S*n political writer disables direct messages after enquiry about lack of sympathy over his COVID-dismissal

A S*n scribbler has disabled his direct messages shortly after receiving a request for comment from the SKWAWKBOX about the lack of sympathy in responses to his ‘COVID’ dismissal by the right-wing paper known to many left-wingers as ‘the Scum’ for its behaviour toward Liverpool fans killed at Hillsborough and other conduct.

Political correspondent Alexander Brown tweeted his plight along with a plea for a tips on a new job, proclaiming that his Twitter DMs were open – meaning any user could message him, not just his contacts – and received short shrift from Twitter users:

The full image quoted in the ‘Zam’ tweet shows why left-wingers had little sympathy:

The eagerness of Brown and his publication to keep the austerity-loving Tories in power has helped condemn millions to poverty and misery – including more than four million children and huge numbers of vulnerable and disabled people.

Other responses also reflected a sense of just desserts and a distinct lack of sympathy:

There were a few messages of sympathy. Brown’s former boss at the S*n praised him and the political editor of a notionally left-wing paper wished him well:

Since his ‘DMs’ were open, the SKWAWKBOX messaged Mr Brown to ask for comment on the response to his dismissal. Instead of a response, the following message came up – whether because of the enquiry or because of other messages Brown had received, he had switched off his ‘open’ direct messages:

The fact that the S*n is seemingly short of cash will upset very few on the left and comes as little surprise given years of falling circulation figures among the mainstream press.

But it’s interesting that Mr Brown seemed to have no preference about the type of publication he might work for next – not even another right-wing rag – while the Mirror’s political editor made no comment about the S*n’s abusive history and was quick to send good wishes.

‘Journalists’ leaving a right-wing publication and moving seamlessly to one occupying a different part of the political spectrum is hardly unknown – in fact it’s commonplace. But how well can so-called ‘mainstream’ journalists hold governments to account – their key function in a democracy – when so many appear unfussy about the editorial position and demands of the owners of the various publications among which they ply their trade?

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  1. I’m always banging on about threatening them with ex post facto legislation to squeeze the truth out of their stipid heads, but the real objective imo is to get them to rat out the bosses who set the agenda – they all have dictaphones in their pockets.
    Hey, maybe if he can’t get another job he’ll write a book and blow the whistle on the AS scam or give Skwawky a call? Stranger things happen at sea.
    If I was a journalist I’d draw the line a long way this side of working for the S*n or Murdoch, but there’ve never been that many left wing rags.
    I don’t know him and he’s probably a total Tory twat but most of us have to do things we don’t want to do for wages.
    On the explicit instructions of an employer and under protest I once put something mildly unpleasant (less so than farm runoff) that should have had special disposal down a surface water drain in a rainstorm. I should have reported him and quit or been fired but that makes it hard to get the next job and I swallowed my pride and my principles for once.
    I imagine many of us have.

    1. What was that about David – ie the ‘mildly unpleasant’ thing you refer to that you had to do under explicit instructions from your employer? And WHERE did you put it exactly?

      I mean until you elaborate we.are left in the dark as to what it is you’re referring to, but never-the-less, I think it’s safe to say – contrary to what you said right at the end of your post – that hardly any of us have ever done so, or been instructed to do so by an employer, and I can’t for the life of me understand why you would ‘imagine’ that many of us have.

      1. Allan, answering your question would be more stupid than asking it.
        By “us” I didn’t refer to readers of Skwawkbox or anyone who spent his career in an office or a classroom. I referred to people who’ve worked in industry at the SME end of the scale.

        As it happens I’ve also worked for national public companies in manual and ‘non-manual’ roles – most of them had the same freewheeling attitude to legislation adherence to which would cost more than they felt was reasonable.
        You get that capitalism is corrupt – even cheats on its taxes, right?
        My point was that employees rarely refuse to carry out an employer’s wishes.
        Great bit of virtue signalling on your part though.
        You “think it’s safe to say” I’m in a minority ffs. If you think most business people are honest, trustworthy and selfless you haven’t a fucking clue.

      2. Oh, right David. So anyway, where did you put it?

        And thanks for clarifying that you weren’t referring to people in general when you said: “I imagine many of us have”, because THAT is exacty what it sounded like you were saying. And the general thrust of your post does sound something akin to an apologist piece for this guy.

        The reality is that no-one would last five minutes working for the Sun or the Mail or the Express et al as a so-called journalist or columnist etc if they weren’t more than happy to churn out propaganda lies and falsehoods on a regular basis. Oh, right, but they’re all good, honest, decent guys and gals really, who are being forced to churn out vile and despicable black propaganda practically every day. Yeah, yeah, yeah, sure they are David! And I suppose their lives are ALSO being destroyed, just as with those “whose lives are literally destroyed by being forced by their leaders to trawl through thousands upon thousands of internet comments, seeking out the occasional antisemitic ‘trope'”.

