Media now claim Fox’s trade papers hacked from 12/7/19 onwards before used by Corbyn – so how did Telegraph publish them two days earlier?

New detail in hacked papers claim further discredits own basis

In July, the Establishment attempted to divert attention from the imminent farce of the long-delayed ‘Russia report’ by briefing the media that Jeremy Corbyn had obtained notes of the Tories’ trade discussions with the US from supposed Russian hackers.

The media gleefully played along, doorstepping Corbyn and running days’ worth of meaningless reports – but the SKWAWKBOX showed that the Tory-supporting Telegraph newspaper had possession of the papers four whole months before Corbyn had them and that by the time Corbyn used them in the general election campaign, they had long since been uploaded to the internet for any member of the public to use.

But it seems the Establishment thinks the nonsense merely needs a little embellishment to be useful again. On Monday, Sky News ‘revealed’ that the trade notes had been ‘hacked’ from then-Trade Secretary Liam Fox’s email account – Fox supposedly fell for a ‘spear-phishing’ exercise and handed over his log-in details,

between 12 July and 2 October 2019 – in the run-up to last year’s general election.

The Sky News report

But the Telegraph did not only have documents four months before Corbyn used them – it published them two days before they were supposedly hacked from Fox’s email account from 12 July onwards:

It seems the ‘Russian hackers’ were very accomplished indeed. Not only could they con a supposedly intelligent Cabinet minister into providing his log-in details, but they could also then travel back in time by at least two days.

Unbelievably accomplished.

Of course, conning Liam Fox might not be that hard. He has already resigned in disgrace once, for taking an unauthorised friend to government meetings, before inexplicably being brought back into the Cabinet.

But the time travel bit is certainly noteworthy.

Alternatively, the Tories are so desperate to connect Corbyn to Russian hackers that they are ready to try anything in their eagerness to bury not just him but the movement he represents.

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  1. I am sure the knight supporters on here will have plenty to say on Russia or China in the propoganda game ,especially if Jeremy Corbyn is mentioned..They have nothing better to do to earn the Silver..!

      1. Toffee 597 Silver and all semi precious metals will be going through the roof shortly in the crumbling capitalist system of casino economics.I am sure our fearless fighters for our knight in armour will go for the Silver. None of them would take a check £from the trusty knight ….they know him too well..Shekels?Well like capitalism Apparthied will crumble to the reality of the times,even the USA will need to ‘re think propping up Apparthied not an option.

  2. The psychopaths never tire of concocting stuff to discredit Jeremy! It amuses them no end!

  3. We are being prepared for war. Ignoring the UK tactic of Blaming Russia for everything, haven’t you noticed how much Elgar, Spitfires and Churchill we are being subjected to?

    NHS spitfire lol…(Hurricane did more for the UK, but I digress)

    Most people will lap this up without a second thought…

    1. Hurricanes attacked the bombers whilst Spitfires took on the fighter escorts

  4. John Hume…father of the peace process in Ireland and a Derry boy born and bred has died…A man of the people who set up the first credit union in Derry when Banks traditionally didnt lend money to the underclass Catholic population..He remained in the bogside and taught there forming the SDLP giving a voice and the Vote for the population who were denied the vote and fought off the traditional gerrymandering that was part and parcel of the ruling unionist party.We could all learn a lot from john especially his distrust of the tactics of electioneering by the establishment Conservative and unionist party….Rest in peace John Hume a giant of the Good Friday peacdeal

    1. It must be quite a surprise to the comfortable bourgeois ‘Guardianistas’ that their bible which provides them with their P.C. liberal moral compass actually despises the working classes & Socialism in particular, which is also seen as a threat to Blair’s vision of globalism, but the primary target of their ire is the ‘face of Socialism’………that well known anti-semitic lover of terrorist organisations. The lie repeated becomes truth.
      MSM constantly constructs the narratives & agenda of our lives & will deny a platform to anything or anyone that dares question or criticises preferred ideologies. Its function is to manage opinion & manufacture consent. Who owns & controls MSM is important in any healthy democracy, as Socialism will never be given a platform nor allowed a level playing field.

      1. Every article in the Grauniad that promoted the AS Scam was closed to comment
        Nuff said

  5. ..T.account was accessed several times between July and October…

    I hope the HoC IT team have been sacked en-masse…

    You have thought the system would flag unauthorised access immediately, wouldn’t you? Surely the government has good IT security? Any good IT security expert knows it’s just a matter of time

    1. Truth Defence
      Part of their mission statement is to challenge the new normal at the BBC
      They now lie routinely on behalf of the cheap and nasty Tory party
      They will bring this fundamental attack on democracy into the open,
      Free Press
      Yes please, where do we find one of them

  6. This is showing the ruling elite’s oligarchy-ex-machina.

    Without control of the machine the ruling elite is the tax dodging, exploitative, powerful “Few”. With it, they are “us” or at least “our betters”, the strong people who have our interests at heart, the catalysts who make everything good happen.

    The machine is the Billionaire Press, a corrupt FPTP electoral system and a self-serving political class that sells its services to the highest bidder in a rotten political market where the one single 0.02% customer is king.

    1. qwertboi
      Traditionally twas Labour who were corrupted by power and money
      My hero T Dan Smith simply made sure Newcastle made a quantum leap forward before he was caught, convicted and gaoled , served time with ‘Dirty Den’
      The cheap and nasty Tory party were traditionally sex fiends and rarely went to gaol
      What we have at this particular crossroads in history is the elite have eaten the cake including the trickle down crumbs and they are now stuck in a cul de sac
      So when financial pandemic hits, we will be able to start again with a blank sheet,
      Socialism for the 95%
      Yes please
      That would be a novelty

  7. Chris Williamson in fine form
    Now if I was a betting man his central message now is
    Come and have a go if you think I can be sued
    Another brick in the socialist wall, what on earth are we building here, a socialist country
    Yes please
    Beats the dog eat dog casino economy run by spivs and thieves

      1. Great piece by Chris – that’s what I call forensic.
        Might be a challenge to get it reported by the MSM, which is the only way it’ll go public.
        If they can find a way to call the truth antisemitism that’s what they’ll do.
        I’m definitely going to contribute to the fighting fund.
        I always knew Hilsenrath and Isaac had to be dirty – it was the only thing that made sense.

  8. So he fell for a phishing scam from tha Rooskies. This guy was supposed to be a top minister & doctor & all, yet it appears that all along he was hiding the fact that he was really a total fucking idiot. There are primary school children who would not fall for that one. Maybe my dog should be running the government & Liam Fox should be chasing sticks in Paddington Rec.

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