Guardian runs Fox-Russia leak story again – 12hrs AFTER being told Telegraph published trade doc details 2 days BEFORE supposed ‘hack’

Paper contacted by reader to point out that government’s claimed dates cannot be true – but publishes same claim again just over twelve hours later

The Guardian newspaper has published least two separate articles this week that repeat, unchallenged, the Tories’ claim that leaked documents revealing details of UK-US trade talks were obtained by so-called ‘Russian hackers‘ from the hacked email account of then-Trade Secretary Liam Fox, beginning on 12 July last year.

After the first story was published, the paper was contacted by a reader who pointed out that the story cannot be true, because the right-wing Daily Telegraph had published details of those same documents two days before the supposed leak took place:

In spite of this clear and concise information, the Guardian appears to have done nothing to check the accuracy of its original article. Instead, it published the same claim a little over twelve hours later:

The Guardian is by no means unique in amplifying this already-debunked story pushed by the Tories for political purposes. It has served as a platform for the Establishment to attack Jeremy Corbyn – which reflects its desperation to bury Corbyn and the left movement, even after the end of Corbyn’s tenure as Labour leader.

And even if Number 10’s claim was true, a Tory minister copied his emails to his private account, with a password reportedly as simple as ‘123’, and handed the details over to the Russians by falling for a ‘phishing’ scam – and yet somehow it’s supposed to be Corbyn’s fault for using that information months later, when it was publicly available, to alert the public to the danger the Tories pose to our NHS.

You’d almost think the right and centrists are still afraid.

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  1. We will never be allowed a real socialist government by the establishment.The Labour party will be allowed to play whilst the party leadership stuff their faces in the trough.The only chance is the motivation from the Streets,not parliament which is part of the destructive problem.A curse on all their houses,and a true Socialist leader will come from the only Opposition their can be The Working class movement and the Unions.Labour’s knight and his supporters have no place in the history of the great journey to true freedom and democracy.

  2. I don’t think anybody who is up to date with the “New Guardian” will be in the least bit surprised.However,there are still many people who don’t yet understand what the Guardian has become,so we have to give stories like this maximum exposure,because the Guardian is still doing immense damage to the left in the UK.

    1. I agree. I stopped reading it a while ago, but drifted back eventually as it does have some excellent articles as well as some pretty awful ones and an editorial position increasingly right of centre which is very disappointing.

      1. Yes me too. They do have in my opinion one or two outstanding contributors (and I like John Crace and Marina Hyde but they have a hard job on these days as satire has turned into truth!) I also actually learn quite useful stuff from Comments rather than the articles themselves.

      2. Hi Julia.

        Let’s start with Crace and his “sketches”

        He stabbed us all in the back with his amusing writings. He is guilty of leaving us high and dry.

        Hyde? You mean Marina Elizabeth Catherine Dudley Williams? Daughter of Sir Alastair Edgcumbe James Dudley-Williams, 2nd Baronet?

        She started out at the scum. She was told to shorten her name because it was too big for the column.

        Another shite pretending to be your friend…

        Friends don’t let friends use the Guardian.

    2. I am always amazed when Lefties say , ‘the Guardian has really gone right wing nowadays’. Wise up, folks, the (Manchester) Guardian has ALWAYS supported UK imperialism 100% and the capitalist status quo – but often with a slightly ‘liberal’ , particularly ‘social liberal’, slant. The Guardian was THE big backer of the ‘Gang of Four’ SDP splitters and wreckers , which kept Labour from office for a decade . On Foreign affairs, particularly on Latin America – The Guardian for decades now has been little more than a CIA propaganda organ. Have a look at its coverage of Venezuela and Nicaragua in recent years as an example. It’s supposed ‘Left’ columnists, Owen Jones, and Paul Mason (now moved on to the New Labourite New Statesman with his increasingly strange Cold War , and pro Starmer, piffle) were key players in splitting the ‘Left’ membership from Jeremy Corbyn over the EU – and key players in promoting the suicidal Remain and 2nd Ref position- but from the supposed ‘Left’ – book-ending the work of the Mandelson ‘People’s Vote’ campaign on the Right. The likes of John Crace can often be very funny when lampooning Johnson and co – but Crace also hates Jeremy Corbyn and the Left with equal fervour , as his regular anti Corbyn comments show clearly. And of course The Guardian has been an absolutely key promoter of the toxic ‘Jeremy Corbyn the anti-Semite’, slur, that HAS stuck with the general public , and reinforced the all-mass media meme that ‘Jeremy (and therefore the entire Left’), are simply ‘unfit for office’ – no matter how many votes we get ‘.

