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Exclusive: Priti Patel self-isolating after exposure to C+ civil servant – and putting others at risk

Home Secretary in isolation for 10 days after meeting with senior civil servant – but exposure makes mockery of government’s ‘COVID secure’ claims and Patel’s own Twitter feed shows she has put others at risk

Home Secretary Priti Patel has been forced into isolation for ten days after a meeting with a senior civil servant who subsequently tested positive for the coronavirus.

Patel’s Twitter feed shows she was out and about on Monday, but has shown no activity so far today – not the first time that she has ‘gone AWOL’ during the national pandemic crisis. Her exposure to the ‘SCS’ is freely being discussed around the Home Office in spite of attempts to keep it quiet.

Patel’s tweets show that she has been putting others at risk by failing to maintain distancing, even in the confined space of a vehicle:

Priti Patel at the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory on Monday

Patel’s situation also exposes the nonsense of the government’s idea of so-called ‘COVID-secure’ spaces, which the Tories have used to pressure millions to face exposure to the virus at work, school and on public transport.

Still, at least staff have the opportunity to enjoy a blissfully Patel-free workplace.

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  1. Off topic, but I came across a totally despicable and revolting claim/Big Lie about the Labour Party – under Jeremy’s leadership – a bit earlier, one that I hadn’t heard before and which passed me by at the time, and given that I don’t recall anyone on here posting about it, I assume it passed just about everyone else who subscibes to skwawkbox by as well.

    As you may recall, in December of last year, just one week before the GE, it was all over the MSM that the JLM (the group that initially complained to the EHRC about the Labour Party and which led to the so-called investigation) submitted its ‘Final Submission’ to the EHRC – ie its final tranche of ‘evidence’. That much I was aware of, but I didn’t look in to it at the time. But I was just researching something related, and I came across the following Jewish News article (published on December 5th), with the following headline and sub-headline:

    Jewish Labour Movement gives evidence to EHRC antisemitism probe

    Claims include allegations constituency Labour parties up and down the country had ‘attempted to deter and exclude Jews’

    Much like the lies and fabrications and falsehoods dissembled in the Panorama hatchet job (and I’m thinking mostly about the ten supposed ordinary Jewish LP members), the magnitude of this massive big Goebbels type lie has – for the moment – left me somewhat shell-shocked. So I’ll leave it there for now, but there are a number of aspects to the above falsehood AND the JLMs Final Submission, which they – the JLM – leaked to the media, and for the obvious reason, which I’ll come back to in the next few days.

    Oh, and it is of course just purely coincidental that they happened to finish putting it together and submitting it to the EHRC when they did!

      1. 3 Allan Howard comments unliked 12;01, re-liked 16:46.

        There are more than enough of my comments that have 0 likes to prove I don’t care and don’t cheat.
        If there’s a way for wordpress to display the id’s of those who like individual comments (as facebook does) you’re going to be embarrassed one way or another.

    1. Read it already but like for your posting it.

      Here’s Neil Clark on Covid 1984…

      of course Skwawky and majority of readers don’t subscribe to this view but hey ho, you lot can welcome tyranny without question but many of us oldies see things very differently to the leftie woke, IDPol; luvvie generation,. Oh, left out virtue signaling!
      Much of the NLM sounds like BBC etc. on Covid pandemic issue. Haven’t watched or listened to BBC or other propaganda media so called news and current affairs since early 2015 because of wall to wall propaganda… NLM is going the same way already on Covid so can’t me me bothering to read much of them either.

      Thanks for your work on many issues but full compliance with Covid narrative and restrictions without question except saying the most far right wing,authoritarian Gov of my life hasn’t been restrictive enough and not questioning what is spewed out on Covid by Gov and Gov advisors, many like Ferguson utterly discredited, has broken my faith Skwawkbox/NLM have anything to offer those of lower or no incomes, disabled and elderly not considered ‘essential’ and particularly in the case of Novara that particularly hate/blame us boomers. Who will be blamed when we are all dead and gone… not them, they’ll become eternal victims just doing what they are told to have an income and home. Not into generational (or pubic) blame myself but hey ho those obsessed with categorising everyone into a neat little identity box or even boxes appear to be.