  2. Stupid not stipid. Laptops aren’t actually that easy to use on the lap I find.

    1. That’s alright David, there’s no need to explain. We ALL make stipid mistakes sometimes.

  3. The scum capitilist has just seen the system at the “hard end of realty” .Like all children of the right they don’t realise the cruelty they espouse for the working-class might just claim themselves as victims.Easy to smile,and laugh,but maybe the reality of the jungle and the dog eat dog economy may make this individual a better human being…when the penny drops and his tiny mind realises that the system doesn’t work like himself.We live in hope whilst “others plot”Arise Sir knight your kingdom awaits you..!

  4. Not entirely unrelated:

    ‘Fascist networks in German police and military issue new death threats’

    Far-right-wing extremist chat groups involving members of the German military and security apparatus have been publicly exposed over recent days. At the same time, a growing number of threatening e-mails and faxes, almost all signed NSU 2.0, have been sent to left-wing artists, immigrants, politicians, journalists and lawyers. Social Democrat leader Saskia Esken recently received a death threat signed NSU 2.0. Many of the threats contain personal information about those targeted that is not publicly available. In at least three cases, the data was accessed from police computers.

    NB I often wonder who the people are who send death threats/hate mail to the likes of Diane Abbott and Dawn Butler (who recently closed her Willesden constituency office due to the threats) – and how it is that in these days of mass surveilence by the state, that no-one ever seems to get tracked down and prosecuted!

    1. One more thing – either submit your full CV to this comments section or stop asking impertinent questions, Sherlock.

  5. Shouldn’t that read ‘awkward questions’? Oh, and don’t forget to give your post a few Likes before it gets busy on here so as to lead readers to think and believe that other readers of skwawkbox agree with you! But don’t over-do it!!

    PS And who are these ‘leaders’ that you referred to in a post last week? Sorry to be so impertinent as to ask you such an impertinent question.

  6. Sorry to hear that, Alex. Hope you find something soon”

    Yeah, like a conscience.

    1. LOL Toffee.

      I’ve just sent him an email since he was kind enough to leave his address public.


      Welcome to the party.

      Guess you’re rubbing your hands about free TVs, and the life of Riley (sorry, not that Riley) in general.

      Karma is a very beautiful bitch.

      Try doing something productive with your talents. Take this opportunity to change the world for the better, no?

  7. The S*n a rag then a rag now a rag forever I wouldn’t let a budgie dump on it.

  8. Ever heard the expression “You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar?
    A journalist may very well have inside knowledge of the S*n and M*rdoch that could be useful to Skwawkbox – this particular one has been singled out for redundancy and might harbour some resentment – geddit?
    Do you people really need leading by the hand?

    Me manipulate ‘likes’?
    No, never, but three of yours will disappear from your comments on the Priti Patel thread at 12 noon. Check it out.
    Not spite, just to illustrate that unlike the CV-deniers I ‘like’ posts on content not personalities. They’ll be re-liked later.

    1. 1) Why would anyone listen to an angry old keyboard warrior such as yourself?

      2) Do you honestly think he’s anywhere close to doing this? Reading the Twitter thread, he’s more interested in sushi with his journo pals than any sort of contrition.

      Why do you stick to daydreaming about how you’re a better shot than Riggs?

      Oh, and here’s another conspiracy for you. Cash will be gone by 2025 and bankers will own all our arses (pray they see you as an asset) See today’s BoE announcement

      1. He’s only been unemployed for five minutes. He might never experience the JC and UC but he might – or he might have to take a job at much reduced salary & benefits – that can cause resentment to build.
        Did you mean “Why don’t I etc?” I was an adequate club shooter like I said, 45 years ago. I shoot a bow now, not well yet. Fuck you, neverhadaclue.
        I thought I made it clear I’m not a fan of conspiracy theories or ‘theorists’- even neoliberalism’s growth was largely organic and in full view of anyone who cared to look.
        I’ve had the same notes in my wallet all year – got any more amazing insights?

      2. …. I shoot a bow now…

        You’re Rambo and I claim my £5

  9. Unfortunately, Skwawkbox seems to have overtaken the Sun in writing hyperventilating, Johnson-backing shite about the disappeared epidemic of Covid.

    1. johnson-backing shite’ So says the beaut who openly advocates de piffle’s herd immunity plan by demanding we all put ourselves at risk by going to work in unsafe environments.

      So says the beaut that would have us believe Covid is no worse than flu…But hasn’t done much in the way of going about gaining his own immunity yet demands we go out and ‘gain’ ours.

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