      The Guardian is pure , slippery, sugar-coated, ideological poison – fooling Lefties to read it with its soft liberalism and hand-wringing fake concern for ‘the disadvantaged’ – but at the same time pumping toxic anti Left poison out alongside this waffle, day in day out. Serious socialists are better off reading the Murdoch empire’s Times – where you know exactly what its loyalties are – but also often get more open ruling class tactics and better detail economic analysis, than in the waffly , dishonest , centrist liberalism, of The Guardian. The Guardianista class of privileged middle class professionals who in the main are the Guardian’s readership, are exactly the self-serving, self-interested, sub class which would support fascism if UK social conflict ever throws up a clear choice between the inteests of the working class majority versus the status quo, within which the sharp-elbowed Guardianista liberals fare so well.

      1. The Guardian has always been Liberal (large & small L). The BBC bible, it defines political correctness & dominant preferred ideologies; redefining what is ‘Left-Wing’ with complete contempt for the deplorable working classes. There is no ‘class struggle’ as puppet master Blair has declared the class war over; it is the mouthpiece of bourgeois ideology. Left-wing politics now revolve around identity, with the bourgeoisie being the sole beneficiaries. Quota systems have nothing to do with equal opportunities; maintaining power for those who dispense it. Positive action has nothing to do with the downtrodden poor.

      2. Are you actually suggesting the Guardian has not deteriorated in the last 10 years?because if you are you are even more bloody stupid than I took you for jpenny.

      3. Try actually reading my post, Steve Richards. Not too hard, surely ? Nope, the Guardian hasn’t got ‘worse’ over the last 10 years. Try to look up the Guardian’s treatment of the SDP splitters and wreckers, and Michael Foot as Leftish Labour Leader in the 1980’s , and a huge range of other key issues . The Guardian has ALWAYS been politically crap – lightly concealed – for those who want to be fooled , by their insincere patrician hand-wringing concern for the ‘unfortunate poor’ – as long as this concern doesn’t threaten their middle class privilege. Admittedly in the 1970’s The Guardian allowed more maverick contributors to write in its pages, to provide cover for its overall pro status quo politics. Who can forget the endless 1970’s enthusiastic articles by Richard Gott for his beloved genocidal Pol Pott regime ! Or the space provided in the late 70’s for a nutter promoting self-trepanning (drilling a hole in your head). As with the current Guardian enthusiasm for a range of crazy identity beliefs, the actual vicious right wing politics of The Guardian has always been smothered in sometimes bizarre and generally touch-feely liberalism, which is never allowed to threaten middle class self-interest. Sorry to diss your obviously favourite newspaper, John Thatcher .

  3. “We think we have all the answers,then they change the Questions ‘

  4. Dont confuse the establishment with the people
    The people want clear red water

  5. InVestigate…not ‘inCesitgate’

    (Wasn’t that the aristocracy ‘scandal’ ?)

  6. Can’t even correct me own spelling mistakes without buggering the ‘corrected version’ up, this mornin’…🙄

  7. The agenda has been clear for some time so called ” Liberal ” newspapers like the Guardian are stenographers for the establishment. In 2015 they printed a 2 page statement, unchallenged, from the head of MI5 describing the Russian ” threat” which in essence was a reaction to US hegemonistic plans being checkmated by the Russian Federations in Syria.

    The former supreme NATO commander General Wesley Clark revealed in 2007 in a interview, which can still be seen on the internet, the plans the oligarchs who control the US had to invade 7 countries in 5 years starting with Iraq and including Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Iran.

    Thus the Cold War took shape. In addition, the publication of some of the Wikileaks revelations by the political prisoner Jullian Assange about the nefarious activities of the US, UK and members of the 5 eyes security services did not carry by the Guardian ensured the death knell for any modicum of editorial freedom the Guardian had under more liberal control.

    Hence the Tsunami of propaganda both against Jeremy Corbyn and the Democratic socialist Labour party but also against The Russian Federation and now China. The US and their vassal states are controlled by oligarchs who don’t want freedom of speech, freedom to elect political parties who work for the people and freedom from war.

    1. Assange is locked up because of exposing paedophilic behaviour in the White House.

      The military shenanigans is just the cover.

      Hot dogs are young boys. Pizza, young girls. Other terms include cheese and sauce.

      Why would high ranking officials talk about visiting their hotdog stand in Hawaii? Podesta features regularly in these emails. Funnily enough, Podesta matches a suspect in the McCann case…

      Just search wikileaks using any of the terms above.

      It is endemic. It is everywhere and it is our duty to do something about the fact that a child goes missing every five minutes globally!

      1. Assange exposed not only the criminal activities of the US and their vassal states in Iraq but also in Afghanistan and other countries which General Wesley Clark stated. US and their vassal states politician were long ago ago bought and paid for plus blackmailed ( why do you think Epstein conveniently committed “suicide”). The oligarchs will use any lever they can to control their servants. Hence why he is a political prisoner!

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