      1. Rofl… great typo send off…public blame not pubic. Still giving many a laugh to the end.

      2. You can witness the synchronised efforts by the MSM, the State Broadcaster, the agents of the establishment on social media and the use of circus for the masses, ie soap programs like Coronation Street ( Hollywood did/ do a similar service about the Old/New Cold War) to reinforce and convince ( brainwash ) them that a virus which is deadly to most of the population in old age with the vast majority having two or more serious illnesses, will be deadlier than the Black Death. Fear, repetition, suppression of any challenge to the narrative and use of “ experts “ being the tools of the trade to achieve this.

        Naturally, because people can now have access to alternative sources of information via the Internet, which is a threat to the establishments control of the narrative, there is now a plethora of “ fact “ checking sites springing up like weeds to try and thwart people having a balance of views which can be witnessed on this site by two regular bloggers who use every trick in the book to thwart any alternative view.

  2. I am pleased to say the alleged government have finaly realised that Miz Pritti needs isolating.Did anybody get bitten or savaged ,if so nip round to the local NHS if they are still open and you can afford the Luxury of car park fees and get a shot to cover Rabies and Swamped fever.Unfortunately there is no inoculation against rabid Conservative and unionist party ism..!

  3. I’d be interested to hear craig whittaker’s take on this…Get on the blower, skwawky 🙂

  4. Looks like the knights been self isolating along with his shadow cabinet……What a farce of a collapsing opposition.Open door to take out this rag tag and bobtail alleged government and all we see is the second rate tribute act from Strumming the knight….Get the “Bastard”out and a proper socialist in…!

  5. As we have reached day 135 in the current Covid 19 crisis we are seeing the unravelling of the lockdown. People are told to stay safe, wear a mask. Stay in your bubble to stop the spread of the virus, then told to go to the pub, eat out and go back to work! The latest missteps of our government in combating the virus, stay safe, the economy needs you spend money again, so don’t stay safe because we need you to gather in number in pubs, restaurants and retail, just stay safe?

    The government wants to smash the virus and get the economy running again. This reminds me of the First World War when brave men were sent “over the top” to attack the Hun at the Somme. Tens of thousands of brave men lost their lives because British Army Generals used them as cannon fodder to break the Huns resolve. We the British people are being sent “over the top” to fight a killer that we can’t see, hear or taste, a killer that so far has killed 65,000 of our fellow citizens and shows no signs yet of ending it killing spree.

    Yes, we have all become the cannon fodder for the Conservative Party that insists we pay the price for their incompetence, their hatred for the ordinary working class of the country. Their main concern is their Billionaire and Millionaire friends who donate to the party and effectively are running the country whilst the Prime Minister is absent without leave. The Conservatives are being propped up by an increasingly incompetent, sterile, right-wing enablers from the Labour Party, led by a vacuous individual who has no policies, no compassion for the neediest in our society and no direction in what he wants to achieve. Keir Starmer’s Labour Party Shadow Cabinet has the intellectual capacity of a brick, bricks are useful to build homes, Shadow Cabinet bricks build privilege and a wall between them and their electorate.

    Make no mistake, what we are seeing now is the destruction of a democracy that has been ongoing since the 1970’s yet still had a semblance of one up to the millennium. We see more and more links to big business, oligarchs that run our press and television with an impunity most criminals can only dream of. They’re called “The New Establishment” unlike The Establishment, they don’t care about this country nor the individuals that live in it, they care only for themselves, their greed and those who work for them to ensure the gravy train stays on the tracks.

