telegraph?! How will we ever forgive him?

(Just in case you hadn’t worked it out, this is satire.)

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  1. The key thing is/was to divert public attention away from the contents of the document itself, much like the punch that never happened was contrived to divert the publics attention away from the kiddie laying on the hospital floor AND Boris Johnson sticking the reporters phone in his coat pocket!

  2. So the Russians run the Daily Torygraph then? Who would have thought.

    1. I thought that it was China and cultural Cubans. Maybe Hizbullah and Iran but Russia? Get your masks on and tell the world about this attack on our freedoms. Must go, exercise hour beckons. Regards all. Four more years, let’s see what Max Headroom can achieve. So little time, so much to destroy. Stay safe.

      1. Wobblyjack
        It wont be 4 years, financial pandemic and No Deal should do it
        Be prepared Barbarians r Us

      1. Sorry, I was just looking at the quote before clicking on the link. D’oh! 😰

  3. Utterly disgraceful. Nearly as bad as eating food produced by capitalist farmers and using goods and services produced by the capitalist system. We must all stop doing this immediately. Better throw all our phones and computers away then and starve ourselves to death.

      1. Skwawky,
        Please don’t tell us. Its better fun guessing whether your being serious or not.

    1. Which part of capatalism produced any of those things
      Socialism for 5% more like it
      Privatise the profits and nationalise the losses, sick of wiping their backsides

    1. Nice to see so many genuine Guardian readers migrating to here, as they now tell us, they don’t support anything unless it’s in their interest, or put more succinctly the tea party’s interests.

    2. Long time no see, lundiel. Yeah, but can we hope for a better deal from a Biden administration? Maybe not much, but it surely couldn’t be any worse!

      1. timfom.. You may have noticed the similarity between the 2 party system on either side of the Swamp. …The only differences being one his entitled Titled and the others just entitled….The only exception being Biden who you couldn’t even leave the cat 🐱 with him unless you wanted molesting animals and humans on his achievements.He wouldn’t remember anyhow…!

    3. I’m amazed that some sections of the Left still cannot see that Brexit, a project of the far right, was promoted by them to align us with the US and Israel. Another example of the one eyed section of the Left shooting itself in the foot again!

      1. Atlas group. Heritage Foundation. Institute of Economic Affairs. Adam Smith institute. Mont Pelerin society. to name but a few.

      2. Yes it was but it didn’t have to be that way. We never needed a trade agreement with America, or Israel for that matter and we didn’t need to pay for the economic collapse of much of Europe either. The fact is, we will get a trade deal with Europe by the end of the year because it profits both of us. The rest is politics and for me, the Liberal Democrat position (fanatically pro-EU) is the worst possible outcome.

      3. Comrade Jack, your amazement amazes me. Jeremy Corbyn’s solution was sabotaged by Sir Keir & chums. The rich man’s globalist club is as much Blair’s project as Starmer’s, but the one eyed man is king in the land of the blind (or should that be the one eyed woman is queen?).

  4. After the Guardian had dutifully run the story about Russian hackers and the unfortunate Dr Fox (apparently his password was 123), I emailed the Guardian giving them a link to the July 10th 2019 article in the Telegraph, pointing out the Russian “hack” being two days later.

    12 hours later, the Guardian ran the same story, sans correction, AGAIN!

  5. BBC News just reported that a company called Ayanda Capital was awarded a contract worth £252 million by the Tories to supply 50 million face masks, which have now been declared unusable, apparently due to them having ear loops instead of full head loops and “not fitting tightly enough.”
    The company claims the masks met the government’s specifications.
    Still, it’s only another quarter billion pissed away. Nothing to see here.
    Tories are still the party of financial responsibility, right?

      1. Fucking hell…It HAD to be truss; if it wasn’t it’d be one of grayling,whately or cleverly. AKA the magnificent twenty seven thousand three million and fifty five hundred.

        …Yes, that’s right. patel counted them all.

    1. I learned earlier that ‘only’ £150 million was for the masks, I assume the rest was for other PPE.
      If anyone in government had a clue they’d have figured out that ear loops can easily be extended to link behind the head and tighten the fit as required.
      A simple shoelace tied in a bow or a velcro band would work perfectly well and would save throwing 50 million masks away if there are no other ‘faults’ that prevent NHS use.
      Clearly there are other, better solutions, but the point is there are solutions.
      They could be distributed as is to food banks for their customers and to supermarkets for any of theirs who might need them.
      None of this is rocket surgery.

      1. I’ve often thought along the same lines about crushing untaxed/uninsured cars…Why not get them to a Govt-owned scrapyard (possibly within police compounds, or close to) and strip the buggers down to sell for parts at a reduced rate to the unemployed, lower-paid (<£10p/h) and emergency service workers ONLY? Get some dough back that way. Also, some vehicles to be given to technical colleges for the kids to train on. And seized mopeds to be given to those kids to actually get to college?

        Seized tobacco/alcohol…Flog it at the NAAFI if it's fit for consumption. Seized drugs – given to the NHS & turned into medicinal grade.

        But no, it's too easy, that, isn't it? Too many people'd benefit, and we just have to waste more & more resources to keep the economy turning over…

      2. Toffee, that only makes sense to lefties like us – to the Tories it undermines the motor trade – both by cutting their profits from parts sales and by cutting their profits on new and secondhand car sales. Keeping old cars on the road isn’t good for business.
        The claim that new cars are greener ignores the cost to the planet of converting raw materials into cars.
        We should be designing kits to convert desirable old cars to electric – then they’d be way greener than new cars.
        Torythink is that if life at the bottom is too easy nobody will work for what employers want to pay, ie peanuts.

  6. Just watching last night’s Harlots recorded off tv. For the wonderful sets and fine acting of course! I know it was originally made by Hulu, but it’s a shame that Sam Morton’s vow never to work for the BBC again (after DG Mark “slimeslit” Thompson, now heading up the NY Times, refused to run a Palestinian charity ad) has been subverted…

  7. In 1948 an airlift was undertaken to keep Berlin supplied until 1949.
    The port in Beirut is wrecked I understand – UK has sent a warship with aid but I’ve just read that Rafik Hariri Airport in Lebanon is damaged but still usable.
    We have a lot of aircraft currently doing nothing.
    Just sayin’

  8. David….very good point.Maybe we could use the British base in Cyprus for a airlift to supply much needed help.Certainly better than using our base for bombing runs to prop up the USA on its idea of foreign policy.IT might also help to pacify locals in Cyprus who are unhappy with the British base.and the behaviour .

    1. Can’t attack Iran until Lebanon is captured. Hezbollah slapped the shit out of the IDF last time they tried. Even sank an Israeli boat.

      There will be no rush of aid. After all, the Russians are already there, as are the Iranians. All the while, regular folks suffer

  9. I didn’t say there would be a “rush of aid,” I said there should be.

    BBC saying the Covid “economic slump” is now projected by the BoE to be less severe than feared, but the recovery is projected to take longer.
    However the fuck that works.
    I don’t recall hearing “slump” used by the BBC for many years – maybe not since the 1970’s

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