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Excl video: Boris Johnson admits Tories DO want to do US trade deal that includes NHS

Johnson’s revealing slip on LBC radio

Boris Johnson during another ‘car-crash’ interview today

In spite of Labour’s damning revelation this week of the Tories’ extensive and advanced talks with the US about a trade deal that would include ‘full access’ to the NHS for US corporations – and huge increases in drug prices – Boris Johnson and his spokespeople have continued to claim that they do not want to put the NHS ‘on the table’ in their discussions with Donald Trump.

But in yet another ‘car-crash’ interview Boris Johnson appeared on LBC this afternoon – and let slip that the Tories do indeed want to do a deal with the US that includes our NHS.

And which would also give US corporations the right to sue the UK government if they don’t like the outcome of any contract awards.

Public attention has been gripped by Johnson’s shifty discomfort as he was confronted with his insulting comments about working-class people.

However, in a little-noticed section of his LBC interview Johnson admitted that the Tories ‘want to do TTIP’ – the ‘Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership’ treaty that the EU was on the verge of negotiating with the US when it was shelved amid public outcry and the initiation of a trade war bys Donald Trump.

But only yesterday, Health Secretary Matt Hancock – trying desperately to shore up Tory denials – admitted that TTIP does include the NHS:

‘Partially’ on the table is still on the table.

Flapping under the pressure of his inability to name a single trade negotiation the UK is holding with non-EU nations, Boris Johnson made a hugely significant and damning admission.

And it showed that yet again his denials and claims aren’t worth the hot air with which he spouts them.

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      1. “This whole case comes down to something very simple: are you on the side of those revealing crimes or on the side of those committing them?”

        Mark Curtis historian 28/11/19.

  1. Not only TTIP back but the even more dangerous TiSA which equals corporate tyranny and extortion…. we (EU) already got CETA.

  2. Re Breaking News!
    Solidarity with London citizens tonight.
    Just walking on a bridge and a right wing barbarian who has been fed simplistic solutions strikes against citizens.
    Democracy and humanity will prevail.

  3. Maria, thanks for the excellent links.

    We – Labour started the NHS after the 2nd World War when we had nothing but determination. We were in debt up to our eyes but through shear will power and a refusal to accept defeat and Tory opposition, we did it and grew it into one of the greatest health services in the world. It has to be protected from the vultures, spivs and right wing Labour at all costs.

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