    What will those old soldiers long in their graves, fighting for a country and of a cause that they and their families believed in? They paid the ultimate price, a price our professional politicians seemed ready to pay for someone else’s. family to pay the price whilst they play war games with real people. The politicians that stood up wanting war in Syria, they wanted to give Russia a bloody nose, their baying for blood as where prepared to send brave men and women from our armed forces into battle against a foe who had done us no harm. These narcissists, psychopaths and ne’re-do-wells from the Conservatives, Labour Right and Liberal Democrats, red faced, frothing at the mouth, drunk on both alcohol and privilege still want us to go “over the top” so we can defeat our invisible foe, Covid 19. No, No, No! It is time for The New Establishment to take responsibility for the mess you have made, this is on you!

  6. This article on Counterfire is well worth a read (5 mins max):

    Jeremy Corbyn’s election as leader of the Labour Party in 2015 brought great hope. More than 300,000 people joined Labour as a result, inspired by a socialist with an impeccable record of fighting oppression, war, and austerity. Hundreds of thousands more heard Corbyn’s message of change at rallies up and down Britain. Yet Corbynism would be defeated through a mix of relentless smears; sabotage at the top of the Parliamentary Labour Party; and a series of retreats and compromises, most damagingly over the European Union.

    Was this defeat foretold? Is it impossible to achieve socialism through parliament? And what happens when left wing governments are elected?

    1. The question of whether socialism can come through Parliament is clearly crucial.
      “Only if the Tories are electorally wiped out by being totally exposed for the liars, charlatans and thieves they are – or dead” would be my answer.

      After a lifetime watching politics I don’t believe socialism can come through making one small gain at a time as dictated by less than overwhelming majorities, a right wing MSM and elections every few years.
      Capitalists, whichever government has a temporary majority, still hold most of the levers of power, all of which we need to make socialism work – and they’ll use whatever power remains in their hands to make us fail.
      With the ‘freedom’ to own the propaganda press and buy countless pet politicians, the capitalists can reverse whatever small measures we’re able to complete in a parliament or two against the pressure on any socialist government that global neoliberalism can exert.
      That won’t ever be enough to make a real difference to people’s lives.

      The coming CV or any other economic meltdown might offer the opportunity to tame neoliberalism democratically but it’ll need global consent, so no easy matter.
      Taming the markets by re-regulating them more severely than ever before would be the measure most likely to find global support at a time like this, so should come first.
      Removing the casino element by (even if only initially until global recovery) enforcing fixed investment durations to calm the markets would be an easier sell than most measures I believe.
      Markets and investors will fight any intervention but success in avoiding a global depression by that single measure would have a chance to break the neoliberal grip on economic thinking and make socialist financial competence impossible to dismiss out of hand.

      My own strong preference is the pitchforks and steamrollers option but there are never any takers here. 🤨

      1. Well I just got my steamroller out of the garage and ordered a pitchfork on ebay, so where do you suggest we start?

  7. The following is an ultra short piece by Craig Murray about Julian Assange, and is so short in fact that I’m copying and pasting it below:

    I have reported already on the US changing the indictment after the defence’s opening statement had been heard and defence written evidence submitted. The latest legal twist in this Kafkaesque saga is that Julian may be released and instantly re-arrested under the new indictment.

    The USA and the Crown continue to argue that the charges remain the same, even if the indictment has changed. This is like being halfway through a trial for the murder of Stephanie, the defence having demolished the prosecution case, and they suddenly change the allegation from murdering Stephanie to murdering Peter, but say it makes no difference as it is still the same charge of murder. As I have catalogued the relentless cruelty and the contortions of reason in this case, a little bit of me keeps saying “they cannot get away with this”. But so far, they always do.

    NB Craig does in fact link to a Sky News Australia report…….

  8. Here is the link to read Edward Bernays book Propaganda, explaining in great detail, how the MSM, The State Broadcaster and all the other “ news” papers use repetition, disinformation, slander and the use of “ experts “ to convince the masses of a virus which is deadly by far to people who old ( median age 80) with 2 or more prior serious illnesses, as detailed by the NHS report in June, is deadlier than the Black Death which killed about 25% of the population in England and most of Western Europe. Fear of course because the key.

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