Liverpool club’s response to S*n picture request is a must-read

The Medication X club in Liverpool used Friday’s good weather to distribute flyers – but didn’t count on just how strong the sunshine would be, so they put out a tweet about it:

medliv sun.png

The sunshine is welcome in Liverpool. The S*n ‘newspaper’ is not – it is, of course, despised and widely boycotted, in particular for its vile treatment of the victims of the Hillsborough disaster and their families.

So the rag’s decision to ask if it could use the club’s image as part of a ‘light-hearted feature’ was – well, let’s just say it should have known better:

spd medliv.png

Medication X’s response, which demonstrated the famous Scouse wit to good effect, will have endeared it to the city and to S*n-haters everywhere:

medliv response

The response on Twitter really does make you wonder why even the S*n hasn’t learned yet that this kind of request is not a good idea – although they’re not the only ones. Here are a few:

medliv reaction

This reaction was a particular favourite:

So, do be careful in the sun – sunburn is dangerous. And, of course, don’t buy the S*n – and well done Medication X.

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  1. The most hated comic on the planet calling itself after a massive burning thing seems to be more than tempting Fate – more like an engraved invitation really.
    If you believe in that kind of thing, which I don’t.

  2. Great stuff.

    I spent £100 buying up the Sun, Mail, Telegraph and Express on the morning of the General Election and threw them all in the bin.

    It was the best £100 I have ever spent.

    I will be significantly increasing that amount at the next General Election and this time I will be buying them up on the day before and the day of the election.

    No newsagent within a square mile of my home will have those rags on their shelves on those days.

  3. Don’t look like a dork for an hour with your cap on right-way-round, look like a dork all summer instead 🙂

    Hope nobody writes PITY-SHAG? across the white bit while he’s asleep…

  4. Civic organisations like the unions should be making it clear that the media are owned by billionaires such as the Barclay brothers,Murdoch and Rothermere and therefore do not give a toss about the state of the NHS or oversize classrooms or the housing crisis etc.
    They live in another world to their readers who increasingly rely on the foodbank or zerohour contracts.
    Richard Dennis.

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