Tory #CutsKill 120,000 people

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A report by the British Medical Journal published just minutes ago links almost 120,000 ‘excess’ deaths – in England alone and across a period of just seven years – to Tory cuts in health and social care spending.


If those people – people who could have been alive today and are not, because of Tory decisions – were a town, they would be comfortably inside the top eighty most populous towns and cities in the whole UK.

A Tory councillor on BBC’s Question Time last week said that claims that Tory policies kill people were ‘inflammatory rubbish’. But now we have firm evidence that those claims have barely scratched the surface.

The death toll is huge – and the Tories will throw everything they can at this report to try to discredit it – just as they did when the UN condemned the government’s persecution and harm toward disabled people.

They must not be allowed to discredit, minimise or defuse the horrific truth of the consequences of their decisions.

As Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has frequently said, austerity is a political choice.

A choice that kills people.

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27 responses to “Tory #CutsKill 120,000 people

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  5. At this moment MPs are debating the full roll out of Universal Credit. Frank Field thinks that limiting the pay scheme to 4 weeks rather than current 6 weeks will help. I think UC should be abandoned NOW and that that is what the labour party should be calling for – more deaths of ordinary, innocent people are underway and labour is doing next to nothing about it – what a sham parliament is . if this isn’t SOCIAL CLEANSING I do not know what is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Powerful stuff with a flaw in that the article clearly implies cause and effect.

    Leaving aside the headline which could be misread as “Tory Cuts Kill 120,000”, there is this:

    “If those people – people who could have been alive today and are not, because of Tory decisions”


    “But now we have firm evidence that those claims [that Tory policies kill people] have barely scratched the surface.”


    “The death toll is huge…”


    “As Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has frequently said, austerity is a political choice.

    A choice that kills people.”

    The science of this is a bit too rich for my blood but this extract from the BMJ site clearly states that the authors of the report draw no firm conclusions on cause and effect::

    “This is an observational study, so no firm conclusions can be drawn about cause and effect, but the findings back up other research in the field”


    (That’s not to say there may not be cause and effect which may be shown in the future, but this particular study shows no such relationship.)

      • Nahh Hindson is your bog standard Tory supporting/voting Troll . What else would you expect from that sort , sense and understanding , of course not .Its only purpose is to attack undermine and stop the Labour party from gaining power and when that is understood , any and all comments from it can be duly consigned to the dust bin where they belong .

    • Yeah, and people are using food banks because of ‘cash flow problems’ aren’t they?

      Jesus wept.

  7. Reblogged this on The Night Owl and commented:
    Yet again, this is more proof of the disgusting acts of a Tory Government that cares more for money than people.
    If they are not held to account for all of these deaths, why are we even bothering to think we are a democracy?

  8. 120,000 ‘excess’ deaths times how many this figure only touches on how deaths these parasites have caused far far to many deaths at their hands while they stuff their pockets with the peasants monies

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  11. Activists have watched in horror as this has happened, predictably.

    Although Labour are proposing a health and care combined authority we have to push to make sure it is not diluted by right wing pressure to keep privatised facilities.

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